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Legal Services in General
Antelope Valley
City of Industry
Conejo Valley
Crescenta Valley
El Monte
Gateway Cities
Hacienda Heights
Los Angeles County in General
Monterey Park
Multiple Locations
Orange County
Pomona Valley
Riverside County
Rowland Heights
San Bernardino County
San Fernando Valley
San Gabriel
San Gabriel Valley
San Marino
Santa Clarita Valley
Sierra Madre
South Pasadena
Temple City
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Pomona Valley
Diamond Bar
La Verne
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San Dimas


Ain, Farris - civil litigation, personal injury, employment
Allen & Ehrle - tax, probate, DUI
Anderson, Karen V. - family
Ansell, Edward O. - intellectual property
Atherton, Dale - criminal
Brisson, Paul L. - family, bankruptcy, civil litigation
Ehrlich Law Firm, The - insurance bad faith, appellate
Field, Jennifer L. - estate planning
Gutierrez & Vera, also Chino - government agencies, non-profit, schools
Hafif, Herbert - personal injury
Kendall & Gkikas - family
Kump, Kevin - banking, landlord/tenant
Lombardo Law Office - criminal
O'Brien, Mark F. - personal injury
Polamero, Perry P. - real estate, business, employment
Rogan, Kevin - business litigation, family
Skapik Law Group (SLG) - personal injury, family, estate planning, real estate, employment
Stoneman II, James P.
Taylor, Matthew L. - personal injury, business litigation, community associations, lemon
Taylor, Simonson & Winter - tax
Wait & Colfer - construction defect, employment, insurance, environmental, litigation
Wheeler, Scott Ernest
Wilkinson and Wilkinson - elder, estate planning, probate, trusts, wills

Diamond Bar
Andrews & Rhodes - construction defect
Bandy & Bandy - estate planning
Brown, Michael W. - estate planning, trusts, wills, elder
Cordova, Gloria D. - bankruptcy, business, construction, landlord/tenant, family
Flamenbaum, Bruce - family, estate planning, real estate
Giovanniello & Michels - elder abuse, medical malpractice, construction defect, business litigation, labor/employment
Holmes, Keith Cordell - personal injury
Homan & Stone - personal injury, construction, business, litigation, appellate, insurance, employment, product liability
Lee, James C. - family, civil litigation, criminal, personal injury
Rios, Delilah Knox - family
Salo, Aaron R. - intellectual property, construction, insurance, family, criminal
Sherlin Law Group - workers' compensation, employment/labor
Tan, Kenny - construction defect, real estate, landlord/tenant, personal injury
Viravan, Phunphilas - estate planning
Waters & Robinson - insurance defense, workers' compensation defense
Wu, Sam X. J. - bankruptcy, real estate, debt reduction, bilingual Chinese

La Verne
Squires, Stephanie J.


Bestard, Antonio J. - criminal
Borges Jr., Joseph K. - criminal
Giron, Lionel E. - workers' compensation
Hemming, Michael - estate planning, personal injury, bankruptcy, real estate, criminal, workers' compensation
Lemus, Richard F., also Fullerton - immigration, criminal, bankruptcy, bilingual Spanish
Lindars, Arthur P. - criminal
Meadows, Roger R. - employment, business, litigation, real estate, personal injury
Paris and Associates, Eric D. - criminal, personal injury
Peters, Mark B. - family, criminal
Planas & Perez - workers' compensation, personal injury, criminal
Prince, Thomas S. - civil litigation, personal injury, bankruptcy, immigration
Seagull, Keith A. - personal injury, workers' compensation, immigration, social security disability
Shirley & Shirley - family
Usher Law Group (ULG) - workers' compensation defense, employment

San Dimas
Abner, Ed Lee - bankruptcy, family, DUI
Antill, Paul E. - criminal, personal injury, family, business litigation
Coffin, Christopher - estate planning
Lovely, Samuel - family, real estate, estate planning, civil litigation
Munoz-Harlow, Sandra D. - family

San Gabriel Valley
Baldwin Park
City of Industry
El Monte
Hacienda Heights
La Puente
Monterey Park
Rowland Heights
San Gabriel
San Marino
Sierra Madre
South Pasadena
Temple City
West Covina

Champon & Associates, Into - personal injury, employment, immigration, bankruptcy, criminal, real estate, family
Harding and Lewis
Harrington, James - business litigation, personal injury
Ideal Legal Group - workers' compensation, immigration, family, labor/employment
Janji, Anthony - criminal
and Janji, Anthony - personal injury, criminal, DUI
Lieu, Jennifer Lin - immigration
Lindsay, James F. - litigation
Lo, Michael Y. (Debts Relief) - bankruptcy
Ma, Qiang - immigration, in Chinese
My Law, also El Monte - automobile accidents, aviation, criminal, international, intellectual property, real estate, business
Perliss, Sanford H. - criminal
Qi & Associates, Steve - business, securities, immigration, employment, real estate, international, intellectual property, family
Scandura, Steven P., also Manhattan Beach - international, business litigation
Steffin, Jeanne Anne - veterans, malpractice, personal injury
Tompkins & Parrington - estate planning, real estate
Universal Law Group - immigration, criminal, personal injury, bankruptcy, business, adoption
Zee Law Group - business litigation
Zheng, Pujie - immigration, intellectual property, bilingual Chinese

Cooper, Marlene S. - estate planning

Anderson, Peter (Last Minute Lawyer)
Continental Law Firm - business litigation, estate planning, bankruptcy, criminal, intellectual property
Helms & Myers - estate planning, family
Hoy, Edmund C. - civil litigation, real estate, family, estate planning, bankruptcy, personal injury
Hwu, Peter S. - business litigation
Kedikian & Kedikian - bankruptcy
and Kedikian & Kedikian, also Downtown LA - bankruptcy
Ken, Catherine - estate planning, aviation, business, international, bilingual Chinese
McLarnan-Dugan, Linda L. - family, estate planning
Morris & Morris - family, bankruptcy
Morris & Smith - family, bankruptcy, real estate
Nakatani Law Group, The - disabilities
and Oddenino & Gaule - personal injury, family, construction defect, business litigation
Salcedo, Paul J. - workers' compensation
Shen & Chan - business, real estate, personal injury, labor/employment, family, criminal, immigration
Siu, Albert - real estate, bankruptcy, immigration
Smith, M.A. - tax
Tse, Irene P. - business, real estate, estate planning, labor/employment
Urtuzuastegui, Charles - bankruptcy, family, criminal, business, estate planning
Warfel, Mark J. - family

Baldwin Park
Wang, Donald Z. - immigration

City of Industry
Alvarez-Glasman & Colvin - business, appellate, construction, election, employment, public agency, environmental
Castleton Law Group - business, criminal, family, immigration, intellectual property, real estate, personal injury, estate planning
Fang, David - in Chinese
Formica, Craig - personal injury
Gastelum & Associates, Omar - bankruptcy, civil litigation, criminal, estate planning, family, immigration
Joe, Jimmy L. - estate planning, probate, wills, trusts
Kenner Law Group - civil litigation, criminal, estate planning, immigration, real estate
Li & Associates, Bin - in Chinese
Lin, Vincent Y. - bankruptcy, tax, estate planning, family, immigration, in Chinese
Phipps, David A. - business
Sanchez Law Firm - business, estate planning, tax, international
Shea Law Firm - business, civil litigation, estate planning
Yang, Elaine - international, bilingual Chinese

Brajkovich, Steven - family
Crawford & Bangs - construction
Cristiano & Lillard - bankruptcy, family
Krafft, M. Sue - real estate, estate planning, business
Levy, Brian Don - family, business, estate planning
Maietta, Richard J. - personal injury, workers' compensation
Martindale, Janis Brady - estate planning, business
McCurdy & Fuller - insurance
McMeekin, Daniel G. - civil litigation, criminal, family, real estate
Uriarte & Wood - civil litigation, bankruptcy
Warren, Kelly - bankruptcy
Weiss, Robert E. - banking, real estate

El Monte
Chavez & Associates - family, bankruptcy, estate planning, tax
Choice Law Group - bankruptcy, personal injury, immigration, family
Chung, Bobby C. - immigration
Figaredo, Edward F. - bankruptcy, personal injury, workers' compensation
Ip & Associates, Edward C. - construction
Li, Ming Gang - immigration, bilingual Chinese
Liang, Jonathan - immigration, in Chinese
Magnum, Chaim - criminal
Reinhold, Lawrence - immigration, business, bilingual Chinese
Rowe, Jessie Fan - real estate, construction defect, estate planning, immigration, family, personal injury, civil litigation

Driskell & Gordon - business, real estate, estate planning, personal injury
Kalama, Joann Jackson - estate planning, real estate
Kibbler, John H. - family
Kropke, Jennifer J. - special education, family
Liddle and Liddle - tenant/landlord
Newell and Havens - estate planning
Sayegh Law, William G. - personal injury, real estate, litigation, family, estate planning, environmental
Stettner & Morris - family

Hacienda Heights
Sheu, Jiunn-Liang - immigration, in Chinese
Wu, Janice - immigration

Holliday, Susan K. - real estate, construction, estate planning, elder
Tyre, John, also Temple City - criminal

La Puente
Barredo & Associates, Ramon G. - personal injury
Quinones, Gilbert - personal injury, workers' compensation, criminal, bankruptcy, civil litigation

Ashburn, Richard E. - insurance subrogation
Chandra, Sam - debt collection
Chesley, Clare - estate planning
Dominguez, Aimee E. - business, securities, real estate
Eng Immigration Law Office
Faith, Lyle, H. - criminal, personal injury, family, landlord/tentant, estate planning, civil litigation
Gottlieb, Jeffrey A. - special education
Holland, Donnelly & Mishler - family, estate planning, criminal, juvenile, appellate, business
Hyde, Sheral A. - family, estate planning
Lathrop, Bruce D. - intellectual property, business, government contracts
Mulvihill, Cynthia Coulter - civil litigation, construction defect, real estate, personal injury
Patten, Faith & Sandford - business, real estate, family, estate planning, personal injury, employment, appellate, litigation

Acevedo, Oscar - criminal
Canlas Law Group - personal injury, workers' compensation, employment, immigration, bankruptcy, estate planning, real estate
Hernandez Law Group - immigration
Moreno Becerra & Casillas - personal injury, immigration, employment
O'Farrill, Anthony J. - real estate, consumer, business, bankruptcy, litigation, landlord/tenant, estate planning, personal injury
Sigala, Gilbert D. - personal injury

Monterey Park
David & Raymond - intellectual property
Freedland, Arnold
Gallegos Law Firm, also Downtown LA - personal injury, multilingual Chinese, Spanish
Lam & Roxas, also Torrance
Long & Associates - business, litigation, immigration
Los Angeles Dependency Lawyers - family
Peek, Jerry B. - personal injury
Pelayo-Garcia, Beatriz A. - family
and Pelayo-Garcia, Beatriz A. - family
Su & Associates, David Z. - in Chinese
Tsoi & Associates, also Mid-Wilshire (Wilshire Center) - immigration, business, employment, litigation
Wang, Taihe, also Rowland Heights - immigration, in Chinese
Warmuth, Scott - personal injury, immigration, bilingual Chinese
Zhang, Lei - in Chinese

Pasadena Listings

Rowland Heights
Chang & Cote - international, bilingual Chinese
Chang, Albert J.C. - litigation
Zhang, Michael J. - immigration, business, international, in Chinese

Chiu & Associates, Agnes - employment, immigration, estate planning, business
Deng, Daniel H. - criminal, in Chinese
Nelson, Peter A. - personal injury

San Gabriel
Arcos, Charles A. - elder care
Badar, Conrad G. - immigration
Bjornbak, Quian, also Downtown LA - business, personal injury, estate planning, intellectual property, international, immigration
Gu, Amy Haihua - immigration, family
Jiang, Helen B. - immigration
Liu Law Group - criminal, business litigation, entertainment, intellectual property, personal injury, real estate
Swarovski Law - litigation, business, real estate, bankruptcy, multilingual Russian, Chinese
Vida Law Group - immigration, bilingual Chinese
West Themis Law - bankruptcy, civil litigation, business, criminal, personal injury, consumer, family, estate planning
West, Mark - personal injury, business litigation
Wong and Associates, Dixon (Apex Law Center)
Yang, Melanie M. - immigration, international, business, personal injury, bilingual Chinese

San Marino
Albert, Florencia R. - employment
Bronwen Price - real estate
Canady + Lortz, also Mid-Wilshire (Hancock Park) - intellectual property
Chen, Angeline - immigration
and Chen, Angeline - immigration, bilingual Spanish
Chiao & Wu - estate planning, real estate
Conway, Jack K. - personal injury, criminal, family
Delinko, David F. - personal injury, immigration, civil litigation
Giesler & Kim - business, real estate
Graynom-Daly, Debra
Heckmann, Brian D. - landlord/tenant, personal injury
Hoglin, Christopher L. - criminal, personal injury, family, bankruptcy, business litigation
Hollingsworth, Gary - business, employment, appellate
Intellectual Property Law Group (IPLG)
Lee & Xiao - intellectual property, international
Mathews, Charles T. - criminal, employment, personal injury, real estate
McPhilamy III, W. Patrick - personal injury, business, family, criminal, estate planning
Miller, Eleanor - personal injury
Moravecs - estate planning
Pierce, David L.
Ryan, Kelly F. - entertainment, music
Schwaber, Steven A. - bankruptcy
Woodsmall Law Group - special education

Sierra Madre
Adoption Law Group - adoptions
Beirne, Peter C. - DUI, entertainment, civil litigation, employment
Moloney, Nancy P. - estate planning
Savarese Law Firm - personal injury, civil rights, estate planning

South Pasadena

Aquino & Aquino - immigration
Arevalo, Enrique - immigration
Burke & Associates, Timothy P. - business, civil litigation, real estate, estate planning, entertainment
Childers, Traci A. - bankruptcy, family
Daniel, M. Irene - estate planning, family
Gibson, Kenneth L. (KLG) - construction, insurance, banking, employment/labor, real estate, landlord/tenant, administrative
Glasco, George - litigation, estate planning, aviation, international, malpractice
Global Law Group - immigration
Hallett, Douglas L. - insurance
Lee, San San
Li & Associates - immigration
Pansky Markle Ham - legal malpractice defense
Papanikolas, Demetrios - personal injury
Riggall, Kneave - tax
Roth, Virgil L. - litigation
Silva Jr., Jesus, also Downtown LA - family
Verdin, Jesse A. - family

Temple City

Chang, Cindy S. - immigration, family, estate planning, business litigation
Chao, Lynn - civil litigation, personal injury, business, immigration
Entertainment Immigration Services
Immigration Lawyers of America
National Immigration Services
Zhou & Chini - bankruptcy, family, criminal

West Covina
Antonelli, Joseph - employment, construction, personal injury, business
Brown, Waldo A. - criminal
Cervantes, Ramon - criminal, personal injury, family
Cheng, Louis C. - immigration
Ding, Jie Ci - workers' compensation, personal injury, family, estate planning, business, landlord/tenant
Ensberg, Stephen E. - civil litigation, real estate, business, estate planning, insurance, elder law, family
Fiore Jr., Mauro, also West LA (South Robertson) - personal injury
Giles, Kelly - immigration
Greene, Blair C. - family, personal injury, immigration, estate planning
Hill, Piibe & Villegas, also Downtown LA - immigration
McDonough, Tim - personal injury
McFadden, Bradley J. - family, criminal, real estate, personal injury, bankruptcy
P.K. Schrieffer - personal injury, appellate, construction defect, insurance
Paliwoda & Paliwoda - personal injury
Poulos, Christopher A. - disabilities
Rinaldi, Donald Edward - bankruptcy
Soong, Danny - personal injury

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