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Woodland Hills Firms
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Abramson, Joe R.
Abrogast & Berns - consumer
Adell Law Offices - estate planning
Adler Law - construction, real estate, business litigation
Aghabala, P. Paul - personal injury, employment, business, workers' compensation
AHN Legal Group, also Westwood, Irvine - bankruptcy
Allen, John A. - insurance
Altman & Ray - workers' compensation, insurance bad faith, personal injury
Anker, Reed, Hymes, Schreiber & Cohen (ARHS&C), also Santa Clarita (Valencia), Century City - business, estate planning, tax, real estate, intellectual property, litigation
Appell, Marc - labor/employment, business litigation, personal injury, workers' compensation
Ariam, Sarit - special education
Armani, Irene RP - estate planning, international, business, estate planning
Ashby, John A. - employment
Avila & Shaddow - employment

Babian, Eric L. - estate planning
Baker & Associates - business, real estate, construction
Barker, John R. - business, real estate, litigation, employment
Barlavi, David - tax, estate planning, business
Benedon & Serlin - appellate
Bennett, Leon F. - family
Berglund Johnson - personal injury
Bergman Law Group - family, business, litigation, real estate
Berke Law Offices, also Canoga Park - immigration
Berman & Berman
Berns, David - personal injury, workers' compensation
Bernsley, Mark - business, tax
Bezaire, Khoukaz & Babaian - estate planning, business
Bisno, Samberg & Mulvaney - personal injury, bankruptcy, business, banking, real estate
Bitkower, Marshall - toxic mold
Blatt, Dana L. - family
Blau, Howard - personal injury
Block, Richard A. - tax, estate planning
Boykin, Mark - estate planning, wills, trusts
Breddan, Matthew - family
Brenner, Robert A. - burn victims, personal injury
Brown, Sharon E. - bankruptcy
Brownstein & Brownstein - bankruptcy, business litigation
Buda, Frank M. - real estate
ByrneLaw Office - business litigation

Cano, Thomas N. - litigation, business, family, criminal, immigration, personal injury
Carlson Law Group - real estate, construction, business, civil litigation
Champ & Associates - personal injury
Chilingirian, Neal N. - tax, estate planning, business
Chodos, Rafael - intellectual property
Cohen, Jeffrey S. - estate planning, probate, wills, trusts
Conviser, Donald F. - family
and Conviser, Donald F. - family
Cunningham, Mark G. - personal injury

DaCorsi, Placencio & Rumsey - personal injury
Danziger and Mei - immigration
DeCastro & Morrow - business litigation, employment
Diligence Incorporated - business litigation
Dion-Kindem & Crockett - business, real estate, employment, bankruptcy, family
Draper, Douglas S. - real estate litigation, business litigation

Elkins, Cynthia - employment
Ezra Brutzkus Gubner - banking, bankruptcy, apparel industry, business, employment, intellectual property, real estate

Fattorosi & Chisvin ( - intellectual property, entertainment
Feldman, Yacoba Ann - estate planning, probate, wills, trusts
Fiduciary Law Services - estate planning
Fisher, David S. - real estate, business
Fitch Even Tabin & Flannery - intellectual property
Fleetwood, Glen S. - DUI
Forn II, V. Neil - personal injury, construction defect, entertainment, intellectual property
Freeman & Freeman - personal injury
Fuller & Fuller - estate planning

Gailen, Scott - family, criminal, personal injury
Gaines & Gaines - business litigation, real estate, employment
Gandhi, Indra - immigration
Gibson Law - bankruptcy
Gilmartin, Angela L. - special education, personal injury, criminal, estate planning, family
Glass & Goldberg - business, bankruptcy, real estate, litagation
Goch, Michael - civil litigation
Goldberg & Gage - employment, civil rights, personal injury
Goldberg & Gille - personal injury, insurance bad faith
Goldberg, Barry P. - personal injury
Golden, Roger - civil litigation, business, entertainment, estate planning
Goldman Seeger
Goldman, Diane - personal injury
Gordon, Anthony B. - business, tax, real estate, intellectual property
Grassini & Wrinkle - appellate
Greenberg, Lyle F. - personal injury, employment, business litigation
Gropman, Ted R.

Hagen & Hagen - bankruptcy
Hagopian & Associates - family, criminal, lemon, personal injury, business litigation, estate planning
Hanger, Steinberg, Shapiro & Ash (HSSA) - full service
Harrison & Harrison - estate planning
Heisler & Bray - workers' compensation, employment
Heyman & Associates - construction, business litigation
Hodapp, Michael T. - personal injury, medical malpractice
Hoegh, Thomas - employment, workers' compensation
Hoffman Law Firm - civil litigation, construction, entertainment, personal injury
Hoffman, Jeffrey S., also West LA - bankruptcy
Hohler, Heidi - business litigation, estate planning, bankruptcy, real estate
Hornstein Law Offices - tax, estate planning
Horwitz, Mike R. - criminal, family
Hughes & Dunstan - bankruptcy, tax, estate planning
Hunsucker Goodstein & Nelson, Downtown LA


Jamgotchian, John J. - business
Judge, Sean E. - personal injury, construction, business
Joshi, Pardeep - appellate, civil litigation, criminal, employment, family, immigration, real estate

Kahn, Robert A. - personal injury
Kaloustian & Associates - lemon
Katz & Associates - civil litigation, construction defect
Kelly & Kelley - intellectual property
Kohanim, Zipora T. - personal injury
Koiman, Daniela - immigration
Koury, Kenneth P. - civil, business litigation
Kraft Law Offices, also Simi Valley - family, estate planning, employment
Kramsky, Elliott N., also Century City - intellectual property

Law Collaborative, The - family
Lederman, Gregory J. - estate planning
Legal Rights Advocates - DUI
Lenner & Weiss - litigation
Lenske, Lenske & Abramson - construction, estate planning, family, nonprofit, real estate
Leonard, Robert T. - tax
Leventhal, Jonathan - bankruptcy
and Leventhal, Jonathan - estate planning
Levin & Levin
Lewis, Richard A. - family, estate planning, trusts, wills, probate
Lewis, Marenstein, Wicke & Sherwin - workers' compensation, disability, personal injury
Lieber Williams & Labin - criminal, civil litigation
Look Law Firm - bankruptcy, personal injury, family
Los Angeles Lemon Law Center
Lovett, Steven R. - construction, real estate, commercial
Lovretovich, Joseph M. - employment, personal injury

MacGregor & Berthel - insurance bad faith, business litigation
Manuwal & Manuwal - personal injury
Maranga Morgenstern - civil litigation, appellate, construction defect, employment, personal injury, medical malpractice
Mariconda, Kent G. - personal injury, insurance, construction, real estate, business
Marks Law Firm, The - insurance bad faith, personal injury
Mattenson, Miles M.
Melnik, Todd L. - criminal
Merritt and Hagen - bankruptcy
Miller, Manuel H. - product liability
Mirman, Bubman & Nahmias
Mooney, Kevin James - family
Moss, Kenneth F. - employment

Naziri Hanassab & Borjian - personal injury, employment
Nia, Tina A. - automobile accidents
Nichols, Rob R. - bankruptcy
Nicholson, John F. - family, real estate, criminal, landlord/tenant, business
Noonan, W. Patrick - food and drug regulations
Norton & Melnik, also Fullerton - civil litigation, construction defect

Oved, Shai - bankruptcy, business, landlord/tenant, personal injury, tax

Pacific Business Law Group (PBLG) - real estate, employment, litigation
Payab & Associates, also Century City - personal injury, civil litigation, business
Pearson, Joyce
Pelletier & Associates, Franklin D. - employment, personal injury, litigation
Phillips, John - personal injury, criminal, business
Pollock, Lorne M. - personal injury
Prober & Raphael - financial

Raichelson, Michael H. - bankruptcy
Rameson III, Jack A. - estate planning
Rehwald, Rameson, Lewis & Glasner - personal injury
Rice & Bloomfield - personal injury, employment, administrative
Ring, Bart I. - consumer rights
Rodich, Gary R. - workers' compensation, social security/disability
Rose, Jay A. - estate planning, wills, trusts
and Rose, Jay A. (99Wills) - estate planning, wills, trusts
Rosenberg, Gary A. - civil litigation, business, insurance subrogation
Rosenberg, John P. - personal injury
Rosenthal, Neal R. - personal injury
Rothstein, Larry A. - litigation, business, construction, insurance
Roxborough, Pomerance, Nye & Adreani (RPNA), also Westwood - insurance bad faith, business litigation, employment
Rubanowitz, Daniel B. - family

Sage, Robert S. - estate planning, elder law
Salvo, Alice A. - estate planning, trusts, wills, elder
Sandler, Steven - business litigation, employment, lemon law, consumer
Santiago, Rodnunsky & Jones - estate planning, family, employment, personal injury
Schreiber, Mark - personal injury defense, malpractice defense, insurance defense
Shapero, Shapero & Hurst - civil litigation, real estate, employment, banking, business
Sheppard, Debra L. - community associations, real estate, business
Shifman, Alan, also Newport Beach - family, estate planning
Sibilia & Lorenzo - personal injury
Siciliano & Weeks - personal injury, business litigation, employment, construction defect, real estate, elder, consumer
Sievert, Richard D. - real estate
Sirkin & Sirkin - estate planning, trusts, wills, probate
Slater, Jeffrey M. - family
Slipock, Mark - workers' compensation
Smith, Barry - criminal, estate planning, litigation
Speciale & Burton
Staley, William S. - tax, business
Starr, Robert L. - lemon, consumer
and Starr, Robert L. - personal injury
Stauffer & Howell - estate planning
Stone, Rosenblatt & Cha - business, litigation, construction, employment, entertainment, intellectual property, real estate
Stulman, Martha - family, elder, estate planning

Tisser, Doron M. - estate planning
Tovar & Cohen - entertainment
Tropio & Morlan - employment, litigation, construction
Tudzin, Michael

Urick Law Center - family, personal injury
U.S. Patent Law Services (David M. Kleiman) - intellectual property
US Visa Associates - immigration

Vorzimer Masserman, also Encino - business litigation, reproductive, criminal, construction, entertainment, appellate

Wabby, Walter J. - personal injury
and Wabby, Walter J. - personal injury
Walzer & Melcher - family
Washor & Associates - business
Webb Law Firm - employment
Weinberg, Marc - bankruptcy, construction
White, Debra S. - criminal
White, Grace - family
Whitefield, Laura - family
Winer & McKenna - personal injury
Wright Law Firm, The - immigration
Wyatt, Andrew M. - family, bankruptcy, DUI, estate planning, workers compensation


Zakuto, Joel - personal injury, criminal
Zgrablich & Montgomery - workers' compensation defense

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