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Encino Firms
Multiple Locations

Abergel, Alan - business, real estate, construction, bankruptcy, estate planning
Adelman & Seide - family
Aghishian, Ara - personal injury, family, criminal
AK Immigration Consultants
Alperstein, Simon, Farkas, Gillin & Scott - estate planning, business, real estate
Alpert, Barr & Grant - administrative, bankruptcy, business, estate planning, landlord/tenant, real estate
Altschul & Olin
Arakelian & Arakelian - criminal, bankruptcy, personal injury, immigration, business
Avanessian and Alborz - family, criminal, business litigation, personal injury, bankruptcy, immigration, real estate
Avesar, Josef - personal injury
Avrahamy, Joseph Y. - personal injury, business litigation, employment, insurance bad faith, civil rights
Avrashow, Wayne - real estate
Ayvazi, Rafik - real estate, construction, business

Bagnall, Andrew C. - estate planning
Bardavid, Moses S. - bankruptcy, family
Barnes, James H. - criminal
Baron, Omer - bankruptcy
Barry, Steven M. - workers's compensation
Baum, David H. - adoptions, surrogacy
and Baum, David H. ( - adoptions, surrogacy
Berke, Matthew D. - real estate
Bernheim Law Firm, The - insurance
Bernstein & Associates, Nate - real estate, landord/tenant
Bezman, Victoria - immigration
Bitton and Associates - business, employment, litigation, real estate, landlord/tenant, professional malpractice
Blackman, A. Lee - business
Blatt, James E., also West Hollywood - criminal
Bledstein, I. Mark - criminal, personal injury
Blumberg, Canter, Nemiroff & Cohen (BCNC) - family
Blundo Jr, Frank G., also North Hollywood
Buchwalter, Steve A. - securities, business

California Lawyers Group - personal injury, consumer, legal malpractice, business, medical malpractice
Cameron & Associates, James K. - bankruptcy, entertainment, real estate
Chegwidden, Jack L. - lemon law
Chernick, Wade J. - immigration
Cohen and Associates, Bob M., also Lancaster, Pasadena - personal injury, product liability
Curtis, Suzanne Marie - civil litigation, family

Daks, Jonathan B. - personal injury
Daniels, Bill - personal injury, employment, insurance
Diamond Law Firm - tax
Dorros, Torin A. - entertainment, healthcare, business, appellate

Eber, Alan R. - estate planning
Eclipse Group, also Irvine - intellectual property
Eisner, Donald A. - psychotherapy malpractice
Eisner, Richard J. - personal injury, workers' compensation

Farshi, Alan - criminal
Father's Rights Attorney Group - family
Finkel, Robert Louis - intellectual property
Fisher, Richard A. - personal injury
Flier & Flier - criminal
Fogel, Benjamin - medical malpractice, personal injury
Fogelman, Gerald L. - criminal
Francis, J. Patrick - business, insurance, litigation
Franklin, Roger A. - landlord/tenant, real estate, estate planning, criminal
Freedman, Jerry L. - real estate, community associations, insurance bad faith

Gabriel, Jonathan G. - business, estate planning, intellectual property, litigation
Gaines & Stacey - real estate
Gantman, Robert - family, estate planning
Girgis Law Firm - bankruptcy
Glick, Marshall A. - non-profits
Golden, Alan R. - lemon
Goldfarb, Sturman & Averbach - business, estate planning, employment
Goldsmith & Hull - estate planning, elder, construction defect, personal injury
Goodchild & Duffy - personal injury
Goodman, Diane M. - family, business litigation, personal injury
Gray Duffy - insurance bad faith, business litigation, construction defect, employment, medical malpractice, product liability
Green & Shinee
Greenberg & Bass - business, litigation, real estate, bankruptcy, estate planning
Grey, Richard N. - employment
Grosberg, A. Hillary - business, bankruptcy, estate planning, real estate, employment

Hagen, David S. - bankruptcy
Hamdam & Associates - personal injury
Hamner Law Offices - business litigation, employment
Hatkoff, Bruce A. - business litigation, collections, real estate
and Hatkoff, Bruce A. - business litigation, collections, real estate
Hawley, Mark S. - business, real estate, estate planning
Hedding Law Firm (Los Angeles Narcotics Attorneys) - criminal
Hedding Law Firm (San Fernando Courthouse Criminal Attorneys)
Hedding Law Firm - criminal
and Hedding Law Firm (Ace Criminal Defense Attorneys)
and Hedding Law Firm (Los Angeles Criminal Defense Attorneys)
Hemar, Rousso & Heald - business litigation, bankruptcy, real estate
Horn, Steven J. - civil litigation, real estate, business
Horvitz & Levy - appellate
Hovsepian, Nora - personal injury
Huang, Fedalen & Lin (HFL) - appellate, business litigation, governmental, real estate, intellectual property, estate planning, real estate

Insul, Alan M. - business, real estate, telecommunications

Kab, Marina - immigration
Kahlenberg, Rita Ann - bankruptcy, criminal, business, family, estate planning, personal injury, insurance bad faith
Kallen, Daniel
Kane & Associates, Gerald L. - estate planning
Karpel Law Group - insurance, business, estate planning, personal injury
Kaufman Kaufman & Miller - employment
Kavalier, Miles L. - transportation
Kessler, Alan - criminal, personal injury
Kingsley & Kingsley - employment, personal injury
Klass, Helman & Ross - personal injury, criminal, business litigation
Klopert, Scott M. - family
Klueger & Stein - tax, estate planning
and Klueger & Stein - asset protection
Krane & Smith - civil litigation, real estate, intellectual property
Kropach, William J. - workers' compensation

Landegger, Baron and Lavenant, also Camarillo - labor, employment
Laski & Gordon - tax
Levin, Harvey I. - personal injury, business litigation, family, real estate, construction
Levine Law Firm, The - personal injury
Levy, McMahon & Levin - business, bankruptcy, estate planning
Lewitt Hackman - full service
Lizarraga Law - family
Los Angeles DUI Attorneys
Lubin, Lee David - business litigation, real estate, family, estate planning, criminal

McDonald, Jeanne - community associations
Melnick, Mark Daniel - criminal
Meyers & O'Hara - reproductive, egg donations, surrogacy
Michelman and Robinson, also Santa Ana - banking, insurance, business litigation, intellectual property, real estate
Miller, Steven L. - employment
Mindlin and Tigerman - technology
Mooradian, Zorik

Nader Law Firm, also Palmdale - bankruptcy
Nielsen, Caren R. - elder, estate planning
Norton Law Group - litigation, business, employment/labor, real estate, entertainment

O'Kane, Frank J. - personal injury, family, employment, business
Oldman, Cooley, Sallus, Gold, Birnberg & Coleman - estate planning, civil litigation, appellate

Park, Kevin H.
Pastor, Mark D. - tax
Pascher Law Firm - criminal
Patel & Alumit - intellectual property
Pearl, Steven G. - business, litigation, real estate, personal injury, bankruptcy
Pearlman, Borska & Wax, also Glendale, Oxnard - workers' compensation
Pedrick, Gregory J., also Stevenson Ranch - family, estate planning, business
Perry & Associates - immigration
Pines, Laurent & Lauer - family

Rabinovich, Mark - business
Raynor, Kate L. - immigration
Rheuban & Gresen - medical malpractice
Rimer, Neal M.
Rosenfield, Sheldon - labor/employment, restaurant
Rosenthal, Withem & Zeff - bankruptcy
Rothman & Altman - family, estate planning
Rubin, Tal
Ruzin, Irene - disability, social security

Sahrokh, Koorosh K. - personal injury, estate planning, business, litigation
Schreiber & Schreiber - business, real estate, estate planning, probate
Schwartz, Marc J. - real estate, estate planning
Senkow, Allan, also Oxnard - estate planning
Sepassi, Steven M. - business litigation, real estate, personal injury
Shear, Leslie Ellen - family
Sheppard, Brian J. - estate planning, wills, trusts, probate, social security disability
Sidman, Bernard - immigration
Sieff, Harmon - business, real estate, civil litigation, government regulations, employment
Smith, Brian J. (DUI King Los Angeles)
Smolker Law Firm, The - real estate
Soleimanian & Associates, Amir - traffic tickets
Sperry, Robert M. ( - patents, intellectual property
Spile, Siegal, Leff & Goor - professional liability, employment, transportation, product liability, criminal
Spindel, Scott R. - criminal, DUI
and Spindel, Scott R. - DUI
Spitzer, Daniel B. - business, real estate, construction, community associations, legal malpractice, litigation
Stanton Law - family, business, civil litigation
Starre & Cohn - bankruptcy, estate planning, landlord/tenant, personal injury, real estate
Steers & Associates - personal injury, bankruptcy, multilingual Spanish, Russian
Steinbrecher & Associates - personal injury
Stern & Goldberg - real estate, business, tax, estate planning
Sternberg, Carol - family
Stone & Hiles - litigation, appellate, environmental, insurance, employment, business
Straussner Sherman & Young - workers' compensation, employment, personal injury
Stricklin, Donald F. - criminal, personal injury, bankruptcy, civil litigation, family, medical malpractice
Sturman, David M. - immigration
Sylvester Oppenheim & Linde - business, employment

Tasoff & Tasoff - immigration
Theofanis, Davidson & Carnahan - workers' compensation defense
Thibodo, Todd D. - litigation
Tinero, Rauch and Aharonov - family
Trupiano, Martin J. - nonprofits, business litigation

Weinberg, Robert A. - debt collection
Weinberger, Brian - criminal, personal injury, family
Wershow & Cole - estate planning, real estate, elder, construction
Wilton & Associates - employment, personal injury, business litigation
Wirtschafter, Nathan D. - business litigation
Woodard, Cheryl Anne - family

Yadidi Law Firm - personal injury
Yochelson & Associates - personal injury

Zand, Steve S. - family

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