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Automotive in General
Aftermarket Products
Auto Shops
Body Shops
Car Dealer Directories
Car Dealers - Los Angeles County
Car Dealers - Orange County
Car Dealers - Riverside County
Car Dealers - San Bernardino County
Car Dealers - Ventura County
Classic Car Parts
Los Angeles County
Motorcycle Parts
Motorhome Parts
Multiple Counties
Orange County
Parts in General
Repair Shops
Riverside County
RV Parts
San Bernardino County
Scrap Metal Recyclers
Ventura County
Vintage Vehicle Parts

ADASC Members
AutoSkill Dismantler Sites - California
Cities in California that have Auto Recyclers California Junkyards and Salvage Yards
Inland Auto Dismantlers Association (IADA) Member Listing
Salvage California Salvage Yards
State of California Auto Dismantlers Association Direct SCADA Membership
United Valley Circuit - San Fernando Valley
World Parts Auto Recyclers in California

Multiple Counties
Ecology Auto Parts, Santa Fe Springs, Wilmington, Lancaster, Fontana, Rialto, Adelanto, Thousand Palms
Pick-A-Part, Monrovia, Ontario, Riverside, San Bernardino
Pick Your Part, Wilimington, Sun Valley, Anaheim, Stanton

Los Angeles County
Aadlen Bros. Auto Wrecking, Sun Valley
Andrade Junk Cars, South LA
Apple Auto Dismantling, Wilmington
Astro Auto Wrecking, Wilmington
Ava's Olympic-Bundy Auto Recycling, Santa Monica
Branford Auto Wrecking, Sun Valley
Budget Auto Wrecking, Pomona
Cadillac King, Pacoima
California Auto Wrecking, Sun Valley
LQK, Sun Valley, Wilmington, Santa Fe Springs, Monrovia, Stanton, Anaheim, Ontario, Rialto - collision repair
Magic Auto Dismantling, Sun Valley
MGM Auto Dismantling, Pacoima
Mike's For Auto Parts, Wilmington
MZ Autobuy, South LA
Pioneer Auto Dismantling, Norwalk
Prime Auto Parts & Salvage, North Hollywood
SA Recycling, Lancaster
U Pick U Save Self Serv Auto Dismantling, Pomona, Gardena
Westside Auto Recycling, West LA
Wilmington Auto Wrecking

Orange County
Beach Auto Wrecking, Huntington Beach
Dave's Auto Wrecking, Placentia
H-Auto Dismantling, Garden Grove
SA Recycling, Anaheim
San Clemente Truck & Auto Wrecking

Riverside County
Ajax Auto, Coachella
Allied Auto Salvage, Riverside
Crossroads Auto Parts, Jurupa Valley (Mira Loma)
Desert Truck and Auto Parts, Indio
Hillside Auto Salvage, Riverside
M&M Auto Wrecking Center, Beaumont
Recycler Core Company, Riverside
Santa Fe Auto Salvage, Romoland
Valley Auto Salvage, San Jacinto
Vehicle Salvage Buyers, Idyllwild

San Bernardino County
A-Car Auto Salvage, Montclair
A-1 Auto & Truck Wrecking, Rialto
All Auto Parts, Fontana
Arrow Auto Salvage, Fontana
Atlas Auto Salvage, Hesperia
B&D Auto and Truck Dismantling, Rialto
BAR Auto Recyclers, Twentynine Palms
Big Three Auto Dismantling and Recycling, Ontario
Can Am Auto Salvage, Ontario
Dan's Truck & Auto Dismantlers, Fontana
and Dan's Auto Dismantlers, Fontana
Desert High Auto Salvage, Hesperia
Epic, Fontana
Fontana Take Your Part
Hi-Way Auto Recyclers, San Bernardino
J.R. Auto Salvage, San Bernardino
K&P Auto Dismantlers, Fontana
Kar King Auto, Ontario
King's Auto Wrecking, Rancho Cucamonga
Midnight Auto Recyclers, San Bernardino
Number One Auto Dismantling, San Bernardino
Pacific Auto Wrecking, Ontario
and Pacific Auto Wrecking, Ontario
PartStop, Fontana
QwikParts Auto Salvage, San Bernardino
Rene Auto Dismantling, Fontana
Riteway Auto Dismantlers, Fontana
SA Recycling, Chino
SA Recycling, Rancho Cucamonga
Triple Five Auto Wrecking, Montclair
Walker 400 Auto Dismantling, Rancho Cucamonga
West Coast Auto Wrecking, Montclair

Ventura County
Tri County Auto Dismantlers, Santa Paula

Imports/Foreign Models Only
British Import Parts
German Import Parts
Import Parts in General
Italian Import Parts
Japanese Import Parts
Swedish Import Parts
Alpine Auto Euro Care Wrecking, East LA (Lincoln Heights), North Hollywood, Whittier - German
Audi Plus VW, Sun Valley - Volkswagen
Elite Foreign Auto Parts, Sun Valley
Galaxy Used Auto Parts, Sun Valley - Jaguars
Golden City Auto, Fontana - Nissan, Honda, Toyota, Mazda, Mitsubishi
Honda Only Auto Dismantling, Sun Valley
I.V. Auto Salvage, North Hollywood
Japanese Auto Dismantlers, Vernon
and Japanese Auto Dismantlers (JAD), Huntington Park
Japanese Unique Auto Parts Dismantling, Montclair
LA Japanese Auto Parts, Sun Valley
Los Angeles Dismantler for Porsche 911, Boxster & Cayman, Sun Valley
Lynwood Auto Dismantling - German, Japanese
Nissan Auto Recycling, Wilmington
Porsche Foreign Auto Wrecking, South LA
Small Car Connection, Hesperia
Sun Valley Mercedes Dismantlers - Mercedes-Benz
World Auto Parts and Dismantling, Glendale - Subaru

Trucks Only
Truck Parts in General
Alco Truck & Van Parts, Wilmington
American Truck Dismantling, Fontana
Arrow Hwy Truck Parts, Baldwin Park
California Mini Truck, Montclair
California Truck Salvage, Fontana
Crossroads Truck Dismantlers, Jurupa Valley (Mira Loma)
Indiana Truck Salvage, Corona
So. Cal Truck, Van & 4x4 Parts, South LA

Auto Dismantlers Association of Southern California (ADASC)
California Auto Dismantlers & REcyclers Alliance (CADRA), Fontana
Inland Auto Dismantlers Association (IADA), Fontana
State of California Auto Dismantlers Association (SCADA)

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