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Legal Services in General
Antelope Valley
Conejo Valley
Crescenta Valley
Downtown LA
Los Angeles County in General
Multiple Locations
Orange County
Pomona Valley
Riverside County
San Bernardino County
San Fernando Valley
San Gabriel Valley
Santa Clarita Valley
Ventura County

Antelope Valley
Agua Dulce
Multiple Locations
Quartz Hill

Agua Dulce
Alderman Jr., Robert E. - estate planning, wills, trusts

Campano Law Group - employment, personal injury, criminal
Clark, Susan E. - family, estate planning, business, civil litigation
and Clark, Susan E. - family, estate planning, business, civil litigation
Halperin, R. Rae - immigration
Jefferies and Associates - family, business, estate planning
Kestler, Burton & Derryberry - estate planning, civil litigation, real estate, business, securities
Klavir & Associates - bankruptcy
Koch, William A. - family
Kuzyk Law - personal injury
Michelizzi, Schwabacher, Ward & Collins - medical malpractice, personal injury
and Michelizzi, Schwabacher, Ward & Collins - personal injury, real estate, family
Moffatt, Jeffrey D. - tax
Mullin, Marcia L. (The Bankruptcy Help Centre)
Pacione, Lisa M. - family
Parris, R. Rex - personal injury
Pavlotsky, Anna Lusine, also Burbank - family, real estate
Reed, Brian E. - personal injury, employment, social security
Thompson Von Tungeln - estate planning, trusts, probate, wills
Zuniga, Jesus - family, bankruptcy, personal injury, civil litigation, criminal

AV Bankruptcy
Charlton Weeks - estate planning, wills, trusts, business, real estate
Freeman & Freeman
Johnson, Mark - criminal
Johnson, Robert K. - family
Price Law Group - bankruptcy
Wallin, David M., also Victorville - criminal, DUI

Quartz Hill
Hales, Lawrence - business, landlord/tenant, civil litigation, criminal, traffic

Landsgaard, Olaf - real estate, DUI, personal injury, estate planning, business

Conejo Valley
Agoura Hills
Multiple Locations
Oak Park
Thousand Oaks
Westlake Village

Agoura Hills
A. Singer & Associates - construction defect, business litigation, real estate
Albert and Mackenzie - workers' compensation
Anderson, Robert D. - family
Brown Brown & Klass - insurance defense, civil litigation
Chulak, Michael T., also Pasadena - community associations, estate planning, family, construction defect, real estate, employment
Cipolla, Calaba, Marrone & Wollman (CCMW), also Anaheim Hills - worker's compensation defense
Collins, Tracy - ERISA disability
Crudeli & Associates, D. - intellectual property
Cruse Jr., Joseph R. - intellectual property, entertainment
Cullen Law Firm - employment, personal injury, consumer, business, elder, civil litigation
Feldman Berman Schwartz - real estate, employment, intellectual property, entertainment, business
Golds, Ryan D. - litigation, family, estate planning, real estate, personal injury, criminal
Haines, Todd F. - collection
Harrison & Geiger - workers' compensation defense
JSG Law Group, also Ventura - personal injury
Kaapuni, Gregory J. - personal injury, criminal, employment
Lingl & Joshi - real estate
Math, Stephan - employment
Rosen & Zimmerman - business, family, criminal, personal injury
Snyder Dorenfeld - insurance defense, construction defect, personal injury, medical malpractice, product liability, real estate
Tenner, Erin K. - civil litigation
Vosguanian & Vosguanian - bankruptcy, estate planning, real estate

Bergman, Robert D. - business, real estate, estate planning, elder, school districts
Berke, Kent & Ward - business, securities, real estate, environmental
Boyle, Kevin C. - employment
Brien, David R. - civil litigation, aviation, personal injury, real estate
Bryan, Brice E. - estate planning
Bryman and Apelian - personal injury
Chermak, Bonnie J. (L.A. Business Counsel)
and Chermak, Bonnie J. - entertainment
Crandall, David J. - family, bilingual Spanish
Domine Adams, also Reseda - personal injury, employment, construction defect, community association
Effres & Associates
Eisenberg, Gary C. - personal injury
Feinberg & Waller, also Beverly Hills - family
Frailich, Stephen - personal injury, breast implants
and Fralich, Stephen M. - breast implants, personal injury
Glazer & Blinder (G&B) - civil litigation, workers' compensation
Global Immigration Partners, Calabasas
Gould, David - bankruptcy
Green, de Bortnowsky & Quintanilla, also Cathedral City - municipal, environmental, employment, real estate
GTC Law Group - intellectual property, business
Halling + Sokol - appellate, banking, bankruptcy, construction, employment, intellectual property, real estate, estate planning
Helfend, Robert Michael - criminal
Heller Law Firm, The - personal injury, medical malpractice
Housman, Ronald S. - family
Humphery Burger & Associates - business llitigation, construction, insurance, employment, estate planning
Kaufman Borgeest & Ryan - business litigation, appellate, employment, healthcare, environmental
Kramer & Kaslow - franchise, entertainment, business litigation
Lawrence, Richard A. - real estate
Loewe, Allan P. - labor/employment, business litigation, family
Marcus, Gerald L. (PAIN: Professional Accident Injury Network) - personal injury
Margolin, William Mitchell - personal injury, intellectual property, family, estate planning, bankruptcy
Mueller, John C. - environmental, administrative
Phillips, Carolyn D. - family, estate planning, real estate, bankruptcy, personal injury
Portman Law Firm, The - securities
Quintana Law Group - intellectual property, real estate
Rosenthal & Marsh - estate planning, business, entertainment, real estate
Rudorfer, Joseph - personal injury
Sardell, Jeffrey N. - workers' compensation, employment/labor, civil litigation
Sniderman, Bradley M. - estate planning, wills, trusts, intellectual property, business
Snyder, Randy S. - real estate, business
Vaughn Legal Group - litigation
Vieira Trial Law, also Marina del Rey - personal injury, criminal
Zimmerman Walker & Monitz - business, real estate, intellectual property, health care

Oak Park
D'Andre, Peterson, Bobus, Bruscino & Rosenberg - litigation, workers' compensation defense
Silver, Howard D. - lemon law, personal injury

Crescenta Valley
Eagle Rock
La Canada Flintridge
La Crescenta
Multiple Locations
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Eagle Rock
Spear Law Group, The - family, estate planning

Abkarian & Associates, Albert - business, real estate, international, personal injury, workers' compensation
Aiwazian Law Firm, The
Ajalat, Polley, Ayoob & Matarese - tax
Anderson, Roy - intellectual property
Arabian, Varouj - employment, personal injury
Aroustiamian & Associates - civil litigation, business, family, estate planning
Artounians, Aris
Asatrants and Associates, Edward - personal injury, criminal, bankruptcy, immigration, civil litigation, real estate
Avelino, Irwin M. - insurance
Awad & Awad - business, real estate, health care, labor/employment, international, litigation

Babachanian Law Offices - criminal, personal injury, bankruptcy, business litigation
Bagumyan, Sevak - litigation, criminal, personal injury, immigration
Baker, Olson, LeCroy & Danielian - business, estate planning, real estate, immigration, family, government relations
Balian, Harout - immigration
Balisok & Associates - elder abuse
Barney, Linda T. - real estate, family
Barsegian, Ana - family, estate planning, criminal, immigration
Beire, James G. (VisaAuthority), also Cerritos - immigration
Berjikian, Vicken O. - criminal, personal injury
Betita, Raul I. - immigration, personal injury, bankruptcy
Blanning & Baker Associates - associations, labor
Boehm & Associates - insurance
Boghosian, Andre - personal injury, immigration, social security, criminal
Boulgourjian, Raffy - real estate, business litigation
Bradley & Gmelich - insurance defense, securities, business, administrative, employment, civil litigation
Brar, Vikram
Bright and Brown - energy, real estate, oil and gas, environmental
Bright, Patrick F. - intellectual property
Bulaon, Ray - bankruptcy
Burunsuzyan, Maro - personal injury, elder abuse
Bush, Gottlieb, Singer, Lopez, Kohanski, Adelstein & Dickinson - employment/labor, intellectual property, bankruptcy

California Emminent Domain Law Group - real estate
California Lemon Law Center
Callister & Broberg - estate planning
Chammas Law Office - business, litigation, employment, immigration
Charchian & Associates, Benjamin - personal injury
Charchian, Arthur S. - personal injury, business, civil litigation, immigration, employment, bankruptcy
Chopurian, Hagop N. - civil litigation, personal injury, landlord/tenant
Chorbajian, Vatche - full service
Coombs, J. Andrew - intellectual property

Dabbah & Haddad, also Santa Clarita (Valencia) - family, personal injury
DiJulio Law Group - real estate, construction, elder abuse, immigration
Doumanian & Associates - civil litigation, public agencies, schools

Edwards, Ashton & Gin - estate planning
Esner, Chang & Boyer - appellate
Esposito & Associates (Best Los Angeles Lawyer) - personal injury
Etmekjian, Garbis N. - immigration, personal injury, criminal, business, social security disability

Feldman & Rothstein - personal injury
Flanagan, Unger & Grover - criminal, personal injury
Fuentes & McNally - construction

Gantus & Associates, John M. - family, real estate
Gezoukian Law - personal injury, business
Gill and Baldwin - construction, business, real estate, estate planning, probate
Gourjian Law Group - litigation, real estate, bankruptcy
Graves, Demetria L.
Gurfinkel, Michael J. - immigration

Habashy Law Firm
Halaby, Noelle M., also Santa Clarita (Newhall) - family
Helphand & Rich - personal injury, criminal, immigration
Holmes & Holmes - full service
Homsey II, Philip - veterinary
Hovanessian, Vahe - bankruptcy, criminal, employment, personal injury, immigration, business

Irsfeld, Irsfeld & Younger - business, tax, estate planning, family, real estate, constuction

Janian and Associates, also Tarzana - bankruptcy, real estate
Janian, Armen - estate planning, business, real estate
Jehdian, Michael V. - personal injury, criminal, bankruptcy, employment, intellectual property, entertainment, estate planning

Karapetian, Deborah - immigration
Katzman, Harvey L. - business, family
Knapp, Petersen & Clarke - appellate, banking, bankruptcy, employment, estate planning, real estate, construction, sports
Krass Law Firm - personal injury, business litigation

LA Law Center - estate planning
Lacey Dunn & Do (LDD) - legal malpractice
Lawrence Beach Alan & Choi (LBAC), also Santa Ana - public entities, employment, personal injury defense, appellate
Lindborg & Mazor - construction, business, public works, international, gaming
Lister, Martin & Thompson, also Orange - workers' compensation, disability

MacCarley & Rosen - real estate, construction, intellectual property, family, estate planning
MacCarley, Lisa - estate planning
Malmquist, Fields & Camastra - worker's compensation
McGee, Wiliam R., also Irvine - lemon
Melby & Anderson - estate planning, civil litigation, business, real estate
Meserkhani & Bagramian - personal injury
Milton & DeKruif - personal injury
Moore McLennan - medical malpractice defense, business, elder abuse
Morse, Giesler, Callister & Karlin, also Ontario - workers' compensation

Nam & Associates, Jina A. - bankruptcy
Nameth, Frederick James - personal injury, workers compensation, criminal
Nardoni, Silvio - estate plannning, non-profits
Nguyen, Kristen H. - personal injury, cimrinal defense, bankruptcy, family, immigration
Nord and Vadim Yuzefpolsky, Scott

O'Dea, Kathleen M. - estate planning
O'Rourke, Fong & Manoukian - construction, real estate, business litigation, personal injury, family
Ourfalian & Ourfalian - personal injury, business, litigation
Overgaard, Christopher E. - estate planning

Pabst, Thomas J. - estate planning, real estate
Palacios, Eugene M., also Covina - immigration
Parker Rainsbury Straus - full service
Patent Law Agency - intellectual property
Perez Gonzalez - immigration, business
Petrossian, Alen - estate planning, business, tax

RA Law Group - bankruptcy
Rosen, Jonathan C. - criminal
Rosenstein Law Offices - Personal Injury Accident Lawyers: Committed to representing victims of car, truck, taxi, bus, motorcycle, bicycle & pedestrian accidents, dog bites, wrongful death and serious injuries.

Sainburg, Robert - family
Salle, William F. - personal injury
Sarajian Law Group - personal injury, business litigation
Sarian, Artem M. - immigration
Sarkisian, Ruben - immigration, criminal, bankruptcy
Sayas Jr., C. Joe - personal injury, real estate
Sefyan Law Firm - civil litigation, business, estate planning, family, bankruptcy
Sloan, Michael L. - family, criminal, business, immigration, real estate, landlord/tenant
Sobol, Neal H. - personal injury
Stepanyan, Liana - family
Stroh, Duane C. - bankruptcy, personal injury, business
Styskal, Wiese & Melchione - credit unions

Takvoryan Law Group - bankruptcy
Tashjian Law Firm - immigration
Taylor & Associates, Norman - lemon law
Tennenhouse, Minassian & Adham - workers' compensation
Terrones Law - estate planning
Tilem, David A. - bankruptcy
Tomsic, Gerald A. - estate planning, trusts, wills, probate, real estate
Toscano, Oscar E. - family, personal injury, landlord/tenant, real estate, DUI, criminal
Totten, Cameron H. - bankruptcy, business litigation, real estate, personal injury, employment
Traffic Ticket Justice
Tsircou - intellectual property

US Visa Online Services - immigration

Valencia, Mario

Wais, William G. - estate planning
Wax & Wax - workers' compensation, personal injury, social security disability
Weston Hertzog - workers' compensation defense

Yarian & Patatanyan - criminal

Zaks & Barnard
Zuckerman, David A. - immigration

La Canada Flintridge

La Crescenta
Brennan, Wiener & Associates - personal injury, lemon law
and Brennan Wiener & Associates - credit damage
Eick, William E. - estate planning, probate, trusts, real estate
and Eick, William E. - estate planning
Miller, Robert - elder abuse, consumer

Bates, James W. - creditors rights, civil litigation, real estate, construction, business
Coffeen Law Group
JHK Law - intellectual property
Samaha Law Firm - family



Santa Clarita Valley
Canyon Country
Multiple Locations
Stevenson Ranch
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Canyon Country/Santa Clarita
Frank, Kenneth B. - family
Kanowksy & Associates - business, real estate, employment, special education
Leventhal & Associates - real estate
Ramorino, Cristian M. - immigration, civil litigation
SCV Bankruptcy
Van Rooy, Oksana, also Encino - business, family, estate planning

Newhall/Santa Clarita
Angeles Law Center - estate planning
Bell & Associates, Allen J. - personal injury
Brash, Charles J., also Pasadena - real estate, bankruptcy, business, estate planning
Gallardo, Lance R. - immigration
Kaiser, Robert J. - personal injury
Porter, Michael - workers' compensation
Stucker, Ross - personal injury, criminal, DUI

Saugus/Santa Clarita
Gilmartin, James H., Saugus - family

Stevenson Ranch
Armour, Randall D. - estate planning, wills, trusts

Valencia/Santa Clarita
Baldwin & Baldwin, also Mission Hills - personal injury, criminal, business litigation, family
Bishay, Michael - family
Caplan, Gregory, also Northridge - criminal
Carlson, C. Ray - personal injury
Chroman, Steven B. - family
Coleman, Thomas Henry - court receiver
Dal Soglio & Martens, also El Segundo - litigation
Diamond & Associates - personal injury
Diamond, David D. - criminal
Dickerson, Mark (Trucker Ticket)
Donahoe & Young, also Encino - civil litigation, business, bankruptcy, estate planning
Edzant, Barry L. - personal injury, lemon law
Esbin, Louis J. - bankruptcy, business, consumer
Ethington, Sean D. - estate planning, Medi-Cal planning
Finley, Michael D. (Artistic Lawyer) - entertainment, intellectual property, family
Fishkin & Associates - full service
Frommer, Leon J. - estate planning, immigration
Golshani, Lisa S. - estate planning
Group One Legal - real estate, landlord/tenant, estate planning, business
Hacker Law Group - administrative, business, real estate, personal injury
Hann, G. Marshall - business, real estate
Hart, Anthony W., also Century City
Hayes, Donald A. (My Legal Expert) - bankruptcy, family
Henen Law - personal injury
Hoffman, David L. - intellectual property
Ingram, Chris M. (US Immigration Lawyers)
Jones & Davis - estate planning, employment, intellectual property, real estate, entertainment, business, construction, landlord/tenant
Kann, Daniel E. - criminal
Keating Law Office - business, real estate, estate planning
Kezios, George - civil rights, special education, business, estate planning, bankruptcy
Klahs, Donald R. - family
Kline, Justin - business, real estate
Knebel, Henry
Korper, Rene - lemon law
LaFrance, Jonathan - family, criminal
and LaFrance, Jonathan B. - family
Lively & Associates, William R. - family, personal injury
MacDonald, Gina G. - estate planning
Mansour, Robert - personal injury
and Mansour, Robert - personal injury
Mansour, Robert M. - estate planning
Marcus, Richard A. - business, family, real estate, intellectual property, appellate
Mason Law Firm - personal injury, family
McBride, Julia C. - estate planning
McGee, William R. - lemon
McNamara, Jane M. - elder, estate planning
Mehta & Mann, also Century City - estate planning, wills, trusts, business, personal injury, employment
Mortensen Law - estate planning, trusts, tax
Neavitt, James T. - family
Noland, John W. - personal injury, criminal, family, estate planning
Offshore Company - business
Owen, Patterson & Owen - personal injury
Paladin, John - estate planning, wills, trusts, probate
Pecel, Alexander J. - estate planning, business, personal injury
Pinsky, Rand E. - family
Probate Direct - estate planning
Ramsey, William R. - employment/labor, civil litigation
Reape-Rickett Law Firm (Divorce Digests) - family
Santa Clarita Lawyers - criminal, DUI
Schnittgrund, Gary - intellectual property
Snow Law - estate planning, elder
Stark & Associates, Joseph L. - government agencies, insurance, real estate, appellate
Symonds, Gary - criminal
Thompson, Bill J. - family, criminal
Tolchard, Susana B. - bankruptcy
Wasserman, Philip A. - family
Weiner, Richard L. - business litigation
Zinnanti, Anthony D. - appellate

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