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Legal Services in General
Downtown LA
El Segundo
Gateway Cities
Harbor Area
Hermosa Beach
Long Beach
Los Angeles Airport Area
Los Angeles County in General
Manhattan Beach
Multiple Locations
Orange County
Palos Verdes Estates
Rancho Palos Verdes
Redondo Beach
Riverside County
Rolling Hills Estates
San Bernardino County
San Pedro
Santa Clarita Valley
Ventura County

Anciano, Edmund, also Artesia - immigration
Aguila, Patricia L. - estate planning, business
Janoff, Karpel & Cowan - workers' compensation
Lawson, James Drew, also Beverly Hills - business, real estate
Wisdom Law (Oscar M. Leus) - immigration

Advanced Legal Services - immigration, in Japanese
Aleshire & Wynder, also Irvine - public agencies
Bowman and Brooke - business litigation
Chou & Associates, John S., also El Monte - healthcare, medical malpractice, personal injury
Gibson, Cynthia L., also Seal Beach - bankruptcy
Tomita Law Office - immigration, bilingual Japanese

Beyer, David - civil litigation, criminal, appellate

Hermosa Beach
Baker, Burton & Lundy - litigation, estate planning
Brandelli, Randolph J. - family, real estate
Edgerton and Weaver - securities, insurance, real estate, professional liability
Feldman, Eugene - disabled rights
Goergen, Michael S.
Hodges & Thomas - personal injury, product liability
Holguin, Vida M. - employment/labor
Lauzon & Euler - employment, labor, family
Maier Shoch - personal injury, business litigation, civil rights
Polinger, Thomas M. - family, civil litigation
Rodgers, John Q. - tax
Thompson, Lorri M. - family

Hoffman & Pomerantz - legal appearances

Braswell-Amin, Kristine J. - family
McCone, James G. - landlord/tenant
Splinter, Robert G. - construction

Manhattan Beach
Multiple Locations

Barrera & Associates - employment, business litigation, personal injury
Bentley, Hannah - municipal, environmental
Birns, Douglas M. - criminal
Bohrer, Thomas H., also Irvine - immigration
Brooks, Francesca M. - employment
Combs, Patricia H. - family
Corcovelos & Forry, also Mission Hills - business, estate planning
Crosner & Associates, Albert L. - personal injury
Davis III, B. Martin, also Long Beach - estate planning
Dinsmore & Sandelmann - personal injury, civil litigation
DuRoss, Daniel - estate planning, probate, wills, trusts
Eleniak, Dale A. - real estate
Fine & Chais - personal injury, insurance bad faith
Foley Lyman Law Group - employment, business
Guzman Law Group - business
Hall Law - business, construction, real estate, insurance
Hallett, James M. - criminal, family
Honey, Jennifer M. - estate planning, tax
Jenkins & Hogin - public agencies, municipalities
Jossen, Sanford - personal injury
Keller Law Firm, The, also Santa Clarita (Valencia) - estate planning, trusts, wills,
Kellman Hoffman - business, employment
LA Traffic Ticket Lawyer
Manhattan Advertising & Media Law
Mansfield, Baden V. - family
Norman, Margaret - estate planning
O'Hagan Spencer
Pace, Layton L. - business, tax
Proviso Law Group - business, estate planning
Rangel Jr., Decio - criminal
Rombro & Associates - family
Ruben, Joel D. - real estate
Rubin, Damon - business, employment/labor, real estate, construction
Schewe, Edward G. - intellectual property
Schlee IP - intellectual property
Schlichter & Shonack - civil litigation, construction, real estate, labor/employment, personal injury, insurance
Simon, David E. - estate planning
Simpson, Keith F. - personal injury, labor/employment, business, family, criminal
South Bay Business Lawyers - business
Surls, Curt - employment
Swan, Joseph G. - intellectual property
Thatcher Law Group, The - estate planning, bankruptcy
Vartian, Armen R. - business
Wasmund, H. Andrew - business litigation, criminal, family, personal injury
Wasserman, Terry K. - mental health
Wilke, Pete - independent filmmakers

Palos Verdes Estates
Cochran, Davis & Associates - insurance bad faith, professional liability, construction defect
Kid's Law Center (Leejanice Toback) - family
Nash & Nash - business, real estate

Rancho Palos Verdes
Doan, R. Stephen - estate planning
Donoghue, Laurence B. - immigration, family, criminal
Isel, Paul M.
Schlackman, Marvin I. - business
Wilkes & McHugh - elder abuse, medical malpractice, construction defect

Redondo Beach
Multiple Locations
Amer Law Firm, The, also Costa Mesa - criminal
Becker, Gregory I. - estate planning
Bowman, Stanley D. - real estate, bankruptcy
Collection Lawyers
Conner & Associates - civil litigation, environmental
Crawford IV, Fred Daniels - personal injury, employment
Dixon, Erin E., also Santa Clarita (Valencia) - estate planning, family
Eberhardt / Villanueva - personal injury, criminal
Hofer & Harris - estate planning
Kadin, David C.
Kirby, Kirby and Kirby - motorcycle accident
Lesser & Associates - scuba diving, personal injury, maritime, employment
Moorhead & Sparks - litigation, personal injury
Munoz, Janice - family
O'Connor, Deirdre - appellate, criminal
Okabe & Haushalter - criminal
Pollock, Cynthia R. - estate planning
Regan, James J. - business litigation, immigration
Rosen, Pauline - family
Spierer, Woodward, Corbalis, & Goldberg - real estate
Strain, John A. - tax
Teren Law Group - employment
Valdivia, Imelda - estate planning
Wood, Kevin G. - family

Rolling Hills Estates
Dunbar & Associates - professional malpractice, product liability
Elias, Charles - family
IP Business Law - intellectual property
Pecchia, Donald M. - immigration
Schallau, Al - legal malpractice, appellate, litigation
Schriebman, Robert S. - tax
Sunada, Craig S. - personal injury, civil litigatioin

Multiple Locations
Adkins-Hunnewell, Carol J. - family, estate planning, wills, trust, probate
Agnew & Brusavich - personal injury
and Agnew Brusavich - personal injury
Albert & Will - securities
Aldover, Ernesto F. - real estate, business
Artiano & Associates - business, appellate
Ayers, William D. - administrative, criminal

Bangerter Sheppard - business, real estate, insurance defense, litigation, personal injury, non-profit organizations
Barberis & Barberis, Colleen & Patricia - family
Barrow, Rohn C. - criminal
Beck & Browning - civil litigation, environmental, real estate
Bence, David R. - business litigation, estate planning
Bird and Bird - criminal
Bolender & Associates - insurance, business, litigation
Booth & Koskoff - personal injury
Boyko, John M.
Bradpiece, Jeffrey
Brown & Brown - administrative
Brown, David S. - personal injury
Bruers, Stuart - domestic violence
Burkley & Bradlin - business, family, real estate, estate planning

Clarkson, Gore & Marsella - bankruptcy, business, real estate
Collins, Peggi - real estate, estate planning
Conover & Grebe - estate planning, elder law
Cooper, Robert S. - litigation, labor/employment, construction
Crane, Kathleen D. - estate planning
Csengeri, Stephen - personal injury

Daigneault, Abel & Daigneault - family, estate planning, employmnt, elder, personal injury, criminal, bankruptcy
Deason, Edward J. - personal injury, insurance bad faith, medical malpractice
Dunbar, Daniel W. - securities, personal injury

Edgecumbe Law Firm - real estate, business, personal injury
Ehret, Christensen - business litigation, insurance
Eskridge Law - employment, civil rights, real estate, business
Eto, Gary C. - personal injury, criminal, DUI
Ezer Williamson Law - real estate, business, estate planning, appellate

Fields, Marck C.
Finer, W.A. - business, estate planning, litigation, real estaet, tax
Finer, W. A. - estate planning, real estate, business, litigation
Frank, Daniel S. - family, criminal, personal injury

George, Ralph M. - family, estate planning
George, Victor L. - personal injury
Greenberg, Whitcombe & Takeuchi - business litigation, appellate, real estate, labor/employment

Hahn & Bolson - business litigation, international, real estate, intellectual propety, employment
Hammons & Baldino - business, construction, lemon, real estate
Hansen Seto - business
Harowtiz, Steven D. - social security, workers' compensation, personal injury, criminal
and Harowitz, Steven D. - social security, workers' compensation, personal injury, criminal
Harwell & Wahid - immigration, personal injury, real estate, estate planning, business, debt collection
Harwell Jr., Lee W. - personal injury, business, immigration, real estate
Helfman, Larry A. - litigation, personal injury, business, employment, real estate
Hill & Associates, Greg - criminal
Hindenlang, Walter J. - estate planning, trusts, wills
Hinds Jr., James Andrew - civil litigation, bankruptcy
Holt, Karen R. - estate planning

Inskeep Intellectual Property Group

Kahng, Jim - immigration, bilingual Korean
Kall, Christopher A. - personal injury, estate planning
Kalra Law Firm - bankruptcy, immigration, estate planning
Kellner, James L. - bankruptcy, real estate
Kensik, Kevin J. - family
Keschner, Irving - intellectual property
Kim, Richard S. - criminal
Kossitch, Paul J. - DUI, criminal
Kritzer, Joseph A. - personal injury
Krol, Vernon C. - personal injury

Legaltechnics - personal injury
Levy, Richard A. - appellate
Lewallen, Cynthia T. - estate planning
Loom Legal - bankruptcy
Lou, Grace A. - business, estate planning
Low IV, Joseph H., also Long Beach, Beverly Hills - medical malpractice

Malek & Malek - employment, business, real estate, insurance
Markey, Lawrence M. - family
Masuda Funai Eifert & Mitchell - business, employment/labor, environmental, estate planning, immigration, intellectaul property, real estate
McGaughey & Spirito - litigation, appellate, family, business, estate planning, real estate, personal injury
McGregor & Ernenwein - criminal, DUI
and McGregor & Ernenwein, also Long Beach - DUI
McGuinness & Associates - litigation, construction, antitrust, business
McGuinness, Tara - family, tax, estate planning
McNulty and Saacke, also Los Alamitos - insurance, maritime, banking, transportation, business litigation
McPhee, W. Allan
Meinzer, Andrew M. - estate planning, elder law
Miller, Karen B. - family, divorce, child custody
Moniak, Raymond I. - debt collection
Moore, Bryan & Schroff - family, estate planning
Murakami Law Office - real estate

Ocean View Law Group - surfers

Pathak, Suresh C.
Petillon, Hiraide & Loomis, also Downtown LA - business, corporate, securities
Pettler & Miller - estate planning, family

Radcliff & Saiki - business, administrative, insurance bad faith
Rager, Jeffrey A. - employment, personal injury, business litigation
Rastegar & Matern - personal injury, employment, entertainment, intellectual property, real estate
Retz, Kirk J. - construction, business, litigation
Retz, Linda J. - estate planning
Rice, David Lee - tax
Robinson & Parker - business, real estate, litigation
Rorie, Frank D. - family, criminal
Rosenfeld, Andrew M. - full service
Rosinksy, Sheldron (Beach Cities DUI)
Ruff, Matthew J. - criminal, DUI
and Ruff, Matthew J. - criminal, DUI

Sanders & Montalto - personal injury, business, immigration, employment, real estate, estate planning
Saavedra Tax Law
Saperstein Law Firm - bankruptcy
Schiller, Michael I. - real estate, business, estate planning, civil litigation, employment, elder abuse
Schuchman & Funada - bankruptcy
Scouton & Scouton - construction, insurance, business, real estate, litigation
Scudiero, Joseph B. - employment, labor
Shapiro, Michael F. - real estate
Shields, James C., also Cerritos, West Covina - bankruptcy
Shigekuni, Thomas N. - estate planning
Shook, Michael D. - family, criminal
Simon, Barry J. - personal injury
Simonetti, Charles V. - real estate
Smith, Michael - personal injury
South Bay DUI
South Bay Law - family
South Bay Law Firm - bankruptcy
South Bay Lawyers Network - personal injury, real estate, employment, criminal
St. Denis, Michael - business, real estate, labor/employment, construction, intellectual property
St. John, Wallace, Brennan & Folan - employment, business litigation
Stearns Kim & Stearns - family, estate planning, real estate, business, civiil litigation

Takahashi Law - immigration, estate planning, DUI, family
Takata Law Office - immigration, estate planning, bilingual Japanese

Varga, Stephen A. - family, criminal, homeowner associations
Visco, Alfred - bankruptcy, business

Wang, Willie - business, construction, real estate, personal injury
Watanabe & Suemori, also Tustin
Wickers, Rodney W. - business, litigation, estate planning, real estate, employment, family
Williamson & Associates - insurance defense, workers compensation, medical malpractice
Wolfsen & Wolfsen - family, estate planning
Wyner & Tiffany - children with special needs, disabilities

Yamamoto, David K. - family

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