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Santa Monica Firms
Multiple Locations

Abegaze Law Group, also Woodland Hills - family
Aerlex Law Group - business, real estate, intellectual property, employment, aviation
Allen + Wohrle - litigation, business, intellectual property, real estate, personal injury, administrative, insurance
Altholz, Andrew P. - business, bankruptcy, family, immigration, criminal, litigation, real estate, estate planning, tax
Andrews Family Law & Mediation Office
Angel, Frank P. - environmental
Arvin, L. Christopher - estate planning

Bailey & Partners - aviation, personal injury
Baker III, Robert ML - estate planning, elder
Bass, Daphne Sheridan - intellectual property
Baylis, Barbara R. - entertainment
Bell, Arlene - special education
Bell, McAndrews & Hiltachk - election, campaign, administrative
Ben-Zvi & Associates
Berliner Law Firma - business litigation, estate planning
Berra, Paul S.
Black & Machtinger, also Newport Beach - personal injury
Boesch Law Group - entertainment, estate planning, intellectual property, personal injury
Bottom Line law Group - business, intellectual property
Brandon & Morner-Ritt - entertainment
Braun Law Firm, The - business, real estate, employment
Bronstein, Marc A. - business, real estate, estate planning
Brookman, Daniel F.

California Family Law Institute (J. Michael Kelly)
Canning, Robert C. - bankruptcy
Car Accident Lawyer Pros - personal injury
Chapa & Nevarez - personal injury
Chatten-Brown & Carstens (CBC) - government agencies
Citron & Citron - business, construction defect, intellectual property, insurance, litigation
and Citron & Citron - business, construction defect, intellectual property, insurance, litigation
Clarke Logan Young - family, real estate
Cohen, Philip Kent - criminal
Coleman Frost - business, litigation, intellectual property, real estate, employment
Condon & Condon - real estate, estate planning, business, litigation
Conkle, Kremer & Engel - business, construction, insurance bad faith, real estate, medical malpractice, intellectual property
Cooper-Gordon - family, estate planning, probate, trusts
Cooperson, Solis - family, tax, estate planning
Corrigan & Morris - business litigation
Costa, Abrams & Coate - entertainment
and Costa Abrams & Coate - entertainment, intellectual property
Costell & Cornelius - bankruptcy, business litigation, entertainment
Costell & Cornelius - real estate, bankruptcy, business litigation, entertainment
Cowan Law Firm - business litigation, employment, self-storage
Cron, Israels, & Stark - criminal, DUI, juvenile

Davis*Gavsie & Hakim - employment
Deering, Joseph E. - estate planning, trust, wills, probate, real estate, elder, civil litigation
Devermont & Devermont - social security disability
Devitt & Chelberg - criminal
DeWitt, Clyde - adult business
Donovan & Sapienza
Dovel & Luner - litigation
Dunn & Associates

Elliott & Associates - employment

Feldman, David M. - personal injury
Feldman, Raymond - personal injury, criminal
Festa, Michael J. - real estate, business, estate planning
Fruchtman, Cynthia E. - labor/employment, litigation, landlord/tenant, construction defect

Garrard & Davis - personal injury, employment, insurance
Gilchrist & Rutter - business, employment, environmental, real estate, estate planning
Gillin Jacobson Ellis & Larsen - personal injury
Gorman & Miller - litigation, real estate, business, franchise
Greenberg & Weinmann - employment
Greene Broillet & Wheeler - personal injury, employment
Greenwald Pauly Foster & Miller - real estate, litigation
Grey & Grey - special education
Griffin Fletcher & Herndon - real estate
Griffin, Susanne A. (Justitia Omnibus) - immigration, criminal, family, personal injury
Grodsky & Olecki - insurance bad faith, intellectual property, entertainment
Gross, Linda S. - family
Gruber, Frank J. - entertainment

Hakim, Alred - employment
Hall, Jane Beaumont - estate planning
Hall Doyon Law Group - estate planning, living trusts
Hammers and Baltazar, also Newport Beach - family
Harding Larmore Mullen Jakle Kutcher & Kozal (HLM) - real estate, finance, civil litigation, estate planning, appellate
Haselhoff, Otto L. - personal injury
Hashemi, Majid - family, personal injury, immigration
Hemar & Associates - creditors rights, debt collection
Hernandez, Leo H. - workers' compensation
Herzog, Ian - personal, aviation, elder abuse
Hicks Jr., L. Westcott - business, estate planning, tax, intellectual property
Hirschfeld Kraemer - employment
Hochberg, William - entertainment, intellectual property

Imhoff & Associates - criminal
Internet Law Center
and Internet Law Center - intellectual property
Isaacs, Clouse, Crose & Oxford, also Torrance - business litigation, real estate, appellate, maritime, intellectual property, insurance
Ivey, Kent L. - bankruptcy, real estate, business, employment, landlord/tenant

Kaplan & Walker - compliance, business ethics
Karlin, Andrew T. - real estate
Katz, Golden, Sullivan and Rosenman
Kinsella Weitzman Iser Kump & Aldisert (KWIKA) - entertainment, intellectual property, employment, criminal
Kling Law Firm - entertainment, Internet
Knauf Associates - disability, education
Knickerbocker Law Group - litigation, appellate
Koenig, Michael N. - bankruptcy, real estate

LA CRM LAW (Louis Sepe) - criminal
Landaal, Steven R. - immigration
Landmark Law Group - business, real estate, hospitality
Lane, Karen R. - adoptions
Lawton, Eric - insurance, business litigation, real estate, construction, personal injury
Legal Reengineering Law - employment, landlord/tenant
Lesmez, Arthur G.
Lesnick, Matthew A. - bankruptcy, business litigation
Light, Harold J. - entertainment, intellectual property
Lorman, Bruce M. - real estate, construction, equine, healthcare, insurance

Mandich Gum
Manzano, Catalina L. - bankruptcy, employment, personal injury, lemon, construction defect
May, Carol - business, real estate
McAndrews, Allen & Matson, also Laguna Beach - business, real estate
McGonigle, Timothy D. - business, litigation
Mihell & Associates - family
Milstein, Adelman & Kreger (MAK) - construction defect, insurance bad faith, labor/employment, personal injury
Moghaddam, Alexander - business, international, maritime
Morrison, Jan - estate planning
Morse Law Group - aviation, business, insurance, international
Moss, Robert M. - civil litigation
Murphy Rosen & Meylan - appellate, business litigation, entertainment, employment, insurance

Nelsen, Thompson, Pegue & Thornton - insurance bad faith, insurance defense
Nitti, Thomas A. - tax, estate planning, real estate
Nixon & Associates - estate planning, business
Norman, Paula R.

Olan Law - personal injury
Oyler & Woldman - family

Palmer, Mark B. - tenant
Paris and Paris - business litigation, real estate, bankruptcy, creditors rights/debt collection
Perkins Coie - full service
Pisarra & Grist - family

Quintero Law - intellectual property

Randolph & Associates - criminal, personal injury, civil rights
Rappaport, Jerry
Reisman, Edward S. - immigration
Ritkes, Daniel - civil litigation, criminal law, appellate, personal injury
Rogan Lehrman - business, banking, maritime, employment, entertainment, real estate, securities, product liability
Rose, Alec - criminal
Rosenberg Mendlin & Rosen - real estate, entertainment, intellectual property, business litigation
Roshan-Zamir, Perry
Rothbard, William I. - advertising
Rowan, Thomas Patrick
Rubin, Steven D. - estate planning, real estate

Saakvitne, Nicholas L. - ERISA
Sayson & Associates - entertainment, intellectual property
Seiter & Co. - intellectual property
Shapiro, Rodarte & Freedman - business litigation, insurance
Shegerian & Associates - employment
Sherman & Sherman - criminal
Silberberg, Fred - family
Silver, Hadden, Silver, Wexler & Levine (SWL) - labor/employment
Sklar, Helen A. - immigration
Small, I. David - estate planning
Smyrski Law Group - intellectual property
Soodik, Lynn - family
Sosa, Steven C. - estate planning
Spataro & Associates - litigation, intellectual property, technology, business, entertainment, labor/employment
Spolin Silverman & Cohen - business, securities, insurance
Stanley, Martin Louis - personal injury
Stanton, Paul - estate planning, trusts, probate
Stein, Jonathan - business, litigation
Steinberg & Spencer, also Riverside - personal injury
Stone Wood Himpel & Knutson - estate planning, trusts, wills, probate
Sultan & Sultan - estate planning, trusts, wills, probate, elder, real estate
Sweeney, James K. - business, litigation, family

Takehara & Stuart - real estate, personal injury, litigation, construction, employment
Tourtelot, Robert H. - business, real estate
Trabolsi & Levy - family

Valdez, Andrea - estate planning
Verus Law Group - business litigation, real estate, intellectual property

Wallin, Kress, Reisman and Kranitz - real estate, public entity
Wayne, Aissa - family
Wilshire Palisades Law Group - business, securities
Wolfberg Law Offices - personal injury, estate planning, bankruptcy, landlord/tenant
Wolfberg, Daniel ( - personal injury
Wolfsdorf, Bernard P. - immigration

Zaret, Thomas C. - personal injury

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