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Irvine Firms
Multiple Locations

Abajian Law - tax
Aegis Law Firm - business, labor/employment, litigation
Agren, Carl F. - business, litigation, estate planning
Ainbinder & Hitzke - workers' compensation, personal injury
Alcorn, John R. - immigration
Aldrich Bonnefin & Moore - banking, business
Alexander Law Firm - family, estate planning, real estate
Alexander, Craig P. - personal injury
Alexson, Harriet B. - business, banking, real estate
Allenbaugh Samini Ghosheh (ASG), also Rancho Cucamonga - bankruptcy
Alt & Associates - banking
Amante Law - government relations, real estate, construction, banking, technology, community associations, business
Amirghahari, Saloumeh - estate planning, business, tax, immigration
Amiri, Roxana - immigration, bilingual Farsi
Andrews & Thornton - personal injury, pharmaceuticals
August Law Group - financial
Azimy | Nathan - bankruptcy, banking, personal injury, business

Baade, David R. - business, litigation
Bachman, Robert L. - construction
Baker Law Group - business
Balestra, Melanie L. - business, estate planning, healthcare
Barnes Crosby - business litigation, construction, real estate, labor/employment, appellate
Barnett & Rubin - bankruptcy
Barritt Smith - employment
Barry, Roy A. - estate planning, probate, trusts, wills, family, bankruptcy
Bartholomew, R.E. - immigration
Bartz, Alan - real estate, construction, estate planning
Baruch, Joel W. - personal injury, criminal, employment
Bell, Melinda S. - estate planning, real estate, non-profit, personal injury, family
Bidwell, Mark W. - business, estate planning, family
Bisol Firm - business litigation
Bledsoe, John A. - family
Boddu, Sunita - immigration, family
Bois & MacDonald - environmental, construction defect, real estate
Bosche & Bosche - real estate, construction, business
Boutwell Fay - employment, ERISA
Braden & Tucci - DUI
Breckenridge, Hugh - business
Brodkin, Alan L. - debt collection
Brown & Streza - business, estate planning, tax
Brown & Charbonneau - full service
Brown & Dahan - family
Brummett, Suzanne G. - immigration
Burbank, Marty, also Fullerton - estate planning, elder
Burch, Coulston & Buncher - personal injury, business litigation, intellectual property
Burkhalter Kessler Goodman & George (BKGG) - intellectual property
Burns, James G. - estate planning, tax
Buscemi, Nicolas A. - family, personal injury, estate planning
Busch Firm, The - estate planning, real estate, tax, corporate

Cadden and Fuller - business, litigation, real estate, securities, employment
California Law Group - personal injury, criminal, family
Callahan Thompson Sherman & Caudill (CTSC) - full service
Cambio, Paul J. - business, estate planning, personal injury, family
Campion Emrich - personal injury, business litigation, workers' compensation defense, construction defect
Cannon, Cindy Lee - family
Carlton, Daniel C. - personal injury, real estate, business
Carter Law Firm - employment
Casco Law Center - personal injury
Case, Ibrahim & Clauss (CIC) - construction, real estate, business
Cates Peterson - business, litigation, estate planning
Charles, Kane & Dye - business, securities, real estate
Chew, Brian - estate planning
Chien & Associates
Claims Legal Management (CLM) - insurance
Codron, Keith - estate planning, real estate, elder, securities
Coffin & Associates, Hugh R.
Collins, Bruce S. - personal injury, criminal, DUI, estate planning
Connor, Fletcher & Williams - litigation, real estate, employment, intellectual property, insurance bad faith
Cooper Law Firm, The - personal injury, employment/labor
Copenbarger & Copenbarger, also Pasadena - estate planning, trusts, wills, probate
Corbett Steelman & Specter - business, intellectual property, employment/labor, securities, appellate, liability defense
Cordova, Ron - criminal
Cornman & Swartz - business, real estate, litigation, employment
and Cornman & Swartz - employment
Creason & Aarvig, also Riverside - medical malpractice, public entity
Crowell & Moring - antitrust, aviation, bankruptcy, environmental, international, insurance, intellectual property, labor/employment, tax

Daily Law Group - personal injury
Dannelley, Mary A. - labor/employment
Dawson, Jeffrey S. - personal injury
Del Tondo, Douglas - litigation, business, entertainment, intellecutal property
Demattia, Christi L. - family, estate planning
Desatnik, Colyn B. - personal injury
Deverich & Gillman
Devore, Mark S. - criminal
DiMaria Law - estate planning
Dodge, David C. - tax
Donahue, Timothy - personal injury, workers compensation, business, criminal
Dorsey & Whitney - litigation, regulatory, business
Doss Law - real estate
Doyle, Moore & Schafer - medical malpractice, employment/labor, family, business litigation, construction
Dreyfuss Firm, The - real estate, civil litigation
Drosman & Percival - business litigation, employment, real estate
Dubin, Eric J. - business litigation, personal injury
Dye & Duque - personal injury

Earley, Jack M. - criminal
Early, John D. - civil litigation, criminal
Easley Law Firm - international, securities
Eisenberg & Associates, Lawrence S., also San Fernando - personal injury
Enterprise Counsel Group - real estate, securities, business, employment, healthcare, estate planning
Erwin & Johnson - business litigation, estate planning, tax

Fard, Sima - employment
Fernandez, Thomas J. - tax
Finlayson Williams Toffer Roosevelt & Lilly - business litigation, employment, bankruptcy, antitrust, real estate, securities
Fiore, Albert A. - family
Fish & Associates - intellectual property
Fisher & Phillips - labor/employment
Flanigan Law Group - estate planning
Floratos, Loll & Devine (FLD) - litigation, real estate, securities, construction, business
Foroozandeh - personal injury, immigration, bankruptcy, real estate
Foster II, Robert A. - estate planning, bankruptcy
Friedman Stroffe & Gerard - business, intellectual property, real estate, labor/employment, tax
Frimond, Bernard J., also Laguna Beach - bankruptcy

Galfin, Passon & Greely - business, litigation, real estate, banking, construction
Gallinger Law - business, immigration, estate planning
Gauntlett & Associates - intellectual property, antitrust
George & Shields - business, real estate, construction
Geraci Law Firm - litigation, appellate, banking, bankrupcty, estate planning, family, real estate, securities
Gerard & Castro - real estate, business, bankruptcy
Ghormley & Associates - personal injury, employment, real estate
Gleit, Bruce D. - family, estate planning
Gordee Nowicki & Arnold - litigation, government contracts, healthcare, real estate, employment, securities, appellate
Gorrie, Ronald A. - civil litigation, business, bankruptcy, employment, real estate, personal injury
Gorski, Jerold M.
Granado Bland - business, construction, real estate
Grant & Grant - traffic, juvenile, criminal
Grant & Grant - criminal, business litigation, debt collection, transportation
Grant, Genovese & Baratta - business, real estate, construction, litigation, insurance
Grimaila, Debra - business, real estate, litigation
Gruenbeck & Vogeler - business, employment, family, criminal, litigation
Guy & Associates, Friesen - personal injury, employment, business, civil litigation, criminal

Habbas, Samar - personal injury
Hackbarth Jr., Raymond W. - real estate, construction
Hallstrom, Klein & Ward - business, bankruptcy, employment, intellectual property, real estate, tax, estate planning
Hamliton, John J. - business, employment, elder abuse, consumer, personal injury, criminal
Hanssler, Scott William - bankruptcy, personal injury
Hapeman Law - real estate
Hardeman, Dale F.( - bankruptcy
Hausmann, Arthur R. - personal injury
and Hausmann, Arthur R. - bankruptcy
Haynes and Boone - full service
Hays & Associates - real estate
Hayward Law Group - bankruptcy
Hearn, Michael - construction defect
Heston & Heston - bankruptcy, family
Hewitt & O'Neil - real estate
Hickey & Petchul - community associations
Hobbs, Victor - bankruptcy, entertainment, consumer
Hodel Briggs Winter - litigation, employment, business, real estate, intellectual property
Horizon Law Group - business, litigation, election
Horton, Oberrecht, Kirkpatrick & Martha, also Riverside - civil litigation, personal injury
Horwitz, Cron & Armstrong - business
Hudson & Nguyen - family
Hudson Firm, The - construction, litigation
Huffman, James L. ( - bankruptcy
Hughes Cione, also Santa Ana - employment
Huish, Dyke - criminal
Hwang Mok Park - US-Korea, international

Igarashi, John Y. - employment, business litigation
Irvine Law Group - civil litigation, employment, business, personal injury

Jackson & Associates - banking, real estate
Jacobs & Dodds - business, employment
Jafari, Christopher K. - civil litigation, criminal, family, business, real estate, intellecutal property
Jasper & Jasper - trade secrets
Johnson, Jebb R.
Jones Turner - insurance, international, construction, business
Jorgensen & Salberg - family, civil litigation, business
Jorgensen, Katherine Will - family, estate planning
Judge Law Firm, The - community associations
Julander Brown & Bollard - estate planning, litigation

Kasdan Simonds Riley & Vaughan - construction defect
Kaspero Law - criminal
Katebian Law Firm
Kauffman, Scott - tax
Kauth Pomeroy Peck Bailey (KPPB) - intellectual property
Kazemi & Associates, Michael M. - family, immigration
Keller Rackauckas - criminal
Kelley & Kelley - litigation
Kendrick Jackson & Kearl - business, international
Khanjan Law Firm - criminal
Khouri Law Group - criminal, appellate, employment
Kim, Ernest J. - estate planning
Kirk & Associates, Bradley R. - estate planning
Kirk & Toberty - criminal, family, business
Kitagaw & Ebert - business, litigation, employment, debt collection, real estate, estate planning
Klasing, David W. - tax
Klein Law - corporate, estate planning, intellectual property
Klein, O'Neill & Singh - intellectual property
Koeller, Nebeker, Carlson, & Haluck - business litigation, environmental, personal injury, workers' compensation
Koenig Jacobsen - construction, real estate, civil litigation, professional liability, environmental
Koestner Bertani - intellectual properties
Kopeny, William J. - appellate
Koshinski, Amy - estate planning
Krongold Law - litigation, securities, real estate, personal injury, intellectual property
Kyler, Kohler, Ostermiller & Sorensen

LaCount Law - intellectual property, international
Lalloway, Jeffrey - family
Landgren, Todd A. - DUI
Landry, Virginia L. - criminal
and Landry, Virginia L. - criminal
and Landry, Virginia L. - criminal
and Landry, Virginia L. - criminal, in Spanish
and Landry, Virginia L. - DUI
Lanza & Smith - business, insurance, litigation, real estate, financial institutions, employment
Larr, Douglas W. - workers' compensation defense, insurance, employment
Law Firm of Business, Investments and Loss Recovery
Lebrecht Group, The - business, securities, employment
Lee, Gregory A. - criminal, personal injury
Lee, Stephanie - immigration, bilingual Korean
Lehman, Roger E. - family
Lemkin, Hollie A. - family
Leung, Allen M. - estate planning
LHB Pacific Law Partners - insurance, business litigation, appellate
Little Reid & Karzai - insurance, business litigation, appellate
Lond Fischer - insurance
London Fischer - business litigation, construction, real estate, employment, insurance, environmental, appellate
Lopez, Hodes, Milman & Skikos - personal injury, medical malpractice
Loveless, Andrea - business, employment, bankruptcy, real estate

Madison Harbor - business, bankruptcy, employment, litigation
Maggio Law Firm - family
Mahaffey & Associates - litigation
Malcolm Cisneros, also Riverside - financial
Marks, Kenneth G. - business, tax, estate planning
Marshack Hays - business litigation, bankruptcy, labor/employment
Martinka, Katharina - business, employment, real estate, intellectual property
Masonek Law Group - bankruptcy
Masson & Fatini - family, estate planning, tax
McBreen & Kopko - bankruptcy
McCaffrey, Michael D. - banking, litigation, real estate
McCroskey, Miranda - personal injury, criminal
McDermott, Kevin Barry - civil litigation
McFarlin & Geurts, also West LA - bankruptcy, estate planning
McGinnis Tessitore Wutscher - appellate, civil rights, business litigation, construction, insurance, real estate
McQueen & Ashman - business litigation, bankruptcy, real estate, intellectual property, employment
Mehr Law Group - workers' compensation, personal injury, emploment
Michel & Rhyne
Milburn, Sara Elizabeth - family
Miles-Chen Law Group - real estate, environmental
Mills, Charles K. - estate planning
Montage Legal Group
Mooney, Steven J. - business, criminal, personal injury, family, bankruptcy, real estate, DUI
Mortensen & Reinheimer - estate planning
and Mortensen & Reinheimer - estate planning
Moses, Paul A. - bankruptcy, business
Mower, Carreon & Desai - employment, personal injury, antitrust, business litigation
Much Shelist - business, bankruptcy, intellectual property, labor/employment, real estate, estate planning, insurance
Mulcahy - antitrust, franchises
Murphy, Tracy - estate planning
Murtaugh Meyer Nelson & Treglia - tax, estate planning, employment/labor, insurance defense, business litigation
Myaskovsky, S.A. - family, civil litigation
Myers & Porter - estate planning
Myers Andras - intellectual property

Nair, Steven G. - business, real estate, bankruptcy
Nash, Paul S. - business, estate planning, bankruptcy
Neu, Roger L. (Mergers & Acquisitions) - business
Newman, Rebecca A. - family
Nguyen & Luu - immigration
Nguyen & Tarbet - intellectual property
Nicastro Piscopo - bankruptcy, immigration
Nicholas, Frank - personal injury
Nigro, Elizabeth - family
Nigro, Thomas R. - personal injury
North & Nash - busintess litigation, bankruptcy, employment, education
Nunez Firm, The - immigration

O'Brien, Linda E. - litigation, business
Oldham, Melanie L. - family
Orange County Divorce Lawyer - family
Orr, Mary Boughen - family
Oswald & Yap, also City of Industry - business litigation, employment, intellectual property
Outwater & Pinckes - business litigation, employment, construction defect, real estate, intellectual property
Oxford Law Firm - tax, estate planning, business

Pace, Alan A. - personal injury, bankruptcy, family
Palmieri, Tyler, Wiener, Wilhelm & Waldron (PTWWW) - business litigation, securities, real estate, estate planning
Palumbo Bergstrom - real estate, business, personal injury, employment, litigation
Parman Law Group - bankruptcy, personal injury
Patell Law Firm, The - intellectual property, real estate, business litigation
Pedersen Law & Dispute Resolution - insurance bad faith, employment, real estate, elder abuse, appellate
Pernice, Charles A. - lemon law, personal injury, employment
Pettibone, Douglas J. - business litigation, real estate, employment
Piggott, George B. - business, intellectual property
Pilchman & Kay - criminal
and Pilchman & Kay - medical license defense
Pistone & Wolder - business litigation, construction, real estate
Pistone, Sheila M. - bankruptcy
Pivo, Halbreich, Martin, Wilson & Amo - family, business litigation, healthcare
Pratt Law - business, real estate, estate planning, tax, family
Price, Crooke, Gary & Hammers - litigation, estate planning, trusts, wills
Procopio - appellate, construction, employment/labor, family, intellectual property, international, real estate, tax, estate planning
Property Mortgage Service - real estate
Purcell, Christopher E. - personal injury

Rager and Noiroux - litigation, family, employment/labor, personal injury, real estate
Rainone, Dominic E. - technology, business, estate planning
Raitt & Associates - business, real estate, litigation
Rasla and Associates, Peter - personal injury
Rasner & Rasner - personal injury
Ringstad & Sanders - bankruptcy
Rippetoe Miles - business, construction, litigation
Risner, Mark T. - employment, personal injury, reproductive
Roberts, Larry K. - intellectual property
Robinson & Robinson - litigation, business, real estate
Ross, Barry A. - real estate
Rundle, Peter - real estate, business, securities, construction, intellectual property, estate planning, elder law
Rus, Miliband & Smith - litigation, bankruptcy
Rushmore Group, The - estate planning, probate, trusts
Russo & Duckworth - intellectual property, business, civil litigation, real estate
Ruzicka & Wallace - real estate, landlord/tenant

Salek Law Firm - construction, business, real estate, employment
Samini & Simmons - business litigation, labor/employment, personal injury, real estate
Samuels, Green & Steel - real estate, business, employment
Scheer, Marilyn - bankruptcy
Schreiber, Kenneth L. - criminal
Schroeder, Douglas W. - transportation
Scott, Robert K. - bad faith insurance, personal injury
Seal Firm, The - business, civil litigation, personal injury, real estate, family, intellectual property
Sears, Steven - estate planning, trusts, wills, probate
Seegmiller Law Firm, The - personal injury
Sena, Staycie R. - criminal
and Sena, Staycie R. - criminal
and Sena, Staycie R. - domestic violence
Severson & Werson - appellate, bankruptcy, construction, employment, real estate, maritime, insurance defense, professional liability
Shanberg Stafford - employment, intellectual property, real estate, business
Sheldon, Philip R. - immigration
Shields Law Offices - business litigation
Shimokaji & Associates - intellectual property
Shook, Hardy & Bacon
Shulman Bunn - real estate, construction, securities
Simon, McKinsey, Miller, Zommick, Sandor & Dundas - business, family, real estate, tax
Slavin-Cosell, Judith - workers' compensation, personal injury, employment
Smith Ellison - antitrust, securities, banking, real estate, business litigation
Smith Smith & Feeley - insurance
Smith Trager - environmental, construction, real estate
Smith, Perry - employment
Smith, W. Bailey, also Long Beach - estate planning
Smits, Andrew A. - business litigation, bankruptcy
Songstad & Randall - business litigation, real estate, tax, banking, labor/employment, estate planning
Sofonio and Associates - personal injury, medical malpractice, employment, tenant/landlord
Sorkin Law Group - business, civil litigation, personal injury, family, estate planning, insurance bad faith
South Orange County Bankruptcy
Spectrum Law Group - business, securities, estate planning, litigation, labor/employment
Steely, Victoria - family
Stellhorn, Cisca - family, estate planning
Sterling Scott Winchell - business, real estate, civil rights, landlord/tenant, personal injury, estate planning, intellectual property
Stocker & Lancaster - business litigation, real estate, construction, personal injury
Stone, Edward H. - estate planning, tax
Stout, Uxa, Buyan & Mullins - intellectual property
Stull & Stull - criminal/DUI
and Stull & Stull - criminal/DUI
Sturgeon & Wehbe
Sun, Raymond - intellectual property
Swanson, David E. - criminal

Teuton, Loewy & Parker - business litigation, real estate, intellectual property
Tomassian, Throckmorton & Inouye - construction, real estate, business, environmental
and Tomassian, Throckmorton & Inouye - construction, real estate, entertainment
Tonkovich Law Firm - estate planning, bankruptcy, real estate
Tosti, Joseph M. - personal injury, workers' compensation
and Totsi, Joseph M. - bankruptcy
Tracy, Michael - labor, employment
Trella Jr., Stephen R. - estate planning, business, family, real estate, tax
Troutman Sanders - full service
Trumpler, Jason - criminal, DUI
Trustee Corps - foreclosures, bankruptcy
TRW Law Group - intellectual property
Tsai, Steve - business, litigation, intellectual property, employment, real estate, securities
Turner, Reynolds, Greco & O'Hara - bankruptcy, tax, business litigation, estate planning, real estatte, employment

Ultimo Law Firm - personal injury, real estate
Unis & Associates - business litigation, employment, estate planning
United Trustees Association (UTA) - estate planning
Utter, Jack - business, real estate, employment, estate planning, family, securities

Vance & Blair - business, estate planning, personal injury
Verdon, Jeffrey M. - estate planning, trusts, wills, probate
Vista IP Law Group, also Fullerton - intellecutal property

Wall Law Office
Walsh & Walsh - employment
Watt, Tieder, Hoffar & Fitzgerald (WTHF) - construction, real estate, government contracts
Whalen - business
Williams Firm, The - bankruptcy
Winslow, David C. - family
and Winslow, David C. (Divorce 4 Cops) - family
Wittick, Michael J. - estate planning
Wittlin, Peter C. - real estate, bankruptcy, business
Wolf Firm, The - banking
Wolfe & Wyman - construction, insurance, intellectual property, banking, real estate
Wolowski & Associates, Hal W. - labor/employment, business, real estate, insurance
Wood & Delgado, also Temecula - dental office
Woods & Krolikowski - personal injury
Writer, Kayleene H. - family
Wroten & Associates - elder abuse defense, healthcare defense
Wu & Cheng - intellectual property, international trade, estate planning, business

Yocca Law Firm - business
Young, Steven R. - personal injury
Yuan, Sean - immigration, bilingual Chinese

Zeppos Law Firm - tax, estate planning, wills, trusts
Zinser Law Group - bankruptcy, estate planning

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