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Pasadena Firms
Multiple Locations

Adlai, Tarik S. - appellate
Ally Law - bankruptcy, estate planning, immigration, real estate
Amaya, Laurel Tuvim - family
Ammirato & Palumbo - personal injury
Anderson & Associates - litigation, real estate, employment, estate planning, appellate
Anglin, Flewelling, Rasmussen, Campbell & Trytten - real estate, business, estate planning, tax
Aquino Law Firm - employment, litigation
Astourian & Associates - business, litigation, international
Avedissian, Lucy - immigration
Avila, Martha M. - family
and Avila, Martha M. - family

Baer & Troff - business, litigation, appellate, real estate, construction, antitrust
Baer, Mark B. - family, estate planning
Baker, Brian Alan - family, business
Ball & Roberts - personal injury, medical malpractice
Barilari, Anthony- bankruptcy, civil litigation, immigration, international
Baronian Law Firm - personal injury, product liability, malpractice
Belcher, John A. - business litigation, insurance, personal injury, elder abuse
Benjamin, Malathi - immigration
Bernall, J. Arthur - family, bankruptcy, personal injury
Bezaire, Stephen P. - estate planning, probate, trusts, wills
Binder & Associates - personal injury
Bisnow, James - criminal
Blackburn, Alexander C. - bankruptcy, personal injury, business litigation, real estate, entertainment
Blunt Family Law
Bordeaux Law - bankruptcy, business, real estate
Borgo, Stephen - appellate, immigration, civil rights
Bowles, Timothy - employment
and Bowles, Timothy - employment
Branson, Uzzell S. - business, real estate, bankruptcy, real estate
Brown & Associates - estate planning
Brown Gitt Law Group - employment, construction defect
Burton, John - business, estate planning, personal injury, criminal
Bury, Christopher Allan - elder, estate planning, real estate
Business Legal Partners - business, real estate

California Legal Team, also Santa Ana - employment
California Personal Injury Attorneys (Jason Oliver and John Dalton)
Calleton, Merritt & De Francisco - estate planning, tax
Calvert, Melanie A. - employment
Capeloto, J. Sheldon - bankruptcy, family
Captive Counsel Law Group - insurance defense
Carpenter, John C. - business, employment, real estate, health care, estate planning, personal injury
Castellan Law Group - full service
Chang Mattern - immigration, bankruptcy, family, business, criminal
Chaparian, Abraham - personal injury, immigration
Cheng, Paul P. - litigation, employment, immigration
Chiao, Jeffrey C. - bankruptcy, civil litigation, business, estate planning
Chin, Geoffrey D. - estate planning, business
Christensen & Auer - healthcare
Christie Parker Hale, also Irvine - intellectual property
Cochran-Bond Law Offices
Cole Pedroza - appellate, civil litigation
Collaborative Practice Group of Pasadena - family
Connon Wood Scheidemantle - civil litigation
Cooper & Bruning - attorney fee disputes
Copley, Jan - estate planning
Corporate Counsel Partners - business
Coulter, Vernoff & Pearson - family, personal injury, business, estate planning, construction defect, workers' compensation
Counts Law Firm, also Marina del Rey, Beverly Hills - business litigation, consumer, family, real estate
Cramer, Garfield A. A. - criminal

Dailey, Robert F. - estate planning, tax
Dalina Law Group - intellectual property, technology
Davis, Mark A. - immigration, criminal
DeCardenas Law Group - business
DeGomez, John P.
DeWitt Algorri Algorri, also Torrance, Lancaster - personal injury, civil rights
Dourian, Robert - personal injury

Edwards, Thomas H. - employment
Ernster Law Offices - business
Evans, Matthew Gary - bankruptcy, business

Fallat, John L. - civil litigation, insurance defense, personal injury, landlord/tenant, transportation
Falvey, Thomas W. - employment
Fan, Fitzpatrick & Thompson - immigration, international business
Ferns, Adams & Associates - debt collection, bankruptcy
Fierstadt & Mans - business, personal injury, real estate
Fitzgerald & Green - family, estate planning, bankruptcy
Foley & Mansfield - full service
Fountain & Hattersley
and Fountain and Hattersley - juvenile, criminal
Frasca Rooney - family, busines
Freeburg, Nettels & Schaldenbrand - insurance defense, family, intellectual property, workers' compensation, employment, personal injury defense
Friedenthal, Heffernan & Klein - civil litigation, personal injury
Funaro, Charles W. - bankruptcy, landlord/tenant, real estate

Galliani, Fritzie
Gallo, James A. - real estate, civil litigation, criminal
Gancedo & Nieves - antitrust, personal injury, consumer, employment, environmental, securities
Garrett & Tully, also Westlake Village - appellate, banking, employment, intellectual property, insurance, real estate
Geller, Paul S., also Century City - DUI
Gibson Rivera & Toms - civil litigation, real estate, estate planning, personal injury, employment
Glauber/Berenson - workers' compensation
Glovsky, Scott
Golden & Associates, Steven R. - business, real estate
Gonzalez & Harris - immigration
Gotha, Frederick - intellectual property
Gottesman, Ann - DUI, criminal
Graubart, Jeffrey L. - entertainment, international, business, intellectual property
Graves Firm, The - employment
Griepp & McRee - estate planning
Guerrini Law Firm - debt collection, real estate, business litigation
Gustafson & Goostrey - civil litigation, insurance, business, real estate, appellate, employment
Gutierrez, Preciado & House - employment

Habibi, Bagher - healthcare
Hadsell Stormer Richardson & Renick - employment, civil rights
Haefliger, William W. - intellectual property
Hahn & Hahn - business, litigation, estate planning
Hairapetian & Hairapetian - litigation, business, estate planning, tax
Hamilton & Cumare, also Santa Clarita (Valencia) - employment/labor
Hanlon Law Group - immigration
Harker, Robert O. - estate planning
Harman & Britt - workers' compensation
Harmon & Davies - labor/employment, construction, business, real estate, immigration
Hart-Nibbrig, Harold C.- business
Herlihy & Herlihy - estate planning, tax, non-profits
Hernandez Schaedel & Associates - intellectual property, employment, healthcare, business ligitation
Hill, Anthony J. - family
Hodgen Law Group - international tax
Hodges & Associates - civil litigation, insurance bad faith, lemon law, personal injury, tax
Hogue, Thomas (Dan) - real estate, construction defect
Hong, Frederick W. - immigration, intellectual property, bilingual Chinese
Hosp, Gilbert, Bergsten & Hough - insurance defense, construction defect, environmental, employment, business, estate planning
Hovanesian & Hovanesian - intellectual property, real estate, business, estate planning, civil litigation
Howell & Howell - family
Howell, John R. - real estate, business
Howett Isaza Law Group - federal regulatory compliance
Hsu, Robert C. - business, immigration, criminal, consumer
Hsu, Roger C. - business litigation, intellectual property, bankruptcy, criminal
Hunt Ortmann Palffy Nieves Lubka Darling & Mah - construction, employment, real estate, business litigation
Hunter, Molloy & Salcido - personal injury, bankruptcy, employment, construction, civil litigation, business, appellate
Huprich Law Firm - business, real estate, immigration, labor/employment


Jacinto, R. Ross - personal injury, employment, family
Jenkins, Petersen & Clewis - labor
Joseph, Pius - personal injury

Kaladjian, Harry - personal injury, real estate
Kashyap, Sajan - estate planning, tax, immigration, bankruptcy, employment, personal injury, family, nonprofit, insurance
Katz, Richard M. - personal injury
Kaye, McLane & Bednarski - criminal
Kearney Baker - family
Kennedy, J. Steven - civil litigation, business, estate planning, real estate, intellectual property, administrative
Kenny, Marc E. - international, business
Khalaf & Khalaf - criminal, personal injury, family
Khan & Associates - immigration
Khorsandi Patent Law Group - intellectual property
King Cheng & Miller (KCM), also Alhambra - business, intellectual property, real estate, personal injury, environmental
Kirkpatrick, Alexander W. - administrative, healthcare
Klibanow, Linda S. - labor/employment
Kollitz & Kollitz - workers' compensation
Kralik & Jacobs - banking, litigation
Kropff, James B. - appellate, business, civil litigation, employment, insurance bad faith

Lagerlof, Senecal, Gosney & Kruse - business, real estate, estate planning, labor/employment, litigation
Lam, Anthony - family
Lambrecht, Nancy S. - family, estate planning
Landeros, Vincent P. - family
Laquer Urban Clifford & Hodge, also Seal Beach - ERISA, real estate, labor/employment, non-profit
Larson & Gaston - administrative, business, construction defect, intellectual property, employment, personal injury, insurance, real estate
Law + Brandmeyer - litigation, administrative, employment, medical malpractice
Law Alliance, The - immigration
Lee, Jason J. - family, real estate, immigration
Lee, Paul E. - civil litigation, nonprofit organizations, administrative, real estate, consumer, business
Lee, Susan Y.
Lee, Tin Kin - healthcare
Lim, R.C. - estate planning, tax, business
Lin, David S. - business litigation, securities, construction, personal injury, insurance bad faith, real estate
Linden, Scott H. - estate planning
Lomas, Raul G. - criminal, personal injury, workers' compensation
Loo, Rebecca - estate planning
Loya, Felix W. - insurance, business, litigation, employment, environmental, real estate, construction, landlord/tenant
Lucas, Craig D. - estate planning, real estate, tax
Lynch, B. Daniel - security clearance

Makupson & Howard - family
Makupson, Lemuel B. - personal injury, workers' compensation, family
Malter, Arnold S. - international
Mandel & Adriano - intelelctual property
Manibog & Manibog Law Offices, also Mid-Wilshire (Wilshire Center) - personal injury, workers' compensation, entertainment, immigration
Matson, Donald J. - criminal
Mayock, W. Michael - criminal, appellate
McCaslin, Michele D. - family
McCullough, Ray T. - family
McMillan III, William N. - personal injury, elder abuse
McNally Law Office - personal injury, product liability, workers compensation
Mead Jr., Albert E. - real estate, estate planning, business
Medina, Randy W. - family
Medrano, Tom R. - criminal
Meenan Lariviere - personal injury
Mikuni, Gary S.
Milam, Jeffrey L. - personal injury, business litigation, construction defect, insurance, real estate
Miller, James F. - estate planning, probate, trusts, wills, employment, elder, real estate, business
Milon, Joshua - employment, civil litigation, personal injury
Monkman Legal - criminal, family, business, real estate
Moore & Associates, Kevin J. - estate planning, tax
Moscowitz, Ellyn - construction trade unions, employment
Moss, Richard A. - administrative, criminal, personal injury, securities fraud, business litigation
Mueth, Joseph E. - intellectual property
Murray & Budzyn - business
Muston & Jack, also Beverly Hills - immigration

Nails, Christopher - criminal, appellate
Nardoni, Daniel A. - criminal
Nelson & Associates, also El Monte - immigration
Nixon Law Firm (QDRO Counsel) (Scott H. Linden) - estate planning
Norwood, Wade E. - property tax

Okazaki Law Offices, also Mission Viejo - litigation, municipal, business, estate planning
Oliver, Jason L. - employment
Orren & Orren - estate planning
Overing, Michael S., also San Fernando - intellectual property, employment, real estate, construction, estate planning

Palermo, Barbaro, Chinen & Pitzer - estate planning, civil litigation, personal injury, business, real estate, family
Paparian, William - criminal
Papirian, Ani - estate planning, family, real estate, debt collection
Parra, Oscar C. - tax, estate planning, probate, trusts, wills, bankruptcy
Pasadena Criminal Attorneys (Myers and Mkrtichian)
Phelps, Schwarz & Phelps - elder, estate planning
Phillipi & Nutt - personal injury
Poole, Heather L. - immigration
Potter, Cohen, & Samulon - social security disability, workers' compensation, family, criminal
PPC Visa & Immigration Law Office
Pratt, Chad T-W
Private Defenders of California - criminal
Pumilia Patel & Adamec - business, litigation

Queen, David D. - private investigators, health care
Quinley, Shanon K. - family

Rademacher, Mark H. - family
Reeves & Associates - immigration
Richardson & Harman, also Costa Mesa - community associations, construction, labor/employment, real estate
Richeda, Estela - immigration
Risley, Robert L. (RisleyLaw) - litigation, real estate, estate planning, employment, intellectual property
Ritt, Tai, Thvedt & Hodges - civil litigation, criminal, employment, civil rights, intellectual property
Robinson, Anthony J. - family
Rodriguez, Vic - real estate, bankruptcy
Romero, Daniela P. - bankruptcy
Rothman & Company - business, finance
Rothner, Segall & Greenstone - employment
Rouse, Keith F. - bankruptcy, business, art, estate planning
Rubbert & Associates, Thomas E. - landsides, condemnation, appellate
Rudnick, Marvin L. - criminal, personal injury, family, employment, estate planning, bankruptcy
Russakow / Greene & Tan - full service
Ryan Law Firm - business, employment, estate planning, litigation, real estate

Sabaitis Law Group - construction, personal injury, business
Salisbury, Lee W. - family
Schiffer, Daniel Q. - personal injury, equine
Schweitzer, Donald P. - criminal, family
and Schweitzer, Donald P. - criminal, family
and Schweitzer, Donald P. - family, criminal
Scopelitis, Garvin, Light, Hanson & Feary - transportation
Sheldon Mak Rose & Anderson - intellectual property
Sherman & di Donato - juvenile dependency
Silverstein Law Firm - real estate, eminent domain
Simons, Larry D. - bankruptcy
Singian Law - entertainment, business, estate planning, intellectual property, litigation
Slater Cosme - estate planning, real estate
Sloat, Robert William - business, real estate
Smith, Richard T. - family
Soni Law Firm - intellectual property
Sorell Law Group
Spurgeon & Associates, John - tax
and Spurgeon & Associates, John H. - tax
Steele, George L. - criminal, intellectual property, litigation, Native American
Strassburg, Gilmore & Wei, also Rowland Heights - personal injury, immigration, employment, criminal, civil litigation

Taylor Summers Rhodes Rasmussen Brooke & Woodard, also Monrovia - estate planning
Tedford & Associates - criminal, appellate, civil litigation, personal injury, employment, construction defect
Thon, Beck & Vanni - personal injury
Thoreen, Bo - business, real estate
Torres & Brenner
Torres, Edward A. - labor/employment
Traber & Voorhees - employment, civil rights
Triangle Lawyers (Wayne S. Dryden) - family, business, real estate, litigation, consumer
Tu, Edward C. - business, bankruptcy, litigation, real estate


Valdivia, Jeannette E. - product liability, insurance, employment
Vanderford & Ruiz, also Irvine - insurance, construction defect, public agency, employment, personal injury
Victor & Associates, Leon A. - personal injury, business, construction, real estate

Weening, Edna V. - immigration
Whisman, Tim - social security/disability
Williams Law Group - real estate, estate planning, business, tax
Wine, Michael E.- attorney discipline defense
Withey, Pamela A. - personal injury
Wong & Mak - business, litigation, non-profits
Wu, Scott D. - business litigation, family, personal injury, real estate, immigration

Yee & Belilove - professional liability, medical malpractice, appellate, landlord/tenant, personal injury
Young & Young - estate planning, family

Zakari Law - landlord/tenant, civil litigation, real estate
Zhang & Associates - immigration, bilingual Chinese
Zuetel & Associates - business, healthcare, insurance, litigation

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