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Legal Services in General
Anaheim Hills
Central Orange County
La Habra
Los Angeles County
Multiple Locations
Orange County in General
Riverside County
San Bernardino County
South Orange County
Ventura County
Yorba Linda

Anaheim Hills
Multiple Locations
Aliberti, Joseph M. - family
Andrews, Richard G. - personal injury, workers compensation
Augustin Egelsee - special education, juvenile defense, criminal
Court Appearance Attorneys
Dial & Associates - family
Duringer Law Group, also Lake Arrowhead - landlord/tenant
Fields Law Group - construction, business, litigation
Gibbs, Kevin B., also Newport Beach - family
Global Trademarks - intellectual property
Goldstein, Jonathan A. - litigation, personal injury
Kirkpatrick Legal Group, The - real estate, insurance, transportation
LeBron, John Jay - bankruptcy
Ludwig Law Center - family, criminal, estate planning
Martin & Stamp - litigation
United Estate Planning
Walker, Christopher P. - estate planning, bankruptcy
Walson Law Offices - personal injury, employment/labor, family
Watts & Gray - business, family

Multiple Locations
Attar & Jamoo - workers' compensation defense
Balent, John A. - family
Carroll, Gilbert & Bachor - business, litigation, real estate, estate planning
Cary & Dollar - personal injury, construction defect, business litigation
Curiale, Anthony - criminal
Davis, Roberta A. - landlord/tenant, elder law, bankruptcy, estate planning, personal injury, immigration, criminal, family, business
Dhokia, J. - immigration
Fridley, Scott - business litigation, collections, construction, estate planning, tax
Hinz, William A. - family
Kyllander Law - bankruptcy
McCune, Brenda - family
Nguyen & Hale - personal injury, bankruptcy, family
Nowell, Russel P. - estate planning
O'Brien and Associates, Gerard W. - estate planning
Shedwill, Jamison K. - family
Victoria-Magpantay, Mara - immigration
Von Esch IV, Robert A. - construction, personal injury
Wishart & Garland - family

Multiple Locations
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Arghavani, Fay - family
Ballard, J. Larry - estate planning
Berkley Law Firm, The, also Mission Viejo - social security/disability
Bloom, Steven K. - criminal
and Bloom, Steven K. - criminal
Borsari, David S. - criminal
Bullard, Brown & Beal, also Riverside - insurance defense
Bush, William M. - family
Curran and Watson - criminal, administrative, family
Dibble, Barbara J. - estate planning
Donovan, John J. - criminal
Elenbaas, Thomas E. - civil litigation, business, real estate, landlord/tenant, personal injury
Foglesong, Carrie - criminal
Garcia, Thomas K. - family
Gigliotti & Gigliotti - employment/labor
Goodman, Jacqueline - criminal
Hagan & Associates - family, real estate, landlord/tenant, employment, estate planning, construction
Hart, Evelyne M. - immigration
Hartnett Law Group - litigation
Heine, Maragaret A.M. - estate planning, business
Hickey, Robert J. - criminal
Hlywa, Terrence - immigration
Hopson, Sterling J. - bankruptcy, real estate, criminal, civil litigation
Jones & Mayer - law enforcement agencies
Jones & Roach - family
Lagomarsino, Anthony G. - business, estate planning
Longwith, Randall T. - criminal
and Longwith, Randall T. - criminal, family, personal injury
and Longwith, Randall T. - DUI, criminal
Matus-Collins, Lynn L. - family
Metcalf, Alan W. - family
Miller Family Law Group
Millers, John E. - family, bankruptcy, estate planning, personal injury
Moerbeek, Stanley L. - civil litigation, real estate, landlord/tenant
Orange County Probate - estate planning
Parsons & Pietro, also Newport Beach - family
Patno, Judy - personal injury
Patrick, Lisa Mitts - personal injury, insurance, civil litigation
Patterson Hanna & Associates - family, civil litigation, business, personal injury, estate planning
Perez & Perez - criminal, personal injury, civil litigation, family
Peterson Oliver & Poll - litigation
ReedLaw - real estate
Ross, Linda K. - family, estate planning
Russell, Craig R. - workers' compensation defense
Schonfeld, David S. - landlord, tenant
Shinen, Brock - business, entertainment, intellectual property, estate planning
Stearman, Jeffrey D. - family, personal injury, landlord/tenant, criminal, civil litigation
and Stearman, Jeffrey D. - family
Viriyapanthu, Paul - immigration, civil litigation, bankruptcy, criminal
Ward, Barry T. - family
Watson, Dennis L. - estate planning
Winn Law Group - bankruptcy

La Habra
Fullman, Jay D. - business, estate planning
McDonnell and Kent - criminal, DUI
Padilla, Annaluisa - immigration, family
Plascencia, Felipe - DUI
Rossman, Charles - personal injury

Braun, Marie I. - family
Chavez, Stephen F. - bankruptcy
deBrucky, G. Keith - estate planning, business, intellectual property
Harrell, Jack - estate planning, business
Hiskey Law Firm - estate planning
Perotin, Gary A. - family
Peterson, Kennith L. - personal injury
and Peterson, Kennith L. - personal injury, workers' compensation defense
Shapiro, Mitchell A. - personal injury, criminal, civil litigation
Young, Laura E. - bankruptcy, personal injury, estate planning, workers' compensation

Yorba Linda
Brunette & Associates, Steven E. - food industry
Davidson, Jack H. - workers compensation defense
DeWitt Family Law
Fineman & Associates - consumer
Lakeshore Law Center - civil litigation, consumer
Manson-Tompkins, Kayo - banking
Platisha, Linda S. - travel agencies
Plummer, Mark B. - personal injury, employment, real estate
Shippey & Associates - intellectual property, estate planning, business
Wheeler, Amanda G. - estate planning, business, real estate

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