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Film / Motion Pictures Index
Audio Production
Film Editing
Film Music
Film Schools
Foley Artists
Music Libraries
Music Production in General
Post Production (Full Service)
Record Companies
Recording Studios
Sound Effects
Sound Libraries
Sound Production
Trade Shows
TV Production
Video Tape Editing

Audio & Film/Video Editing/Editorial Studios/Facilities: Sound Design/Mixing/Recording/ ADR/Dubbing/Voiceover
Video Editing
Absolute RSS, Burbank
Alphadogs, Burbank
Bennett Group, West LA
Blueroom, Manhattan Beach
CCI Digital, Burbank
Crest National, Hollywood
D-Spot Post, Burbank
Daily Post, Westchester
Dubscape Media Group, Canoga Park
Eagle Eye, North Hollywood
Encompass Digital Media Post Production, Northeast LA (Glassell Park)
Enterprise Studio, Burbank
Eyestrain Productions
Film Technology Company, Hollywood
HRS Film & Video Post, Culver City
Kappa Studios, Burbank
Kitinski Productions, Burbank
Laser Pacific, Hollywood
Light Post Productions, Burbank
Lit Post, West Hollywood
Los Angeles Edit
Lyon Studios, Newport Beach
Metropolitan Entertainment, Toluca Lake
Pixel Plantation, Burbank
Point 360, Burbank
Post Factory, Orange
Post Logic Studios, Hollywood
Production Group Studios, Hollywood
Schnuffie Productions, Burbank
Sonic Pool, Hollywood
Sony Pictures Post Production, Culver City
Station 22, West LA (Palms)
Stokes Audio Recording & Post, Tarzana
Switch Studios, Venice
Todd-AO, Hollywood, Burbank, Santa Monica
USA Studios, Downtown LA

Audio/Sound Design/Mixing/Recording Studios/Facilities: ADR/Dubbing/Voiceover/Editing/FX
Music Industry / Production
Music Libraries
Radio Production
Recording Studios
Sound and Video Studios
Sound Libraries
AB Audio Visual, Long Beach
Action Post Sound Studio, North Hollywood
Advantage, Burbank
A4V Digital, North Hollywood
Aftershock, Hollywood
AHA Media Group
Alan Audio Works, Hollywood
Allied Post Audio, Santa Monica
AMP Studios, Simi Valley
Anarchy Post, Glendale
Area Illusions Studio
Atlantis Group, Santa Monica
Audible Shift
Audio By The Bay Productions, Orange
Audio Post & Picture, Burbank
AudioVision Production Services, Tustin
Avenue Digital, Burbank
Avilon Audio, Burbank

Bell Sound, Hollywood
Big Joe Sound, Santa Monica
Blague Communications, North Hollywood
Blue 105 Productions, Burbank
BluWave Audio, Universal City
Boykin, Tom, Atwater Village
BritMix, Playa Vista
Buzzy's Recording, Hollywood

California Digital Post, Burbank
Cassady Studio Rentals, Calabasas - mobile
Chace Audio, Burbank
Cinemagraphic Audio - location
Command Post, Winnetka
Costa Mesa Studios
Creative Media Recording, Cypress

Dangerous Waters Music, Torrance
Dave & Dave, Toluca Lake
Digital Jungle Post Production, Hollywood
Digital Post Services (DPS), Hollywood
Disney Digital Studio Services, Burbank
Dog Star Audio, Santa Clarita (Valencia)
Dragonfly Sound, Sheman Oaks
DVC, Burbank

Earbash Audio, Culver City
Edgeworx, Hollywood
Edit Bay Post, Santa Monica
Elastic Media, Brea
Eleven Sound, Santa Monica
Engine Room Studios, Hollywood

Fancy Film Post Production, Hollywood
48 Windows, Santa Monica
Fox Studios Post Productions Services, West LA (Rancho Park)
Frame by Frame Sound, Burbank

Gnome Digital Media, Burbank
Gold Street, Burbank
Graue Studios, Marc, Burbank
Gray Martin Studios, Santa Monica
Grind Music & Sound, Santa Monica

Hamilton Audio Studio, Van Nuys
HD Sound & Picture, North Hollywood

In a Place Productions, Hollywood Hills
Indiwav, La Canada Flintridge

Jet Stream Sound, Burbank
Juice, Santa Monica
Juniper Post, Burbank

Kober Post Productions, Hollywood

LA Recording, Hollywood
LA Studios/Margarita Mix, Hollywood
Larson Studios, Hollywood
Levels Audio, Hollywood
Lime Studios, Santa Monica

Mai Tai Studios, Burbank
McCoy Productions, North Hollywood
Media City Sound, Studio City
Media Hyperium Studios, Torrance
MediaWest Productions, Hollywood
Mercury Sound Studios, Glendale
Mint Mix, Venice
Mix Magic, Hollywood
Monkeyland Audio, Burbank
Moonshine Studios
Mutato Muzika, West Hollywood

NL3 Audio, East LA (Lincoln Heights)
North Hollywood Sound, Valley Village
Novastar Digital Sound Services, Hollywood
NSI Sound, Burbank
NuanceTone, Hollywood

Oasis Imagery, Hollywood
Oracle Post, Santa Monica, Burbank
Outlaw Sound, Hollywood
Outpost Sound Mixing, Hollywood

Pitch n Sync, Burbank
Planet Earth Records Audio Post Production, Mid-Wilshire (Mid-City LA)
Play Sound, Santa Monica
POP Sound, Santa Monica
Post Haste Media, North Hollywood
Post Haste Sound, West LA (South Robertson)
Post Modern Group, Irvine
Post 103, Culver City
Post Plus Sound, Burbank

Race Horse Studios, West LA (Palms)
Radiant Cage Music, Laguna Beach - music, scoring, sound design
Radius 360, Burbank
Rafelson Media, North Hollywood
RavensWork, Venice
Riverton Productions, North Hollywood
Roundabout Entertainment, Burbank

Salami Studios, North Hollywood
Santisound, Hollywood
Scorpio Sound, Hollywood Hills
SDI Media, Mid-Wilshire (Miracle Mile)
SeeHear Studios, Venice
Shadow Box Studio, North Hollywood - Music and post-production facility for ADR, music composition, music and sound effects editing, voice reel production, drums and percussion, and photography.
Shoreline Studios, Santa Monica
Skylark Sound Studios, Burbank
Skyline Sound, Studio City
Smooth Sound Multimedia, Van Nuys
Snapsound, North Hollywood
Solvent Dreams, Hollywood
Sonic Boom Sound, Tujunga
Sound Satisfaction, Burbank
Sound Shop, The, Westwood
Sound Trax Studios, Burbank
Soundelux, Hollywood
Soundmine, Sun Valley
SoundStorm, Burbank
SSI Advanced Post Services, Hollywood
Stage Two Audio, Burbank
Stampede, Hollywood
Stardust Film Sound, Hollywood
Stewart Sound, Santa Ana
Studio Center/LA, Santa Monica
Studio 116 Post Production, Tujunga
Studiopolis, Studio City
Substance, Santa Monica
Surround Factory, The, Burbank

Tedesco, Damon, Westchester
The Complex Studios Recording Studios, West LA
The Park Entertainment, Santa Monica
Threshold, Santa Monica
Tono Studios, Santa Monica
Tree Falls Post, Hollywood Hills
Trinity Sound, Orange
Tryana Productions, Glendale

Ugosound Studios, Culver City
Up 'Til 4, Covina

Virtual Mix, Santa Clarita (Valencia)
Vitalegacy Multimedia, North Hollywood
VoiceOver LA Studios, Sherman Oaks
VoiceTrax West, Studio City

Warner Bros. Post Production Services, Burbank
Warrenwood Sound Studios, Burbank
Wild Woods, Hollywood Hills
Wildfire Post-Productions Studios, Mid-Wilshire (Mid-City West)
Winter Audio, Los Feliz
Wow & Flutter, Santa Monica

Yaffe Film Sound Mixing

Andre Stojka's Internet Guide to Los Angeles Voice Over Recording Studios


Filmic Press, Silver Lake - book, guide to music supervision

Foley Artists/Sound Effects
One Step Up, Burbank
Seismic FX Foley, Topanga

Music Libraries (Physical)
Music Loops / Samples
Record Companies
Sheet Music

APM Music, Hollywood
Beyond Music Library, Hollywood
Big Planet Scores, Valley Glen
BMG Chrysalis, Mid-Wilshire (Mid-City West)
Brand X Music, Hollywood
Chaos Theory Music, Santa Monica, Mission Viejo
Cinetrax, West Hollywood
CSS Music, Silver Lake
D.A.W.N. Digital Audio Worldwide Network, Silver Lake
EMI Music Publishing, Santa Monica
Extreme Music, Santa Monica
FirstCom Music, West Hollywood
5 Alarm Music, Pasadena
Killer Tracks, West Hollywood
Los Angeles Post Music, Playa Del Rey
Must Have Music, Mid-Wilshire (Fairfax District)
OGM Music (Ole Georg Music), Hollywood
1000 Tracks, Encino
Opus1 Music Library, Studio City
Partners in Rhyme
Premiere Tracks, Palm Springs
Quincy Jones Music Publishing, Hollywood
Screenmusic International, Encino
7 Out Music, West LA (Rancho Park)
Songs to Your Eyes, Woodland Hills
Sonic Safari Music, Glendale - world, new age
SoundTrack Marketing, Glendale
S3 Music + Sound Library, West LA (Mar Vista)
TunEdge Music Services, Sherman Oaks
Two Steps From Hell, Venice
Urban Style Music (USM)
Zoo Street Music, Burbank

Sounds/Sound Effects
AudioMicro, Sherman Oaks
Hollywood Edge Sound Effects Libraries, The, Hollywood
Serafine Collective Sound Libraries, Lake Hughes, Covina

Music Composers/Scores/Scoring/Jingles/Sound Design
Songwriting in General
AMI Music Group, Brentwood
Argo, Neil, Studio City
Atomic Chili Music
AZ Los Angeles, Santa Monica
Bad Ass Music, Encino
Ball of Waxx, Playa del Rey
Barden Music Productions, Santa Ana
Barth, James, Studio City
Beal, John, North Hollywood
Bendy Music, Inglewood
Betafish, Santa Monica
Big Ears Sound Design + Music, Santa Monica
Big Planet Music, Valley Glen
Blue Music & Sound Design, Culver City
Bodine, Bill, Pacific Palisades
Brian Banks Music, Santa Monica
Brown, Bill, Hollywood - Browse through new music samples from recent works include Oliver Stone's film 'Any Given Sunday' Tom Clancy's 'Rainbow Six' & more. PCXL Award 'Best Music Soundtrack'.
Canto Veritas, Stevenson Ranch
Composing the Score, San Pedro
Con Sordino Music, Santa Monica
Confidence Head, Santa Monica
Danetracks, West Hollywood
Mona Davis Music, Hollywood
Decibel Architects, West LA (Palms)
DeepMix, Hollywood
Diamond Mine Productions, Encino
Diblasi Music, Woodland Hills
Ears 4 Hire
88 Keys Productions
Elias Arts, Santa Monica
Emoto, Santa Monica
Endless Noise, Santa Monica
Finger Music and Sound Design, Venice
First Seed Productions, Baldwin Hills
Forte Music
Fraser, Jill, Van Nuys
Friedman, Josh, Newport Beach
Fuel Music and Sound, El Segundo
Fuzz Music and Sound, West LA (South Robertson)
Garland, Brian
Glue, West LA (Mar Vista)
Great Music Studio, Malibu
Grooveworx, Santa Monica
Halfpipe Music, Beverly Hills
Hamilton, David S., Hollywood
Hanifan, Bruce, West LA (South Robertson)
Hanson, John Samuel
Harris, Craig, Hollywood
Heinstein, Emanuel
Hit House, The, Redondo Beach
Hiti Citi Music Production, Marina del Rey
Horrible Music, Sherman Oaks
Howling Music, North Hollywood
Hum, Santa Monica
Icarus Music, Lakewood
Immediate Music, Santa Monica
Indart Music, Tarzana
Jeff Jones Music, Lakewood
Karpman, Laura, Playa Del Rey
Levin, Geoff, Burbank
LMS Records, Tarzana
Machine Head, Santa Monica
Mallery Scores, Hollywood (Hollywood Hills)
Marinelli, Anthony, Encino
Matter Music, North Hollywood
McMillan, Charlotte, Pasadena
Mesmer A.V., Culver City
Metaphonic Sound, Pasadena
Mira Music, West LA (Mar Vista)
Mophonics, Venice
Morris, Sean
Mosher & Stoker
Moxy Music
Muddocter Music, Pasadena
Music Collective, The, Studio City
Musikvergnuegen, Hollywood
Mutato Muzika, West Hollywood
Non-Stop Music, Burbank
NuCircle, Hollywood
O'Brien, James, Santa Monica
ON Music and Sound, Santa Monica
Orange Dog Music, Van Nuys
Overtone, Highland Park
Peligro Music & Sound Design, West LA
Pons Media, Studio City
Primal Scream Music, West LA
Rad Music, Brentwood
Rehmann, Chad
Scott Rea Music, West Hollywood
Remote Control Control Productions, Santa Monica
RipTide Music, West LA (Mar Vista)
Salchow, Boris
Saparoff, Andrea, Topanga
Schoen, Gaili
Schtung Music, Santa Monica
David Schwartz Music, Calabasas
Score LA, Van Nuys
Scorewriter Music Productions, Valley Village
Seeber Music Productions, North Hollywood
Sensory Overload Music, Santa Monica
740 Sound Design, West LA (Mar Vista)
Sherwood, Michael
Silver, Dan
Slappo Music and Sound Design, Venice
Smythe, Zane, Silver Lake
Sonic Fuel, Venice
Sonicfruit, North Hollywood
Soundbath, Venice
Soundelux Design Music Group, Hollywood
SoundTrack Studio, West Hollywood
Spangler, Don, Agoura Hills
Stern, Shepard, Venice
S3 Music + Sound, West LA (Mar Vista)
Stimmung, Santa Monica
Summerfield Music, Sherman Oaks
Sun of Z Music Production, West Hills
The Sounds Company, Marina del Rey
Thunder Music + Sound Design, Santa Monica
Toprak, Pinar, Woodland Hills
Trivers/Myers Music, El Segundo
Uner, Kubilay, Hollywood
V Group, The, Santa Monica
Mike Vaccaro Productions, Long Beach
Walter, Steve, Burbank
Wear, Robert
Wilderstylemusic, Glendale
Wojahn, Santa Monica
Woodland Music Production, Irvine
Zeitune, Gad Emile
John Zuker Music, Glendale

Film Music Network, Santa Clarita (Valencia)

Captioning/Captions/Subtitles/Dubbing/Foreign Language Translations
Digital Production
Transcription Services
Captions, Inc., Burbank
Cinetyp, Hollywood
Paragon Language Services, Mid-Wilshire (Miracle Mile)
STS Foreign Language Services, Burbank
TM Systems, Studio City
Visual Sound, Burbank

Film/Video Editing/Editors/Editorial
Video Tape Editing
Visual Effects
Alphadogs, Burbank
Arcade Edit, West LA
Atomic Post, Santa Monica
BeeKeeper Productions, Mid-Wilshire (Mid-City LA)
Cine Magnetics, Studio City
Cloud 19, West LA (Palms)
Cosmo Street, Santa Monica
Different by Design Post Services, West LA
DigiDada Media Productions, Hollywood
Entertainment Post, Burbank - film transfers
Gott Color, Westwood
Hollywood Intermediate, Burbank
Hula Post Production, Studio City
Le Duc Design Group, Santa Monica
Los Feliz Post
L2 Digital, Burbank
Magic Film & Video Works, Burbank - film transfers
Raycom Post Production, Burbank
Union Editorial, West LA
Uwamu, Santa Ana

Internet Services
Database Applications
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