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Mid-Wilshire Firms
Multiple Locations

Adopt Today, Hancock Park - adoptions
Agajanian, McFall, Weiss, Tetreault & Crist, Larchmont Village - liability defense
ALG Lawyers, Wilshire Center - immigration
Allred, Maroko & Goldberg, Mid-City West - civil litigation, employment, family, personal injury
Allred, Gloria, Mid-City West - Allred, Maroko & Goldberg, discrimination, Hancock Park, Santa Ana - incorporation
Armstrong & Sigel, Wilshire Center - workers' compensation defense
Arter, Lee , Wilshire Center - personal injury

Baird Brown, Wilshire Center - personal injury, business litigation, real estate
Balanced Legal Group, The, Wilshire Center - bankruptcy, real estate
Barnes, Carl D., Wilshire Center - personal injury
Barnes, Kevin T., Miracle Mile - employment, personal injury, criminal
Bautista, A. Irwin, Wilshire Center - immigration, bankruptcy, personal injury, family, tax, criminal
Behlendorf, Theodore A., Wilshire Center - immigration
Bennett & Erdman, Miracle Mile - estate planning, family, real estate
Berkowitz & Cohen, Mid-City West - personal injury
Bermeo & Merluzza, Wilshire Center - personal inury, bilingual Spanish
Blady Weinreb Law Group, Mid-City West - labor, employment, insurance bad faith, personal injury
Blady, Benjamin, Mid-City West - employment
Blakeman, Benjamin, Wilshire Center - life insurance, securities
Bloom, David B., Wilshire Center - civil litigation, personal injury, bankruptcy, real estate, banking
Blum, Edward J., Wilshire Center - DUI
Bolour, Ally, Miracle Mile - immigration
Bradley & Bradley, Miracle Mile - business litigation
Breiter, Brian, Wilshire Center - personal injury
Byrd and Associates, Wilshire Center - immigration

Cass, Paul D., Wilshire Center - immigration
Castellanos & Associates, Mid-City West - family
Chang, Kelly, Miracle Mile - family
Choe, Gene W., Wilshire Center - real estate
Chong, Kenneth, Wilshire Center - tax, estate planning, labor, business, civil litigation
Chung, Jane, Wilshire Center - immigration, bilingual Korean
Cochran Firm, The, Hancock Park - personal injury, criminal
Cohen Stimpert & Ford, Mid-City West
Corey & Corey, Wilshire Center - civil litigation

Darnell Allen, Barbara J., Wilshire Center - immigration, criminal, family
Dayza, Navid, Wilshire Center - immigration
Disner Law, Miracle Mile - antitrust, intellectual property, litigation
Dominguez, Juan J., Wilshire Center - personal injury
Dove, Austin R., Wilshire Center
Drake Law Firm, Wilshire Center - personal injury

Eisenberg & Associates, Wilshire Center - employment
Emenike, Doreen A., Wilshire Center - immigration
Erikson, David Alden, Larchmont Village - business litigation, arts, intellectual property
Evans, Kaye A. Y., Mid-City West - immigration

Fagen Friedman & Fulfrost, Mid-City West, also Riverside - public education
Falese, Phillip, Hancock Park - estate planning, tax, bankruptcy, real estate, international
Fehmel & Associates, Hancock Park - immigration
Fisher, Scott D., Mid-City West, also Palm Springs - estate planning
Fox and Fox, Hancock Park - family, estate planning, real estate
Frandzel Robins Bloom & Csato, Mid-City West - real estate, bankruptcy, business litigation, employment
Friedberg & Trombi, Wilshire Center - immigration
Friedman, Andrew, Hancock Park - personal injury, family, criminal
Friedman, Leonard M., Mid-City West - personal injury, criminal, DUI

Gallagher Law Offices, Hancock Park - immigration
Garber & Garber, Wilshire Center - family, criminal
Gardner, David B., Mid-City West - immigration
Geilim, Gilbert R., Hancock Park - criminal, personal injury
Geselowitz, Dennis, Wilshire Center - business, personal injury
Ghashghaei, Ramin M., Wilshire Center - immigration
Ghosh, Amy, Wilshire Center - immigration, business litigation, employment, entertainment, bankruptcy
Gilbert & Sackman, Wilshire Center - labor/employment
Gleckman & Sinder, Wilshire Center - immigration
Global Access Immigration Services, Miracle Mile
Glowa, Henry, Mid-City West - debt relief
Gonzalez Saggio & Harlan, Wilshire Center - employment, business litigation, product liability, real estate, criminal, entertainment
Gordon Edelstein Krepack Grant Felton Goldstein, Wilshire Center - personal injury, workers' compensation
Gorelick, Leonora, Wilshire Center - bankruptcy
Graiwer & Kaplan, Wilshire Center - workers' compensation
Green, Adam, Mid-City West - immigration
Green, Charles M., Wilshire Center - family
Greenberg & Rudman, Mid-City West - civil rights, discrimination
and Greenberg & Rudman, Mid-City West, also Studio City - personal injury
Greines, Martin, Stein & Richland (GMSR), Miracle Mile - appellate
Grey, David, Miracle Mile - personal injury
Grodsky, Michael E., Miracle Mile - DUI
Gruzen, Ronald L., Mid-City West

Hale, Robert J., Wilshire Center - criminal
Han, Sun N., Wilshire Center - estate planning, business, bankruptcy, personal injury, real estate
Hankin Patent Law (HPL), Mid-City West - intellectual property
Harmann, Wendy E., Miracle Mile - estate planning, tax
Harper, Caree, Wilshire Center - criminal, civil rights
Harper, Dorothy A., Wilshire Center - immigration, bilingual Chinese, Spanish
Harris Ginsberg, Mid-City West - family
and Harris Ginsberg, Mid-City West - family
Harris & Ruble, Miracle Mile - business litigation
Hazany & Associates, Leon, MIracle Mile - immigration, employment
Hinden & Breslavsky
Hoffman & Osorio, Wilshire Center - immigration
Hoffman, Joanne L., Larchmont Village - entertainment
Hong, James S., Wilshire Center, Rowland Heights - immigration, personal injury, business, criminal
Hong, Jay, Wilshire Center - full service
Hudson, James T., Wilshire Center - insurance, personal injury, legal malpractice

Jaburian, Shant, Wilshire Center - immigration
Jacobs, Robin, Mid-City West - personal injury
Jackson & Associates, Wilshire Center - sexual harassment, discrimination
Jackson, Luke, Wilshire Center - tenant/landlord, civil litigation, employment, personal injury, family, criminal, immigration
Jacobson & Associates, Wilshire Center - personal injury
Jambusaria, Haresh, Wilshire Center - immigration
James, Daniel and Associates (JD&A), Wilshire Center - immigration, in Korean
Jeau, Steven (I Love Green Card), Wilshire Center - immigration, in Korean
and Jeau, Steven, Wilshire Center, Gardena, Buena Park - immigration, in Korean

Kaiman & Associates, Jeffrey A., Hancock Park - personal injury
Kapp, Howard A., Wilshire Center - insurance bad faith, appellate, elder abuse, personal injury
Kappler Law Office, Miracle Mile - bankruptcy, immigration, intellectual property
Karlin & Karlin, Wilshire Center - business litigation, entertainment, immigration, personal injury
Kaufman, Jerry, Wilshire Center - personal injury, immigration
Kerekes, Steven W., Miracle Mile - business, international
Khachatourians, Arthur (Tyler & Wilson), Miracle Mile - full service
Kil & Sinkov, Wilshire Center - immigration, in Korean
Kim & Min, Wilshire Center - bilingual Korean
Kim, Eugene D., Wilshire Center - immigration, in Korean
Kim, Gary J., Wilshire Center - immigration
Kim, Sonja S., Wilshire Center - immigration, bilingual Korean
Kim, Youngok S., Wilshire Center - immigration, in Korean
KL & Kim, Wilshire Center, Irvine - business, real estate, immigration, employment
KMP Law Center, Mid-City West - bankruptcy
Kokozian & Nourmand, Miracle Mile - personal injury, employment
Koletsky Mancini Feldman & Morrow (KMFM), Wilshire Center - full service
Korol & Velen, Mid-City West, also Sherman Oaks - family
Kottler & Kottler, Wilshire Center - personal injury
Kramer Law Group, Miracle Mile - estate planning
Kwan, Wellington Y., Wilshire Center - immigration, bilingual Chinese

Ladas & Parry, Miracle Mile - intellectual property
LaMonica & Foley, Miracle Mile - lemon law
Lee & Fields, Wilshire Center - litigation, criminal, personal injury
Lee, Brad, Wilshire Center - automobile accidents
Lee, Christine, Wilshire Center - immigration
Lee, Lau, & Ko (LL&K), Miracle Mile, Sherman Oaks - bankruptcy
Lee, Theodore S., Wilshire Center
Leonard & Felker, Miracle Mile - estate planning, real estate, business, litigation, employment
Levine, Peter K., Miracle Mile - personal injury, employment.labor
Levy, Ford & Wallach, Wilshire Center - workers' compensation, labor/employment
Liebman, Quigley, Sheppard & Soulema, Wilshire Center - workers' compensation defense
Lim and Associates, M. Teri, Wilshire Center - family, bankruptcy
Lisitsa Law, Miracle Mile
Llacar, Perfecto C., Wilshire Center - immigration
Lungin, Garret A., Wilshire Center - personal injury

Maas & Marinovich, Wilshire Center - personal injury
Manago, Ollie P., Wilshire Center - family, estate planning, employment, civil litigation, criminal
Mann & Elias, Mid-City West - employment
Mann, Jeff A., Wilshire Center - personal injury, business, criminal, real estate
Manning, Leaver, Bruder & Berberich, Miracle Mile - bankruptcy, estate planning, intellectual property, labor/employment, business
Manrique, Victor, Wilshire Center - employment, administrative
Mardirossian & Associates, Mid-City West - personal injury
Marin, Victor, Wilshire Center - personal injury
Marouf Law Group, Mid-City West - immigration
Martin & Martin, Wilshire Center - bankruptcy, employment, family, immigration, special education, personal injury, workers' compensation
Marvan, Jeff, Wilshire Center - estate planning
Masliah & Soloway, Miracle Mile - immigration
McKay, Graham & de Lorimier (MGD), Wilshire Center - insurance, personal injury, product liability, civil litigation, construction defect
Marks & Acalin, Hancock Park - immigration, personal injury
Mosqueda, Roman P., Wilshire Center - full service
Mukai & Kussin, Wilshire Center - immigration

Nabor, Adolfo, Wilshire Center - immigration, personal injury
Nassif, Nicholas, Wilshire Center - criminal, family, bankruptcy, personal injury, real estate
Nathans, Michael H., Miracle Mile - family
National Fertility Law Center, Miracle Mile - adoptions, surrogacy, reproduction
Nehoray, Bob, Wilshire Center - personal injury, workers' compensation, criminal, family, employment, real estate, immigration
Nejadpour & Associates, Wilshire Center - family, real estate
Nizamian & Nizamian, Wilshire Center - real estate, employment, business litigation, immigration
Nosrati & Associates, Ray R., Wilshire Center - landlord/tenant
Novo Law Group, Hancock Park - intellectual property, entertainment

Oak & Associates, Jane, Wilshire Center - immigration, real estate, intellectual property, business, bilingual Korean
Oh & Associates, John H., Hancock Park - business, real estate, securities, tax, bankruptcy, estate planning, trusts
Orange Law Offices, Wilshire Center - criminal, civil rights
Orantes Law Firm, Wilshire Center - bankruptcy
Osser Law Offices, Wilshire Center - family, personal injury, criminal, workers' compensatio

Paniotto Law Firm, Wilshire Center - immigration
Park & Sutton, Wilshire Center - intellectual property
Park Law Firm, Wilshire Center - immigration, intellectual property, business, bilingual Korean
Persky, Jerry, Miracle Mile - social security disability
Petale, Duff & Associates, Miracle Mile - criminal, personal injury
Popkin, Shamir, and Golan, Wilshire Center - immigration
Posner & Rosen, Wilshire Center - labor/employment
Pourmorady, Kourosh, Mid-City West - personal injury

Reyes, Kenneth U., Wilshire Center - family
rkllaw, Wilshire Center - bankruptcy
Roberti Jensen, Wilshire Center - government
Ronzio & Associates, Wilshire Center - immigration
Rosemblat, Raphael, Mid-City West - estate planning
Ryu Law Firm, Miracle Mile - business, real estate, employment, intellectual property

Sandler, Tucker H., Wilshire Center - immigration
Saxton, Anne Dowden, Miracle Mile, Fairfax District - family
Schwartz, Jason J., Wilshire Center - immigration, personal injury, estate planning
Schwartz, Steinspar, Dohrmann & Sommers (SSD&S), Mid-City West - labor, employment
Seltzer, Ira, Miracle Mile - personal injury, criminal
Sempre Law Firm, Wilshire Center - family, criminal, civil litigation
Sharrieff and Associates, Wilshire Center - criminal, entertainment, personal injury
Shpelfogel, Rafael, Mid-City West - business, personal injury, family, lemon, criminal
Siegel, Tom M., Hancock Park - social security, disability, personal injury, workers' compensation
Silver & Associates, Darren (DSA), Wilshire Center - immigration
Smith, Leslie R., Mid-City West - business litigation, employment, landlord/tenant, real estate, appellate, bankruptcy, estate planning, administrative
Song, John Y., Wilshire Center - civil litigation, immigration, intellectual property, business, real estate, landlord/tenant
Spoeri & Associates, Robert F., Wilshire Center - employment, workers compensation, bankruptcy
Stein & Flugge, Mid-City West - business, litigation, entertainment, intellectual property
Steinhart, Terran T., Hancock Park - entertainment, personal injury, appellate
Strapp & Strapp, Mid-City West - employment, consumer fraud
Suh, Angela Y., Wilshire Center - immigration

Tajer, Alan, Wilshire Center - bankruptcy
Tepper Law Firm, Wilshire Center - civil litigation, appellate, business, personal injury, criminal, landlord/tenant, family
Touceda's Real Estate Law Services, Wilshire Center
Trinity Law Associates, Wilshire Center - civil litigation, employment, estate planning, bankruptcy
Tuchman & Associates, Mid-City West - litigation, insurance, real estate, business

Uriostegui & Ogike, Beverly Hills - personal injury, criminal

Vakili & Leus, Wilshire Center - immigration
Voll, Jeff (Hardcore Criminal Defense), Wilshire Center
and Voll, Jeff, Wilshire Center - criminal

Wasserman, Susan R., Miracle Mile, Ontario - social security disability
Webster, Felice, Hancock Park - adoptions
Weiss, Jeffrey, Mid-City West - workers' compensation, employment
Wilshire Law Firm, Wilshire Center - personal injury

Yeh, Jeff, Wilshire Center - DUI
Yeroushalmi, Ben, Wilshire Center - elder abuse, personal injury, employment

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