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Bel Air
Cohen, Moses A. - bankruptcy, business, personal injury, real estate

Adelstein, Bruce - appellate
Advisors LLP - business, real estate
Bacalski, Ottoson & Dube - business, securites, estate planning, employment, construction, real estate
Baker, Leslie M. - bankruptcy
Biren Katzman - personal injury
Buter, Buzard, Fishbein & Royce - family
Danz & Associates, Stephen - employment
Friedman, Barry L. - family
Gray Law, Humberto R. - immigration
Hourcade, Pierre - international, bilingual French
Joannes, John A. - immigration
and Joannes, John A. - immigration
Kade, Michael P. - criminal, civil litigation
Klein, Robert M. - personal injury
LA Injury Law - Torjesen, John C. & Associates - personal injury
Lanning & Peterson - estate planning
Levy, Small & Lallas - banking
McKee, James J. - family, immigration, real estate, estate planning
McNulty Law Firm - personal injury, elder abuse
Mokhtarzadeh, Shahrokh - business, family, real estate, landlord/tenant, employment
Morgan, Charles - entertainment, intellectual property, business, litigation
Nesburn, Judith C. - family
Peterson, Jamers R. - estate planning
Rogers & Harris - real estate, entertainment, business, estate planning, trusts, wills, probate
Rollins Law Group - criminal
Schlothauer & Collins - labor/employment
Shaffer Gold & Raubaum (SG&R) - business, litigation, real estate, employment, tax
Shilub, Michael J. - civil litigation
Swe, Sana - employment
Toles, Henry M. - bankruptcy
Tuffias, Heidi S. - family
Wells, Samuel J. and Michael P. King - employment

Culver City
Ackerman, Ronald P. - federal employee
Bouchet, Margo - family
Brewer, Marcia J. - family
Center For Enforcement of Family Support
Comstock & Sharpe - estate planning, family, real estate, personal injury
Cook, D. Durand - adoptions, surrogacy
Doniger Law Firm - intellectual property, business litigation, entertainment
Duitsman, Robert L. - estate planning
Foxx Firm, The - business litigation, entertainment, intellectual property
Gajewski & Baughan - personal injury
Gauthier Estate Planning
Golsan Ziff & Ziff - family
Greenberg, Les - business litigation
Gullixson & Kennedy - personal injury, workers' compensation
Ibay, Manny - personal injury, business, real estate, litigation, family
Leemhuis, Guy A. - family, estate planning, special education
Lively, Peter M., also Costa Mesa - bankruptcy
Peyman & Rahnama - personal injury, workers' compensation
and Peyman & Rahnama - personal injury, workers' compensation, bankruptcy - bilingual Spanish
Probstein & Weiner - entertainment
Sacks & Zolonz, also Rancho Cucamonga - workers' compensation defense
Senders, Roger S.
Shaby II & Associates, David M. - business, personal injury
Solomon, Saltsman & Jamieson - full service
Valdez Jr., David - lemon
Willoughby & Associates - criminal, municipal, employment, personal injury, family, real estate
Yates, Bonnie Z. - special education
Zalma, Barry - insurance

Allan Law Group, also Arcadia - business, appellate, intellectual property, real estate, employment
and Allan Law Group - real estate, business, international, intellectual property, employment
Palmeiri, Dennis - civil litgation, criminal
Shultz, Michael L. - criminal
Voelzke, Joel - intellectual property
Wright, Paul J. - international, business litigation

Marina del Rey
Baker & Oring - elder abuse, insurance, product liability
Barnes, Thomas R. - family, estate planning
Berenson, Mitch - immigration
Berger Kahn, also Irvine - business litigation, bankruptcy, employment/labor, entertainment, intellectual property, personal injury, real estate
Bernick, Kathy F. - employment, personal injury, bankruptcy, family
Boelter, Allen B. - entertainment, intellectual property
Di Giulio, Joseph
Gillen, James R. - personal injury
Girard Law Offices - estate planning, elder law
Gladstone Michel Weisberg Willner & Sloane - bankruptcy, aviation, business, labor/employment, insurance, real estate, appellate
Havens, Robert S. - workers' compensation, personal injury
Hennelly & Grossfeld - litigation, entertainment, personal injury, intellectual property, real estate, securities, employment
Kramer, Seth - family
Lemon, Boyd S. - legal malpractice
McCullough Jr., Thomas B. - estate planning, real estate, appellate, tax
Newman, Alan Burton - employment
Russo, Fred - DUI
Schwartz, Jonathan - securities, criminal
Steinberg, Alexandra M. - employment, bankruptcy
Swanson & Swanson - immigration
Swerdloff Law Firm - estate planning
Voss, Silverman & Braybrooke - litigation, family, business
Wasserman, Michael E. - dental malpractice
White, Twila S. - employment
Yuhl & Atkinson - personal injury, employment, business
Yuhl Carr - business litigation, labor/employment, personal injury, insurance

Pacific Palisades
Bjornson, Brett A. - estate planning, tax
Davis, William F. - securities fraud
DuBovy, N Jane - bankruptcy
Flick, Robert - real estate
Gianni-Petoyan - medical malpractice, employment, mesothelioma, health care, elder abuse, personal injury
Malm, Robert E. - intellectual property
Markun Zusman Compton (MZC) - securities fraud, employment, ERISA, business litigation
Pecsok, Marilyn S. - family
Tether Law - environmental
Turner, Keith J. - business, real estate, insurance, entertainment

Helmer Friedman - employment, personal injury, business litigation
Kleiman, Mark Allen - false claims, qui tam
Levine, Paul S. - entertainment, intellectual property
and Schonbrun DeSimone Seplow Harris & Hoffman, also Pasadena - employment, personal injury, civil litigation, civil rights
and Schonbrun DeSimone Seplow Harris & Hoffman, also Pasadena - employment
Thomas, Alexander & Forrester (TAF) - business, creditors rights, intellectual property
Yagman & Yagman & Reichmann - civil rights, criminal

Westwood/West LA
Adel & Pollack - personal injury
Advisory Law Group - healthcare
Armbruster & Goldsmith - real estate
Bagby, Douglas A. - family
Ball Law Firm - business litigation
Bazan Huerta Law - family, immigration, bankruptcy, criminal, personal injury, employment, estate planning
Bernard & Bernard - criminal
Bickel Law Firm - lemon law
Brager Tax Law Group
Brucker Morra - employee benefits, ERISA
Cho, Michael S. - immigration
Citron & Deutsch - real estate, estate planning, intellectual property, employment
Clarke & Associates, Laurence R. - civil litigation
Cohen, Lawrence S. - intellectual property
Danialpour & Associates - personal injury
De Castro, West, Chodorow, Glickfeld & Nass - tax, estate planning, litigation, real estate
Denburg, Ruth - family, estate planning
Dern, Dixon Q. - labor/employment, intellectual property, business litigation
Firemark, Gordon B. - entertainment, business
and Firemark, Gordon P. - entertainment
Fogg, Janice - estate planning
Glaser, Harvey A. - estate planning
Goldman, Martin F. - creditor's rights
Goodson Wachtel and Petrulis - tax
Halavi, Vida - real estate
Hasson, Aron - immigration
Herman, Stephen C. - transportation
Hoffman, Sabban & Watenmaker - estate planning, trusts, wills, probate, tax
Holt Law Group - immigration
Hoskins, Philip J. (California Law Center) - estate planning
Kamran, Kia
and Kamran, Kia - entertainment, intellectual property
Kopple & Klinger - tax, estate planning, wills, trusts, probate
Kornberg, Howard Craig - personal injury
and Kornberg, Howard Craig - personal injury
Korshak, Kracoff, Kong & Sugano - labor
Kussman & Whitehill - personal injury, insurance
Lazar, Akiva & Yagoubzadeh - business, employment, estate planning, lemon law, personal injury, real estate
Liner Grode Stein Yankelevitz Sunshine Regenstreif & Taylor - bankruptcy, criminal, business, intellectual property, real estate, litigation
Mansell & Mansell - personal injury
McNicholas & McNicholas - personal injury, employment
Mebtahi, Elena - family
Meshki, Cyrus - immigration, family
Mostofi Law Group - healthcare
Olincy & Karpel - tax, estate planning
Pollack, Jason A. - personal injury, employment, landlord/tenant
Reuben, Don H., also Indian Wells
Reuben Raucher & Blum - civil litigation, family, real estate, intellectual property, entertainment
Richardson Patel - business, securities, intellectual property, employment, entertainment, estate planning, bankruptcy
Robertson + Lum - estate planning
Ronge, John R. - estate planning
Ross & Silverman
Russell, Rossi A. - business, real estate
Sheff, Neil J. - immigration
Sigel, Allan A. - employment
Sohagi Law Group, The - public agencies
Stambler, Errol H. - criminal
Strumwasser & Woocher - public interest
Stull, Stull & Brody - securities fraud
Tax Lawyers Group (TLG)
Taylor & Ring - personal injury
Towle Denison Smith & Maniscalco - litigation
Trueblood Law Firm, The - lemon law, consumer
Twining, Christopher R. - estate planning, elder, real estate
Tyson, Timothy T. - intellectual property
Weiss & Lurie - litigation
Westwood Law - civil litigation, appellate, real estate, criminal, family, personal injury
Woollacott Jannold - litigation
Yellin, Michael M. - family, employment, real estate, immigration, intellectual property, bankruptcy
Ziff, Ronald A. - criminal
Zuber & Taillieu - intellectual property, entertainment, real estate, tax, immigration, environmental

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