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College Departments
Computer Hardware
Computer Information Systems
Computer Rentals
Computer Software
Computer Stores
Data Communications
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Electrical Engineering
Employment Agencies
Engineering in General
Game Design
Information Science
Information Systems
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College/University Departments/Schools/Degrees
Computer Information Systems
Electrical Engineering
Math and Computer Science
Vocational Training
American Indian Summer Institute in Computer Science, Irvine - UCI
Azusa Pacific University Department of Computer Science
Biola University Computer Science Program, La Mirada
and Biola University Computer Science, La Mirada
Caltech Computation and Neural Systems (CNS), Pasadena
California Lutheran University Bachelor of Science in Computer Science (BSCS), Thousand Oaks
California Lutheran University Master of Science in Computer Science, Thousand Oaks
CSUCI Computer Science, Camarillo - Cal State University Channel Islands
and California State University Channel Islands Computer Science Program, Camarillo
Cal State Dominguez Hills Computer Science Department, Carson
Cal State University, Fullerton Computer Science (CS) - CSUF
Cal State University, Fullerton Computer Engineering Program (CPE) - CSUF
Cal State University, Fullerton Master of Science in Software Engineering (MSE) - CSUF
Cal State Long Beach (CSULB) Department of Computer Engineering and Computer Science (CECS)
Cal State LA Computer Science Department, East LA
Cal State Northridge (CSUN) Department of Computer Science
Cal Poly Pomona Computer Science Department
Cal State University San Bernardino (CSUSB) Department of Computer Science
Cerritos College Computer and Information Sciences (CIS), Norwalk
Chapman University School of Computational Sciences, Orange
Citrus College Computer Science, Glendora
Claremont McKenna College Computer Science
College of the Canyons Computer Science Department, Santa Clarita (Valencia, Canyon Country)
College of the Desert Computer Science, Palm Desert
Cypress College Computer Science
El Camino College Computer Science Department, Torrance
Fullerton College Computer Science Department
Harvey Mudd College Department of Computer Science, Claremont
Irvine Valley College Computer Science Division, Irvine
La Sierra University Computer Science, Riverside
Long Beach City College Computer and Office Studies Department
Los Angeles City College (LACC) Computer Science and Information Technology (CSIT), Hollywood
Los Angeles Mission College Computer Science, Sylmar
Moorpark College Computer Science
Loyola Marymount Computer Science Department, Westchester
Master's College Computer & Information Sciences, The, Santa Clarita (Newhall)
Moorpark College Computer Science / Electronics Technology
Mt. San Antonio College Computer Science Program, Walnut
Orange Coast College Computer Information Systems and Computer Science, Costa Mesa
Pepperdine University Seaver College Computer Science, Malibu
Pierce College Computer Science and Information Technology Department (CIST), Woodland Hills
Pomona College Computer Science Department, Claremont
Saddleback College Computer Science Department, Mission Viejo
San Bernardino Valley College Computer Science Department, San Bernardino
Santa Ana College Computer Science Department
and Santa Ana College Computer Science Department
Santa Monica College Computer Science and Information Systems (CSIS)
UCI Department of Information and Computer Science, Irvine
UCLA Computer Science Department, Westwood
UCLA Program in Computing, Westwood
UC Riverside Computer Science Department
University of La Verne Computer Science and Computer Engineering
University of Redlands Computer Science
USC Computer Science Department, South LA
USC Information Technology Program, South LA
Ventura College Computer Science
Victor Valley College Electronics and Computer Technology Department, Victorville
West Los Angeles College Computer Science & Applications (CSIT), Culver City

Artificial Intelligence
Artificial Life
Electrical Engineering
Embedded Systems
Image Processing
Vision Systems
ATTEND: Analytical Tools to Evaluate Negotiation Difficulty, Marina del Rey - USC/ISI
California Institute for Telecommunications and Information Technology (Calit2), Irvine - UCI
CAMERA: Coordination and Management Environments for Responsive Agents, Marina del Rey - USC/ISI
Center for Advanced Computing Research, Pasadena - Caltech
Center for Excellence in Knowledge Management & Computational Science (CECS), Carson - California State University, Dominguez Hills (CSUDH)
Center for Systems & Software Engineering (CSSE), South LA - USC
Collaboratory for Advanced Computing and Simulations (CACS), South LA - USC
Computer Engineering, South LA - USC
Global Operating Systems Technology Group (GOST), Marina del Rey - USC/ISI
ICS Research Group - Algorithms and Data Structures, Irvine
Institute for Digital Research and Education (IDRE), Westwood - UCLA
Institute for Software Research (ISR), Irvine - UCI
Jisan Research Institute, Pasadena
Laboratory for Advanced Systems Research (LASR), Westwood - UCLA
Large-Scale Active Middleware, Marina del Rey - USC/ISI
Microsystems Research Group, Pasadena - Caltech
Model Based Architecting & Software Engineering (MBASE), South LA - USC
Quantum Information and Computing, Pasadena, South LA - Caltech, USC
SIM-TBASSCO (Semantic Interoperability Measures: Template-Based Assurance of Semantic Interoperability in Software Composition, Marina del Rey - USC/ISI
Sinapse: Center for Social Interfaces and Networks | Advanced Programmable Simulations and Environments, Westwood - UCLA
Software Systems Research at UCLA, Westwood - UCLA
Southern California KM (Knowledge Managment) Cluster
Southern California Software Process Improvement Network (SPIN), Redondo Beach
SPORT Lab (System Power Optimization and Regulation Technology), South LA - USC
Travler (Transparent Virtual Mobile Environment), Westwood - UCLA
UCI Advanced Computer Architecture, Irvine
UCI Software Architecture Research Group, Irvine
UCI Software Research Group, Irvine
UCLA Concurrent Systems Laboratory, Westwood
UCLA Arithmetic and Reconfigurable Architrecture Laboratory, Westwood
USC High Performance Computing and Communications, South LA
USC Information Sciences Institute (ISI), Marina del Rey - USC

Artificial Intelligence/AI/Neural Systems
Automated Reasoning Group, Westwood - UCLA
Caltech Center for Neuromorphic Systems Engineering, Pasadena
Caltech Learning Systems Group, Pasadena
DYNAMITE: DYnamic Negotiation-based Adaptive Multi-agent TEams, Marina del Rey - USC/ISI
iLab, South LA - USC
JPL Artificial Intelligence Group, Pasadena
Laboratory for Intelligent Signal Processing and Communications (LISPC), Irvine - UCI
Laurent Lab, Pasadena - Caltech, neural systems
UCI Machine Learning Group, Irvine
Soar at USC, Marina del Rey - USC/ISI
Teamcore USC, Marina del Rey - USC/ISI
UCLA Cognitive Systems Laboratory, Westwood
USC Computational Learning and Motor Control Lab, South LA
USC Laboratory for Neural Computation, South LA
USC Viterbi School of Engineering Information Sciences Institute Intelligent Systems Division, Marina del Rey

ActiveCat, Marina del Rey - USC/ISI
Caltech Infospheres Project, Pasadena - compositional systems
CoBase (Cooperative Database Systems), Westwood - UCLA
DataCrystal Project, Marina del Rey - USC/ISI
EXPECT: A Reflective Architecture for Knowledge Acquisition, Marina del Rey - USC/ISI
InfoLab, South LA - USC
Information Integration Research Group, Marina del Rey - USC/ISI
Information Systems Group (ISG) Bren School of ICS at UC Irvine (UCI)
MediaDoc Project, Marina del Rey - USC/ISI
Multimedia Stream Modeling, Relationships and Querying, Westwood - UCLA
UCI KDD (Knowledge Discovery in Databases) Archive, Irvine
UCLA db Group, Westwood
UCLA Information and Data Management (IDM), Westwood
UCLA Multimedia Information System Technology Group (MIST), Westwood
UC Riverside Database Lab
USC Database Lab, South LA - USC
Web Information Systems Laboratory (WIS), Westwood - UCLA
WebArchive, Westwood - UCLA

Embedded Systems/Reconfigurable Computing

California State University, Long Beach (CSULB) Embedded Applications Technology (EAT Society)
CENS: Center for Embedded Networked Sensing, Westwood - UCLA
Center for Embedded Computer Systems (CECS), Irvine - UCI
Embedded & Reconfigurable Systems Lab (ER Lab), Westwood - UCLA
Embedded Applications Technology (EAT) - Cal State University, Long Beach (CSULB)
GALORE: Globally Ad-hoc Locally Regular Embedded Systems, Westwood - UCLA
SCADDS: Scalable Coordination Architectures for Deeply Distributed Systems, Marina del Rey - USC/ISI
UCI MorphoSys Research Group, Irvine - reconfigurable computing
UCLA Laboratory for Embedded Collaborative Systems (LECS), Westwood
UCR Dalton Project: IP-Based Embedded System Design, Riverside

Image Processing/Graphics
Caltech Multi-Res Modeling Group, Pasadena
Center for Cognitive Technology, Redondo Beach - USC
Computer Graphics and Immersive Technologies (CGIT) Laboratory, South LA - USC
Computer Graphics Research at Caltech, Pasadena
Creative Interactive Visualization Laboratory (CIVL) - UC Irvine (UCI), virtual reality
iGravi: Interactive Graphics & Visualization, Irvine - UCI
Image Processing and Informatics Lab, Marina del Rey - USC
Institute for Creative Technologies (ICT), South LA - USC, immersive training systems
MAGIX: Modeling, Animation and Grafix Lab, Westwood - UCLA
USC Signal and Image Processing Institute (SIPI), South LA

Networking/Networks/Data Communications
Address Filtering Project, Westwood - UCLA
Atomic-2 Project, Marina del Rey - USC/ISI
BGP-Origins, Westwood - UCLA
California Institute for Telecommunications and Information Technology (Cal-(IT)2), Irvine - UCI
Center for Domain-Specific Computing (CDSC), Westwood - UCLA, parallel processing
Center for Autonomous Intelligent Networks and Systems (CAINS), Westwood - UCLA
Center for Pervasive Communications and Computing (CPCC), Irvine - UCI
COMPASS: COMponent-Based Parallel System Simulator, Westwood - UCLA
Cyclops, Westwood - UCLA, audit tool
DIRECT - The Distributed Real-Time Computing Technology Project, Irvine - UCI
Dream Laboratory - Distributed Real-Time Ever Available Microcomputing, Irvine - UCI
Conquest-2, Westwood - UCLA
EyeP, Westwood - UCLA
Gigabits Networking Research (GIGA) Project, Marina del Rey - USC/ISI
GloMoSim: Global Mobile Information System Simulation Library, Westwood - UCLA
iMASH: Interactive Mobile Application Support for Heterogeneous Clients, Westwood - UCLA
Integrated Management of Power Aware Computing and Communications Technologies (IMPACCT), Irvine - UCI
IRL BGP Microscope, Westwood - UCLA
Laboratory for Distributed Object Computing, Irvine - UCI
Lee Center for Advanced Networking, The, Pasadena - Caltech
LowLat Project, Marina del Rey - latency, USC/ISI
MAISIE Parallel Simulation, Westwood - UCLA
MAYA: Next Generation Performance Prediction Tools for Global Networks, Westwood - UCLA
Mirage - UC Riverside, distributed shared memory
Mobile Systems Laboratory (MSL), Westwood
Network Research Lab, Westwood - UCLA
PANDA (Peer Agent Negotiation and Deployment of Adapters), Westwood - UCLA
Paradise - Parallel and Distributed Computing Group, Pasadena - Caltech
PARSEC: Parallel Simulation Environment for Complex Systems, Westwood - UCLA
PASCAL: PArallel Systems & Computer Architectures Lab, Irvine - UCI
POEMS Project at UCLA, Westwood - parallel system simulator
Roam: A Replicating System for Mobile Environments, Westwood - UCLA
SecSpider the DNSSEC Monitoring Project, Westwood - UCLA
Secure Computing & Networking Center (SCONCE), Irvine - UCI
6watch, Westwood - UCLA
SMART: Superior Multiprocessor ARchiTecture Interconnects Group, South LA - USC
Teranode Networking Technology, Marina del Rey - USC/ISI
Travler Transparent Virtual Mobile Environment, Westwood - UCLA
Truffles Secure Flexible File-Sharing Over Wide-Area Networks, Westwood - UCLA
UCLA Internet Research Lab (IRL), Westwood
UCLA Wireless Networking Group (WING), Westwood
UCR Comnet (Communications and Networks Group) - UC Riverside, distributed shared memory
UC Riverside Networks & Communications Laboratory
Vehicular Lab, Westwood - UCLA
VINT: Virtual InterNetwork Testbed, Marina del Rey - USC/ISI
WebScripter, Marina del Rey - USC/ISI

Center for Information and Computation Security (CICS), Westwood - UCLA
D-WARD: DDoS Network Attack Recognition and Defense, Westwood - UCLA
DETER Project, The, Marina del Rey - USC/ISI, cyber-security, defense
Panoply: Secure Organization and Interaction sof Ubiquitous Computing Spaces, Westwood - UCLA
SAVE: Source Address Validation Enforcement, Westwood - UCLA

Vision Systems
Computational Vision, Pasadena - Caltech
UC Irvine (UCI) Computer Vision Lab (ICVL)
UCLA Center for Vision, Cognition, Learning, and Art (VCLA), Westwood - UCLA
UCLA Vision Lab, Westwood
UCR Application & Multimedia Development (AMD) - UC Riverside
Vislab: Visualization & Intelligent Systems Laboratory - UC Riverside
USC Computer Vision Group, South LA
USC Neuroscience Program: HNB-13b Eye Tracker, South LA

Gartner Application Architecture, Development & Integration Summit, Downtown LA, November - 2010
Great Anaheim Apps Challenge
Harvey Mudd College Computer Science Colloquium, Claremont
Immersive Technology Summit (Imtech), Downtown LA, October
Interface, Anaheim, November
IT Directors' Forum, Arcadia, October
Jon Postel Distinguished Lecture Series, Westwood - UCLA
Los Angeles Tech-Security Conference, Westchester, January - 2011
OFC/NFOEC (Optical Fiber Communications Conference and Exposition), Downtown LA, March
Orange County Tech-Security Conference, Anaheim, June
Parallel and Distributed Computing and Systems 2010 (PCDS)
Pomona College Computer Science Colloquium, Claremont
ProgFest, East LA, February - Cal State LA
SIGGRAPH 2010, Downtown LA, July
SIGGRAPH 2008, Downtown LA, August
SIGGRAPH 2005, Downtown LA, August
SIGGRAPH 2004, Downtown LA, August
SIGGRAPH 2001, Downtown LA, August
SIGGRAPH 99, Downtown LA, August
SIGGRAPH 97, Downtown LA, August
SIGGRAPH 95, Downtown LA, August
Socal Code Camp
Software Engineering and Applications 2010 (SEA)
Virtual Execution Environments 2011, Newport Beach, March - SIGPLAN/SIGOPS

High School
Honor Societies
User Groups
Abacus Computer Society, East LA - Cal State L.A.
Black Data Processing Associates (BDPA) Los Angeles, Westchester
Cal State San Bernardino (CSUSB) Computer Science and Engineering Club
Computer Professionals for Social Responsibility (CPSR) Los Angeles Chapter
DAMA (Data Management Association) Los Angeles, El Segundo
Digital Eve Los Angeles - women
IEEE Computer Society CS Chapters Region 6 Western USA - directory
IEEE Orange County Chapter Computer Society, Costa Mesa
International Webmasters Association (IWA), Pasadena
ISSA (Information Systems Security Association), Los Angeles Chapter
MISAC (Municipal Information Systems Association of California), Southern Chapter, Pasadena
MTSAC Computer Science Club, Walnut - Mt. San Antonio College
Southern California Computer Measurement Group (SCCMG)
Southern California e-Business Forum (SCEBF)
Technology Council of Southern California, Torrance
Women in Computer Science (WICS), Irvine - UCI
USC Computer Science Graduate Organization (CSGO), South LA
Women in Technology International (WITI) Los Angeles Chapter, Burbank

Association for Computing Machinery (ACM)
ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest Southern California Region
California State University Channel Islands Computer Science Club, Camarillo
Association for Computing Machinery Cal State Long Beach Student Chapter-
California State University, Fullerton Assocation for Computing Machinery (ACM)
Cal State LA (CSULA) Student Chapter of the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM), East LA
Cal State Northridge (CSUN) ACM
Los Angeles ACM Chapter, Westchester
Comtech, Santa Monica College's ACM Chapter
ACM UC Irvine Chapter - UCI
SIGGRAPH Los Angeles Chapter, Marina del Rey

Association of Information Technology Professionals (AITP), formerly DPMA
Association of Information Technology Professionals (AITP), Cal State Fullerton Chapter
California Southland Chapter of the AITP (Association of Information Technology Professionals), Garden Grove
Association of Information Technology Professionals Los Angeles Chapter (AITP-LA)

High School

Upsilon Pi Epsilon Honor Society (UPE)
Honor Societies in General

Upsilon Pi Epsilon - Cal State Long Beach (CSULB)
Upsilon Pi Epsilon, Westwood - UCLA
USC Upsilon Pi Epsilon (UPE), South LA

Internet Services
Database Applications
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