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Mid-City Los Angeles
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El Segundo
Multiple Locations
Abrolat & Associates - employment
Adishian Law Group - business, employment/labor, real estate
Barbosa, Metz and Harrison - civil rights
Bates, David Smith - employment
Carico Johnson Toomey - estate planning, business, employment, labor, tax
Cohen & Richardson - business, intellectual property, securities
Cohen, Theodore A. - criminal
Courteau & Associates - personal injury, professional liability, construction defect, employment, business litigation
Donahue & Horrow - personal injury, insurance bad faith
Ellis Law - personal injury
Gilbert & Nguyen - business, real estate, intellectual property, landlord/tenant, estate planning, bankruptcy, labor/employment, personal injury
Henricks Slavin & Holmes - intellectual property
Hudson Cook - consumer financial services
Johnson, Raymond Paul - product liability, aviation, intellectual property, environmental, securities, employment
Kelly, Michael Louis - personal injury, construction law
Kirtland & Packard - civil litigation
Krupnick & Krupnick - civil litigation, personal injury, employment, insurance bad faith, family, landlord/tenant
Kurtzman Carson Consultants (KCC) - bankruptcy
Lauson & Tarver - intellectual property
McDermott, Douglas W. - real estate, estate planning, tax
McGarry Laufenberg - personal injury, estate planning, insurance defense
McNicholas Law Office - civil litigation, criminal, personal injury, business
Miller & Lyons - employment
Rahe, S. Syd - estate planning, tax
Riedl, McCloskey & Waring - insurance, business, employment, real estate
Ronne, Robert R. - civil litigation
Simmons - mesothelioma, asbestos, intellectual property, litigation
Stone, Dolginer & Wenzel - personal injury, medical malpractice, aviation
Sublette & Associates - litigation defense, personal injury, employment, legal malpractice
Truax, Timothy M. - construction
Waters & Kraus - Mesothelioma, employment/labor, qui tam
Waters McCluskey & Boehle (WMB) - civil litigation, personal injury, employment, construction defect, appellate
Waxler Carner Brodsky - civil litigation

Collings Law Firm, also West LA (Mar Vista) - estate planning
Moses, Victor - personal injury
Rafferty, Mark S. and Frank M. - DUI, criminal

Playa del Rey
Mid Wilshire Law and Business Resource Center (Jonathan B. Crane) - business
Wicks, Douglas C. - criminal

Multiple Locations
Allor, David W. - personal injury
Anderson General & Entertainment Law - intellectual property
Arias, Ozzello & Gignac - business, litigation, entertainment, insurance, employment/labor, personal injury
Belasco Jacobs & Townskey - intellectual property
Biesty, Garretty & Wagner - personal injury, civil litigation
Bishton Gubernick - automobile dealers, business, civil litigation, insurance, real estate
Blau, David S. - insurance, business, employment, intellectual property, entertainment
Bradley, Curley, Asiano, Barrabee & Gale - malpractice, products liability, public entity, employment
Brooks Kushman - intellectual property
Carlson & Messer - civil litigation
Carrick & Conrad
Century Law Group - real estate professionals
and Century Law Group - real estate, eminent domain
and Century Law Group - state bar defense
Chabner, Brandon S. - business
Charles Carroll Associates
Coleman, Curtis L. - environmental
Condon, Brian Robert - business fraud
Cooper III, James P. - criminal
Copeland Law - business, construction, personal injury, insurance
Countryman & McDaniel - transportation, logistics, customs brokers
Dormer, Scott Bradley - personal injury
Fulwider Patton - intellectual property
Garrison, Stuart H. - employment, workers' compensation
Gates & Cooper - intellectual property
Gertler, Cheryl F. - immigration
Gibeaut, Mahan & Briscoe (GMB) - school districts, personal injury, construction defect, environmental, appellate
Greenberg, Stanley I. - criminal
Hamlin, Richard - business, real estate
Hoffenberg, Howard - intellectual property
Hoffenberg, Leslie - intellectual property
Kahn Stern & Blaney - family, estate planning
Kane, Kevin P. - elder abuse
Kasody, Robert E. - intellectual property
Klein, Alan M. - business, litigation, employment, equine, family, transportation, estate planning
Lazarus, Steven W. - adoptions, surrogacy
Lerman & Associates, Steven A. - personal injury, workers' compensation
Liebert Cassidy Whitmore - employment/labor, education
Martin, John W. - business, securities
Matsunaga & Associates - estate planning, wills, trusts, probate
Met Lawyer Group - intellectual property
metlawgroup - entertainment
Michail, David F. - intellectual property, entertainment, technology, business
Moreno, Elizabeth A. - personal injury
Naegele & Associates, Timothy D. - banking
Nasserian, Ira J. - immigration, bilingual Farsi
Nelson & Natale - personal injury
Newsom, Adrienne N. - estate planning, nonprofit
Padway & Associates, Michael, also Ontario - motorcycle accidents
and Padway & Associates, Michael - motorcycle accidents
Pettit Kohn Ingrassia & Lutz - employment/labor, personal injury
Phan Law Group, The - business, litigation, environmental, labor/employment, bankruptcy
Raetz, James T., also Pasadena - family
Ramey & DeBlanc - personal injury
Roberts & Kehagiaras - transportation, insurance
Rukstalis, David R. - criminal, family, estate planning, personal injury, civil litigation
Schomer Law (Elder Law Resource Center) - estate planning
Wade, Lori - estate planning
Wechsler, Zachary D. - administrative, employment, business, administrative, civil litigation, appeals
White & Reed - civil litigation, business litigation, personal injury

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