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Newport Beach
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Newport Beach Firms
Multiple Locations

Abraham, Stephen - appellate, business, employment, intellectual property, real estate
Accident Attorneys (Paul E. Lee) - personal injury
Adler, John A. - estate planning
Aires Law Firm - creditor's rights, debt collection
Allen, Flatt, Ballidis & Leslie - personal injury
Alvandi Group, The - family, workers' compensation
Angelo & White - business, family, personal injury, litigation
Anthony, Jack H. - personal injury, employment, litigation
and Anthony, Jack H. (AutismLaw) - disabilities
Asdourian, Mark V.

Barta, Theresa J. - healthcare
Barton, John W. - business litigation, criminal, personal injury
Batista, Edward R. - estate planning
Beam, Brobeck, West, Borges & Rosa - civil litigation defense
Bezaire & Leathers - estate planning
Bidna & Keys - real estate, business
Bisnar Chase - personal injury
and Bisnar and Chase (California Auto Accident Attorneys) - personal injury
Bissell, William G. - business, litigation, construction, real estate
Black & Ciment - criminal
Blakeley & Blakeley - bankruptcy
Bohan & Stracner - elder abuse
and Bohan & Stracner - medical malpractice, elder abuse
Bowie, Arneson, Wiles & Giannone - school districts, public agencies
Brace, Anna C. - family
Brandlin Jr., John J. - technology, business, real estate, estate planning
Brewer Law Firm, also Long Beach - criminal
Brewer, Burleigh J. - business, real estate, tax
Bruggeman, Michael R. - criminal
Burgi, Dr. Kenneth - personal injury, family
Burk & Reedy - business, securities, tax, environmental, estate planning, non-profit, intellectual property, international
Burke, Sean M. - insurance bad faith, personal injury
Burns, George S. - real estate, business, environmental, intellectual property, employment, insurance
Bush, Michael D. - family
Buttolph Law Group - business, labor/employment, intellectual property, real estate, estate planning
Buxbaum and Chakmak, also Claremont - business, civil litigation, real estate, bankruptcy

Call, Jensen & Ferrell - litigation, employment, education, securities
Campbell, Regina M.
Chamberlain and Viau - business, real estate, estate planning
Cano, Kristin M. - securities
Casey & Richards - estate planning, trusts, wills, probate
Cheadle, C. Tucker - estate planning, tax
Chow & Freisleben - business litigation, employment, insurance, real estate, product liability
Cicione, Douglas D. - estate planning, tax
Cini, Maltaise - criminal
Clark, Ronald J. - intellectual property
Clausen, Robert - construction defect, community associations
Coffey & Coffey - criminal
and Coffey & Coffey - criminal
Cohen, Ivan P. - debt collection
Collins & Bellenghi - employment, personal injury
Colville, Stuart J. - litigation, labor, real estate, debt collection, estate planning
Contego Law - estate planning, business, civil litigation, intellectual property, automobile dealerships
Corrigan & Welbourn - criminal, DUI
Counts, Steven B. - criminal
Cree & Prineas - estate planning, business, real estate, energy
Crockett Law - real estate, estate planning, tax, business
Cromwell Law Firm, The - criminal, business
Croudace & Dietrich - real estate, litigation, business
Cummins & White - business litigation, criminal, political, government, insurance

Daehnke Cruz
Davey, Gerard P. - business, real estate
Deason & Archbold - labor/employment
Devenny, Simone - estate planning
Dewberry Firm, The - litigation, banking, real estate, business
Donovan Group, The - debt collection
Dorney, Gene E. - criminal, DUI
and Dorney, Gene - criminal, DUI
Drysdale, Don M. - franchise
Duffy, Anthony C. - business, real estate, litigation, real estate
Dunbar & Dunbar - real estate, family, civil litigation, business

Eagan O'Malley & Avenatti (EOA)
Eagle, Rondee J. - criminal, DUI, juvenile
Ellowitz, Jonathan R. - bankruptcy
Emge Law Group - business, intellectual property, real estate, estate planning, civil litigation
Erdosi, Bradley S. - estate planning
Executive Law Group - employment

Feinstein, Marc - employment, insurance, business litigation
Fenton Grant Mayfield Kaneda & Litt, also Ventura - construction defect
Ferruzzo & Ferruzzo - full service
Flyer, David R. - intellectual property
Foran Glennon Palandech Ponzi & Rudloff - civil litigation defense, construction, insurance, international
Forde & Mollrich - political consulting
Frankel & Tennant - banking, creditor's rights, litigation, real estate

Gagliardino, Vivian - family
Garrett and Heaton - tax, estate planning
Geiger & Merritt - real estate, tax, business, litigation
German American Law Group - international
Goe & Forsythe - bankruptcy, contracts, real estate
Gold, Philip John - estate planning
Good, Wildman, Hegness & Walley - business, landlord/tenant, construction, estate planning, family, intellectual property, tax, real estate
Gordon & Rees - labor, employment
Graham Family Law, also Santa Ana
Grannan Law Office - estate planning, trusts, wills, probate, intellectual property
Gray, John S. - lemon law, consumer, real estate, estate planning, criminal
Greenbaum Law Group - debt recovery, collection
Grobaty & Pitet - litigation, professional malpractice, municpal, appellate

Hackler, Walter A. - intellectual property
Haddan & Zepfel - securities, business
Hanley, William B. - litigation
Hartmann Law Firm - criminal
Hatter & Associates, Rodney - franchise
Hatton, Petrie & Stackler - business litigation
Hawkins, Robert C. - real estate
Herrick Nikas - admirality, business litigation, estate planning
Hess-Verdon Associates - estate planning, real estate, business
Highland Law - real estate
Hochfelsen & Kani - business litigation
Holland & Associates, J. Mark (JMH&A) - intellectual property
Holloway, Mary Beth - family
Holmes, Mark D. - business, litigation, maritime, transportation
Howser & Brown - business, estate planning, family, real estate, tax

Iannelli & Associates - business, transportation, wine
Inhouse Attorneys - business
Injury Resource Center (Eisenberg Law Firm) - personal injury

Jensen & Coeur-Barron - business, estate planning, government relations, real estate
Johnson & Associates - business, estate planning, real estate, personal injury, construction defect

Kalfin & Bowersett - family
Kaplan, Sherman I. - immigration
Katz, Stuart A.- collections
Kessler, Gary A. - personal injury
Kester & Quinlan - business, civil litigation, estate planning
Khiterer Law Office - intellectual property
King Parret & Droste - business, real estate, intellectual property, employment
Klein and Wilson - business litigation, personal injury, insurance bad faith
Koltai, Mikael - business, immigration, real estate, estate planning
Kopman, Daniel D. - business, estate planning, taxation
Kramer, Paul Damien - business litigation, construction, real estate
Kroopf, Thomas A. - criminal

LaFlam Sullivan - business, tax, real estate
LaMoure, Nathan D. - business
Laz, Creighton B. - criminal
Lebloch, James G. - tax, estate planning
Ledger & Associates - personal injury
and Ledger & Associates - personal injury
Legate, Law & Campbell - business, family, estate planning, real estate, tax
Letterman, Bryce L. - elder, estate planning, securities, business
Linden & Associates - estate planning
Long, Harrison Gavin - personal injury, criminal
Lloyd's Law Firm - estate planning, real estate, business
Lund Law Group, also Long Beach

MacGregor & Collins - criminal
Maddox, A. Lee - dental office
Madoni, Stephen A. - litigation, employment, estate planning
Mandel, Brian S. - estate planning
Manderson, Schafer & McKinlay - business, intellectual property, real estate
Manly & Stewart - personal injury, real estate, criminal
Manning Jr., Joseph R. - real estate
and Manning Jr., Joseph R. - real estate, business, personal injury
Marsh, Lindell L. - real estate, environmental
Masler, Gregory S. - reproductive, business, civil litigation, bankruptcy, estate planning
Matthews Law Firm
McArdle & Vosskuhler - family
McCoy, Julie M. - business litigation, intellectual property
McDonnell, Robert J. - estate planning
McHenry, Jim - business, real estate, criminal, estate planning, family
Meeks, Sheppard Leo & Pillsbury - international trade
Millar Hodges & Bemis - insurance
Miller Law Firm, The - construction defect
Mind Law Firm - intellectual property
Minyard Morris - family
Mollis & Mollis - tax, estate planning
Morgan, Darlynn - estate planning
Mozingo & Patel - estate planning
Murphy, Ryan Patrick
Murray, David D. - immigration

Naghash, Roger E. - criminal, business litigation, consumer, intellectual property, international, bankruptcy, family, securities
Nelson & Associates, Paul J. (PJN) - family
and Nelson Hittelman - family
Nelson, John C. - immigration
Newmeyer & Dillion - appellate, business litigation, insurance, intellectual property, employment, real estate
Newport Divorce Attorney (Robert Glasser) - family
Newton, John P. - criminal
Nicholas, Frank - personal injury
Nowland, Thomas - business, bankruptcy, construction, employment, real estate

O'Brien & Peterson - business litigation, estate planning, real estate, tax
O'Connell & Rydstrom - personal injury, business, criminal, community associations, litigation, consumer, construction, real estate
O'Keefe & Associates - bankruptcy
Okorocha, Okorie (California Legal Team) - DUI, criminal
Olson, Michael C. - intellectual property, insurance bad faith

Patent Law & Venture Group - intellectual property
Peabody, Timothy P. - family
Peacock, Mark - personal injury
Penney and Associates - personal injury, civil litigation
Perkins Law Firm - business, estate planning, tax
Phillips, Whisnant, Gazin & Gorczyca - family
Pray, Frank - employment

Rapillo, John, also Huntington Beach - personal injury
Raymond, Paul W. - tax
Reich Radcliffe & Kuttler - business, consumer, civil litigation, insurance, labor, real estate
Reis Law Firm - business litigation, personal injury, family, insurance, employment
Ridley, Michael P.
Rinaldi, Kate T. - family
Roberts, Christine Karol - intellectual property
Roberts, J. Arthur - bankruptcy
Roberts Law Firm, The - personal injury, employment
Robinson, Calcagnie & Robinson - personal injury
Rose Carson Kaplan Choi & White - technology, entertainment, healthcare, immigration
Russell & Miller - estate planning, probate, trusts, wills
Russell, Kendall & Michalske - real estate
Russo, Vincent J. - civil litigation, business, personal injury, family, estate planning
and Russo, Vincent J. - civil litigation, business, personal injury, family, estate planning
and Russo, Vincent J. - criminal
and Russo, Vincent J. - family, estate planning, criminal, personal injury
Rynn & Janowsky - employment, agricultural

Sanders, Guy - real estate, appellate, business
Satin, Kenneth A. - personal injury
Schiff & Shelton - litigation
Schnapp, Roger H. - employment
Schwartz, Ronald B. - personal injury
Schwarzstein, Richard J. - business, securities, real estate, international, nonprofit, sports
Scott & Whitehead - employment, labor
Scott, Kyle - personal injury
Seastrom & Seastrom - family
Self & Bhamre
Sessa, Anthony - criminal
Sexton & Associates, Christopher - business
Shack, Richard M. - family
Siebel Jr., G. Edmund - special education
Silver, Craig J. - construction
Slaughter & Slaughter - business, estate planning, tax
Slayback, Paul C. - personal injury
Smith & Susson - civil litigation
Smith Lillis Pitha - business litigation, employment, personal injury
Souders, J. Scott - real estate
Spach, Capaldi & Waggaman - creditors rights, real estate, construction
Spanos Law Firm - business litigation, real estate, securities fraud, insurance bad faith
Specter & Willoughby - civil litigation, insurance, employment
Spiekerman, Michael - family
Steering, Jerry L. - police misconduct, criminal, civil litigation
Stephens & Kray - estate planning, intellectual property, tax
Stephens Friedland - advertising, appellate, banking, construction, employment, franchise, intellectual property, real estate
Stewart, Jeannine - criminal
Stone Law Firm, The - real estate, construction defect, bankruptcy
Stradling Yocca Carlson & Rauth - full service
Suchman, Stewart R. - business, international
Swickard, Jack Neil - international, criminal, DUI

Thiagarajah, Fred - criminal, immigration
Tomalas Law Firm - personal injury
Tow and Associates, Marc R. - civil litigation, corporate, securities
Tozer, Matthew B. - business, personal injury, bankruptcy
and Tozer, Matthew (Christian Attorney California) - business, personal injury, bankruptcy

Ulich & Terry - real estate, insurance defense, appellate, personal injury
Utzurrum Law Offices, also Downtown LA - business, litigation

Van Fleet, Matthew - personal injury
Vogt Resnick Sherak, also West LA - business, tax, healthcare, real estate, estate planning, litigation
Vollmer, Michael V. - estate planning, tax
Voss, Cook and Thel - real estate, tax, corporate, environmental, estate planning

Waldron & Bragg - business, real estate
Walsh, Michael T., also Laguna Niguel - estate planning, trusts, wills
Warren Benson Law Group - qui tam, fraud
Webb, Jennifer - family
Weed & Co - business
Wentworth, Paoli & Purdy, also Temecula - personal injury
WHGC - labor/employment, intellectual property, immigration
White, Daniel D.
Wing, Robert K. - immigration
Winthrop Couchot - bankruptcy
Wilkirson & Associates - DUI, personal injury, family, criminal, estate planning, civil litigation
Woodhouse, Violet P. - family, also financial planning
Wordes, Wilshin & Conner - real estate, business, litigation
Wright, Finlay & Zak (WFZ) - real estate, banking

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