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Beverly Hills Firms
Multiple Locations

Abrams, Lauren - employment, labor
Abrams, Tofer & Reghabi, also Woodland Hills - family, business, real estate, immigration, personal injury, lemon, estate planning
Adoption Law Center of Beverly Hills - family
Aidikoff, Uhl & Bakhtiari, also Indian Wells - securities
Alder, C. Michael - personal injury
Altman Law Group - civil litigation, criminal, healthcare
Amado, Honey Kessler - appellate
Ameli, Ayvazi & Associates, also Encino - business, personal injury, workers compensation, real estate, estate planning, construction defect
Artry, Charrisse N. - family, real estate, bankruptcy, DUI
Asherson, Klein & Darbinian - immigration
Atrizadeh, Salar - bankruptcy
Azadegan, Ramin - civil litigation
Azizi, David - personal injury
Azizzadeh & Ross - personal injury

Babos, Peter J. - real estate, business, family, estate planning
Banafsheh, Danesh & Javid (Beverly Hills Attorneys) - personal injury
Banafsheh, Danesh & Javid (Los Angeles Motorcycle Lawyers)
Banayan & Associates - bankruptcy, personal injury, immigration, business
Baron & Budd - personal injury
Barshev - immigration
Barsness Law Group - real estate, bankruptcy
Bash & Associates, Steven - business, civil litigation, criminal, immigration
Bastian & Dini - civil litigation, criminal, appellate, personal injury, real estate, family
Batt Law Group - entertainment
Bedirian & Associates - personal injury, business, real estate, civil litigation
Beltran, Beltran, Smith, Oppel & Mackenzie - personal injury
Bencangey, Ralph - criminal
Berger, Michael Jay - bankruptcy
Berns, Mark R. - personal injury, business, entertainment, intellectual property
Bernstein, Greg S. - independent film production
Bernstein, Robert M. - criminal
and Bernstien, Robert M. - criminal
Beverly Hills Law Associates - bankruptcy, business, civil litigation, debt recovery, criminal, employment, entertainment, family, insur
and Beverly Hills Law Associates - collections, debt recovery
Beverly Hills Law Building
Bhavnani, Manju K. - immigration
Bisgeier, Mark D. - entertainment
Block, Brandon A. - consumer
Bonavida, Alain V. - business, civil litigation, real estate, construction defect, employment/labor
Boyenne Law - entertainment, intellectual property, business, estate planning
Brainard, Christopher M. - business, civil litigation, real estate, labor/employment, entertainment, estate planning, immigration
Brauer, Laurel B. - family
Brenner, Gregory D. - criminal
Brickell & Mesa - personal injury
Brooks, C. Robert - DUI, criminal
Brustin, Gary - bicycling accident
Burns, Patrick J. - securities, employment, business
Butler & Dodge - burn injuries

Carpenter, Zuckerman & Rowley - personal injury, employment, discrimination
Castaneda, Carina - criminal, personal injury, employment
Castanon Law Group - labor, employment, criminal
Castelblanco, Eric E. - housing, tenant, personal injury
Chakmakis & Associates - personal injury
Cholodenko, Michael A. - personal injury
Christopher, Cheryl L. - bankruptcy, tax
Cohan, John Alan - tax
Cohen & Gardner - intellectual property
Cohen & Goldfried - labor, employment
Cohen, Michael N. - intellectual property, patents, trademarks, copyrights, entertainment, internet
and Cohen, Michael N. - business, litigation
Cohen, Robert M. - family
Cotchett, Pitre & McCarthy
Crockett, Michael D. - estate planning, family, real estate, litigation
Curtis Green & Furman, also Pasadena
Cyrus & Cyrus - entertainment, business, family, employment/labor, personal injury, criminal

Daghighian, Sepehr - intellectual property, real estate, business
Dagodag, Melissa K. - intellectual property, business, entertainment
Darvis, Alon - estate planning, real estate, bankruptcy
Darvish, Alon - personal injury
Darvish, Elan - business, litigation, real estate, construction
Davidson & Associates, Keith M. - criminal, personal injury
Divens and Associates, Jon - entertainment
Donaldson & Callif - entertainment, intellectual property
Donaldson, Michael C. - entertainment
Dordick, Gary A. - personal injury
Dornstein, Judith C. - entertainment, intellectual property
Doyle & Miller - business, entertainment, intellectual property
Drucker Law Firm, also Whittier - personal injury
Dubron-Witlin, Carol - family

Egerman & Brown - business, real estate, civil litigation, estate planning, personal injury
Eisner, Frank & Kahan - entertainment
Ervin, Cohen & Jessup (ECJ) - bankruptcy, business, employment, estate planning, intellectual property, real estate, tax
Escandari & Michon - business, real estate, personal injury, family
Etehad Law Firm - civil litigation

Fagel & Associates, Bruce G. - medical malpractice
Family Law Company, The
Feinberg & Waller, also Calabasas - family
Feldman Rolland Sauve (FRS) - business, real estate, bankruptcy, entertainment, banking, securities
Fenster, Alan - criminal
Fine & Associates, Richard I.
Fischer, Barry - family
Fisher, Howard S.
Fisher & Wolfe
Fitzpatrick, Denise M. - entertainment, business, personal injury, bankruptcy, estate planning
Flate, Ronald A. - real estate, family, estate planning
Fleitman, Jeffrey - insurance, personal injury
Forester, Alan - tax
Fraade, Richard D.
Franklin, Jonathan - criminal
Fraser Entertainment Law - intellectual property
Freund & Brackey
Friedman & Friedman - civil litigation, family
Friedman, Enriquez, & Carlson - litigation, business, real estate, estate planning, entertainment, tax
Friedman, Lester - workers' compensation
Friedman, Nathaniel J. - birth injuries, medical malpractice, cerebral palsy
Fung, Beatrice K. - family
Funsten & Franzen - litigation, business, tax, estate planning

Gallelli & Gallelli - immigration, family, criminal, business
Gardner, Steven H.
Geoulla, Daniel D.
Gerdes Law - intellectual property, clearance
Gerry, Kevin - State Bar defense
Ghatan, Sharen H. (Criminal Defense)
and Ghatan, Sharen H. (Defensa Criminal) - in Spanish
Glassman, Browning, Saltsman & Jacobs (GBSJ) - business, family, estate planning, litigation, tax
Glotzer & Sweat, also Downtown LA - personal injury
Glickman & Glickman - personal injury
Glotzer & Associates, also Mid-Wilshire (Wilshire Center) - criminal
Godin, Randy - estate planning, bankruptcy
Goldstein, Cary W.
Goldstein Law Firm - employment/labor
Goldstein Patent Law - intellectual property
Goldstein, Michael B. - employment, labor, personal injury
Goodman, Earle Gary - real estate
Gorin, Howard J. - personal injury
Gottheiner, Karin J.
Grain Law Frim - estate planning
Green, Stanley H. - business, litigation, entertainment, personal injury
Gutman, Alan S. - entertainment, business

Hall & Lim - family
Halverson Associates - personal injury, real estate, civil litigation
Hamar & Hamar - criminal, family
Hamar, Maria Rivas - family
Hankin, Marc B. - elder law
Hansen, Jacobson, Teller, Hoberman, Newman, Warren & Richman - entertainment
Haroon Law Group, also Irvine - bankruptcy
Hecker, Ronald Alan - international, business, real estate, estate planning
Hersh, Mannis & Bogen - family
Higgins, Gail - bankruptcy
Hill, Amanda - criminal, family, business, employment/labor, estate planning, entertainment, landlord/tenant, bankruptcy
Hill, Crystal Hayes - estate planning
Hirsh, Robert W. - business litgation, real estate, insurance bad faith, employment, appellate
Hochman, Salkin, Rettig, Toscher & Perez - tax
Hodgson Law Group (HLG) - intellectual property
Hoffman & Associates - criminal, DUI
Holender, Darrin - business, entertainment
Holtz, Slavett & Drabkin - tax
Homampour Law Firm, The - personal injury, labor, employment, insurance, business litigation
Horwitz, Martin L. - litigation, business, insurance, personal injury

iBANKSLAWYERS (Gerald R. Newman) - banking
Inman & Associates - immigration
Isaacman, Kaufman & Painter (IKP) - entertainment, intellectual property, international, business, real estate, estate planning, tax

Jacobson Law Group - worker's compensation, family
Jaffe & Clemens
Jaffe, Jay - criminal
Johns, Saddie T. - family
Johnson & Johnson - entertainment, business litigation, intellectual property
Johnson, Aisha M. - estate planning, family, bankruptcy, business

Kabrins, Ronald M. - estate planning, tax
Kahn, Stephen R. - criminal
Kajan Mather and Barish - tax
Kantor, Eli M. - immigration
Kaplan Marino - criminal
Karlin & Peebles - international tax, estate planning
Karpman & Associates - ethics
Kashani, David P. - securities, business, personal injury, real estate, civil litigation, immigration
Katri, Raphael A. - employment
Kaye & Mills - entertainment, intellectual property
Keats McFarland & Wilson (KMW) - intellectual property
Kermani Law Group - real estate
Khojayan, Shuan - criminal, personal injury
Khorshidi Law Firm - personal injury
Kibre & Horwitz - litigation
Kiesel, Boucher & Larson (KBL) - consumer, personal injury
Kim, J. - business, litigation
Kleeman Kremen Family Lawyers
Kolodny & Anteau - family
Konrad Raynes & Victor - intellectual property
Kramer, Bradley I. - personal inury
Kroger, William S. - criminal

Lapidus & Lapidus - full service
Lattie | Malanga | Libertino - construction defect, personal injury, civil litigation, real estate
Lavi & Ebrahimian - employment/labor, personal injury, consumer, entertainment
Law Advocate Group - bankruptcy
Leeds, Wender & Rosenfeld - family
Leichter-Maroko, Ariel - civil litigation, family, employment
Levine & Levine - entertainment, intellectual property, workers' compensation, employment, family
Levitt, Leichenger & Aberle - personal injury
Lewin, Erik S. - criminal
Libertas Law Group, also Encino - real estate, bankruptcy
Lindemann, Blake - bankruptcy
Litwak, Mark - entertainment, intellectual property
Litwak & Havkin - entertainment
Lotwala, Ursula - immigration
Lurie, Zepeda, Schmalz & Hogan - business litigation

Machat & Associates - intellectual property, entertainment
Majlessi Law Firm - personal injury
Mamann, David - personal
Mankin IV, L. Paul - bankruptcy
Mansouri Law Offices - family
Marzec Law Firm - family, immigration, real estate, litigation, estate planning, real estate, business, landlord/tenant, aviation, entertainment
Masoud, Shakeal - bankruptcy
Massa Law Firm - business, personal injury, construction defect, immigration
Matison & Margolese - personal injury
McGinnis, Patrick E. - tax
Meyer & Associates, Ken
Miller & Ayala - family
Mills, Katherine A. - entertainment, intellectual property
MindFusion Law - business, entertainment, intellectual property
Moore, Sorensen & Horner - criminal, litigation, real estate, construction, medical malpractice, legal malpractice
Moskowitz Law Group - litigation, appellate, employment

Nagler, George I. - real estate, estate planning, business
Nesbitt & Nesbitt - real estate, business, litigation
Norminton, Wiita & Fuster - business litigation
Norton, Cathleen E. - family
Novack, Barry - personal injury
Novak & Ben-Cohen - personal injury, business litigation, labor, employment

Opri, Debra - family
Ostrove, David - tax, estate planning

Paddor, Richard S. - personal injury, workers' compensation
Pardoe & Associates - traffic
Pate, L. Wallace - civil rights, personal injury
Payne, Michael D. - personal injury, criminal
Perlberger Law Offices - entertainment, intellectual property
Perlman & Associates - business
Phillips, Gail V. - business litigation, broker malpractice
Pierce Law Group - entertainment
Piper Law Firm - criminal
and Piper Law Firm - criminal
Pizer & Associates - bankruptcy, business litigation, creditors rights
Pop & Associates, Jeffrey S. - personal injury
Pourgol & Associates, Richard - DUI
Precision Legal Center - employment, landlord/tenant, personal injury, traffic, DUI, real estate, bankruptcy
Price, Howard R. - criminal

Raines Law Group - real estate, business
Rastegar, Mikel - estate planning, real estate, business, personal injury, family
Razi, Meg, also Westlake Village - family
Rehling Law - immigration
Richards & Associates, Ronald - insurance defense, criminal
RK Law Group - business litgation, personal injury, real estate
Robinson Law Group - civil litigation, personal injury
Robbins Geller Rudman & Dowd - securities
Rosen Feig Golland & Lunn - entertainment, intellectual property
Rosen Saba - litigation
Rosen, Ronald D. - family, estate planning
Rosenberg & Koffman - business litigation
Rosenfeld, Meyer & Susman (RMS) - business, entertainment, family, intellectual property, real estate, tax, estate planning
Ross & Morrison - employment, labor
Rubin Law - employment, labor
Ruman, Richard - family, elder abuse
Rutchik, Gregory - business litigation
Rutten Law Group - employment, business litigation

Sabet, Andre - landlord/tenant, real estate, business, civil litigation
Sacks, Adam Michael - criminal, DUI
Sakhia Law Group - immigration
Salomon Law - family
Sandler, Bradley S. - criminal
and Sandler, Bradley S. - family
Sax, Jodi L. (Lawgirl) - intellectual property, entertainment
Schleimer, Joseph D. - entertainment
Schwimer, Scott - entertainment, intellectual property
Segal, Cohen & Landis - tax
Segal, Lawrence - civil litigation
Serratore Ames - employment
Setareh Law Group - personal injury
Seton and Associates - nonprofit organizations
Shapiro Law Firm - bankruptcy
Sheahen, Robert - criminal
Shekarchian, Haleh - family, personal injury, worker's compensation
Sherman & Nathanson - business
Shiell, Warren R. - family
Shinbrot Firm, The
Shirwo, Darold M. - criminal
Shkolnikov, Edward - criminal
Sigelman, Paul
and Sigelman, Paul - business litigation, real estate
Silver Law Group - real estate
Singer, Edward J., also Downey - workers' compensation
Sklan, Jeffrey F. - criminal, real estate, construction
Smaili, Jihad M. - criminal, personal injury, civil rights, immigration, workers' compensation
Sofris, Michael N. - real estate
Solo, Gail D. - employment
Spiegelman and Edwards - business, real estate
Stanley, Joy - family
Steiger, Lowell - personal injury
Steinberger, Jeffrey W. - criminal
Stolar & Associates - family
Strauss Law Group - personal injury, family, business, entertainment, criminal
Stuart Law Firm - litigation, insurance bad faith, personal injury
Supnik, Paul D. - intellectual property, entertainment
Sussman & Associates - family, estate planinng
Sweeney Firm, The - personal injury, civil litigation, criminal
Swerdlow Florence Sanchez Swerdlow & Wimmer - labor, employment
Szabo, Gabor - personal injury, criminal, family, workers compensation, immigration, real estate

Tantalo & Adler - business litigation, entertainment, intellectual property, legal malpractice defense, appellate, business
Tofer & Associates, also Woodland Hills - personal injury
Torem & Associates - immigration
Trojan Law Offices - intellectual property

Urbanic & Associates - employment

Valente Law - entertainment, immigration
Vaziri, Siamak - personal injury
and Vaziri, Siamak - personal injury, criminal
Vickman & Associates

Walker Corporate Law Group - business, securities
Weintraub Tobin - entertainment, litigation, securities, real estate, employment, intellectual property
Wolfe, Gary S. - tax

Yehuda, Nitza Ben - immigration
Youngman, Barbara J. - family, civil litigation

Zargari, Payman - DUI, criminal
Zola Wegman & Associates, also Van Nuys - criminal, business, civil litigation, estate planning, personal injury
Zukor and Nelson - personal injury

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