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West LA Firms
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Abrams, Michael L. - family
Ackermann & Tilajef, South Robertson - employment
Addy, Christopher G., Rancho Park - bankruptcy
Affeld Grivakes Zucker
Agapay, Levyn & Halling, Palms - full service
Allen, Jeffrey G., Palms - employment
Allis, Nicholas R. - personal injury
Ask Accident Lawyers - personal injury
Aver, Raymond H., South Robertson - bankruptcy, business litigation, real estate

Bankruptcy Law Firm, The (Kathleen March), Rancho Park
and Bankruptcy Law Firm, The (Kathleen March), Rancho Park
Baum Hedlund - personal injury, product liability
and Baum Hedlund - airline accidents
Berman, Berman & Berman, also Riverside - insurance defense
Birndorf Law Offices - employment, health care, business litigation
Bloom & Ruttenberg, Rancho Park
Bostwick & Jassy - litigation, appellate, intellectual property, 1st amendment
Braun Law Group (BLG), Rancho Park - consumer, securities
Braunstein, George G. - litigation, business, real estate, entertainment
Brodey, Jeffrey - criminal
Brunsten Associates
Burris, Schoenberg & Walden - civil litigation, appellate, real estate, business, entertainment
Burstein Law Firm, Mar Vista - estate planning, elder law
Business Affairs, Rancho Park - entertainment, business
Butler, T. Sean - appellate, bankruptcy, business litigation, criminal

Castle, Christian L. - entertainment, technology
Castro and Associates - construction defect
Cavanaugh Law Office, Mar Vista - immigration
Chapman, Glucksman, Dean, Roeb & Barger, also Costa Mesa
Chason, John B. - family, criminal
Cherin & Yelsky - personal injury, creditor's rights, bankruptcy, business litigation
Clark & Associates, Jeffrey A, Rancho Park - creditor's rights
Clark, Goldberg & Madruga - business litigation, aviation, intellectual property, insurance, employment
Corwin, Scott J. - personal injury
Crane Flores, also Oxnard - personal injury
Cummings & Associates, M. Neil, Rancho Park - business
Cuneo & Hoover - family, estate planning

Dapeer, Rosenblit & Litvak, also Huntington Park
De La Housaye, Angela - business litigation, estate planning, real estate, intellectual property
Devitt & Saltzburg, Rancho Park - family
Dickerman & Associates - business, real estate
Doland & Fraade - estate planning, business, real estate
Duchrow, David J. - civil litigation, appellate, employment, personal injury

Elden Law Group - criminal
Entertainment, Intellectual Property, Internet & New Media Law Group, South Robertson
Excelus Law Group - employment, real estate, business

Faber, Michael J. - labor/employment
Fainsbert Mase & Snyder - real estate, tax, estate planning, bankruptcy, entertainment, employment
Feinberg Mindel Brandt & Kline (FMBK) - litigation, family, estate planning, business
Feingold & Spiegel - business, litigation, construction, landlord/tenant, real estate
Fenton Nelson - healthcare
Fields Fehn & Sherwin - securities
Fleg, Richard A., Mar Vista - personal injury
Forman, Judith R. - family
Fowler Law Group, Rancho Park - insurance defense, personal injury, construction defect, business, litigation

Gaglione & Dolan, also Woodland Hills - malpractice defense
Gans, Robert H., Rancho Park - healthcare
Ganz & Gorsline - employment
Gerard, John F. - civil litigation, insurance bad faith, personal injury, employment
and Gerard, John F. - personal injury
Gerstein, Robert S. - appellate
Givner & Kaye - tax, estate planning
Gordon & Gordon, Palms - workers' compensation
Graves Law Office - intellectual property
Greiff, Murray - tax

Hakim, Robert B., Palms - traffic ticket, DUI
and Hakim, Robert B, Palms - traffic, DUI
Harris & Associates, Tulchin - entertainment, intellectual property
Hart, Joseph F., South Robertson
Hart, Watters & Carter - litigation, business, real estate, estate planning
Hartman, Pamela - immigration
Hinojosa & Wallet - estate planning
Hinshaw & Culbertson - business, tax, estate planning, labor/employment
Hoffman, Aggie R. - immigration
Hoffman, Edward A. - business, technology, civil litigation, insurance, personal injury
Hollatz-Castillo, Steve - estate planning, personal injury, tenant/landlord

Immigration Solutions
Israel, Friedberg & Korbatov
Ivener & Fullmer - immigration
and Ivener, Mark A. - immigration

Jacobs & Jacobs, Westwood - civil litgation, personal injury
Jamison Law Group - banking
Jason, Di Martino and Associates, South Robertson - international, immigration, entertainment, civil litigation, real estate
Jensen, John Michael - administrative, government, business, labor/employment, litigation, non-profit
Josephson, Barry S., Palms - civil litigation

Kahn, Michael A. - personal injury
Kaplan, Alan I. - business, health care, real estate, technology
Kelly Hockel & Klein - insurance, employment, pharmaceutical, real estate, appellate
Kelman, Jonathan I. - criminal
Kerendian & Associates - estate planning, medical, business litigation, real estate, criminal, personal injury
Kern and Wooley - aviation, business litigation, hospitality, insurance
Klaskin, Harold C. - debt collection, civil litigation
Kohan, Sasan - personal injury
and Kohan, Sasan - personal injury, bankruptcy
Kolczynski, Phillip J. - aviation
Krohn & Moss, Rancho Park - consumer

LA Prenup Lawyer - family
Landlord Legal Services, South Robertson - landlord/tenant
Leader Gorham - litigation, intellectual property, business, entertainment, employment
Lebow, Ronald M. - entertainment, business, family
Lederer & Nojima - personal injury, construction, employment, insurance bad faith
Levine, Kevin ( - immigration, bilingual Japanese
Levy, David S. - entertainment, insurance, business litigation, family
Lewin & Associates - criminal
Linzer & Associates - business, intellectual property, real estate, litigation, entertainment
Lipschultz & Scherago - construction, business
Little & Associates, JJ, Mar Vista - civil litigation, criminal
Lombardo & Safford - estate planning, trusts, wills, probate
Lopez, Eve, Rancho Park - family, special education
Lowe Law - entertainment, business, intellectual property, art
Lurie & Park, also Mid-Wilshire (Wilshire Center), Encino - business, employment, intellectual property, litigation, appellate, real estate

MacFarlane, Duncan C., Palms - intellectual property
Madison Law Group, Rancho Park - personal injury
Magnanimo & Dean, also Sherman Oaks - employment
Maguire, William E. - intellectual property
Mainstain, Morris - business, real estate, estate planning
Malk Law Firm, South Robertson - employment, trucking
Mallary & Stern, also Rancho Cucamonga - workers compensation, personal injury
Malley, Steven A. - international tax, estate planning
Mandell, Shelly M., Palms - family
Manley, John M. (Immigration: USA)
Makarem & Associates - legal malpractice, insurance bad faith
May, Lawrence E., Rancho Park - corporate, real estate, estate planning, wills, trusts
Mayer & Glassman - business, real estate, bankruptcy, family
McMahan, Carl A. - personal injury, medical malpractice, product liability, elder abuse
Mechanic, Harvey, Palms - immigration, nonprofit
Mehrban, Morse - disability, entertainment, business
Meserau & Yu, Rancho Park - criminal, civil litigation
Mesriani Law Group - personal injury
and Mesriani Law Group (Personal Injury Defenders)
Meyers McConnell - civil litigation, personal injury
Michels & Watkins - personal injury
Mitchell & Shea - personal injury, workers' compensation
Mitchell Silberberg & Knupp - full service
Moss, Ari - insurance, elder abuse
Motallebi, Shahin, Westwood, also El Segundo - immigration, estate planning, family, business, employment, bankruptcy, criminal

Nachimson, Benjamin - bankruptcy
Nachshin & Langlois - family
Neuville, Stewart J. - litigation, business, entertainment, intellectual property, real estate, employment/labor
Nisen, Fern S. - business litigation, real estate, employment
Northrup Schlueter - construction, entertainment, real estate, business litigation, appellate


Panish, Shea & Boyle
Papell, Ronald M., Rancho Park - insurance bad faith, medical malpractice, personal injury, product liability, employment
Paredes, Eduardo A., South Robertson - immigration
Passanante, John, Palms - criminal
Personal Injury Lawyers
Peyman & Rahnama, Mar Vista, also Oxnard - personal injury
Pollak, Vida & Fisher, Rancho Park - govermental, insurance, appellate
Port, Mitchell A., South Robertson - estate planning, tax

Ramenian, Donald (LA Law Firm) - business liltigation, real estate, personal injury
Romain, George G. - insurance, employment, business, personal injury, education
Roth, Michael Dundon - health
Rubenstein, Jeffrey K. - criminal
Russ August & Kabat - intellectual property, business, litigation, real estate
Ryan, Michael J. - personal injury

Sands Lerner - maritime, transportation, insurance, civil litigation
Sangary, Svitlana E., also Woodland Hills - civil litigation, business, real estate, insurance bad faith, personal injury
Schiffer, Douglas J. - personal injury, medical malpractice
Schneider, Gary M. - personal injury, malpractice
Schorr Law - real estate, litigation
Schwartz, Mark R. - personal injury, family, workers' compensation, employment/labor
Seegmiller Johnson - personal injury
Segal, Alik (Bankruptcy Fortress)
Selki, David F. - business, real estate, intellectual property, litigation, estate planning
Selman Breitman, also Santa Ana - business, litigation
Selvin & Weiner - employment/labor, estate planning, family, health care, insurance, real estate, appellate, administrative
Shabel, Scott Lee - business, intellectual property, tax, estate planning
Shaub & Williams - intellectual property
Shelton, Alda, Cheviot Hills - real estate
Sidley Law Group, Palms - criminal, personal injury, business litigation, employment, real estate
Silver & Field, Rancho Park - franchises, antitrust, regulatory
Simon Law Group, The, Rancho Park - personal injury
Skousen Law, also San Bernardino - estate planning, intellectual property, labor/employment, real estate, securities
Slaughter & Slaughter - personal injury
Sommer and Bear, South Robertson - personal injury, family, civil litigation
Soroy, H. Michael - business, international, intellectual property, estate planning, real estate
Spertus, James W. - criminal, civil litigation, intellectual property
Spiro Moss - employment, consumer fraud
Spivak Lipton - employment
Staub, D. Joshua - business, elder, estate planning, real estate, tax
Stoll Nussbaum & Polakov - personal injury, workers' compensation, insurance bad faith, business litigation, public safety
Strange and Carpenter - consumer, employment
Sudar, Richard M., Rancho Park - criminal
Sun Law Firm - immigration
Szabo, Howard, Palms - real estate
Szabo, Lawrence J., Rancho Park, also Palm Desert - real estate, business
Szew, Andrea - immigration

Teske & Associates, Paula S., Palms - family, business, civil litigation
Tesser & Ruttenberg - business litigation, construction defect, employment, entertainment, intellectual property, personal injury
Trope & DeCarolis - family
Trope and Trope - family

Valerio Weinrieb, Palms - criminal
Van Oorschot, Marlo, Rancho Park - family
Vastano & Angarella - personal injury
Vonderweidt & Johnson - international, multi-lingual French, Chinese
Vreeland Law Firm - business

Weintraub & Selth - bankruptcy
and Weintraub & Selth - bankruptcy
Weston, Garrou, Walters & Mooney - civil rights
Wheeler, Thomas C. - business
Williams, Renee L., Rancho Park - criminal
Wolf, Lawrence, Rancho Park - criminal
Wolf, Rifkin, Shapiro, Schulman & Rabkin - bankruptcy, business, community associations, construction defect, intellectual property
Woolf, Chaim J., South Robertson - employment

Yanes, Robin J., Mar Vista - criminal
Yoshida, Gerald T. - construction, real estate, business litigation
Young, David - business, securities, antitrust, real estate, environmental, administrative, health care

Zemanek & Mills - real estate

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