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This page has current information for webmasters of sites that @LA provides links to. The purpose of this page is to:
  • provide information about your listing
  • let you know what benefits are available to you
  • inform you of any programs we offer that might be interest to you
  • provide additional information about @LA
Without our member sites, @LA could not exist, so we value our relationship with you and are always looking for ways that we can help each other.

More information about @LA
@LA has been featured in many local newspapers, including the Los Angeles Times, the Daily News and Computer Currents and has been honored as one of the best sites on the web by Magellan, Infoseek, Point Survey and was ranked as the best city site in the nation by a research study conducted by the NCSA (creators of the Mosaic, the first web browser).

We believe @LA is more comprehensive and easier to use than any other local online guide on the 'net, including our competitors who have much more recognizable names (for now). Our popularity has been growing substantially every month.

New sites are being added at a rate of 100 to 200 a week. Any company or organization with a web site can get a FREE listing in @LA as long as the business or organization is physically located in greater Los Angeles or the page provides information directly related to the Southern California area. We do not link to personal home pages, unless they qualify under the criteria stated above.

@LA is maintained by Technique Development, a Los Angeles based company that provides Internet and database development and training.

Our e-mail addresses are:
Our phone number:
    (818) 906-6250
Our Fax number:
    (818) 906-6240
Our snail mail address:
    Technique Development
    17000 Ventura Boulevard, Suite 301
    Encino, CA 91316
Technique Development's corporate site:

Submitting Sites and Changes to @LA
Advertising in @LA
Reciprocal Link Program
Submit URL
Basic listings in @LA are FREE. They include the name of your page, the city or area if appropriate and inclusion of your site in one category. Most listings do not have a description, but we may include one at our discretion. If you require a custom full-text searchable description or you want an enhanced listing, please see the section on advertising below or check out our special offer for providing a reciprocal link.

Your link will be placed in a single category of our own selection. Our extensive use of crosslinks should let users find your link even if it your site could be categorized in a variety of ways. For example, an auto insurance company would be listed on our Insurance page, but visitors to our Automotive Products and Services page will see an "Auto Insurance" link to the Insurance page.

You are allowed to have as many pages listed in @LA as you want, even if they are all part of the same site. The only requirement is that each page falls into a different category and has a unique URL. For example, if you are a lawyer that provides accounting services, you can be listed under both categories if you have different pages for each service (e.g. "lawoffice.htm" and "accounting.htm").

Please remember, we cannot list pages that don't have a direct relation to the Southern California area. We reject hundreds of pages for this reason alone. Also, @LA reserves the right to refuse to include any site in the directory for any reason. We do not discriminate on the basis of sex, religion, age, ethnicity, language or sexual preference.

To submit a site to @LA, please use the form located at:

If your site's URL changes, you create new listable pages or you discover a bad link, please let us know by submitting additional forms.

If you are responsible for many sites (e.g. you are an ISP, a web site developer, or a hosting company), be sure to read the section with information specifically for you.

Benefits Provided for Linking to @LA
Advertising in @LA
Display Advertising
Sign up for Reciprocal Link Program
The benefits of being included in @LA should be obvious:
  • increased exposure of your site
  • generating more hits and publicity
  • keeping competitive with other online businesses in your industry
But, there are also many benefits to be gained by putting a link to @LA on your site:
  • to increase the breadth of offering of your site (i.e. if you run a hotel, a link to @LA helps your users locate attractions and events)
  • to more closely assoicate yourself with the fastest growing regional directory in the area
  • to join the community of Southern California web sites
  • to help keep @LA viable, ensuring more visits to your site
We believe that most webmasters' sense of fairness will persuade them to put a link to @LA as part of a link exchange. We have provided one or more links to your sites for no charge.

In any case, as a token of our appreciation, if you do include a link to @LA

  • we'll include a 25 word custom description for free (we normally charge $100 a year for this service)
  • or we'll give you a $100 a year credit on display advertising
Your custom description will help to distinguish your site from others in @LA and serves to enhance the keywords available to our full text search. Also, in the future, we will be offering additional benefits for our "member" sites.

To qualify for this program, all you have to do is add the link to @LA, then let us know what page your link is on by filling out and returning the survey below.

Link guidelines:

You can add a clickable @LA logo or a simple text link to your page. To include a text link to @LA on your page, add the following HTML:

    <A HREF=""> @LA: The Guide to Greater Los Angeles and Southern California </A>

We prefer that you link to our home page:
however, if you think it would be more appropriate, please feel free to link to one or more individual pages on our site, for example:
which references our Golf listings. Please remember, however, that it is possible for such references to be renamed or moved at any time without notice.

See the section below, for information about including the @LA logo on your page.

Putting the @LA logo on Your Site
You are authorized to use the @LA logo in two ways:
  • as a link to the @LA web site (see link guidelines).
  • as an indication that your site is listed in the @LA directory.
To include the logo in your site, obtain one of the logo files below and place it in the same directory as your web page, then add the following HTML to your page (substituting the name of the logo file you select for "@la-125.gif"):

    <A HREF="">
    <IMG SRC="@la-125.gif" ALT="@LA: The Guide to Greater Los Angeles and Southern California" BORDER=0>

If you wish to use the @LA logo, you should precede it with the word "in" (e.g. "as seen in @LA" or "can be found in @LA").

As long as you follow these guidelines, you may use the logo not only on your web site, but in e-mail, on printed materials or in advertisements.

The @LA logo can be obtained from our web site and is available in different sizes:

width: 200 pixels

width: 150 pixels

width: 125 pixels

width: 75 pixels (recommended)

width: 50 pixels

You are not permitted to alter the logo in any manner without the written approval of Technique Development. Please note that @LA and its logo are registered servicemarks of Technique Development. It is not a requirement, but we would appreciate it if you could include the text "@LA is a registered servicemark of Technique Development" on the page that contains the logo.

Adding the @LA Search to Your Site
You can provide your users with direct access to our powerful full text search engine. With it, you can locate any page listed within @LA by name, subject, city, category or month. If you haven't tried out our search, please check it out at:

Plus, unlike most other search engines, We help visitors to your site return there when they are done with their search. We do this by prominently displaying your logo linking back to your site on the search results page. This allows you to "take credit" for the search.

@LA's search engine provides a regional companion to the Internet-wide searches provided by the major search engines, such as AltaVista, Lycos, Webcrawler, Yahoo or Excite. Unlike these other engines, your users seeking local businesses, organizations and information won't be overwhelmed by irrelevant or duplicate results. Also, since many search engines prohibit the listing of multiple pages on the same site, our results are often more complete.

To include a search of @LA, please copy and paste the following HTML onto your page:

    <INPUT TYPE="submit" VALUE="Search @LA"> <INPUT NAME="iText1">

The results page will automatically provide a return link to the page that was used to invoke the search. If you want to specify a different URL, include the following optional "INPUT TYPE=HIDDEN" line:


Replace YOUR+URL with the fully qualified URL of the return link page. By default, the URL itself will be displayed as the text of the return link. You can use one of the two following optional "INPUT TYPE=HIDDEN" lines to display either an image or a text description for the return link:




Replace YOUR+IMG with the fully qualified URL of an image file that the user will be able to click on to return to your site (i.e. your logo). Replace the text YOUR+NAME with the name of your site/return page.

Remember to put any INPUT TYPE=HIDDEN lines between the "FORM" and "/FORM" tags. Also, be sure to include "http://" in any URLs that you specify. If you have another form processing button on the same page, it will still work, as long as the "FORM" and "/FORM" tags for the other form do not surround the HTML for the @LA search.

Please test your HTML by trying to run a search from your site.

Advertising in @LA
Basic listings in @LA are and will always be free. But, you can get more impact if you choose to advertise. Advertising starts at less than $10 a month.

We provide a variety of packages and options, including

  • enhanced descriptions for your listing
  • display enhancements that make your listing more prominent
  • banner advertisements at the top of the page
Please contact us directly for more information or check our advertising information page.

Information for ISPs/Hosting Providers/Site Developers
You can guarantee that your clients' sites get included in @LA by making sure that @LA is on your list of sites that you submit new URLs to. Please remember, the sites that you submit must relate to Greater Los Angeles in some way (see guidelines). We provide a variety of methods for you to submit your client sites to @LA.

Method 1:

You can submit sites three at a time using the form:

Method 2:

If you have a page on your site that provides a directory of sites hosted or created by you, submit the URL of that page to us by filling out the survey below. We will then periodically download the page to see if any new links have been added and then automatically include them in @LA. For more immediate response, you can still submit sites using our regular form.

To take advantage of this method, your link page must list only sites relating to Southern California. Also, DO NOT submit a page of links using the form above, unless you would like the link page itself to be listed in @LA.

Method 3:

You can submit a comma delimited file by e-mail that has all of the URLs of Southern California sites that you have created and/or are hosting. The message (or attached file) should list one site per line, with full url, name of page, city and description enclosed in quotes and separated by commas.

     "","ABC Fish Market","West LA","fresh seafood"
     "","123 Dry Cleaners","Mid-city",""
     "","XX Music","Citywide","we've got what you want"
Send the message to and please use the following subject:
    Link Submissions to @LA
Method 4:

You can provide your users with direct access to @LA's site submission engine from your site. Just download the site submission page and edit it at will. You may remove all of the input fields from the form, EXCEPT iname, iemail, aURL1, aDesc1, aCity1 and aCat1 (with provided categories), which must be present in order for your version of the form to work.

@LA Member Survey Form
Please take 2 or 3 minutes to fill out this short survey. This will help us provide better service to you in the future. Also, if you want to take advantage of @LA's reciprocal link program, or automatic site submission program you must fill out and return this survey. The information collected will not be used for marketing purposes.


  • Put your answers between the brackets (extra spaces/carriage returns are OK)
  • Put an X in any of the options that require a true answer.
  • Please do not remove any of the brackets.
  • Please do not edit any of the questions.
  • You need to mail back everything between the "IMPORTANT: DO NOT DELETE" lines to
  • Please use the subject: @LA MEMBER SURVEY.

0. Regarding the following page:

   URL    [                                                             ]
   E-mail [                                                             ]

1. Check all that apply:

   [ ] I own a web site (that promotes my own business, organization or
   [ ] I am a webmaster (I set up and develop web sites for myself or 
   [ ] I am an ISP or hosting company (I host sites for others)

2. Check ONLY ONE:

   [ ] I found @LA after getting an e-mail from @LA
   [ ] I found @LA through surfing/following a link
   [ ] I found @LA after seeing an advertisement (print or web)
   [ ] I heard about @LA from reading an article (print or web)
   [ ] I found @LA after someone told me or wrote about it
   [ ] I heard about @LA someplace else or 
       I don't remember where I first heard about @LA

3. What is your overall rating of @LA?

   rating: [  ] (0 to 10, 10-A+/the best, 5-average, 0-awful)
   why?:   [                                   ]

4. I would like to take advantage of your @LA reciprocal link offer:

   [ ] I have included or plan to include a link to @LA on my site on the 
       page(s) with the following URL(s):

       URL 0: [http://                                               ]

       URL 1: [http://                                               ]
       URL 2: [http://                                               ]
       URL 3: [http://                                               ]

   [ ] I have included or plan to include the @LA LOGO on my site.

   Please use this 25 word description for my site/page. I understand that
   there is no charge for this service because I have provided a reciprocal
   link. (include all appropriate keywords):

   description: [                                                    ]


Internet Services
Database Applications
All text, images and HTML © 1995-2005 Technique Development. All Rights Reserved. @LA is a servicemark of Technique Development. The information on this page is presented as is. No warranty as to the accuracy of any of the presented information is implied. For questions/comments/feedback, send email to
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