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Film Schools / Workshops
Multimedia Studios
Post Production
Production / Producers
Production Facilities
Screening Rooms
Screenwriting / Scriptwriting
Set Design
Sound Production
Special Effects
Trade Shows
TV Production
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Production/Producers/Distribution/Financing/Acquisition/ Licensing
Special Effects
TV Production

A Bigger Boat, Beverly Hills
A & F Productions
A-Mark Entertainment, Santa Monica
A Pirate's Life for Me, Westchester
A. Smith & Co., West LA (South Robertson)
A2 Entertainment Group, Bel-Air
ABC Studios
Abe Froman Productions, Sherman Oaks
Aberration Films, Beverly Hills
Abintra Filmworks, Marina del Rey - Tomorrow Entertainment, Collaborative Films, Anarchy Pictures
Abra Productions, Beverly Hills
Absolute Films, South Pasadena
Accelerated Entertainment
Action Cat Entertainment, Studio City
Actual Realty Pictures, Hollywood
Ad-Hox Productions, Redondo Beach
Adness Entertainment, West LA
Adriana Garza Productions, West Hollywood
Aegis Film and Television Group, Hollywood
Aerie Productions
Aero Film, Santa Monica
Affiliated Entertainment, Hollywood
Afflatus Productions, Studio City
After Dark Films, West Hollywood - horror
Al Gomez Productions
Albion Entertainment
Alchemy Films and Multimedia, Riverside
Alcon Entertainment, West LA (Rancho Park)
All Out Films, Culver City
Alla Prima Productions, West Hollywood
Allan McKeown Presents, Santa Monica
Allentown Productions, Universal City
Allied Artists International, City of Industry - distributor
Allied Entertainment, Beverly Hills
Alloy Entertainment, Mid-Wilshire (Mid-City West)
Allumination Filmworks, Woodland Hills
Almighty Dog Productions, Sherman Oaks
Almost Midnight Productions, West LA (Mar Vista)
Aloe Entertainment, Beverly Hills
Aloha Films Group, Laguna Beach
Alpha Media, Manhattan Beach
Alpine Pictures, Burbank
Altavista Films, Hollywood
Alter Ego Cinema - horror
Alter Ego Creative Entertainment, Los Feliz
Alter Ego Films, Manhattan Beach
Alterity Films
Altitude Entertainment Films, West LA
Amadeus Pictures, Marina del Rey
Ambergreen Entertainment
Ambrosia Pictures, Beverly Hills
Ambush Entertainment, Hollywood
AMediaVision Productions, Encino
AmerAsian Films, Encino
American Cinema International (ACI), Van Nuys
American Film Company, The, Venice
American Multiscope and Biograph, Beverly Hills
American Prairie Artists, Burbank
American Rogue Films, Santa Monica
American Trademark Pictures, Lake Arrowhead
American United Entertainment, Beverly Hills
American World Pictures (AWP), Encino
Ammo Films, Santa Monica
Ampersand Media, Burbank
Anchor Bay Entertainment, Burbank
Andertainment Group
Andrew Stevens Entertainment, West Hollywood
Angry Young Ranch, Culver City
Animus Films, Mid-Wilshire (Miracle Mile)
Anne-Sophie Films, Santa Monica
Anomaly Entertainment, Manhattan Beach
Anonymous Content, Culver City
Ant Farm, The, Mid-Wilshire (Fairfax District)
Antenna Films, Hollywood
Anthem Pictures, Agoura Hills - independent
Anthracite Films, Culver City
Antibody Films, Westwood
Antic Pictures
AntiKaiser Productions, Burbank
Anton Pictures
Anvil Films, Santa Monica
Aon Films
Aperture Films, Newport Beach
Apollo Cinema, Beverly Hills - shorts
Apple Box Productions, Culver City
Apple Cart Productions, Studio City
Appleseed Entertainment
April Films, Encino
Aqua-Vid Digital, Whittier
Arbor Avenue Films, North Hollywood
Arclight Films, Beverly Hills
Arclight Productions, Hollywood
Arco del Triunfo Productions, Echo Park
Arden Entertainment, North Hollywood
Area 54 Studios, Colton
Area Illusions, Glendale
Arenas Entertainment Marketing, Hollywood Hills - latino
ArieScope Pictures, North Hollywood
Ariztical Entertainment, Studio City
Arkham Films
Armenian Film Foundation, Thousand Oaks
Arnold Shapiro Productions (ASP), Sherman Oaks
Arsenal Pictures, Santa Monica
Artifact Studios, Hollywood
Artfire Films, Hollywood
Articulus Entertainment, Beverly Hills
Artist View Entertainment, Studio City
Artists Confederacy, West LA (Mar Vista)
Ascendant Pictures, Santa Monica
Ascension Pictures, Beverly Hills
Ascent Media, Burbank
Ascentia Films
Asgaard Entertainment, Burbank
Ashley Productions, Riverside - An independent film production company also offering production and consultation services to assist the independent filmmaker.
Associated Television International, Mid-Wilshire (Hancock Park)
AstraBlu Media, Beverly Hills
Asylum Entertainment, Hollywood
Atavision Films - shorts
Atomic Lawn, Burbank
Atomic Studios, Hollywood Hills
Atomik Pictures, Venice
Attaboy Films, West Hollywood
Attention Span Media, Mid-Wilshire (Miracle Mile)
August Moon Entertainment
Authentic Entertainment, Burbank
Authorized Pictures
Automat Pictures, Mid-Wilshire (Wilshire Center) - documentaries
Automatic Media, West LA (South Robertson)
Avalon Entertainment, West Hollywood
Aviator Films, Beverly Hills
Awaken Films
Axis Pacific Filmworks, Studio City
Azarra Entertainment, North Hollywood

B'z Shorts
Back to Natives Restoration, Irvine
Backroad Pictures
Backyard, Venice
Baja Posse Movies, Silver Lake
Bal Maiden Films, Culver City
Balance Vector Production Company, Santa Monica
Baltimore/Spring Creek Pictures, Burbank
Bandito Brothers, Mid-Wilshire (Mid-City LA)
Bandwagon Productions, Burbank
Bang Productions
Bankrupt Pictures, Santa Clarita (Valencia)
BannerCaswell Productions (BCP), Santa Monica
Barking Fish Entertainment
Base Camp Films, Santa Monica
BASE Productions, Burbank
Bash Films, Burbank
Basra Entertainment, Cathedral City
Bat in the Sun Productions, Calabasas
Beanstalk Films, Santa Monica
Beantown Productions, Hollywood
Beezly Films
Believe Media, Hollywood
Beloved Pictures, West Hollywood
Benaroya Pictures, Beverly Hills
Benderspink, Baldwin Hills
Bennett Group, West LA
Benvention Films
Berkela Motion Pictures
Bible-Based Family Friendly Films, Orange - Christian
Big Quiche Productions
Big Screen Entertainment Group (BSEG), Hollywood
Big Sky Motion Pictures, Hollywood
Big Vision Entertainment, Sherman Oaks
Bigel Entertainment, Beverly Hills
Billy Jack Enterprises, Moorpark
Birchwood Pictures, Orange
Biscayne Pictures
Biscuit Filmworks, Hollywood
BIX PIX Entertainment, Burbank
Bizzy Blondes Entertainment, Hollywood Hills
Black Bay Entertainment, Ventura
Black Orchid Entertainment, Hollywood
Blacklake Productions, Santa Monica
Blake House Media, Northeast LA (Glassell Park)
Bleiberg Entertainment, Beverly Hills
Blue Apples Media, Glendale
Blue Cactus Pictures, Santa Clarita (Valencia)
Blue Collar Films, Beverly Hills
Blue Collar Productions, West Hollywood
Blue Eagle Entertainment
Blue Rain Films, Malibu
Blue Rider Pictures, Santa Monica
Blue Rocket Films, Sherman Oaks
Blue Seraph Productions
Blue Underground, West Hollywood
Blue Water Entertainment, Beverly Hills
Bluewater Ranch, Santa Monica
Bluth Enterprises, Glendale
Bogner Entertainment (BEI), Beverly Hills
BOLD Films, Hollywood
Bold Peasant Entertainment, Beverly Hills
Boom Studios, Mid-Wilshire (Mid-City West)
Borderline Films, Eagle Rock
Boris Films
Bosco Entertainment, West Hollywood
Boz Productions, Santa Monica
Brad Lachman Productions, Burbank
Brainstorm Media, Beverly Hills
Brand New Entertainment (BNE), West LA (Palms)
Braun Entertainment Group, Beverly Hills
Brave New Films, Culver City
Braveart Films, Beverly Hills
Bravo Zulu, Santa Monica
Brazilfilms, Burbank - Brazilian, Portuguese, distributor
Breakthrough Distribution, Santa Monica - distributor
Bridge Films, Brentwood
Bright Idea Entertainment, Hollywood Hills
Bright Light Studio, Santa Monica
BrighteStar Productions, Van Nuys
Brillig Productions, Sherman Oaks
Brink Films
Bristol Bay Productions, Century City
Brittany House Pictures, Hollywood
Brookwell/McNamara Entertainment, Manhattan Beach
Brother Jack Films, Hollywood
Bruder Releasing (BRI), Santa Monica
Buddha-Cowboy Productions
Bull Market Entertainment
Bunim/Murray Productions, Van Nuys
Bunyik Entertainment, Burbank - distributor, Hungarian
Burn Pictures, Santa Monica
Burnside Entertainment, Mid-Wilshire (Wilshire Center)
Burnt Pictures, Hollywood
Burrud Productions, Beverly Hills, Long Beach
Buzzsaw Film Production, Santa Monica
By Any Other Name Films, North Hollywood

Cafe Americana Films
Calla Productions, Silver Lake
Calliope Films, Beverly Hills
Camelot Productions, West Hollywood
Canuck in Venice
Capital Arts Entertainment, Encino
Capitol Films, Century City
Capstone Entertainment Group (CEG)
Capture Film, Hollywood
Captured Live Productions, Culver City
Carmel Entertainment Group, Orange
Carsey-Werner Television, Studio City
Caspian Pictures, Burbank
Castle Creek Productions, Santa Monica - documentaries
Castlight Pictures, Hollywood, Temecula
Cataland Films, Burbank
CatchLight Films, Marina del Rey
Catfish Productions, Malibu
CBS Entertainment, Mid-Wilshire (Fairfax District)
CBS Television Distribution, Mid-City LA
Cedar Grove Productions
Celebrtiy Home Entertainment, Mid-Wilshire (Mid-City West)
Cellflicks, Westwood
Centropolis Entertainment, Hollywood
Chabo Films, West Hollywood
Chain Camera Pictures, Silver Lake
Chanticleer Films, Hollywood Hills
Chaos Theory
Chapter 7 Entertainment
Charter Entertainment Group, Hollywood
Check the Gate Productions, Hollywood
Chelsea, Hollywood
Cheri Sundae Productions, Hollywood Hills
Cherry Road Films, Santa Monica
Cherry Sky Films, Glendale
Chop Shop Entertainment
Christopher Peters Entertainment, Sherman Oaks
Chuck Williams Productions, Mission Hills
Cielo Entertainment, West Hollywood
Cima Productions, Hollywood
Cimarron Group, Hollywood
Cine Excel Entertainment, Burbank
Cine Mexicano Orginal Productions
Cineasta Productions, Torrance
Cinema Arts Entertainment, Mid-Wilshire (Mid-City West)
Cinema Epoch, West LA (Westwood)
Cinema Hill Motion Picture Company, Hollywood
Cinema Libre Studio, Canoga Park, Brentwood - audience financing
Cinetel Films, West Hollywood
Cinevilla, Marina del Rey - distributor, latino
Cineville, Santa Monica
Cinevolve Studios, Valley Village
Circle Take Media, Indio
Circus Road Films, Santa Monica
Cittadino Dugan Entertainment
City Lights Media, Santa Monica
Civilian Pictures, Hollywood
Clear Pictures Entertainment, Studio City
Cobra Entertainment
Code Entertainment, West Hollywood
Codeblack Entertainment, Universal City
Collaboration Entertainment, Beverly Hills
Coloredmass Productions
Company Films, Santa Monica
Concrete Images, Venice
Connection III Entertainment, Mid-Wilshire (Mid-City West)
Conquistador Entertainment, Beverly Hills
Content Media, Santa Monica
Continuum Pictures
Convergence Entertainment
Cooke Pictures, Santa Monica
Cool Hand International, Santa Monica
Coram Deo Studios, Lancaster
Coyote Pass Productions - Latino
CP Productions (Cerenzie-Peters Productions), Hollywood
CP Productions, West Hollywood
Craig Anderson Productions (CAP), Mid-Wilshire (Larchmont Village)
Cranium Candy Entertainment
Crappy World Films, Hollywood
Creanspeak Productions, Beverly Hills
Creative Capers Entertainment, Montrose
Creative Differences, North Hollywood
Creative Enterprise International (CEI), Hollywood
Creative Entertainment & Media, Marina del Rey
Creative Production Group, Studio City
Creatively Bankrupt Productions, Studio City
CreativeWorks Entertainment, Studio City
CreDo Entertainment, Downtown LA
Crescendo Productions, Mid-Wilshire (Larchmont Village)
Crossover Productions, Beverly Hills
Crossroads Films, West Hollywood
Crown International Pictures, Beverly Hills
Cruel & Unusual Films, Burbank
Cry Havoc Productions, Lake Elsinore
Crystal Eyes Entertainment, Studio City
Crystal Lake Entertainment, Encino
Crystal Sky, Century City
C3 Entertainment, Glendale
Cult Epics, Los Feliz - art house
Curb Entertainment, Burbank
Curiously Bright Entertainment, Brentwood
Custom Productions, Pacific Palisades
Cut Entertainment Group, Pasadena, Brentwood
Cyclone Productions, West Hollywood

Da Bronx Productions, Beverly Hills
Dada Films, Beverly Hills
Dahlia Street Films, Beverly Hills
Dakota Pictures, North Hollywood
Dalakis Media Enterprises (DME), Santa Monica
Damaged Californians
Damascus Films, Bel Air
Damian Collier Entertainment Services, Mid-Wilshire (Mid-City LA)
Dan Haderlein Productions, North Hollywood - public service announcements
Daniel Gaucher/Unity Films, Studio City
Daniel Sladek Entertainment, Beverly Hills
Danny Lee Works, Hollywood
Dark Blue Films, Hollywood
Dark Horse Entertainment, Mid-Wilshire (Mid-City West)
Dark Light Pictures, Hollywood
Dark Sky Pictures, West Hollywood
Das Films, Santa Monica
Dastoli Digital
Dave Gist Productions, North Hollywood
David Heavener Entertainment, Studio City
Day O Productions, West Hollywood
de Prume Productions, North Hollywood
Deadeye Films, Santa Monica
Dean River Productions, Culver City
Death Ray Films
Debmar-Mercury, Santa Monica
Deep Stealth Productions
Dempsey Productions, West LA (Rancho Park)
Denizen Films, Hollywood Hills
Desert Wind Films, Woodland Hills
Destiny Entertainment, Downtown LA
Detour Films, Santa Monica
Develement, Newport Beach
DHX Media, Sherman Oaks - children's, family
Diamor Productions, Monrovia
Dick Clark Productions, West Hollywood
Different by Design, West LA
Digital Ranch, Sherman Oaks
Dino De Laurentiis Company (DDLC), Universal City
Direct Cinema Limited, Santa Monica
Dirty Poet Films, Laguna Beach
Discovery Studios, Burbank
Distribution Video & Audio (DVA), Burbank - distributor
Divide Pictures, West LA
DMD Entertainment, Burbank - documentaries
Dollarhyde Pictures
Dominion3, West LA (Westwood)
Don Mischer Productions, West Hollywood
Donna Kanter Company, Burbank
Don't Foam, Mid-Wilshire (Hancock Park)
Doom, Burbank
Double Edge Entertainment, Burbank
Drago Vista Productions, Beverly Hills
Dragon Dynasty, Santa Monica - martial arts
Dragonslayer Productions, Valley Glen
Drama 3/4 Productions, Hollywood
Dream Entertainment
Dreaming Dog Entertainment, Studio City
Dreaming Tree, The, Burbank
DreamLogic Pictures, Los Feliz
DuBose Entertainment, Hollywood
Duly Noted, Mid-Wilshire (Miracle Mile) Dynamite Pictures, Irvine

East Coast Entertainment, Studio City
East of Doheny, Beverly Hills
Earthworks Films, West Hollywood
Echo Bridge Entertainment, Beverly Hills
Echo Entertainment, Studio City
Echo Lake Productions, Beverly Hills
Eclectic Pictures, Hollywood
Eddie October Productions (EOP), Santa Monica
Eden Rock Media, Hollywood
Edge of L.A. Productions
Edge West
Edifix Entertainment, San Dimas
Edit This Productions
Edmonds Entertainment, Hollywood
EGA Productions, San Fernando
Egami Digital IMC, West LA (South Robertson)
8 Star Entertainment, Los Feliz
8th Day Productions, Mid-Wilshire (Mid-City LA)
8th Wonder Entertainment, Hollywood
Elantra Films
Electric Entertainment, Hollywood
Electric Farm Entertainment
Electric Shepherd Productions, Beverly Hills
Element Media, Hollywood
Elements Entertainment, Hollywood
Elevate, Ojai
Eleven Arts, Santa Monica
Eleven Eleven Films, Beverly Hills
1171 Production Group, Hollywood
Elixir Films, West Hollywood
Elkins Entertainment, Beverly Hills
Elliptic Entertainment, Santa Monica
Ellman Entertainment, Hollywood
Elysian Pictures
EMC West, Burbank
Emerging Entertainment, Beverly Hills
Eminence Front Productions (EFP), West LA (Palms)
EMP, Glendale
Empire Film Group, Westlake Village
Endemol USA, West Hollywood
Enderby Entertainment, Encino
Endgame Entertainment, Beverly Hills
Energy Entertainment, Beverly Hills
Enteraktion Studios, Van Nuys
Entertainment Partners, Burbank
Entertainment 7
Entertainment Studios
Epic Image Entertainment
Epic Pictures Group, Beverly Hills
Epiphany Pictures, West LA (Cheviot Hills)
Episode 91, West LA
Epoch Films, Beverly Hills
Equilibrium Entertainment, Mid-Wilshire (Mid-City LA)
Eric Schiff Productions (ESP), Venice
Erthbound Entertainment, Studio City
Esperanza Productions
Essential Entertainment, West Hollywood
Ether Films
Everchanging Productions, Studio City
Everest Entertainment Group, West LA
Evergreen Films, Baldwin Hills
Evil Global Corporation
Evil Twin Productions, Sherman Oaks
Evolution Media, Burbank
Evolving Pictures, Hollywood
Ex Mortis Films, Burbank
Exclusive Media Group (EMG), Beverly Hills
Eye Scream Films, Hollywood
EyeBoogie, Hollywood
Eyes of the World Media Group, Culver City
Eyeworks, Redondo Beach
Eyre Films

F.N.B. Entertainment, Mid-Wilshire (Mid-City West)
Fabrication Films, West LA (South Robertson)
Faerie Films, Trabuco Canyon
Faith Films, Burbank - Christian
Falling Olive Productions, Sun Valley
Fallout Entertainment
Family Room Entertainment, Toluca Lake
Family Theater Productions, Hollywood - Christian
Fantastic Films International
Farrland Films, Palmdale
Fastback Pictures, Hollywood
Fat Monster Films
Fearless Productions, North Hollywood
51 Minds Entertainment, Hollywood
FiGa Films, Northeast LA (Glassell Park) - Latin American, Spanish language
Film Artists Network, Canoga Park
Film Artists Network Distribution, Canoga Park
Film Bridge International, Santa Monica
Film Garden Entertainment, Van Nuys
Film Maker's Secret Weapon - consultant
Film 101 Productions, Beverly Hills
Filmaka, Mid-Wilshire (Mid-City West) - documentaries, shorts
FilmColony, Mid-Wilshire (Hancock Park)
Filmworks/FX, West LA (Mar Vista)
Finley Holiday Films, Whittier
Firecracker Films, Santa Monica
Firefly Film & Video, Hollywood
First Independent Pictures, West LA (Rancho Park)
First Light Productions, Arleta
First Light Video Publishing, Venice
First Television, Hollywood
Fischinger Trust & Archive, Long Beach
FitzFilm, West Hollywood
5CTV, Hollywood
Fixed Point Films, West Hollywood
Flaming Angel Films, Hollywood
Flatland Pictures
Fleur de Lis Film Studios, Beverly Hills
Flight 33 Productions, Sherman Oaks
Fluid Films
Fly High Films, Mid-Wilshire (Larchmont Village)
Focus Features, Universal City
Follow Your Dreams Productions, Beverly Hills
Foresight Unlimited, Bel Air
Fortune Features, Santa Monica
44 Blue Productions, Studio City
Foundation for Documentary Projects, Santa Monica
4 Dude Entertainment
Fourth Ward Productions
400 Blows Pictures
495 Productions, Burbank
4 Moon Entertainment, Mid-Wilshire (Hancock Park)
Fourth Ward Productions
Fox Searchlight, Culver City
FPS Productions (Film & Photography Society), Westwood, Riverside
Free Dream Pictures, Burbank
Freedom Films, Sherman Oaks
Freedom Productions, Monrovia
Freefall Films, Westwood
Freestyle Releasing, Mid-Wilshire (Mid-City West)
Freewheelin' Films, Costa Mesa
FremantleMedia, Burbank
Fresh & Smoked, Studio City
Fries Film Group, Woodland Hills
From the Heart Productions (Roy W. Dean Film & Video Grants), Oxnard
Frontera Productions, West LA
Fugitive Studios, Glendale
Full Fathom 5
Full Moon Horror, Hollywood
Full Picture, West Hollywood
Fun Little Movies, Burbank
Funk Factory Films, Santa Monica
Funny Boy Films, Mid-Wilshire (Fairfax District) - gay
Furst Films, Beverly Hills
Future Films, Santa Monica
FXF Productions, Venice
Fylmar Productions, Beverly Hills

gab Entertainment, Marina del Rey
Gaia Films, Beverly Hills
Galactic Films, Glendale
Galan Entertainment, Marina del Rey
Gary Smith Company, The, Santa Monica
Geeworld Studios, The, Hollywood
Gene Autry Entertainment, Studio City
Generate, Santa Monica
Gener8xion Entertainment, Hollywood - Christian
Genesis Films, Valley Glen
Genius Products, Santa Monica
Genunine Buck Film, Sherman Oaks
George Paige Associates (GPA), Malibu
Get It... Pictures, West Hollywood
G4 Media, Mid-Wilshire (Miracle Mile)
Ghost House Pictures, Beverly Hills - horror
Giant Flick Films, Hollywood
Ginjar Productions
Girl Factory, West Hollywood
Gjenius Productions, Valley Village
Glassman Media
Global Science Productions, Beverly Hills
Global Star Films, Beverly Hills
Global Universal, Hollywood
Go Film, Hollywood
Go Go Luckey Entertainment, Santa Monica
GOAL Productions, Pasadena
Goat Milk Fudge Productions
Goatdog Productions, Hollywood
Gold Circle Films, Century City
Gold Pictures, Universal City
Golden Hill Films
Golden Light Films
Golden Zah Productions, West LA (Rancho Park)
Goldenring Productions, Studio City
Goldstein Productions, Sherman Oaks
Goliath Promotions, Los Feliz
Good Karma Films, Brentwood
Gosch Productions, Burbank
Got a Laugh Entertainment, Santa Monica
Gotham Group, The, West Hollywood
Gracie Films, Culver City
Gran Cine Producciones - Latino, Spanish language
Grand Army Entertainment, Mid-Wilshire (Mid-City LA)
Grand River Films, Beverly Hills
Graphic Films, Hollywood Hills
Grateful Films, Encino
Graven Image Films, Westwood
Gravitas Ventures, Manhattan Beach
GRB Entertainment, Sherman Oaks - realty-based action
Great American Cinema, Burbank
Green Park Productions
Greendot Films, Santa Monica
Greenstem Productions, Santa Monica
Greentrees Films
Greenwood Hill Productions, Baldwin Hills
Grindhouse Releasing, Hollywood
Grossmyth Company, The, Culver City
Grosvenor Park, Santa Monica
Groundswell Productions, West LA
Gruntworks Entertainment
Gryphon Films, West LA (Mar Vista)
Guerilla Docs, Sherman Oaks - documentaries
Guinan Entertainment, North Hollywood
Gunny Entertainment, West LA (South Robertson)
Gurney Prodcutions, Westchester
Gurnin Co., The, Studio City
GusHollywood Productions
Gyre Entertainment, Burbank

Halcyon Company, The, Mid-Wilshire (Mid-City West)
Halcyon International Pictures, Beverly Hills
Half Shell Entertainment, Santa Monica
Halo 8 Entertainment, Hollywood
Halon Entertainment, Santa Monica
Hand Picked Films, Malibu
Hannibal Pictures, West Hollywood
Happy Madison, Culver City
Harbinger Pictures, Mid-Wilshire (Mid-City LA)
Harbor Light Entertainment, Hollywood
Hardy Howl Films
Harmony Gold, Hollywood
Hartbreak Films, Sherman Oaks
Hatchery, The, Burbank
HBO Films, Santa Monica
HD Vision Studios, Studio City
Heavy Duty Entertainment, Hollywood
Hempisphere Entertainment, Burbank
Here! Films, Westwood
Heroica Films, Mid-Wilshire (Mid-City West)
Herzog & Company, North Hollywood
Hidden Moon Productions, Santa Clarita (Newhall)
High Noon Entertainment, West LA
High Treason Productions, Beverly Hills
Highland Entertainment, Mid-Wilshire (Hancock Park)
Highland Myst Entertainment
Highroad Entertainment, Universal City
HIP Films, Hollywood
History Quests, Laguna Hills
Hollywood Fight Club Productions
Hollywood Independents
Homerun Entertainment, Culver City
Honest Outlaw Productions
Hoosier Daddy Films
Hoosick Falls Productions, Santa Monica
Horizon Productions, West Hollywood
Horizon Shine, Santa Monica
HSI Productions, Culver City
H3 Films, Santa Monica
H2F Entertainment, Hollywood
H2O Pictures, West Hollywood
H2R Productions, Sherman Oaks
Hyde Park Entertainment, Sherman Oaks
Hyperion Pictures, Hollywood

I Look Like My Mom Productions, Mid-Wilshire (Fiarfax District)
ICE Dreamed Films, Burbank
Icon Movies, Santa Monica
Iconoclastic Features, West Hollywood
Idea Asylum Productions, Mid-Wilshire (Mid-City West)
Idiot Box Productions, Hollywood
IFM World Releasing, Glendale - international
Ignite! Entertainment, West LA (Rancho Park)
Illuminary Pictures, North Hollywood
Illumination Pictures, West Hollywood
Image Entertainment, Chatsworth
Imageworks Entertainment International, Chatsworth
Imaginal Cells Filmworks, Van Nuys
Imaginary Forces, Hollywood
Imagination Worldwide, Beverly Hills
Imaginaut Entertainment, Silver Lake
Imagine Entertainment, Century City
Impact Video, Aliso Viejo - distributor
In the Pink Productions, West Hollywood
In the Pool Productions
In the Trenches Productions, Santa Monica
Indacan Pictures, West Hollywood
Indie-Pictures, Bel-Air
Indiewood Pictures
Indomitable Entertainment, Santa Monica
Inferno Distribution, Century City
Infinity Media, Century City
Ingram Entertainment, Orange - distributor
Initiate Productions, Studio City
Inner-City Filmmakers, Santa Monica
Insights Entertainment, Bellflower
Instant Films
Interloper Films, Pasadena
Intra Communications, Costa Mesa - distributor to Russia, former Soviet Union
Intrepid Pictures, Santa Monica
Intrinsic Value Films, Venice
Intuitive Entertainment, West LA
InVision Entertainment, Burbank
IPA Asia Pacific, Burbank - distributor
Iris International Film, Frazier Park
Iron Brothers Entertainment
Ishtar Films, Sherman Oaks - women
Island Gateway Films, Mid-Wilshire (Miracle Mile)
Isotropic Films, Burbank
ITV Studios, Sherman Oaks - formerly Granada America

Jaffle Productions, Silver Lake
Jaguar Films, Burbank
Jay and Tony Show, The
Jaz Films, Hollywood
Jeff Margolis Productions (JMP), Westwood
Jerry Bruckheimer Films, Santa Monica
Jetty Studios, Burbank
Jim Henson Company, Hollywood
Jim Wedaa Productions, Studio City
Jive at Five Films
Johnny Voodoo Productions
Journey Blue Films
Jowharah Films, Hollywood
Juhannus Productions
Juma Entertainment, Hollywood Hills
JuntoBox Films, Santa Monica
Justin Slayer Productions, Van Nuys

Kanalya Pictures, Santa Monica
Kandoo Films, Sherman Oaks
Kaos Entertainment, Santa Monica
Karim Movies, Malibu
Karma Film Group
Katalyst Network, Hollywood
Kaufman Company, The
Keypix Productions, Malibu - family
KGB Films, Mid-Wilshire (Mid-City West)
King Media Services, Manhattan Beach
KCET Productions, Hollywood
Kennedy/Marshall Company, Santa Monica
Kickstart Productions (KSP), Brentwood
Kidtoon Films, Woodland Hills - family
Kihou Productions, Mid-Wilshire (Mid-City West)
Kingdom of Light Entertainment
Kings Road Entertainment, Beverly Hills
Kismet Entertainment Group, Beverly Hills
Knock'em Alive Films, Atwater Village
Koncept Films, Toluca Lake
Kops/Tunick Productions, Mid-Wilshire (Miracle Mile)
K2 Communications, El Segundo
Kudiville Films, Santa Clarita (Valencia)
Kushner-Locke Company, Beverly Hills

La Banda Films, Beverly Hills
Lacy Street Production Center, East LA (Lincoln Heights)
LAFCO (Los Angeles Filmmakers' Cooperative)
Laguna Films, Van Nuys - Spanish language
Laguna Productions, Santa Clarita (Valencia)
Lakeshore Entertainment, Beverly Hills
Lambert Media Group, Beverly Hills
Lane City Films, Mid-Wilshire (Miracle Mile)
Langley Productions, Santa Monica
Lantern Lane Entertainment, Calabasas
Last Gasp Film Group, Pacific Palisades
Lawless Entertainment
Lazer Film Productions, Burbank
LEG, Westchester
Lee Lee Films
Left to Right Productions, West Hollywood
Legendary Pictures, Burbank
Legion Productions, Beverly Hills
Lena Film, West Hollywood
Lenz Films, The, Northridge
Leomax Entertainment, Santa Monica
Letterblue Productions, Hollywood
Leva Filmworks, Glendale
Level Seven Films, Hollywood
Liberty Road Entertainment, Sherman Oaks
Liddell Entertainment (LD Entertainment), Mid-Wilshire (Hancock Park)
Lifton Films, Santa Monica, Burbank
Light Source & Imagery, Sherman Oaks
Lighthearted Entertainment, Burbank
Lightning Entertainment Group, Santa Monica - distributor
Lin Pictures, Burbank
LionChild Video and Film, Redondo Beach
Lionsgate, Santa Monica
Liquid Filmworks
Liquid LQ, Seal Beach
Liquid Theory, Hollywood
Liquid Vision Pictures (LVP), Studio City
Little Film Company, The, Studio City
Little Studio Films, Beverly Hills
LMNO Productions, Sherman Oaks - reality-based TV
Loaded Dice Films, Hollywood
Locked Horns Productions
Logolite Entertainment, West LA (Rancho Park)
Lone Gut Productions, Hollywood
Lone OutPost, Mid-Wilshire (Mid-City West)
Lonely Seal Releasing (LSR), Hollywood
Lost Planet, Santa Monica
LoveLea Media, Beverly Hills
LSL Productions
Lucky Hat Entertainment, Hollywood
Ludovico Productions, Woodland Hills
Ludovico Technique
Lumanity, Mid-Wilshire (Mid-City West)
LX.TV (Life/Style Television), Burbank
Lynda Obst Productions, Studio City

M.A.D. Elephant, Burbank
Mablan Entertainment, Tarzana
MacGillivray Freeman Films, Laguna Beach - adventure IMAX documentaries
Mad Chance, West Hollywood
Mad Hatter Entertainment, Beverly Hills
Madhouse Entertainment, Beverly Hills
Magick Films, Eagle Rock
Main Street Media, Santa Monica
Mainline Releasing, Santa Monica - distributor
Make it Happen Productions, Sherman Oaks
Make it Reign Entertainment
Maltman Entertainment, West LA
Man Bites Dog Films, Beverly Hills
Mandalay Entertainment Group, Mid-Wilshire (Hancock Park)
Mandate Pictures, Santa Monica
Madison Road Entertainment, West Hollywood
Mandrill Films, Brentwood
Mandt Bros. Productions
Manheimer Entertainment, Hollywood
Mannatee Films
Mantra Films, Santa Monica
Maple Island Films, Tujunga
Marina Beach Film Productions, Marina del Rey
Maron Pictures, Mid-Wilshire (Mid-City West)
Martini Films Productions
Marvel Studios, Manhattan Beach
Marvista Entertainment, West LA (Mar Vista)
Master Films Productions, Temecula
Mattie Films, Hollywood
Maverick Productions, North Hollywood
MCfilmworks, Mid-Wilshire (Mid-City LA)
McGuffin Films, Beverly Hills
McLain Holdings Group, Burbank
McSand Films, Santa Monica
Mean Time Productions
Media House Films
Media Magic, Trabuco Canyon
Media Rights Capital (MRC), Century City
Melee Entertainment, Beverly Hills
Menemsha Films, Venice
MeniThings Productions, Mid-Wilshire (Miracle Mile)
Mercury Rising Films
Mere Mortal Films
Meriwether Productions, South LA
Merv Griffin Entertainment (MGE), Beverly Hills
Mess Media, Santa Monica
Metaphore Entertainment, Santa Monica
Met/Hodder, Burbank
Meteorite Films, Pacific Palisades
Metro Pictures, Marina del Rey
Metropolis Pictures Entertainment, Van Nuys
MGM, Santa Monica
Michael B. Pressman Productions, West Hollywood
Michael Graber Productions, San Juan Capistrano
Michael Judd Films, Studio City
Michael Grais Productions
Michael Wiese Productions, Studio City
Michael Young Media, Westwood
Midnight Sun Pictures, Westwood
Mike Mathis Productions, Pasadena
Milk and Honey Films, Mid-Wilshire (Hancock Park)
Millennium Films, Mid-Wilshire (Mid-City West)
Mind Over Eye, Santa Monica
Mindfire Entertainment, West LA (Palms)
Mindless Entertainment, Hollywood
Miracle Entertainment, Westwood
Mirage Productions, Santa Monica
Mischiefmaker Studios, Sherman Oaks
Misher Films, West LA
Miss Jones, Santa Monica
Mr. Mudd, Mid-Wilshire (Miracle Mile)
Moai Films
Mockingbird Pictures
Mod 3 Productions, Westwood
MogoMedia, Culver City
Mona Lisa Films
Monarex Hollywood, West LA
MonteCristo International, Hollywood
Montecito Picture Company, Beverly Hills
Monterey Media, Thousand Oaks
Montivagus Productions, Sherman Oaks
Moonstone Entertainment, Studio City
Moore/Cramer Productions, Beverly Hills
Morgan Creek Productions, West LA (Rancho Park)
Moriah Films, West LA (South Robertson)
Morning Star Productions, Santa Monica
Morningstar Entertainment, Burbank
Motel Films, Hollywood
Motion City Films, Santa Monica
Motion Picture Corporation of America (MPCA), West LA (Rancho Park)
Motion Picture Production, Santa Monica
Motive Entertainment, Westlake Village
Movie Magic Media Productions, Culver City
Moving Images Entertainment, Beverly Hills
Moving Picture Institute (MPI), West Hollywood
Moxie Pictures, Santa Monica
Mozark Productions, Studio City
MPH Entertainment, Burbank
Mpower Pictures, Santa Monica
MRB Productions, Hollywood
MRfeatures, Mid-Wilshire (Larchmont Village)
M3 Creative, Burbank
MTO Productions, Burbank
Mulberry Street Entertainment, Mid-Wilshire (Mid-City West)
Muse Productions, Venice
Musk Entertainment, West Hollywood
Mutiny Universe, Pasadena
Myriad Pictures, Santa Monica
Myrina Films, West Hollywood
MysticArt Pictures, Burbank

Nala Films, Santa Monica
Nandar Entertainment Group, Lancaster
Nash Entertainment, Hollywood
Nasser Entertainment, Studio City
and Nasser Entertainment, Studio City
National Lampoon Productions, West Hollywood
Nelson Madison Films, Glendale
Nemours Marketing, North Hollywood
Neo Art & Logic, West Hollywood
Neon Lights Entertainment, Hollywood, Pacific Palisades, Palm Desert
Neptune Pictures, Granada Hills
New Artists Alliance, Encino
New Breed Entertainment Group (NBEG), Westlake
New Cinescope Pictures
New City Releasing, Woodland Hills
New Crime Productions, Venice
New Films International, Sherman Oaks
New Line Cinema, Mid-Wilshire (Mid-City West) - Warner Bros.
New Love Films, Mid-Wilshire (Fairfax District)
New Regency Enterprises, West LA (Rancho Park)
New Renaissance Pictures
New Wave Entertainment, Burbank
Newmarket Films, Beverly Hills
Next Wave Films, Santa Monica
Nickelodeon Movies, Burbank
19th Day Pictures, Encino
Night Light Films, Hollywood
Nighthawk Studios, Beverly Hills
Nimbus Pictures, Santa Monica
Noble House Entertainment, West Hollywood
Nonfiction Unlimited, Santa Monica
North South Productions, Glendale
Northstar Films, Marina del Rey
November Films, Santa Monica
Nydrle, West Hollywood

Ocean Entertainment Group, Redondo Beach
Ocean Park Pictures, Santa Monica
Oceana Media Finance
Ocule Films, Venice
Odd Lot Entertainment, Culver City
Odyssey Motion Pictures, Santa Monica
Oedework, San Juan Capistrano
O'Hara/Klein, West Hollywood
Oil Factory, West LA
Oliphant Productions, Palm Desert
Oliver Entertainment
Om Base Productions, Santa Monica
Omega Entertainment, Santa Monica
Once Upon a Time Films, Santa Monica
One Race Films, Beverly Hills
Onset Films
Onyx Productions, West LA (Rancho Park)
Open Door Productions, West LA (Palms)
Open Road Films, Burbank
Open Sky Entertainment, Beverly Hills
Original Film, Baldwin Hills
Original Media, Hollywood
Original Productions, Burbank
Orinox Productions, West LA
Osiris Entertainment, Chatsworth
Ostrow and Company, Beverly Hills - distribution
Our Stories Films, Hollywood
Outsider Pictures, Santa Monica
Outlaw Productions, Culver City
Overbrook Entertainment, Beverly Hills
Ox Films, Beverly Hills

Pablo Lewin Productions, Glendora
Pacific Pictures
Painless Productions, West LA
PalmStar Entertainment, Sherman Oaks
Pantheon Entertainment, Studio City
Papa G
Papercut Films, Culver City
Parallax Films, La Habra
Parallel Entertainment, Beverly Hills
Parallel Media, Beverly Hills
Paramax International, Hollywood
Paramount Pictures, Hollywood
Parthenon Films, Beverly Hills
Participant Productions, Beverly Hills
Partners in Crime Films, Brentwood
Passport Films, Santa Monica
Pathfinder Pictures, Venice
Pathlight Studios, Mid-Wilshire (Koreatown)
Patrick Stewart Productions, Chatsworth
Paul Heller Productions, Beverly Hills
Paulist Productions, Pacific Palisades - Christian
Pay Up Sucker Productions, Long Beach
Peace Arch Entertainment, Marina del Rey
Pecubu Productions, Santa Monica
Pellerin Multimedia (PMI), Hollywood
Pennlyn Productions
PerfectReel Productions, Studio City
Periscope Entertainment
Perpetual Motion Films, Westlake Village
Persistent Entertainment, Century City
Peter Jones Productions, Brentwood - documentaries
PFG Entertainment, Santa Monica
Phoenix Pictures, Culver City
Phuuz Entertainment, Universal City
PIC Agency, Hollywood
Picture Entertainment (PEC), Santa Monica
Picture Palace Films, North Hollywood
Picture Palace (Leo Zahn), Sherman Oaks
Picture Park, Santa Monica
Picture Show Entertainment, Mid-Wilshire (Hancock Park)
Picture This! Entertainment, Hollywood - coming of age, gay, lesbian, distributor
Pie Town Productions, North Hollywood - realty TV
Piggyback Productions
Pierce/Williams Entertainment, Santa Monica
Pierrepont Prdouctions, Woodland Hills
Pilgrim Studios, North Hollywood
Piller/Segan/Shepherd, Sherman Oaks
Pirromount Pictures, Van Nuys
Plan 10 Pictures
Planet Grande Pictures, Malibu
Platinum Dunes, Van Nuys - horror
Platinum Studios, West LA
Pneuma Entertainment, Culver City
Pollard Film Consultants, Santa Monica
Polsky Films, West Hollywood
Pond Films, Calabasas
Pongo, Hollywood Hills
Pop Twist Entertainment
Popart Film Factory, Calabasas
Popular Arts Entertainment, Burbank
PorchLight Entertainment, Sherman Oaks - family
Port in the Storm Entertainment, Burbank
Post Box Post, Hollywood
POV Previs (Persistence of Vision), Santa Monica
Pow! Entertainment, Beverly Hills
Powell Factory Films, Calabasas
Power Point Films, Downtown LA
Power UP Films, Mid-Wilshire (Larchmont Village)
Premonition Pictures, Los Feliz
Press Play Productions, Santa Monica
Pretty Dangerous Films, Venice
Principal Media, Beverly Hills
Privatsky Media, Sylmar
Prodigi Productions, Hollywood
Prodigium Pictures
Production and Compliance Services, Encino - administrative services
Production Magic, Incorporated (PMI), Long Beach - TV, film & live event productions. Casting, logistics, internet and media releases. Web page designs and more. When WE produce, it's magic!
Production Partners, Burbank
Program Partners, Venice
Promenade Pictures, Santa Monica
Prometheus Entertainment, Hollywood
Promofilm, Van Nuys
Providence Productions, Malibu
Psychic Bunny, Downtown LA
Ptarmigan Films, Santa Monica
Pullin Television, Culver City
Pullover Films, Burbank
Pure Flix Entertainment, Torrance - Christian
Pyramid Media, Santa Monica

QED International, Hollywood
QuaisWorld Entertainment, Beverly Hills
Quest Pictures, Granada Hills
Quorum Entertainment, North Hollywood

Radar Dog Productions
Radar Pictures, Westwood
@Radical Media, Santa Monica
Raida Production, Hollywood
Rainbow Releasing, West Hollywood
and Rainbow Films, West Hollywood
Rainstorm Entertainment, Beverly Hills
Ralph Edwards Productions, Hollywood
Ratio Pictures, Calabasas
Raven Productions, Palm Springs
RAZ Entertainment, Calabasas
RBDavies, North Hollywood
Real Life Productions, Burbank
Rebel Planet Productions, Beverly Hills
Red Baron Management, Manhattan Beach
Red Five Entertainment, Sherman Oaks
Red Fortress Entertainment, Palm Springs
Red Hour Films, Mid-Wilshire (Hancock Park)
Red Rock Pictures, West Hollywood
Red Rover Films, West Hollywood
Redrock Entertainment Development, Burbank
RedRum Films
Redwire Pictures
Reel Creations, Canoga Park
Reel Energy Entertainment, Pasadena
Reel Kid Productions Reelistic Pictures
Refused TV, Echo Park - closed
Regent Entertainment, Westwood
Regent Releasing, Westwood
Relativity Media, West Hollywood
Releve Entertainment, Hollywood
Remember Dreaming Productions, Hermosa Beach
Renaissance Man Productions, Brea
Renegade 83, Glendale
Res Ispa Productions, Stanton
Resolve Productions, Mid-Wilshire (Hancock Park)
Retrofit Films, Mid-Wilshire (Hancock Park)
Retromedia Entertainment, Mid-Wilshire (Mid-City LA)
Revelations Entertainment, Santa Monica
Reverie Productions, Burbank
Revolution Studios, Santa Monica
Rick Mill Productions, Hollywood
Ricochet Television, Hollywood Hills
Rigel Entertainment, Brentwood
Right Brain Media, Santa Monica
Riverroad Entertainment, Century City
Riverstreet Productions, West Hollywood
Riviera Films, Beverly Hills
RKO Pictures, Century City
RM Films International, Hollywood
RMD Entertainment, Santa Monica
Roadside Attractions, Beverly Hills
Roar, Beverly Hills
Robert Dalrymple Productions, West Hollywood
Robert Greenwald Productions, Culver City
Roberts/David Films
ROC Pictures, Manhattan Beach
Rocket Pictures, Van Nuys
Rockhard Films, West Hollywood
Rogue Pictures, West Hollywood
Rojak Films, Winnetka
Rokskul Entertainment, Sherman Oaks
Ronalds Brothers Productions
Room 9 Entertainment, West LA (Rancho Park)
Rooster Films, Mid-Wilshire (Miracle Mile)
Rosen-Bender Productions, Valley Glen
Roshanak Filmswork, Century City
RSA Films, West Hollywood
Ruby-Spears Productions, Burbank
Running Waters Productions
Rush Hour Productions, Hollywood

The Sabi Company, Mid-Wilshire (Miracle Mile)
Sacred Cow Productions, Studio City
Safari Films, Santa Monica
Safehouse Pictures, West LA
Saga Hill Productions
St. Croix Studios, Fullerton
Salsera Productions, Studio City
Sam Hurwtiz Productions, North Hollywood
Samuel Goldwyn Films, West LA (South Robertson)
Sandbar Pictures, Hollywood
Satyricon Pictures, Culver City
Schwartz & Company, Santa Monica
Scott Sternberg Productions (SSP), Whittier
Scout Productions, Mid-Wilshire (Miracle Mile)
Scream HQ
Screaming Frog Productions
Screen Door Entertainment, Sherman Oaks
ScreenWorld Films, Hollywood Hills
Scuttlebutt Entertainment, Hollywood
SD Entertainment (Sabella Dern), Woodland Hills - children's
Sea Castle Films, Marina del Rey
Seamless Productions
Seasons & a Muse, Playa del Rey
Secret Handshake Entertainment, Hollywood
Sekretagent Productions
Self Pictures, Venice
Servant Entertainment, Universal City
Seven Arts Pictures, Hollywood
7ate9 Entertainment, Hollywood
7 Deadly Films, West Hollywood
Seven Star Pictures
Seventh Art Entertainment, Van Nuys
Seventh Art Releasing, Northeast LA (Highland Park)
7th Voyage Productions, North Hollywood
72nd Street Productions, West Hollywood
72 Productions, West Hollywood
Shadow Entertainment Group, Hollywood
ShadowCast Pictures, Van Nuys
ShadowMachine, Hollywood
ShadowScreen Productions, West Hollywood
Shaker Films, Eagle Rock
Shangri-La Entertainment, Century City
Shed Media US, Hollywood Hills
Shinca Entertainment, Burbank
Shoot and Run Productions
Shoot First, Beverly Hills
Shoreline Entertainment, Century City
Shout! Factory, West LA - distributor
Showcase Entertainment, Woodland Hills
Showoff Entertainment, Encino
Showreel International, Hollywood
Side Door Entertainment
Sideshow Media Group, Universal City
Signature Pictures, West Hollywood
Silver Lion Films, Santa Monica
Silver Screen Pictures, Hollywood
Silverline Entertainment, Woodland Hills
Silverwood Films, West Hollywood
Six Point Films, Encino
Six Point Harness Studios (6PH), Hollywood
Six28 Productions, Beverly Hills
Sixth Sense Productions, Beverly Hills
60 Frames, Beverly Hills
6161 Entertainment, Hermosa Beach
SJ2 Entertainment
Skydance Productions, Santa Monica
Skyler Entertainment, North Hollywood
Skyy Rockett Entertainment, Beverly Hills
Slice A Pie Productions, Mission Viejo
Slickforce Studio, Downtown LA
Sliding Down Rainbows Entertainment
Slinging Star, Mid-Wilshire (Wilshire Center)
Slingshot Entertainment, Sherman Oaks
Small Potatoes Productions, Riverside
Smiley Group, The, South LA
Smokewood Entertainment
Smokin' Gun Productions, Riverside
Smuggler, Hollywood
Sneak Preview Entertainment, Hollywood
Snaky Little Sister Films
Soapbox Films, Burbank
Sobini Films, Marina del Rey
SoCal Film Group
Society Entertainment, Universal City
Soderling Production, Newport Beach
Sodium Entertainment, Burbank
SokoLobl Entertainment, Santa Monica
Sole Icon, West Hollywood
Soleil Films, Hollywood
Solid Entertainment, Encino - documentaries
Sommers Company, Santa Monica
Sony Pictures Classics, Culver City
Sony Pictures Entertainment, Culver City
Sony Pictures Repertory, Culver City
Sony Pictures Television, Culver City
Southpaw Entertainment, Santa Monica
SP Pictures, Santa Clarita (Valencia)
Spartan 408 Films
Spectacle Entertainment Group, Westwood
Spicy Mac Project - bilingual Japanese
Spirit Films, Studio City
Spitfire Pictures, Beverly Hills
and Spooked Television Releasing, Granada Hills - horror
Spotlight Films, Encino
Spotlight Pictures, Hollywood
Spyglass Entertainment, Westwood
Stafford Multimedia, Beverly Hills
Stampede Entertainment, Century City
Standard 17, North Hollywood
Standing Bear Productions (SBP), Beverly Hills
Standing Room Only Cinema (SROC)
Stargate Studios, South Pasadena
Starry Night Entertainment, North Hills
Starz Media, Burbank
State Street Pictures, Mid-Wilshire (Mid-City West)
Steakhaus Productions, Mid-Wilshire (Fairfax District)
Stephen J. Cannell Productions, Hollywood
Stiletto Entertainment, Inglewood
Stiletto Television, Inglewood
Stone & Company, Hollywood
Stone Village Pictures, West Hollywood
Stonelock Pictures, Woodland Hills
Storm Entertainment, Santa Monica
Stormmaker Productions, North Hollywood
Storyline Entertainment, West Hollywood
Strand Releasing, Culver City
Strange Matter Films, Beverly Hills
Strategic Film Partners, Universal City
Strongbow Pictures, West Hollywood
Stryker + Duke, Hollywood
Studio Trifusion, Mid-Wilshire (Miracle Mile)
Summit Entertainment, Universal City
Sunblock Studios, East LA (Lincoln Heights)
Sundance Institute, Beverly Hills
Sunn Classic Pictures, Palm Springs
Sunrise West Productions, West LA (Palms)
Suntaur Entertainment, Hollywood
Super Delicious, Hollywood
Supreme Master Television, Arcadia
Surfview Entertainment, Pacific Palisades
Surreel, Hollywood
Suzanne DeLaurentiis Productions, Studio City
Swashbuckler Studios, Pasadena
Sweet Home Films, West Hollywood
Swift River Productions, West LA (South Robertson)

Tactical Media Productions, Marina del Rey - technical advisor, military, guns
Tangible Entertainment
Tapeworm Video Distributors, Stevenson Ranch
Tarantino Productions, Lancaster
Taurus Entertainment, Glendale
Taylor Lane Productions, West Hollywood
TBJ Entertainment, Burbank
Team Cherokee Productions, Studio City
Tegan Summer Productions, Glendale
Telekinetic Entertainment, West Hollywood
Telepictures Productions, Burbank
Televisa, Beverly Hills - Spanish, latino
Temple Hill Productions, West Hollywood
Ten/Four Pictures, West Hollywood
10 Toes Forward
Tenth Planet Productions, Hollywood Hills
Terence Michael Productions, Playa del Rey
Terra Firma Films
Terran Enterprises, Toluca Lake
Terwilliger Productions, Northridge
That's Hollywood, West Hollywood
The Asylum, Burbank
The Company Digital, West LA
The DVD Group, Downtown LA
The Outfit Media Group, West LA
The Vault LA, West LA (Rancho Park)
Theo (Whitestone Media), Burbank
Think Factory Media, West LA (Rancho Park)
Think Hard Productions, Culver City
Threshold Entertainment
3210 Films, West LA
Three Chord Media
Three Legged Cat Productions, Westwood
Thousand Pound Gorilla Films (TPG Films), Venice - documentaries
Thunderball Films, Mid-Wilshire (Larchmont Village)
Tica Productions
Tiger House Films
Tijuana Entertainment, El Segundo
Time River Productions, Pasadena
Timeline Films, West LA (South Robertson)
Tinman Films, Santa Clarita (Newhall)
Titan Productions
TLP Entertainment, Sherman Oaks
Tollin/Robbins Productions (TRB), Toluca Lake
Tom Jennings Productions (TJP), Pasadena
Tom Lynch Company, Century City
Tombo, Hollywood
Tonic Films, West Hollywood
Tool of North America, Santa Monica
Top Dog Films, West LA (Rancho Park)
Tower of Babble Entertainment, Hollywood
Trailer Park, Hollywood
Trancas International Films, West LA (Rancho Park)
Traveling Light Media, Burbank
Treasure Entertainment, Beverly Hills
Tremendous Films, Hollywood
Tremolo Productions, Silver Lake - documentaries
Tri Destined Studios, Mid-Wilshire (Miracle Mile)
TriCoast, Culver City
Tribute Productions, Encino
Trilogy Entertainment Group, Santa Monica
Triton Northstar Entertainment, Westchester
True Fiction Filmz, Beverly Hills
True Friend Productions, Santa Monica
Trust Ranch STudios, Topanga
TVA Productions, Studio City
20th Century Fox, West LA (Rancho Park)
21st Century 3D, Hollywood Hills
21st Street Films, Manhattan Beach
25/7 Productions, North Hollywood
24/30 Cinema
2929 Productions, Santa Monica
26 Films, Beverly Hills
20TEN Solutions, Long Beach
Twilightshow Entertainment, Burbank
Two Bees and a Pea Productions, Glendale - lifestyle
Two Islands Entertainment, Westlake Village
Two M Films
Two of a Kind Productions, Granada Hills
2S Films, West LA (Rancho ParK)
2 Tone Productions
TWS Productions, Buena Park

Ubercontent, Hollywood
UFO International Productions, Sherman Oaks
Unaimless Productions
Uncommon Productions, Mid-Wilshire (Hancock Park) - documentaries
Uncovered Productions, Santa Monica
Under the Border Pictures
Union Station Media, West Hollywood
Unit 5 Films, Santa Monica
United Artists (UA), Century City - MGM
Universal Pictures, Universal City, Hollywood
Unknown Productions
Unleashed Productions, Brentwood
Unlikely Films, Silver Lake
Untold Pictures, Hollywood
Upload Films, Culver City
Upstart Film Collective, Mid-Wilshire (Wilshire Center)
URD Upward Rising Development, Downtown LA

Valhalla Motion Pictures, Beverly Hills
Vallelonga Productions, Studio City
Valley of the Kings Productions
Vanguard Cinema, Buena Park - independent
Varuna Entertainment, Burbank
Vast Entertainment, Beverly Hills
Velvet Candy Entertainment, Hollywood
Velvet Hammer Films, Studio City
Velvet Steamroller, Westwood
Versace Entertainment
Victorhouse Films, Venice
Vihlene & Associates, Laguna Hills
Village Roadshow Pictures, Beverly Hills
Villains, Beverly Hills
Vin di Bona Productions, West LA
Vine Street Pictures, West LA (Mar Vista)
Vision Black Home Entertainment, Van Nuys
Vision Films, Sherman Oaks
Vision Mixer Films, Pacific Palisades
Visionary Cinema, Glendora
VisionStorm Entertainment
Visitor Pictures, Beverly Hills
Vista Street Entertainment, West LA (Palms) - distributor, horror
Visual Communications Productions, Downtown LA - Asian American
Vitagraph Films, Marina del Rey
Vitamin A Films
Volatile Films
Volt MediaFix USA, Marina del Rey
Voltage Pictures, Mid-Wilshire (Mid-City West)
von Zerneck/Sertner Films, Sherman Oaks
Voyde Pictures, Northridge

Walden Media, Century City
Walk Your Talk Productions, Ojai
Walker/Fitzgibbon, Hollywood Hills
Walking Shadows, Beverly Hills
Walt Disney Pictures
Warner Bros. (WB), Burbank
Warner Sisters Productions, Hollywood
Washington Square Arts & Films, West Hollywood
Waterfront Pictures, Canoga Park
Waterline Pictures
Waterstar, Sherman Oaks
Weirdsmobile Productions
Weller/Grossman Productions, North Hollywood
West Bridge Entertainment, Beverly Hills
West Coast Film Partners, Century City
WestHam Films, Studio City
Westwood Music Group, Santa Monica - international co-productions
White Eagle Media Ministries, Rancho Santa Margarita - Christian, religious, spiritual
White Rock Lake Productions, West Hollywood
Whitewater Films, West LA
Wholly Cow Productions, Manhattan Beach
Whyaduck Productions, North Hollywood
Wild Eyes Productions, Hermosa Beach
Wild Magic, Bellflower - high-tech, sci-fi, fantasy
Wild Ocean Films, Santa Monica
Wild Wimmin Films, Marina del Rey
Wildcat Entertainment, Encino
Williamsburg Media Cult, Hollywood
Wind Dancer Films, Beverly Hills
Windowseat Pictures, El Segundo
Wingspan Pictures, Burbank
Winkler Films, Beverly Hills
Withoutabox, Sherman Oaks
Witten Pictures, Beverly Hills
Wombat Productions, West LA (Cheviot Hills)
Wonder Entertainment, Studio City
Wonderland Productions, Beverly Hills
Wonderland Sound & Vision, West Hollywood
Wonderphil Productions, Marina del Rey
Woodshed Films, Santa Monica
Woodville General Films, West Hollywood
Workaholic Productions, Encino
Working Bug Media
Working Title Films, Universal City
World Film Magic Distrubtion, Montebello - horror
Worldwide Film Entertainment, Westchester

Xenon Pictures, Santa Monica
Xenthia Rising Productions, Beverly Hills
XYZ Films, Marina del Rey

Yari Film Group, Westwood
Young Man Kang Films
York Entertainment, West LA (Mar Vista)
Your Half Pictures, Santa Monica

Z-Ville Productions, Playa del Rey
Zahra Pictures, Anaheim
Zakwest Productions, Los Feliz
Zalcon Productions, Beverly Hills
Zap Entertainment, Mid-Wilshire (Mid-City West)
Zenith Films, Hollywood
Zirius Film Productions, Venice
Zodiak USA
Zokalo Entertainment, Santa Monica
ZOO Digital
Zoo Productions, Hollywood
Zooma Zooma, Santa Monica
Zula Entertainment

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