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Downtown LA
Multiple Locations

Abassian & Associates - personal injury
Abelson Herron - appellate, litigation, insurance, real estate, intellectual property
Acker & Whipple - civil litigation, insurance defense
Adams, Ferrone & Ferrone - labor, workers' compensation, personal injury
Aikenhead Cipes & Supanich - estate planning, real estate, business
Akerman - full service
Albright, Yee & Schmit - labor/employment, administrative, business litigation, intellectual property
Alfaro & Associates - immigration
Allen Butler & Muon - immigration, criminal, family
Alston + Bird, also Westlake Village - business
Anderson, McPharlin & Conners, also Ontario - business, litigation defense
Andreani, Robert P. - real estate, construction
Angora, Omar S. - intellectual property, entertainment, real estate, business
Arent Fox - full service
Arnold & Porter
Astor & Phillips - business, estate planning, real estate, litigation
Avazian & Avazian
Backus Bland Navarro & Weber - real estate, employment, business, construction, personal injury, insurance
Bae Park & Nazdjanova (BPN) - immigration, estate planning, bankruptcy, business

Baker Keener & Nahra (BK&N) - legal malpractice, insurance, construction defect, employment, real estate, business, personal injury
Bander Law Firm - immigration, personal injury, criminal, employment
Barton, Klugman and Oetting - business litigation, insurance, employment, real estate, tax, estate planning
Baute & Tidus - business litigation, intellectual property, labor/employment, entertainment, real estate
Beitchman & Zekian - business, intellectual property, entertainment, estate planning, civil litigation
Bell & Boylan - criminal
Berkes Crane Robinson & Seal - appellate, business, litigation, entertainment, insurance, intellectual property, estate planning
Berlin, Peter
Berliner & Associates - intellectual property
Beyers, Teresa - family
Biddle, Jonathan W. - employment
Blecher & Collins - antitrust, business litigation, malpractice
Blum Collins - business litigation, employment, real estate
Bocarsly Emden Cowan Esmail - tax
Bononi Law Group - employment, business litigation
Booth, Aaron B. - construction
Bourke, Thomas K. - litigation, insurance, securities, construction
Bovitz & Spitzer - bankruptcy
Brauer Law - family
Brewer, Michael A., also Irvine - business litigation
Brown Winfield Canzoneri Abram (BWCA) - closed
Burhenn & Gest - environmental
Burrell, Sybil-Yvonne - estate planning
Byrne & Nixon - criminal, tax, environmental

Cahill Davis & O'Neall - property tax, real estate
Caldwell Leslie & Proctor - appellate, litigation, employment, intellectual property, environmental, govermental
Carlsmith Ball - real estate, tax, labor/employemnt, environmental, financial, estate planning
Carlson, Calladine & Peterson (CCP) - personal injury
Carlton DiSante & Freudenberger, also Irvine - employment/labor
Carpenter, Rothans & Dumont
Carrick Law Group, The - environmental, food/drug safety
Carroll, Burdick & McDonough - business litigation, intellectual property, real estate, technology, entertainment, product liability
Castaneda, Ming & Kojikian - business, real estate, intellectual property, insurance defense, international
Castillo, Jose Mariano - international, estate planning, family, business, immigration
Caufield & James - environmental
Chadbourne & Parke - full service
Chelico, Nabil - immigration
Clark & Trevithick - business, real estate, tax, estate planning, bankruptcy, employment
Clark, Linnette Tano - immigration, in Spanish
Cleary, Richard D. - estate planning, wills, probate, trusts
Cobos & Ayala - immigration
Cohen, Michael J. - insurance bad faith, business litigation, employment, intellectual property
Colantuono & Levin - municipal
Connolly Bove Lodge & Hutz - intellectual property, business, banking, real estate
Corbin, Fitzgerald & Athey - criminal, civil litigation
Cotton & Gundzik - business litigation
Cozen O'Connor - full service
Creim Macias Koenig & Frey - business, bankruptcy, creditors rights
Crowder Law Center - bankruptcy

Daar & Newman - business, litigation, appellate, securities, aviation, antitrust, personal injury, intellectual property
Dale, Braden & Hinchcliffe (DBH) - litigation defense, employment, appellate, maritime
Dalton Law Group - special education, labor/employment, civil litigation
Davis Wright Tremaine - full service
Dehay Elliston - appellate, business, personal injury, estate planning, family, labor/employment, insurance defense
Demetriou Del Guercio Springer & Francis - business, real estate, environmental, litigation
Denis, David R. - personal injury, criminal, employment, immigration, family, real estate
Dewey & LeBoeuf - international, full service
Di Lando, Robinson - insurance, labor/employment, business litigation, construction defects, environmental, non-profit
Diamante, Alan R. - immigration
Diamond & Associates - criminal
Diamond, Burt & Akhkashian - full service
Diamond, David D. - criminal, marijuana
Disability Rights Law Center - social security
Dongell Lawrence Finney - business litigation, construction, energy, entertainment, environmental, labor/employment, real estate, transportation
Drinker Biddle - business, litigation, employment, ERISA, ESOP, tax, estate planning, probate
Duane Morris - full service
Dwyer, Daly, Brotzen & Bruno - civil litigation, appellate
Dykema - full service

Egbase & Associates, Anthony O. - banking, business, estate planning, employment, personal injury, energy
Emrani, Jacob
Eng & Nishimura - immigration
Epps Young & Coulson - business
Epstein Turner Weiss - employment, labor
Ericksen Arbuthnot - business, construction, employment, healthcare, personal injury, real estate, workers' compensation
Estey & Bomberger, also Century City - personal injury

Fairbank & Vincent - business litigation
Farmer & Ridley - employment, litigation, tax, estate planning, business, real estate
Feldman Gale - intellectual property
Fernandez, Jerry F. - family, criminal, civil litigation, personal injury, estate planning
Fessler, Linda Rose - appelate, bankruptcy, immigration, family, estate planning
Fierro, Gerard A. - family
Filice Brown Eassa & McLeod - civil litigation
Firooz, Jasmine - bankruptcy
Fisher & Talwar - real estate
Flores-Medrano & Associates, Mayda - immigration, family, criminal
Foley & Lardner - business litigation, intellectual property
Ford & Harrison - employment/labor
Fragner Seifert Pace & Winograd (FSPW), also Century City
Friedman, Stanley L. - criminal
Frye, Stephen G. - criminal, civil litigation, bankruptcy
Fulbright & Jaworski - full service

Gallegos, George A. - insurance
Gallenberg Law Firm - employment, business, construction, litigation
Garcia Calderon Ruiz - business, retail/food industry, education, labor/employment, public agencies, real estate, construction
Garish Sarin - automobile accidents, immigration, personal injury
Garris, Christian J. - insurance bad faith, consumer
General Counsel Group (GCG) - business, intellectual property, real estate
George, Rosely - family, personal injury, estate planning
Geragos & Geragos
Gianelli & Morris - healthcare, insurance bad faith
Girardi and Keese, also San Bernardino - business litigation, intellectual property
Gleason & Favarote - employment/labor
Glick, Stephen - employment, personal injury, insurance bad faith, workers' compensation
Goldfarb & Lipman - real estate
Goldstein, Peter - personal injury
Gomez, Raul, also La Puente - immigration
Gonzalez & Associates - bankruptcy, business, litigation
Gonzalez Law - employment
Goodstein & Berman - appellate, business litigation, intellectual property, labor/employment, municipal, real estate
Goodwin Proctor, also Century City - real estate, business
Gordon, Errol Jay - family, civil litigation, real estate
Grace & Grace - business litigation, entertainment, intellectual property, technology
Grace, Cosgrove & Schirm - personal injury, construction defect, appellate
Green & Associates - administrative, criminal, business, litigation
Gross, Kenneth I., also Alhambra - business, litigation, immigration, criminal
Grunfeld, Desiderio, Lebowitz, Silverman & Klestadt
GSLO - family
Gumport | Reitman - bankruptcy

Hagens Berman Sobol Shapiro - personal injury, securities, antitrust, consumer
Hanna, Brophy, MacLean, McAleer & Jensen, also Riverside - workers' compensation defense, employment
Hassard Bonnington - litigation, healthcare, insurance, estate planning
Hawkins Parnell Thackston & Young - appellate, insurance bad faith, labor/employment, legal malpractice, liability, civil litigation, transportation
Hawkins Delafield & Wood
Hess & Hess, also Temecula - estate planning
Hicks | Park - intellectual property, business litigation, banking, bankruptcy, real estate, employment
Hill, Farrer, & Burrill - corporate
Hirschmann Law Group - civil litigation, criminal, securities, intellectual property
Holguin, Garfield & Martinez - labor/employment, immigration
Holland & Knight
Holme Roberts & Owen (HRO) - full service
Hope Law Group - bankruptcy
Horgan Rosen Beckham & Coren, also Calabasas - banking, business, litigation, real estate, administrative
Howarth & Smith - appellate
HTC Legal - employment, family
Hughes Hubbard and Reed - full service
Hunton & Williams
Hurrell Cantrall - litigation, appellate, police conduct, employment, environmental

Isais & Pfeiffer - immigration
Iverson Yoakum Papiano & Hatch
Ivie McNeill & Wyatt (IMW) - business litigation, employment, entertainment

Jackson, Michele L. - employment
Jacobsen & Han - immigration
Jampol Zimet
Jenner & Block
Johnston Law Firm - employment
Jonas & Driscoll - criminal, civil rights
Jones Bell (Jones, Bell, Abbott, Fleming & Fitzgerald) - litigation, securities, real estate, employment, corporate
Jong & Yuen - banking, real estate, litigation, public entitites

Kabateck Brown Kellner (KBK) - consumer, insurance bad faith, litigation, employment
Kahn, Kenneth J. - criminal
Kaloyanides, David J.P. - criminal
Kamine Law - construction
Kane Ballmer & Berkman - real estate, municipal, construction, election, administrative, eminent domain
Karish & Bjorgum - intellectual property
Karns and Karabian
Kasai Law Group
Kaufman Legal Group - political candidates
Kearney Alvarez - personal injury
Kirkland & Ellis - intellectual property, tax, litigation, real estate, estate planning
Klausner, Manuel S. - litigation, appellate, intellectual property, election, securities
Klein, Randi Susan - family
Klein Trial Lawyers - business litigation
Kleinberg, Joel W. H. - personal injury
Knott & Glazier - employment, real estate, aviation, business litigation, workers' compensation, environmental
Kohan Law Firm - bankruptcy, family, criminal, personal injury, workers compensation
Kracov, Gideon - civil litigation, environmental
Kramer, Jennifer - employment
Kreindler & Kreindler - aviation, litigation, intellectual property, maritime, medical malpractice
Kurosaki & Parker - business, real estate, construction, labor
Kutak Rock - full service

Lamb & Kawakami - real estate, tax, business, litigation
Lara & Ibarra - civil litigation
Larson, Garrick & Lightfoot - litigation, appellate, securities, antitrust, employment, real estate
Lax & Stevens - litigation, employment
Leal Trejo - municipal, election, employment/labor, litigation, public safety, real estate
Lee & Kent - in Korean
Lee, Eugene - employment
Lee, Han & Paciocco - family, bankruptcy, immigration, personal injury
Lentz, Jacek W.
Leviton Law Group - litigation, business, employment, estate planning
Lewis & Scholnick - asbestos, mesothelioma
Lewis, Kenneth H. - criminal
Liberatore, A. - business litigation
Lim Ruger & Kim - real estate, business, international, employment, bankruptcy
Lim, Jennifer-Suet Fong - immigration, family, business litigation
Lindahl Beck - litigation, business, employment, maritime
Lion's Law Office - personal injury
Litt Estuar Harrison & Kitson - employment
Lluis, Ramiro J. (DUI Esq)
Lluis, Ramiro J. - criminal
Locke Lord Bissell & Liddell - full service
Loder, Lorraine L. - business, real estate
Lozano Smith - labor/employment, construction, special education, schools

Maki, Lisa L. - labor/employment
Malhotra & Malhotra - business, international
Mansouri, Haleh - immigration
Margolis & Tisman - banking, entertainment, employment, insurance, intellectual property, international, estate planning, real estate
Markowitz, Joseph C. - business litigation, employment, intellectual property
Markson Pico - employment, personal injury
Marshall and Associates, Marilee - criminal
Martinez, Elsa - immigration
Masserman & Ducey - civil litigation, insurance defense, personal injury
Mathew & George - litigation
and Mathew & George - personal injury
Mayer Brown - full service
McBirney & Chuck - business, non-profit, estate planning
McCaffrey Jr., Timothy B. - employment/labor
McKenna Long & Aldridge, Downtown LA, Irvine - full service
McKool Smith - litigation, business, bankruptcy, intellectual property
McLeod, Moscarino, Witham & Flynn - business litigation, appellate
McMahon, M. Brian - environmental, antitrust, appellate, energy
McWilliams, Anne - business, real estate, employment, insurance, personal injury
Medved, Paul N. - immigration
Mendes & Mount - insurance, reinsurance
Mesisca Riley & Kreitenberg - landlord/tenant, litigation, workers' compensation, employment, appellate
Meyers Nave Riback Silver & Wilson - public entitites, municipal, election, litigation, labor/employment
Miller & Becker - criminal
Milbank, Tweed, Hadley & McCloy - full service, international
Milberg - securities, bankruptcy, consumer, antitrust, insurance, employment
Millard, Holweger, Child & Marton - construction defect, business litigation, elder abuse, employment, insurance, personal injury
Mobasseri, Robert - real estate
Moore, Portasha R. - family, estate planning, personal injury, criminal
Moreno & Perez - personal injury
Morinaka, Barry S. - immigration
Morrison & Foerster - full service
Munger, Tolles & Olson (MTO) - bankruptcy, corporate, environmental, labor, real estate, tax
Murphy, Pearson, Bradley & Feeney - full service

Negele & Associates
Nelson Griffin - personal injury, insurance, entertainment, construction defect, professional liability, employment
Nettles, Jemela A. - immigration
Neufeld Law Group - business
Nielsen Haley & Abbott - business litigation, employment, insurance bad faith
Nixon Peabody

O'Donnell & Associates - litigation
O'Toole Law Firm, The - environmental
Ogletree, Deakins, Nash, Smoak & Stewart, also Torrance - labor/employment, immigration, litigation
Oliver, Sandifer & Murphy - real estate, eminent domain
Oto, Eric S. - business litigation
Overland Borenstein Scheper & Kim - civil litgation, criminal
Overton, Lyman & Prince - civil litigation, business, banking, estate planning, entertainment

Palmer Lombardi & Donohue - real estate, securities, business litigation, employment, intellectual property
Parker, Milliken, Clark, O'Hara & Samuelian - business, environmental, estate planning, labor/employment, litigation
Parker Mills - business litigation, estate planning, transportation, insurance
Pereyra-Suarez, Charles - civil litigation, criminal
and Pereyra-Suarez, Charles - civil litigation, criminal
Perez & Associates, Hector C., also Seal Beach - criminal, tax
and Perez & Associates, Hector C. - estate planning, tax
Peterson Law Group - real estate, eminent domain
Petrullo - business litigation
Phillips Jessner - family, criminal
Pierce, Curtis - immigration
Poindexter & Doutre - business, construction, real estate, estate planning
Pond North - toxic torts
Popp, Elena I. - tenant rights, nonprofit organizations
Prata & Daley - insurance bad faith, maritime, employment, business litigation, personal injury, construction defects
Pullara, Anthony J. - criminal

Quan, Randal K.
Quinn Emanuel Urquhart Oliver & Hedges - full service

Reed & Davidson - political, election, government affairs
Revere & Wallace - litigation, legal malpractice, family, estate planning, real estate
Richland, Bruce, also Van Nuys - DUI, criminal
Riley & Reiner - insurance, real estate, litigation, personal injury, family
Roberts, Raspe & Blanton - insurance, real estate, employment, business, environmental, product liability
Robles & Tantraphol - criminal
Rodi Pollock Pettker Christian & Pramov - business, labor/employment, litigation, real estate, tax, estate planning
Rodriguez and Associates, Stephen G. - Paparazzi defense
Rodriguez, Horii, Choi & Cafferata - tax, nonprofit corporations
Rodriguez, Stephen G. - criminal
and Rodriguez, Stephen G. - criminal
Ropers Majeski Kohn Bentley (RMKB) - full service
Rosen & Associates - full service
Ross, William D. - civil litigation, real estate, environmental, administrative, municipal, employment
Rossbacher Firm, The - litigation

S&S Legal Group, also West LA - personal injury
Sacks Glazier Franklin & Lodise - litigation, estate planning
Samudrala, Rob, also Ontario - criminal
Sanchez & Amador - business, banking, intellectual property, employment
Settlement Law Group, The (TSLG) - product liability
Severo, Michael V. - criminal
Shakhnis, Philip - landlord/tenant
Shaw, Terhar & LaMontagne - aviation, employment, business litigation, insurance, environmental
Shenian Law Firm (SLF) - real estate, business, employment
Shusterman, Carl - immigration
Sidley Austin - full service
Sillas Law Firm, The - administrative, construction, employment, civil rights
Sindell Law Offices - immigration
Sinnott, Puebla, Campagne & Curet (SPCC) - business litigation, insurance, labor/employment
Skadden Arps - business, litigation, labor/employment, real estate, tax
Skane Wilcox - construction defect, insurance, employment
Slates, Ronald P. - debt collection, business litigation, real estate
and Slates, Ronald P. - debt collection, real estate
Sletteland, Greg - bankruptcy
Smiland & Chester - environmental
Sonnenschein Nath & Rosenthal
Sparks Law - immigration
Squire Sanders - full service
Stanzler Funderburk & Castellon - business litigation
Steckbauer Weinhart Jaffe (SWJ) - full service
Stein Shostak Shostak Pollack & O'Hara - international, trade
Steinbrecher & Span - aviation, business litigation, employment, personal injury, real estate
Steptoe & Johnson, also Century City - antitrust, business, litigation, real estate environmental, international, immigration, tax, labor/employment, real est
Strategic Counsel - corporate, real estate, environmental, regulatory
Stone & Grzegorek - immigration
Streeter & Nangano - business litigation, employment/labor, real estate, insurance, product liability
Sullivan, Workman & Dee - real estate, eminent domain, employment
Sulmeyer Kupetz - bankruptcy
Syverson, Erik S. - intellectual property, business

Tafoya & Garcia - business
Takeuchi, Tyson M., also Santa Ana - bankruptcy
Tatro Tekosky Sadwick - business
Thomas & Thomas - litigation, real estate
Thorpe & Thorpe - real estate, business, litigation
Truman & Elliott - environmental
Tucker Ellis & West - litigation, business, bankruptcy, estate planning, intellectual property, real estate, tax, nonprofits, securities

U.S. Immigration Law Group
Ure Law Firm - bankruptcy

Valdez Law Firm - immigration, bilingual Spanish
Valencia, Mark Joseph - employment
Valencia, Oscar B. - criminal
Valvo & Associates - immigration
Van Der Hout, Brigagliano, & Nightingale - immigration
Van Parys Law Office - personal injury
Van Vleck Turner & Zaller - labor/employment
Veatch Carlson - full service
Vega & Overton - business
Vellanoweth & Gehart - immigration, criminal
Venskus & Associates, also Ventura - environmental, consumer, non-profits
Viau & Kwasniewski - insurance, personal injury
Vienna, Anthony M. - business, tax
Vukmanovic Law Group (VLG) - business litigation, real estate

Wagenseller Law Firm - real estate, business, litigation
Werksman, Mark J. - criminal
White & Case
Willenken Wilson Loh & Lieb - antitrust, appellate, banking, criminal, employment, intellectual property, real estate, securities
Williams & Associates - real estate
Wilson Elser Moskowitz Edelman & Dicker - full service
Winter, S. Christopher - intellectual property
Winston & Strawn - litigation, labor/employment, business, energy, real estate
Woolls & Peer - business litigation, personal injury, insurance, employment, government regulations

Yacoubian Law Offices
Yoka & Smith - product liability, transportation, business litigation, labor/employment, environmental
Yoon Law - employment
Young, Zinn & Bate - employment, litigation, insurance, real estate, securities, appellate
Yukevich Calfo & Cavanaugh - civil litigation

Zetlin & De Chiara - construction, real estate, employment, business
Zohar Law Firm - business litigation, personal injury, elder abuse, employment

Atwater Village
Law Recovery Services - debt collection
Roth, Liam (Your Contract Lawyer) - business

East LA
Hidalgo Law Firm - personal injury, elder abuse, medical malpractice
Munoz, Antonio - bankruptcy
and Munoz, Antonio - business, estate planning
Phung, Miyamoto & Diaz - estate planning, immigration, criminal, personal injury, civil litigation
Roberts & Roberts (1-323-NODEBTS), El Sereno - bankruptcy

Echo Park
Ramirez, Noemi G. - immigration
Zambrano, Omar, also Baldwin Park - bankruptcy

Multiple Locations

Bartsch & Webb - personal injury
Bleau Fox, Hollywood Hills - petroleum industry
Campbell & Farahani, Sherman Oaks - tenant rights
Caskey & Holzman - employment, personal injury, estate planning
Cohen & Gordon - intellectual property, entertainment, real estate
Daneshvar, Hasti - real estate, construction, labor/employment
Folinsky, Stuart I. - immigration
Fong & Chun - immigration
420 Law Office - healthcare
Iglow & Bachrach - workers' compensation
and Iglow & Bachrach - workers' compensation
Kagianaris Lew
Koslyn, Pamela - intellectual property
Luti Law Firm, The - labor/employment, criminal, personal injury, civil rights
Perlman, Daniel R. - criminal
Rezai & Khorsandi - immigration
Roland, Pennington & Trodden - workers' compensation, personal injury, social security
Rubanowitz, Shalom - banking
Schroeder, Andrew Y. - intellectual property
and Schroeder, Andrew Y. - intellectual property
Sedaghat, Shawn S. - immigration
Serwin, Dean S. - entertainment
Sicotte, John - patents, trademarks, intellectual property
Social Security Law Attorney
Tabibian & Associates, Sean - criminal
Tucker & Latifi - intellectual property
White Goldstein, also Encino - criminal
Zolonz & Associates - criminal, civil litigation

Los Feliz

Northeast LA
Rolfe, Bennett, also Hollywood - employment
Salinsky, Robert, Highland Park - criminal, DUI

Silver Lake
Cohen, Sheri E. - adoptions, surrogacy, reproductive
De Hart, John - civil litigation, criminal, family, estate planning, real estate
O'Leary, Kevin - personal injury, business litigation
Pfiester & Russo - railroad workers
Severino, Cedric - criminal, employment/labor, personal injury

South LA

Oroborus21 Legal Services

West Hollywood
Azari, Sara - criminal, administrative
Binder, Joshua P. - entertainment
Blatt, James, also Encino - criminal
Carroll, Guido & Groffman
Cavalluzzi & Cavalluzzi - criminal, personal injury
Codell, David C. - entertainment, appellate
Cohen and Cohen - intellectual property, entertainment, real estate
Cooper, Keith E. (Production Counsel) - entertainment
Duran & Thomas - criminal, business, civil litigation
Edelstein, Laird & Sobel - entertainment
Henke, Raymond - personal injury
Kesluk & Silverstein - employment
Knecht, Peter L. - criminal
LaPolt Law - intellectual property, entertainment
Linde Law Firm
Margolin, Bruce M. - criminal
Mashian, Fred F.
McElfish Law Firm - transportation, insurance, construction, environmental
Oveross & Associates, Greg - estate planning
Resch, Polster & Berger - real estate, securities, tax, business litigation
Romano Stancroff & Mikhov - lemon law
Trugman, Richard S., also Palm Desert - family
Washington Law Firm - bankruptcy, business, civil litigation, criminal, family, entertainment, real estate
Wiesner, Susan E. - family
Witzer, Brian D. - personal injury

Alschuler & Alschuler - disability, workers' compensation
Cifuentes Knapp & Associates (CK&A) - immigration, bilingual Spanish
Levitt & Quinn - family
Lipsitz Green Scime Cambria - full service
Nieto, Alma Rosa - immigration, in Spanish

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