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Santa Ana Firms
Multiple Locations

Abarr, Maurice L.
Abeltin & Migoya - insurance, personal injury, immigration, real estate
Afghani, Steven A. - criminal, litigation
Aitken, Aitken & Cohn - personal injury
Allen Mullings & Allen - civil litigation, business, construct defect, public entities, appellate, community associations, estate planning
Alston, Alston & Diebold
Altamirano, Victor H. - family, personal injury, bankruptcy, workers' compensation
American Law Firm - bankruptcy
Anderson & Anderson - estate planning, trusts, wills, probate
Anderson Law Firm, The - lemon
Andres & Andres - legal malpractice
Anthony, Daryl D. - criminal
Apkarian & Zalewski - criminal

Baker & Baker - business, real estate
Barilla & Associates, Frank - full service
Baucom, Marsha - family
Beach, Andrew F. - family, employment, business litigation, personal injury, real estate
Bechler, James C. - criminal, immigration, family, real estate, business, bankruptcy
Berman & More - personal injury
Biederman & Associates, Marc - criminal, family
Blied, Tim, also Fullerton, Palm Desert - adoptions
Blue Capital Law Group - business, real estate, litigation, intellectual property
Bonetati, Kincaid & Kincaid - construction, healthcare, real estate, community associations, transportation, maritime, employment, real estate
Borthwick, Scott - DUI
Bourdelais Estate Planning
Bridgewater Legal - bankruptcy
Brower, Jake
Brower, Ronald G. - criminal
Brownfield, Thomas E. - construction, family, bankruptcy
Bruno, Keith J. - criminal
Bruzzo, William W. - criminal

Caldevilla Law Office, also Pacific Palisades - immigration, personal injury, family, employment, workers' compensation, bilingual Spanish
California DUI Defense Attorneys - criminal
California Law Associates - personal injury, workers' compensation, immigration - bilingual Spanish
Callahan & Blaine - litigation
Calvo & Mattingley - personal injury
Casello & Lincoln - business litigation, personal injury
Chambers, Noronha & Kubota - personal injury, civil litigation
Chavos & Rau - business litigation, construction defect, employment, personal injury
Cifarelli Law Firm - personal injury
Civic Center Law Building - directory
Cohen Law Firm, The - business litigation, insurance bad faith, personal injury, employment, construction defect
Cohen, Adrienne D. - insurance, construction defect, personal injury
Cohn & Swartzon - personal injury
Coleman & Associates, S. J. - real estate, family
Cook Brown - employment/labor
Covas, John Michael - criminal, bankruptcy, administrative, civil litigation
Cronn, James P. - family, criminal
Croskrey, Carly R. - family
Curtin, Judi A. - family

Daff, Charles W. - bankruptcy
Danoff, Edward R. - criminal, personal injury, family, DUI
Dascanio, Dennis A., also Ontario - workers' compensation
Davis, Joseph S. - criminal, bankruptcy
Davis, Terry K. - employment
DiMarco | Araujo | Montevideo - personal injury
Doudna, Michael T. - criminal
Douglas, Dana - labor/employment, business litigation, personal injury
Driscoll & Feder
Dudman, Jan Mark - family

Easlick, Paul - landlord/tenant, real estate
English Law - civil litigation, estate planning, criminal, family

Fakhimi & Associates - criminal, labor/employment, insurance
Family Business Office (FBO) - estate planning, trusts, wills, probate
Family Law Second Opinion
Fischer, Robert D. - family
Fisher, Michael A. - family
Flatley, Ian L. - family, estate planning, trusts, wills, probate
Freeman, Borthwick & Marsili - personal injury, family, estate planning, transportation
Friedman, Jeffrey H. - criminal
Friske & Hilliard - family

Gee, Andrea - estate planning
Gentry, David E. - personal injury, workers' compensation
Ghods Law Firm - insurance, real estate, business, construction, litigation
Gibson & Hughes - personal injury, workers' compensation
Gilbert & Marlowe, also Costa Mesa - family, criminal, civil litigation
Glew and Kim - criminal, family
Goldsman, Gene J. - personal injury, litigation
Gonzalez Law Firm - family, personal injury, estat planning, criminal
Green & Hall - construction, real estate, banking, business litigation
Green, William - personal injury
Greenwald & Hoffman - business, intellectual property
Gulaya, Krishna - family
Gutierrez, Sheny - criminal

Hankin, Theodore M. - estate planning
Harbin & McCarron - professional liability defense, real estate
Hart, King & Coldren - business litigation, real estate
Healy & Associates - family, criminal, estate planning, appellate, bankruptcy
Hernandez, Jose Alfredo - immigration, criminal
Hollins Schechter, also Palm Springs - personal injury, civil litigation, employment, intellectual property
Houston Law of California - aviation, criminal, DUI
Howard, Glenn A. - non-profit organizations
Howard, Strickroth & Parker - insurance defense
Hulsy, William M. - family
Hunt & Adams - litigation

Irvine Venture Law Firm - business, tax, estate planning

Jafari Law Group (JLG) - business, intellectual property, employment
and Jafari Law Group - intellectual property, business, employment
and Jafari Patent Law - intellectual property
Jones, Richard A. - personal injury, employment, real estate, construction, insurance bad faith
Jones, Wayne L. - family

Kaeni & Associates - personal injury, workers' compensation, criminal, immigration
Kamoroff & Associates - special education, estate planning
Kamyab Law Firm - family, criminal, immigration, bankruptcy, business, real estate, malpractice
Kanne, Michael
Karimlou, Makeda - immigration
Kaufman & Kaufman, also Torrance - bankruptcy
Kazerouni Law Group - criminal, real estate, personal injury, entertainment
Khalili, Henry - real estate, bankruptcy, construction, family, estate planning, DUI
Kim, Christian - criminal
Klein, Gerald L. (Kindlaw) - family
Klein, Jeffrey M. - workers compensation
Kolar & Associates - business, labor/employment, litigation, personal injury
Kosmala, Weneta M.A. - bankruptcy
Kyurkchyan, Levon, also Pasadena - criminal

LaBarbera Jr., Vincent J. - criminal
Lanak & Hanna - construction, business
Landau Law Group - transportation, environmental, construction, legal malpractice, product liability
Law Office Santa Ana - personal injury
Le + Pelletier, also Santa Clarita (Valencia) - estate planning, family, intellectual property, business litigation
Lechau, Luong - bankruptcy
Lemkin, Barnes & Row - family
Lerner & McDonald - business, real estate
Leviton Diaz & Ginocchio - workers' compensation
Liberto, Shelley M. - intellectual property
Liebeck, Kevin G.
Long Williamson & Delis - business litigation, civil litigation, construction, employment, personal injury, real estate, environmental
Lunetto & Hegel, also Riverside - personal injury, workers' compensation, social security disability

Mafi, Maziar - immigration, personal injury, business, criminal, appellate
Mains, David D. - personal injury
Martin, Thomas F. - workers' compensation
Mastin Law Firm - business litigation, real estate, personal injury, intellectual property, immigration, employment, workers' compensation
Matus-Collins, Lynn L. - family, estate planning, elder
and Matus-Collins, Lynn L. - family, estate planning, elder law
McGee, William - lemon law
McIntosh, Thomas M. - estate planning, personal injury, business, criminal
McKeague, W. Douglas - family
Mckeon, Merritt - family, appellate, international
McMillan & Jennings - product liability, toxic torts
Medina, David - criminal
Merhab Robinson & Jackson - employment, real estate
Meyer & Villalobos (DUI Fighters)
Miller, Jules - business, employment
Minerich, Paul T. - family
MJV Law - family, bankruptcy, estate planning, civil litigation
Moore & Affiliates - tax, estate planning, real estate
Morris & Stone - business, employment, real estate, personal injury, litigation
Moss III, Richard M. - family, bankruptcy, lemon law, criminal
Mullhofer, Matthew C. - estate planning, trusts, wills, probate
Muzi & Associates, Andrew C. - civil litigation, appellate, construction, business, bankruptcy, real estate, personal injury

Nathan, Scott G. (GR8LAW) - business, real estate, litigation
Navarro & Associates - immigration, real estate, family, business
Newman, Robert - animal law, criminal, family
Nielsen Law Group - social security/disability
Nunes, Anthony J. - family, criminal, personal injury, immigration

O'Malley, Nick - personal injury, employment
Osajima, Glenn - criminal
Ousley, Jeffrey P.

Pagter & Miller - bankrutpcy
Palmer & Tran - immigration
Paulson, Randall J. - personal injury, employment
Phillips & Robinson - personal injury, immigration
Pietro & Associates - business, litigation
Pike Jr., Robert S. - family, personal injury
Pineda, Javier G. - immigration
Prenovost Normandin Bergh & Dawe - full service
Prestininzi & Luebke - personal injury, business litigation, family, construction, real estate, business

Quinlivan Wexler - estate planning, tax, litigation, business

Real, Hernandez & Ly
Reed, Kenneth A. - criminal
Reinecke Law Firm, also Sherman Oaks - personal injury
and Reinecke, Thomas G., also Sherman Oaks - motorcycle
Richards, Scott - bankruptcy
Rios, Ronald R. - family
Roche, James G. - immigration

SAG Law Offices (Sergio A. Gutierrez) - personal injury, employment, business, intellectual property
Sahami, Sue - family, personal injury, criminal
Salazar, Sylvia G. - tax, estate planning
Sarieh Law Offices (The Right Lawyer), also Beverly Hills - family
Sariol Legal Center - personal injury, workers' compensation, immigration, bankruptcy
Sayre, Federico C. - personal injury, product liability, malpractice, civil rights, toxic torts
and Sayre, Frederico Castelan - personal injury, product liability, malpractice, civil rights, toxic torts
Schapiro & Leventhal - personal injury
Schaul, Joshua A. - intellectual property
Schmiesing Blied Stoddart & Mackey, also Fullerton, Palm Desert - estate planning, business, adoptions
Schrader, Link W. - community associations, bankruptcy
Schroeder, Steven F. - tax, estate planning
Schutzman, Scott E. - civil litigation, employment, intellectual property, business, personal injury
Schwarz, David P.
Serrato, Fabian C. - personal injury, immigration, criminal
Shakoori Law Group - bankruptcy
Shoffner, Gary E.
Shuff Law Firm - family, real estate, litigation, personal injury
Sieving, Michael M. - automobile dealers
SJL Law Group - criminal, family, immigration, bankruptcy
Smith, Chapman & Campbell - business litigation, personal injury
Smith, Joseph P. - criminal
Smith, Smith, Blonska & Strunk - family
Sood, Sunita N. - bankruptcy, immigration
Sorensen, Patricia - business, employment
South Coast Law Center - bankruptcy, estate planning, personal injury, criminal
Spector, Michael G. - bankruptcy
Sperling Law
Spix & Martin - estate planning
Stark, Jerome D. - real estate, estate planning, civil litigation, appellate
Stein, Susan D. - civil litigation, landlord/tenant, bankruptcy
Stoke & Riddet - criminal
Sullivan, Struck & Ballog - litigation
Surtida Law Offices - immigration
Swinburn, Benjamin
Swytak, Stephen C. - family

Talmo, Ronald - administrative - tax
Taylor, A. Lavar - bankruptcy, tax
and Taylor, A. Lavar - tax
Tears, Thomas - criminal
Thompson, Brent M. - personal injury
Thordsen, Herman - real estate, bankruptcy, personal injury, estate planning
Tokarz, Arlene - family, bankruptcy
Torres, Elena M.- personal injury, criminal, estate planning, immigration
Traffic Ticket Attorneys
Traut Firm - personal injury

Ufkes & Bright - personal injury, workers' compensation, criminal, family

Valencia & Associates - immigration, bankruptcy
Van Deusen Youmans & Walmsley - adoptions, family

Wall McCormick & Baroldi (WMB) - workers' compensation defense
Wang, Vivian - immigration
Wankel, David A. - construction, real estate, estate planning
Waterman & Sichon - business, estate planning, real estate
Watten, Discoe, Bassett & McMains - insurance defense
Wernicke, Peter H.- civil litigation, personal injury
Werno & Associates - aviation, business, criminal, family, personal injury
Whiting, Lawrence R. - public safety officers, workers' compensation
Wilke, Craig - criminal
Wilks & Associates, Robert A. "Bob"
Winters & Banks - workers' compensation
Witsoe, Lawrence A. - real estate
Wolf Law Firm - real estate, employment, business, estate planning

Yneges, Alexander - lemon

Zimmerman, Craig - consumer rights
Zimmerman, Marc A. - bankruptcy, tax, estate planning

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