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Legal Services in General
Downtown LA
Gateway Cities
Harbor Area
Long Beach
Multiple Locations
Orange County
Riverside County
San Bernardino County
San Gabriel Valley
San Pedro
Santa Clarita Valley
South Bay
Ventura County

Gateway Cities
Huntington Park
La Mirada
Multiple Locations
Pico Rivera
Santa Fe Springs
South Gate
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Fields, Michael S. - litigation
Goel, Baisakhi Ram - immigration
Immigration Express
Vachhani & Associates - immigration, family, estate planning

Cook, Errol L. - criminal
Gangloff Gangloff & Pool - tax
Humphries, Michael S. - lemon, consumer
Hutchens, Lawrence J. - lemon
Kezios, Georgia N. - landlord/tenant, estate planning, probate, trusts, wills, family, business
Paik Law Group - estate planning
Wilson, Christine A. - bankruptcy

Chugh Firm, The - immigration, business, tax, litigation, employment, real estate, family, international, criminal, bankruptcy
DesJardins & Panitz, also Riverside - employment, personal injury, real estate, civil litigation
Duarte, Gressier & Menezes - estate planning
Lozano, Crispin C. - immigration
MPEagle Immigration Services
Roberts, Attorney, also Orange - family
Singer, Edward J. - workers' compensation, personal injury, social security
Trivedi, Sam - business, litigation, intellectual property, international
Weaver, Larry W. - manufactured homes
Zirillo, Jesse - business, civil litigation, criminal, DUI, family

Labor Law Employer Defense
Moreno, Leticia T.
Roquemore, Pringle & Moore (RPM) - bankruptcy, business, litigation, estate planning

Herrera, Luz E. - real estate, family, estate planning

Aguirre & Associates, Patrick S. - criminal, immigration, personal injury
Bunnett, John A. - personal injury, estate planning, real estate, business, bankruptcy
Carfrae, Dorothy L. - family
and Carfrae, Dorothy L. - family
Cort Serrano Cort - family, personal injury, criminal, workers' compensation, business, real estate, litigation, bankruptcy
Cristea, Alexandru A. - immigration
Danton, Teresa - personal injury
English, Richard T. - workers' compensation, social security, disability
Hall, Ronald M. - personal injury, criminal
Herrera & Juelle - immigration, business, litigation
Lago, Peter L. - bankruptcy, estate planning
Lopez, Steve - family, estate planning, immigration
Multani, Anju - family
Nogueiras, Marita - personal injury, family
Olivares, Carlos - family
Orloff and Associates - litigation
Rico, Robert
Saab, Alexis - immigration, criminal, personal injury
Saab, Dennis G. - personal injury, immigration, criminal
Segall-Gutierrez, James P. - in Spanish
Siegel, Eugene M. - family
Ucuzoglu, Nathan - family
Young, Lawrence R. - criminal

Huntington Park Shafer, Roger S. - bankruptcy, criminal, estate planning, civil litigation

La Mirada
Coronado, Edgar - business litigation, consumer, family, real estate
Gibbons, Gibbons & Gibbons - criminal
Gleason Law Offices - estate planning, real estate, business, personal injury

Advocacy Law Center (J. Kelso Lindsay), also Long Beach - elder, personal injury, family, probate, wills, trusts, criminal
Givot, David J. - criminal, DUI
Hansen, Steven W. - product liability defense
McCann, Christopher J., also Santa Ana - criminal, DUI
Special Education Law Firm
Whiteleather, Tania L. - special education

Deyo, Richard N. - family
Fukushima, Paul J. - estate planning
Gold, Jeff - DUI, criminal
Gold, Jeffrey D. - criminal, personal injury
Gomez, Marcus - bankruptcy, family, personal injury
Moy, Lawrence A. - personal injury

Hall, Howard H. - automobile accidents

Pico Rivera

Santa Fe Springs
Chou, W. Steven, also Tustin - business, estate planning, probate, labor
Czech & Associates, Jeffery J. - real estate, estate planning
Dixon & Daley - workers' compensation
Ho, Roland - business, criminal, landlord/tenant
Jacobs & Vega - immigration, criminal
Jacobsma & Brau - workers' compensation, personal injury
Rohlfing, Lawrence - disability
and Rohlfing, Lawrence D. - social security/disability

South Gate
Bombalier, Silvia - bankruptcy, personal injury, family, criminal, estate planning
Trejo, Richard L. - criminal

Americana Law Group - immigration
Arzili & Associates - criminal, DUI
and Arzili & Associates, also Norwalk - criminal, DUI
Averill & Green - intellectual property
Bewley, Lassleben & Miller - real estate, tax, healthcare, construction
Bretoi & Associates
Dickerson, David M. - family
Espinoza, Steven R. - immigration
Friendly Hills Law Center - estate planning
Gallegos, Rose Marie - family
Gebelt, Nicholas - bankruptcy
Koestner & Shahon - family
Koh, Katherine S. - immigration
Law Office Whittier - personal injury
Magnuson, Michael S. - litigation, real estate, construction, employment, environmental
Miller, Richard A. - family
Moisa, Alex M.
Moore & Associates - workers' compensation
Moss & Hovden - personal injury
Myers & Associates - criminal, family, estate planning
Oberholtzer, Jay - family, estate planning, trusts, wills, probate, elder, real estate
Perez, Brenda - family
Pickard III, David W. - construction, architects
Plascencia, Felipe - DUI
Requejo, Tomas
Sailer & Associates, Richard S. - personal injury
Schuster, Dennis M. - family, bankruptcy
Segall-Gutierrez, Jaime - family, criminal, immigration, bankruptcy
Thomson & Nelson - business, estate planning
Topalian & Topalian - family, business, estate planning
Vacchio, Michael Angelo - business litigation, real estate, environmental
Villegas & Associates, Armando - family, criminal, DUI, immigration
Von Mizener, Martin - workers' compensation
and Von Mizener, Martin - workers' compensation
Young, Joe - business, civil litigation, criminal

Harbor Area
Harbor City
Long Beach
Multiple Locations
San Pedro
Seal Beach
Signal Hill
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Harbor City
Fusi, Dennis R.

Long Beach
Amador Kelly, also Torrance - personal injury, employment, business
Anderson, John T. & Lisa Norman - estate planning, trusts, wills, probate
Attorney Aid - bankruptcy, family

Bak-Boychuk, Michael, also Palm Desert - intellectual property
Bauer, Nina R. - family, immigration
Bayview Law Group - bankruptcy
Beason, Joseph - criminal
Becker, Todd B. - workers compensation, bankruptcy
Behnam, Saman - business, real estate, civil litigation, immigration
Bergkvist, Bergkvist & Carter - real estate, estate planning, probate, trusts, civil litigation
Blumberg Law Offices - medical malpractice, legal malpractice, real estate, personal injury
Brandmeyer, Stanton & Dockstader - family
Brandon & Yarc - family
Brockie, Fred B. - workers' compensation, bankruptcy, tax
Busse Jr., James A. - estate planning

California Lemon Law Lawyers
California Political Law
Cameron & Pearlson - real estate, litigation, business, environmental, employment
Cammarano & Sirna - maritime, transportation, business litigation, landloard/tenant
Cantrell, Green, Pekich, Cruz, & McCort - workers compensation, social security, disability
Caplan, Jeffrey E. - business
Carlin & Buchsbaum - employment
and Carlin & Buchsbaum - employment
Carroll, Kelly, Trotter, Franzen & McKenna - full service
Cernyar, Michael K. - criminal
Claveran Law Firm - bankruptcy, immigration, real estate, personal injury, workers' compensation
Clemmer, Stephen B., also Orange - estate planning
Clinton & Clinton - civil litigation
Cloud & Olsen - civil litigation
Cockriel, Stephen E. - estate planning
Cogswell, Nakazawa & Chang - transportation, maritime, business litigation, energy, immigration, personal injury
Coleman, Marc
Coniglio, Terry J. - maritime, shipping
Consumer Legal Services - lemon law
Cook & Associates, Andrea - employment, labor, criminal
Cosio, R.M. Anthony - appellate, bankruptcy, criminal, personal injury, real estate, estate planning, landlord/tenant
Craton & Switzer - estate planning, real estate, business, tax
Cummings, Scott - employment
Curd, Galindo & Smith - personal injury

Dannis Woliver Kelley (DWK) - labor/employment, construction, special education, schools
Davert & Loe - business, litigation
DeLuca, Philip P. - family, personal injury, insurance bad faith, criminal
deMartino, Valerie K. - estate planning, probate, trusts, corporate
Demler, Armstrong & Rowland - personal injury, insurance defense, construction defect, intellectual property
Dentalmal (Dane Levy) - dental malpractice
Devon & Associates, Marcia - intellectual property, business

Edwards, Anita Grace - employment, family, bankruptcy
Eisenberg, Donald S. - family, personal injury, elder, criminal, appellate, business, estate planning
Emling Forensis - intellectual property
Evans Brizendine & Silver - maritime, business, criminal, employment, personal injury, real estate, family
Exclusively Criminal Law

Felahy Law Group, also Downtown LA - employment
Finn, Robert P. - litigation, personal injury, workers compensation, immigration, criminal
Ford, Walker, Haggerty & Behar
Foresight Legal Group - estate planning
Fort, John L. - real estate, appellate, business, medical malpractice, personal injury

Gabriel & Associates - personal injury, workers' compensation
and Gabriel & Associates - personal injury, workers compensation, estate planning, probate, trusts, wills
Garcia Law - elder abuse, insurance bad faith
Garg & Associates - immigration
Gaylord & Nantais - asbestos, mesothelioma, workers' compensation
Gilligan Law, also Rolling Hills Estates - family
Glaser, Damone & Schroeder - criminal
Gorski Firm, The - business, bankruptcy, family, personal injury, estate planning
Gray Law Firm - intellectual property
Greathouse, Jeffrey W. - estate planning
Guerra, Tracy (ASAP Evictions) - real estate

Haberbush & Associates - business litigation, debt collection, bankruptcy
and Haberbush & Associates - business litigation, bankruptcy, debt collection
Hancuff, D. James - business
Harms, Warren A. - family
Harrington & Harrington - intellectual property, tax
Harris & Associates, Homer L. - family
Harting, Simkins & Ryan - personal injury
Hartman, Eric S. - estate planning, trusts, wills, probate, business
Helton Law Group - healthcare
Henderson, George - workers' compensation
Hoffman & Associates - personal injury, criminal, DUI
Holmes Lofstrom - franchise
Houser & Allison, also Irvine - business litigation, real estate, sports

Immigration Compliance Group

Jackson & Jackson - workers' compensation
Jarvis, Krieger & Sullivan, also Anaheim - family, estate planning, environmental, immigration
Jarvis Law Offices - civil litigation, administrative, immigration, labor, personal injury, real estate
Johnson, Cebula & Rygh - civil defense, personal injury, employment, construction defect, appellate
Johnson, Wade C. - construction, real estate, litigation
Jones, Francis A. "Nick" - estate planning

Kaestner, Matthew G. - criminal
Kaiser, Swindells & Eiler (KSE) - transportation, maritime, community associations, construction defect, hospitality industry
Keesal, Young & Logan - full service
Kelly, George T. - personal injury, elder, civil rights, family, estate planning, personal injury
Kennedy & Associates, Robert L. - family, criminal
Kent, Larry
Keough, Mark - employment
Kerry, Garcia & Lewis - personal injury, civil litigation
Krieger & Krieger - employment
Kristy Law Firm - insurance bad faith, personal injury, employment, litigation
Kuper, Denise M. - workers' compensation, estate planning

La Torraca, Henry B. - business, consumer, employment, insurance, litigation
Lachner, Ronald K. - family
Lallande Law - personal injury
Lanzone Morgan - elder abuse
Lashlee, C. Timothy - bankruptcy, landlord/tenant, family
Law Offices of D&A - criminal
LeMieux & Associates, Ronald J. - criminal
Lemmons, Phillip C., also Fountain Valley - family, estate planning
Lerner, Brian D. - immigration
and Lerner, Brian D., also Downtown LA - immigration
Leverlaw - bankruptcy
Lim & Associates, Stewart, also Irvine - bankruptcy, family, immigration, automobile accidents
Loggins Law
Lombardi & Perry - personal injury, workers' compensation, estate planning, wills, trusts
Long Beach Law - civil litigation, criminal, family, estate planning
Lotta, Michael A.
Lyon Law, also Downtown LA - employment

Madden, Jones, Cole, & Johnson - business, estate planning, personal injury
Magee & Adler - estate planning, real estate, business
Maher Law Firm, The - personal injury, insurance bad faith, elder abuse
Marron Lawyers, also Irvine - criminal, insurance, personal injury, maritime, employment, transportation, real estate
Matsuk, Leonard - criminal
McBrearty & Ware - personal injury
McGill, Angela Novas - immigration, family
McIntosh Law, also Costa Mesa - personal injury
McNamara, Barbara E. - family
Medina, Jose - family, criminal, immigration
Mendoza, John - workers' compensation
Menke Law Firm - estate planning, business, real estate
Metzger Law Group - personal injury, toxic torts
Michel & Associates - environmental, employment
Miller, Sharon - estate planning, elder
Minsky, Larry - employment, administrative
Montes de Oca, Christopher - personal injury
Moriel, David D.
Morrison, LaRossa & Price, also Santa Ana - family, workers' compensation, social security/disability, criminal, personal injury

Newell Curtis Nelson & Burnight
Nicholson, Jerry - criminal

O'Sullivan, Dennis J. - workers' compensation, personal injury, immigration

Peacock & Le Beau - criminal
Perona, Langer, Beck, Serbin and Mendoza - personal injury, workers' compensation, employment/labor, construction defect, immigration, appellate
Perry, Robbin D. - criminal, civil litigation
Peterson-Lord, Janis - immigration
Pierry, Joseph P. - personal injury
Pingel, Steven R. - employment, disability
Poland, Richard L. - criminal
Pratt Colleen M. - personal injury, workers' compensation, immigration
Prindle, Amaro, Goetz, Hillyard, Barnes & Reinholtz - insurance defense, personal injury, environmental

Ridout & Lyon - environmental, business litigation, real estate, employment
Rodenborn, Michele - international trade
Rohlfing & Kalagian, also Santa Fe Springs - social security/disability
Rothenberg, Marc S. - family, criminal
Russell Mirkovich & Morrow, also Costa Mesa - maritime

Sanborne & Sine - business, estate planning, family
Schmocker, John B. - criminal
Schuster & Associates - aviation, business, civil litigation, estate planning, intellectual property
Shyres Law - family, criminal, lemon law, estate planning
Simon Greenstone Panatier Bartlett - mesothelioma
Sinclitico & Burns - maritime, personal injury
Singer, Wayne, also Encino, Riverside - workers' compensation defense
Sisco, Kenneth D. - estate planning
Stacker, Patrick C. - estate planning, real estate, business
Stassinos, E. - intellectual property
Stolpman, Krissman, Elber & Silver - personal injury
Swain & Dipolito - maritime, transportation

Tan, Vitthara - immigration, international, personal injury, family
Taubman Simpson Young Sulentor
Thorpe, Barry G. - criminal, insurance, family, adminstrative
Torres, Ricardo A. - personal injury
Trainotti, D. Michael - tax

Uthoff Law - maritime, business

Velasco Law Group - estate planning

Wakino Law - intellectual property
Waks, Michael D. - personal injury
Walker, B. Stuart - family, bankruptcy
Warren, Sheldon J. - civil litigation
Weil & Associates - real estate, maritime
Weiss & Associates, Allan B. - litigation
Westrup Klick - civil litigation, labor/employment
Williamson, Richard T. - estate planning
Wilson, Michelle A. - estate planning, elder abuse, family, criminal, civil litigation
Winters, Jonathan D. - personal injury, real estate, business
Wong, Lisa - civil rights, labor/employment, bankruptcy, family, immigration, civil litigation

Yam, Khinh V. - bilingual Cambodian

Zimmerman, Dean R. - family, criminal, personal injury, real estate, litigation
Zuk, Caroline A. - special education
Zwierzchowski & Nguyen - business, litigation, intellectual property, family, estate planning, real estate, multilingual Polish, Vietnamese

San Pedro
Hevener, James J.
Horeczko, Matthew M., also Long Beach - criminal
Lane, Byron R. - estate planning, real estate, business
Larkin, Peter - criminal
Lebental, Miriam J. - personal injury
Lopez, Luisito L. - immigration
McCarthy, Phillip - estate planning
Meissner, Werner R. - personal injury
Naylor, Charles D. - maritime
Nizich, Robert W. - workers' compensation
Pierry & McAdams - personal injury, workers' compensation, maritime
Ponchak, Terrance - personal injury, employment, family, consumer
Sacks, Howard D. - personal injury, maritime
Snell, Merrilee - immigration
Walker & Walker - personal injury
Worthington, Roger G. - personal injury
Zealock Lawyer Group - labor/employment, immigration, criminal, intellectual property, litigation

Signal Hill
Sylvia, Julia, also Downtown LA - public law, government relations, business, real estate, estate planning
Woods, Jon M. - workers' compensation, bilingual Spanish

Sharif & Associates, Gesvi, also Norwalk - maritime

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