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Legal Services in General
Antelope Valley
Canoga Park
Conejo Valley
Crescenta Valley
Downtown LA
Granada Hills
Hidden Hills
Los Angeles County in General
Mission Hills
Multiple Locations
North Hills
North Hollywood
Orange County
Porter Ranch
Riverside County
San Bernardino County
San Fernando
San Gabriel Valley
Sherman Oaks
Studio City
Sun Valley
Toluca Lake
Universal City
Valley Village
Van Nuys
Ventura County
West Hills
Woodland Hills

Multiple Locations
Alley, Hartley David - construction, employment
Amidon, Robert B. - business, criminal, insurance, entertainment, legal malpractice
Artist Law Group (ALG) - entertainment, intellectual property
Berlin Law Firm, The - employment
Bernstein, Bob - criminal
Bliss, Shirlee L. - bankruptcy
Bryant-Kambe, Madeleine - family
Burbank Law Firm - criminal
Burger Law Group - legal affairs management
Caplan, Gregory - criminal
Cervic, Andrew B. - full service
Cotrel, Thomas P. - family, DUI, criminal, personal injury
Daggenhurst Law - appellate, landlord/tenant
Diamond & Associates - criminal
Fusco & Clarke - family, juvenile, criminal, DUI, personal injury
George, Edessa - bankruptcy
Grant, Jonas M. - business, intellectual property, entertainment, estate planning
Italia IP - intellectual property
Kellogg, Carol - personal injury
Kermisch & Paletz - family, real estate, bankruptcy, landlord/tenant
Ladley, Candace K. - estate planning, wills, trusts, probate
LibertyBell Law Group - criminal
M.E.T.A.L. Law Firm - business, nonprofits
MacLean Chung - family, bankruptcy, personal injury, entertainment
Markus, Mark J. - bankruptcy
Marrone, Robinson, Frederick & Foster - civil litigation, insurance defense, personal injury
McClear & Associates - estate planning, construction
Mosesi & Kalantarian - bankruptcy, personal injury, family, criminal
Peterson Bradford Burkwitz - employment, personal injury, elder abuse, insurance
Quaglia, Jan P. - bankruptcy, family
Ross, Lauren - bankruptcy
Steinmeyer Roth, also Thousand Oaks - business, real estate, intellectual property, international
Stephenson, Acquisto and Colman - healthcare, workers' compensation
Van Dorn & Marshak - intellectual property, entertainment
Warshaw, Adam S. - real estate
Wilner, Alan D. - debt collection
Wilson Trial Group - litigation, entertainment, family, real estate, criminal, personal injury, employment/labor

Canoga Park
Multiple Locations
Adams, Anne C. - bankruptcy, estate planning, family
Curry, Gerald E. - estate planning
Findling, Martin - personal injury, workers' compensation
Ibe, C. Valerie - tax, immigration, bankruptcy, estate planning, personal injury
Lester, Richard - motorcycle accidents
Pisegna & Zimmerman - personal injury, in Spanish
Reyes, Carlo O., also Mid-Wilshire (Wilshire Center) - immigration, bankruptcy
Rosenthal & Associates - family, landlord/tenant, civil litigation
Rosin & Associates - personal injury

Multiple Locations
Fernandez, Norman Gregory - personal injury, criminal, family
and Fernandez, Norman Gregory - family
and Fernandez, Norman Gregory - personal injury
and Fernandez, Norman Gregory - motorcycle
Glaubiger & Associates - notaries
Horton & DeBolt - civil litigation
McGarrigle, Kenney & Zampiello - real estate, estate planning
Powers Jr. William F. - real estate, business, landlord/tenant, construction, employment, estate planning
Reed, Zshonette - real estate, consumer, civil litigation
Rodriguez, R. Grace - real estate, bankruptcy
Schoenherr, Jeffrey T. (I Do Law) - estate planning
Vallens, Brent Edwards - estate planning, wills, trusts, tax

Granada Hills
Galindo Fox - business, family, real estate, estate planning
Go & Associates - estate planning
Heron & Associates, Carol E. - family, real estate, estate planning
Jensen, Tamila C. - elder, family, real estate, estate planning
Platt, Bob - immigration
Savin & Bursk - workers' compensation, estate planning, personal injury
Sigler & Associates, James A.

Hidden Hills
Socransky Austin, Lisa E - intellectual property

Mission Hills
Ashouri Law Offices - business, real estate, family, criminal, personal injury, immigration, litigation
Brifman Law - insurance, real estate, construction, business
Halperin, Norman S.
Laing, John B. - bankruptcy

North Hills
Harriman, Darrell C. - estate planning, family, personal injury

North Hollywood
Multiple Locations
Abdulaziz, Grossbart & Rudman - construction
Ajalat & Ajalat - full service
Faunce, Singer, Oatman & Woodson - disability
Fields, T. Elizabeth - family
Harris, Rand F. - family
Hewitt & Truszkowski - personal injury
Hyman, Allen - intellectual property, real estate
KM Law Group - bankruptcy
Law 22 - immigration, bankruptcy, personal injury
Lewis, Daniel E. insurance defense
Lipton & Margolin - family, workers compensation, personal injury
and Lipton & Margolin - child custody, family
McGuire III, Philip Jenner - employment
Mooney Jr., F. Bentley - estate planning, wills, trusts
Ostrove, Kenneth E. - estate planning
Phillips, Kathryn Irene - family, personal injury, civil litigation
Salter, Randall G. - tax, business, entertainment, personal injury, telecommunications
Scott, Arden & Salter
Swarth, Peter - criminal, DUI
Wegman, Levin & Stanley - criminal
Winogradsky/Sobel - entertainment, intellectual property
Zimring, Stuart D. - elder, estate planning

Multiple Locations
Amadi, Charles - workers compensation, personal injury, immigration
Berg, Arthur Paul - personal injury, insurance, appellate
Caplan, Gregory - criminal
and Caplan, Gregory - criminal
and Caplan, Gregory - criminal
Charrow & Slee - landlord/tenant, estate planning, family, bankruptcy
Chowdhury, Ian - bankruptcy
and Chowdhury, Ian - bankruptcy, business, litigation
Daniel, Sherman Ira - personal injury, business
Fleishman, Charles J. - disability, social security, ERISA
Kantor & Kantor - insurance, ERISA
Kaufman, Elizabeth - family
Mandell Law Firm - personal injury, medical malpractice
Radoff, Franklin - family
and Radoff, Franklin (Legal Advice Hotline) - family
Reily & Jeffery - aviation, civil rights, insurance, personal injury, professional liability
Runquist & Associates - nonprofits

Porter Ranch
Christopher Law Group (CLG) - estate planning

Egbase & Associates - personal injury, real estate, estate planning, immigration, bankruptcy
Monteleone, Danil - construction defect, bilingual Spanish

San Fernando
Borhani, Salman - criminal
Hilland, Donald A.
LA Criminal Law, also Woodland Hills
Martinez, Felix J., also Palmdale - criminal, family, estate planning
Sansing, Aaron - personal injury, family
Schwartz & Naderi, also Beverly Hills, Encino - criminal

Sherman Oaks
Multiple Locations
Ackrich, Robert S. - family
All Immigration Law Group (Orit Levit)
Appell | Hilaire | Benardo - employment
Appell Shapiro - business, employment
Ardalan & Associates - criminal, family, personal injury, civil litigation
Arden, James Ellis
Behne, Audra R. - immigration
Bronston, Edythe L. - creditor rights, bankruptcy
Brook, Fiona - immigration
Brot & Gross - family
Burg & Brock - personal injury
Burton, Stephen L. - bankruptcy
California Lemon Law (Gary Berkovich)
Campeas, Carmen Santos - family
Carlson & Greenberg - family, adoptions
Chain, Betty S. - litigation, personal injury, workers' compensation
Chesley, David S. - criminal, bankruptcy, family, personal injury
Drake and Associates, Kenneth W. - medical malpractice
Drexler, David - personal injury
Drum, Joel - appellate
Ellison, Sherman M. (Traffic Ticket Attorney)
Employment Lawyer's Group (ELG)
Erenstoft, Sean G. - civil litigation, criminal, business
Farkas, Richard D.
Fogel & Associates - personal injury, insurance, intellectual property, business litigation
Fogel & Associates - securities
Fox Law Group - entertainment, intellectual property
Fox & Fox Law - medical malpractice, personal injury, legal malpractice
Franklin, Stanley C. - personal injury
Genga & Associates - entertainment, intellectual property
Gershman, Stephen A. - family
Gigliotti, Robert - family
Glicker & Associates - full service
Goldstein Law Offices - criminal
Goldstein, Howard A. - civil litigation, personal injury, construction defect, employment
Gottlieb, R. Randall (Gott-Law)
Greenbaum, Lawrence E. - immigration
Gross, Arnold W. - personal injury, criminal
Gruber & Gruber - insurance
Hadjian, Abbas - family, Iranian
Harris & Kaufman - employment, labor
Homeier & Law - business
Horowitz, Jeffrey D. - construction, real estate
Howell, Edward J. - personal injury, workers' compensation, estate planning
Jackson & Wallace - litigation, professional liability, construction defect, appellate
Kaplan, Klein & Rogen - immigration
Kar, Joseph M. - business, international, litigation, real estate, personal injury
Kazandjieff & Traney - employment
Klein & Associates, Les - estate planning
Kleinman & Associates - workers' compensation defense
Kramer, David M. - immigration
Krell, Sef - DUI
Kulik, Gottesman, Mouton & Siegel (KGMS) - real estate, business, entertainment
L.A. Injury Law Center - personal injury
Leshner, Leigh S. - entertainment, business
Levitan, Peter - entertainment, intellectual property
Lipton, Kenneth - criminal
Loewenthal, Hillshafer & Carter, also Westlake Village - homeowners associations, construction defect, insurance bad faith, product liability, personal injury
Mancini & Associates - employment, personal injury
Mann & Zarpas - civil litigation, business, bankruptcy, real estate, estate planning
Mansouri & Sheeno - immigration
Marcarian Law Firm - business litigation, employment, personal injury
Marenus, Marjorie A. - business litigation
Margarian Law Firm, The - lemon law
Marsh, Melissa C. (Your Legal Corner) - business
McCurdy & Leibl - civil litigation
McKeon, Heather M.
McLeod, Stephen R. - civil litigation, business, employment, estate planning, family, personal injury, real estate
Meyer, Pamela G. - immigration
Mgdesyan & Taheripour - criminal, civil litigation, workers' compensation, family, immigration
Michelson, Louise E. - tax
Mirroknian Law Firm - employment, personal injury, insurance bad fiath
Murray, Steven W. - insurance
Narvid Scott - real estate, construction, business, intellectual property, estate planning
Nemecek & Cole - litigation, personal injury, appellate, construction defect
Newman Aaronson Vanaman (NAV) - disabled children
Osborne & Associates, James - civil rights, personal injury, business, aviation
Pacifica International Law Group
Parisi & Havens - insurance bad faith, consumer, litigation
Pearson, Simon, Warshaw & Penny - antitrust, employment, consumer, securities, workers' compensation
Pensanti & Associates - criminal
Pillemer & Pillemer - civil litigation, insurance defense, personal injury, estate planning, family
Pine & Pine - appellate, employment
Pisegna & Zimmerman - social security disability, personal injury, bankruptcy, estate plannign
Polinsky, Sara - estate planning
Quintanilla, Edgardo - immigration
Rawal, Jill P. - family
Reed, Robert ( - civil litigation, personal injury
Richards, Leslie - personal injury, family, business, entertainment
Roseman & Associates, also Costa Mesa - business, real estate, litigation, employment, construction, community association
Rothman & Associates, Jay S. - personal injury, employment
Salute, Kevin - real estate, business litigation, intellectual property, employment, personal injury
Sankary, Myer - estate planning, probate, employment, personal injury, real estate
Schimmel & Parks - civil litigation, personal injury, insurance bad faith, employment, construction defect, community associations
Schonfeld, Brickman & Associates - tax
Schwartz, Frederick S.
Shevin, Eric D. - criminal
Sigal Law Group, also Downtown LA - DUI, criminal
Simon & Resnik, also Downtown LA - bankruptcy
Simons, Steven A. - personal injury, lemon
Snyder, Howard A. - personal injury
Spencer & Mulally - debt collection, bankruptcy
Stevenson Law Office - estate planning
Stubbs Alderton & Markiles - securities, intellectual property
Triessl & Morris - criminal
Vallens, Jeffrey S. - criminal
Zamel, Stanley A. - landlord/tenant, criminal
Zipperman, Barbara Irshay - family

Studio City
Multiple Locations
Burgh, Balian & Bergstein - tax, estate planning, probate, trusts, wills, elder
and Burgh, Balian & Bergstein - estate planning
Chatham & Hogan - business, estate planning, litigation, entertainment
Criminal Defense Group (CDG)
Dantes, David - real estate, business litigation
Deutch, Joann R. - business, real estate
Dominguez, Jessica - immigration, in Spanish
Evans & Associates, Jonathan W. - securities
Fletcher Law - business, estate planning
Fox & Associates, J.T. - hospitality, business, personal injury, criminal
Levian, K. Kevin - estate planning, personal injury
and Levian, K. Kevin - lemon law
Miller Law Offices - immigration
Renetzky, Craig - criminal
Robe, Lynette Berg - family
Schuller & Schuller - real estate, construction, travel, international
Schwartz, Randall Brian
Wasserman, Larry E. - bankruptcy, estate planning, family, legal malpractice, personal injury, real estate
Young, Moshe A. - immigration

Sun Valley

Multiple Locations
Agmon, Elizabeth Delevie ( - lemon law
Attorney Recovery Systems - debt collection
Briskin, Latzanich & Pene - personal injury, employment
Clary, Julie - estate planning
Edwards, Marc L. - estate planning, trusts, wills, probate, elder
Elder, Keith F. - business, litigation, estate planning
Goodman, Howard - business litigation
Grossman & Mahan - family, estate planning, civil litigation, personal injury
Halpern & Associates - personal injury
Halpern Law Firm - personal injury
Hausman & Sosa - construction, real estate, employment, estate planning
Keller, Fishback & Jackson - litigation, personal injury, bilingual Spanish
Kydd, Louis G. - immigration
Lake Jr., Don - personal injury
Leeds, Richard L. - family, real estate, business
Miller, Manuel - criminal, elder, employment, personal injury
Moghtader, Michael H. - lemon law, immigration, real estate, business
Moravec, Sue A. - family
Paden, Kris M. - estate planning
Renzer, Robert Dennis (LAWCAL)
Ribarich, John M. - bankruptcy
Roach, Anthony - appellate, criminal, civil litigation, real estate
Rozsa Law Group - intellectual property
Rubin & Associates, Michael P. - real estate, business litigation, personal injury, insurance
Saltzman, Mark E. - entertainment, real estate, business litigation, landlord/tenant, bankruptcy, employment, family, personal injury
Spear, Bradley H. - personal injury, family, bankruptcy, criminal
Stein, Michael M. - real estate, tax, business, securities
Wasserman, Comden, Casselman & Esensten - litigation
Zelman & Buongiorno - workers' compensation, disability, personal injury

Toluca Lake
Baker, Ethan D. - estate planning, real estate

Universal City
Bagnaschi, Christopher J. - personal injury, construction, environmental, employment
Ballard Rosenberg Golper & Savitt - employment
Berry-Jacoby, Angela - criminal
Elson, Michael K. - business, estate planning
Eskin, Sheldon J. - criminal
Hamrick & Evans - construction, entertainment, litigation
Hurwitz, Orihuela & Hayes - employment, personal injury, business
Husband, B. Paul - entertainment, equine
Kotarski, Kenneth A. - business, real estate, landlord/tenant
Murtagh & Associates - business litigation, appellate, real estate, employment, securities
Zitser, Diana P. - family, bankruptcy

Valley Village
Block and Associates, Dennis P. - landlord/tenant
Davis & Whalen - estate planning
Karasov, Mitchell A. - elder, estate planning
Kujawsky, Paul - appellate

Van Nuys
Multiple Locations
Ahtirski & Associates, Eugene A. - criminal
Akhidenor, Michael O. - bankruptcy, employment, immigration, personal injury, landlord/tenant
Amster, Seymore I. - criminal
Bien & Robinson - criminal
Bryman & Apelian - personal injury
Burman, Alan R. - business, employment, personal injury, elder
Caravetta, Mariela, also Mid-Wilshire (Wilshire Center) - immigration, personal injury, bankruptcy, family, in Spanish
Cozzaglio, Alexander G. - workers' compensation, personal injury, criminal, employment
Ditlof, Daniel - criminal
Drake, Paula, also Santa Ana - criminal
DUI Terminator
Ekizian, Tamar A. - tax
Endler Law - evictions, landlord/tenant
Fresh Start Foundation - family, estate planning, immigration
Gittelson, Patricia G., also Oxnard - immigration
Immigration Law Offices
International Legal Alliance Group (ILAG) - immigration
Kenton's Law Office - workers' compensation
Kestenbaum, Eisner & Gorin - criminal
and Kestenbaum, Eisner & Gorin - DUI
Khorrami, Shawn - personal injury
Koszdin, Kenton - workers' compensation
and Koszdin, Kenton - social security, disability
Larson, Lawrence - criminal
Lennon & Associates, Gerald E. - criminal
Levin, Ellen - personal injury, business, employment, litigation
Lewis Law Firm - employment, business litigation
Liverpool, Chirnese L. - bankruptcy
Los Angeles Mold Lawyer
McNamara & McNamara - criminal, juvenile, family
Miller, Richard T. - aviation, personal injury, real estate, insurance, estate planning
Mullen & Filippi - employment, insurance
Muro, Miguel A. - family
Nalbandian & Associates, Avedis - criminal, family, business, immigration, in Spanish
Neel, Randolph L. - bankruptcy, personal injury
Nizinski, Loren - criminal, family, estate planning
Pearman Law
Premier Legal, Steven Peck's - elder abuse, estate planning, business, personal injury
Primushko, Maria V. - bankruptcy, immigration
Richmond & Richmond - immigration, business, estate planning
Rose & Siegel - employment
Rosenberg, Lawrence (ValleyLaw) - family, criminal, estate planning, juvenile, personal injury, tenant/landlord
Rosengren, Lisa-Jayne - family, real estate, criminal, estate planning, business
Rowen Gurvey & Win - workers' compensation
Saboorian & Associates - personal injury
Schuler & Brown - civil litigation, personal injury, real estate, employment, business
Sigal, Andrew C. - personal injury
Spiga & Associates - criminal
Stroud & Do - immigration, real estate, estate planning, employment, family, criminal, bankruptcy
West Coast Disability
Zide and O'Biecunas - debt collection

West Hills

Charness, Fred - insurance defense
Gerrity, Harry J. - real estate
Goodheart & Goodheart - business, real estate, personal injury, civil litigation
Malter Law - workers' compensation
Moheban Law Firm, also Mid-Wilshire (Wilshire Center) - estate planning, business
Phan, Beatrice - bankruptcy
2 Fix Your Traffic Ticket
Young, Kate, also Simi Valley - estate planning

ABCD (Absolute Best Criminal Defense)

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