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Legal Services in General
Aliso Viejo
Capistrano Beach
Central Orange County
Corona del Mar
Costa Mesa
Coto de Caza
Coto de Caza
Dana Point
Foothill Ranch
Ladera Ranch
Laguna Beach
Laguna Hills
Laguna Niguel
Laguna Woods
Lake Forest
Los Angeles County
Mission Viejo
Monarch Beach
Newport Beach
North Orange County
Orange County in General
Rancho Santa Margarita
Riverside County
San Bernardino County
San Clemente
San Juan Capistrano
South Orange County
Trabuco Canyon
Ventura County

Aliso Viejo
Multiple Locations
Assanti & Associates - personal injury, workers' compensation, criminal
AVID Law Center - business, real estate, bankruptcy
Bridgford & Gleason, also Westwood - personal injury, business litigation
Cowan, Josef M.
DiCaro, Coppo and Popcke - civil litigation, insurance defense, healthcare, employment, estate planning
Dillinger Law Firm, The
Kang, John C., also Anaheim Hills, Newport Beach
Kushner Law Firm - real estate, business, employment, bankruptcy, landlord/tenant
Martin O'Neill - real estate, personal injury, construction, litigation, insurance, estate planning, bankruptcy
McConnell, Dunning & Barwick - business, securities, intellectual property, real estate, tax
Michelsen, Erik B. (Transact Law) - business, real estate
Nokes & Nokes - personal injury, legal malpractice
Paskerian, Block, Martindale & Brinton (PBMB) - real estate
Patten, Leigh A. - real estate, business, family, intellectual property, bankruptcy, personal injury, estate planning
Stetina Brunda Garred & Brucker - intellectual property
Tinnelly, Richard, also Palm Desert - homeowners associations
Walraven & Lehman - employment/labor
Wolfe, Gerald - bankruptcy

Capistrano Beach/Dana Point
Dana Point in General
Draper, Paul D. - business, civil litigation
Somerville, Don E. - bankruptcy, personal injury, criminal, civil litigation
Walkon, Craig S.

Corona Del Mar
Allen, Russell G. - estate planning
Bruck, Richard H. - business
Dawson & Dawson
Fasel, Fasel & Nefulda - international, maritime
Hampton Holley - civil litigation
Harms, Michael S. - estate planning
Raffi Law - personal injury

Costa Mesa
Multiple Locations
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Ahmadshahi & Associates, Michael M. - intellectual property
AmeriEstate Legal Plan - estate planning
Aplin, Thomas P. - business litigation, banking, landlord/tenant, personal injury
Assayag & Mauss - business, real estate
Baker, Darren L., also Orange - estate planning, trusts
Baker, Karin E.
and Baker, Karin E. - estate planning
Balfour MacDonald Olmsted - full service
Benice, Jeffrey S. - civil litigation, criminal, entertainment
Birch Stewart Kolasch & Birch (BSKB) - intellectual property
Bisom, Andrew S. - bankruptcy
Bohm Matsen Kegel & Aguilera (BMKA) - estate planning, bankruptcy, business litigation, construction, employment/labor, family, real estate
and Bohm Matsen Kegel & Aguilera (Wealth Strategies Counsel) - estate planning
Brennen, Michael (Custody for Fathers ) - family
Brown, Ashley C. L. - business, entertainment, intellectual property
Brown, Bonn & Friedman - business litigation, construction, insurance, lemon, personal injury, toxic tort
Buckner, Alani & Mirkovich - real estate, landlord/tenant, environmental
Chaix, John - construction defect
Chevalier, Allen & Lichman - aviation, environmental, airport development
Cooksey, Toolen, Gage, Duffy & Woog - full service
Cumming & Associates - litigation, intellectual property, bankrutpcy, real estate, construction
Dalva & Associates - personal injury
Ducote & Associates - litigation, appellate, business, labor, employment, estate planning
Dwight Law Group - intellectual property
Easton, W. Douglas - personal injury
Farmer & Case & Fedor - litigation
Feldhake Law Firm - employment, civil litigation, public entities, insurance, intellectual property
Ferrentino, Correen - criminal
Fitzpatrick, Cella, Harper & Scinto - intellectual property
Garrett DeFrenza Stiepel (GDS) - real estate, landlord/tenant, tax, business
Geiger Law Office - estate planning
Golesorkhi, Shahravan - bankruptcy
Grace Hollis & Hanson, also Sherman Oaks, Temecula - business, employment, litigation, personal injury
Grupenhagen, Daniel C. - traffic
Guldjian Law Group - business, intellectual property, employment, real estate, litigation, personal injury, estate planning
Harle, Janics & Kannen - community associations
Higbee and Associates - bankruptcy
Huestis, Lee - business, estate planning, bankruptcy
Jensen & Associates - personal injury
Kohut & Kohut - business litigation
Kucsan & McCrea - real estate
Larsen & Risley - estate planning
Levine, Ronald E.
Lively & Associates - tax
Lowenthal, Ania - estate planning
Mailly Law Group - employment
and Mailly Law Group (Executive Compensation) - employment
Kidman, Behrens & Tague - real estate, estate planning, trusts, probate, environmental
McIntosh, Kirk - estate planning
McKasson Klein - business litigation, employment, intellectual property, maritime, real estate
McNeil, Tropp, Braun & Kennedy - personal injury, real estate, estate planning
Merring, Robert A. - business, intellectual property, real estate, employment
Meyer, Paul S. - criminal
and Meyer, Paul S. - criminal
Miles, Bauer, Bergstrom & Winters - civil litigation, bankruptcy, tenant/landlord
Morey & Upton - personal injury, employment
Morrow & White - civil litigation defense, appellate, construction defect, personal injury
Phancao & Shaffer - estate planning, criminal
Porter, David S. - maritime, transportation, appellate, insurance
Rasch & Associates, Al - business
Richmond, Brenda K. - family
Ross Law Group
Rubenstein, John, also Mid-Wilshire (Wilshire Center) - immigration, bankruptcy
Russell Mirkovich & Morrow, also Long Beach - maritime, transportaion, international, business litigation
Rutan & Tucker - full service
Schumann Rallo & Rosenberg - civil litigation, family, business, personal injury, estate planning
Schwarz, David P. - family
Shayn, Roxana (OC Family Counsel)
Shelley, Gerald N. - appellate
Shin, David L.
Smith, Alton J.
Snell & Wilmer - full service
Springel & Fink - business litigation, construction, insurance
Stegmeier & Gelbart - family
Stratton & Greene, also Ontario - employment, personal injury, insurance bad faith
Talavera, Gary J. - estate planning
Torres, Yolanda Victoria - family
Watkins Blakely & Torgerson - litigation, real estate, estate planning, tax, intellectual property, business
Weber, Joseph A. (StopDebt) - bankruptcy
Weiland, Golden, Smiley, Wang Ekvall & Strok - bankruptcy, finance, real estate
and Weiland, Golden, Smiley, Wang Ekvall & Strok - bankruptcy, real estate
Westport Law Group - bankruptcy
Whitbeck, Israel P. - criminal
Wiliani-Malek - immigration
Woodruff Spradlin & Smart - government, public agencies, transportation, employment, envrionmental
Zebulon Law, R. - estate planning

Coto de Caza
Zipperman, Steven J. - real estate, business

Dana Point
Capistrano Beach
Monarch Beach
Bisbee, Ronn - family
Dixon Law - business, real estate
Hooper, Lisa K. - family
Johnson, Robert - business litigation, real estate, construction, intellectual property
Neale, Matthew E.
Obrand, Michael F. - real estate, employment, criminal
Pardes, Fred S. - business, real estate, bankruptcy
Roberts & Associates - employment/labor
Roberts, Louis - workers' compensation
Rowlett Law Group - intellectual property
Scallon & Fuller - estate planning
Scurrah Law Group - employment/labor

Foothill Ranch/Lake Forest
Lake Forest in General
Dunn, Lee & Keary - business, real estate, employment, intellectual property, construction, tax
Hershorin & Henry - bankruptcy, business, real estate
Kurtz, Anderson and Associates - business, estate planning, tax
Legacy Law (Jean C. Wilcox) - estate planning
Shulman Hodges & Bastian, also Riverside - creditors rights, business, litigation, real estate, estate planning, bankruptcy
Wolfson Law Firm, The - real estate

Ladera Ranch
Larkin, Dana - business, litigation, intellectual property
McCliman Law Firm - intellecural property, business litigation, employment

Laguna Beach
Multiple Locations
Adoption Network Law Center (ANLC)
Anderson Law Group - estate planning, business
Arnold, Bradley C. - business, tax, litigation, estate planning
Bass, Diane C. - criminal
Burke-Molina - business, employment, personal injury, real estate litigation
Channels, Cedric H. - workers compensation
Davis Law - business litigation, real estate, insurance, construction
Denton, Kenneth G. (Orange County Accident Law)
Dillon, Timothy P. - insurance bad faith, business litigation
Epstein, David - construction defect, real estate, personal injury
Estate Plan (Leslie R. Daff) - estate planning
Hertz Law, also Huntington Beach - bankruptcy, estate planning, civil litigation, appellate, business
Hodges, Safa V. - personal injury, criminal, employment
Knapp & Spurlock - insurance
Levine, Randall G. - immigration, criminal, personal injury, landlord/tenant, family
McClung & Davis - business, estate planning, family, real estate
McKennon Schindler - personal injury
McMahon & McMahon - personal injury, estate planning
Murphy, Roger T. - workers' compensation
Nokes & Quinn - real estate, business
Segall, Brian F. - business, estate planning
Simons, Barry T. - criminal
and Simons, Barry T. - DUI, criminal
Stillwell Law Office - employment
Vinci, Janice M. - real estate, business
Ybarra & Associates - real estate, business, environmental, construction

Laguna Hills
Multiple Locations
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Aarons, Vilma M. - estate planning, probate, trusts, wills
Ayers, William Scott - personal injury, criminal, family, business
Barnes & Farrell - lemon law
Beam & Associates, Gregory - business
Bebereia, Donald P. - family
Beck & Christian - estate planning, tax
Bekken Law Group - employment
Bellomo, Lawrence P. - family, bankruptcy
and Bellomo, Lawrence P. - family, bankruptcy
Bennett, Gary S. - employment
Braico, Nicholas R. (DUI Defender)
Brown, Michael R. - tax
Carno & Carlton - business, real estate, construction defect
Cohen & Blitz - workers' compensation, personal injury
Cohen, Sheldon - lemon law
Cooper, Daniel J. - estate planning, probate, trusts, wills, real estate, tax
Cornelius, R. Scott - criminal
Crandall, David P. - personal injury
Cullins & Grandy, also Palm Springs - business litigation, insurance
Dack Marasigan - civil litigation, business, employment, personal injury, real estate
Dalrymple, Brendon T. - real estate, construction, family, estate planning
DeGasperin, Toni - estate planning
DeMeire, Kevin M. - family
Elder Law Center, The
Farzad & Mazarei - personal injury
Faust II, Robert V. - family, estate planning, criminal
Feldman, Steven J. - tax
Feldsott & Lee - community associations
Fenelli, Rick J. - estate planning
Geller Conrad - family, real estate
Glover, Michael G. - workers' compensation, criminal, personal injury, civil litigation
Gough, Gary J. - landlord
Groves, Byron D. - non-profit, estate planning, business
Hall Law Firm, also Palm Desert - insurance defense
Henneghan, Martin J. - criminal
Jackson & Wilson - litigation, personal injury, appellate, criminal
LeVine, J. Eric - real estate, civil litigation
Llorente, Alex J. - estate planning, bankruptcy, family, business
Mahfood, James E. - business, real estate, personal injury, estate planning
Mark, Ronald H. - personal injury, criminal
Marks, Kenneth G. - personal injury
Martinez Law Group (MLG) - real estate, business, litigation
Moest, Robert C., also Santa Monica - litigation
Parker Law Group - business
Pohlson & Moorhead - criminal, personal injury
Poliquin & DeGrave - administrative, appellate, business, litigation, construction, personal injury, employment, insurance defense, elder
Pores, Joel M. - legal malpractice
Porterfield, Brad D. - personal injury, criminal, business, bankruptcy
Powell, Joseph - workers' compensation
Prietto, James Anthony - family
Reinglass, Michelle A. - business, employment, labor
Richmond & Richmond, also Orange - estate planning
Rosenbaum, John A. - personal injury
Rubin-Howton, Vicki - estate planning
Saddleback Law Center (Paris Kalor) - family
Salvin, David J. - criminal
Samuel & Samuel - employment, family, personal injury
Steins & Associates - intellectual property, business
Trevino Law - family, business, estate planning
Vanderveen, Jeffrey T. - estate planning
Varricchio, Kurt M. - intellectual property, business, civil litigation, construction
Vartanina, Victor V. - bankruptcy, personal injury
Vaughn, James O. - business, employment, family, probate, estate planning, wills, trusts
Weil & Drage - business litigation, insurance, employment, workers' compensation, real estate
Wellman & Warren - business, administrative, appellate, personal injury, civil rights
Werner, David C. - lemon law
Winstead Law Group - estate planning

Laguna Niguel
Multiple Locations
Brissenden, Ruth A. - estate planning
Christian Law Firm, The (Michael H. Porrazzo) - churches, schools
Ettinghoff, Tracy - real estate, community associations, litigation
Gorman, James R. - business litigation, estate planning
Halpern, Ronald D. - bankruptcy, real estate, business
Kendall, Rock O. - DMV
Kovach, Wolfgang
Kron, Scott A.
Lapple, Kirk F. - civil litigation, personal injury, real estate
May, Gil - criminal
McEvers, Duff S. - business, real estate
McGurk, Clay - intellectual property
Olson, Mary Ann - family, business, bankruptcy
Parsa, Mona - bankruptcy, immigration, social security
Petrie & Associates, also Temecula - full service
Powell, Joseph - workers compensation, personal injury, medical malpractice
Prochowski, Mark - immigration, business
Safion, Stacy Joel - real estate
Small, Henstridge, Cabodi & Pyles - personal injury, construction defect
Smith, Stan A. - criminal
Walsh, Michael T., also Newport Beach - estate planning
Wewer & Lacy - non-profits

Laguna Woods
Gorman, Teresa, also Long Beach - estate planning

Lake Forest
Foothill Ranch
Ballard Law Office - estate planning, real estate, business
Carrasco, Jerome J. - business, real estate, landlord/tenant, estate planning
Cooper, James E. - family
Davies Law - tax, bankruptcy
Dockery Law Group - estate planning
Farrar, Bryan R. - business, personal injury, real estate, landlord/tenant, estate planning, employment
Goodrich Law - bankruptcy
Ireland, John D. - family, estate planning
Lake Forest Bankruptcy
Lee, David Jon - estate planning, trusts, probate, wills
McFarlin & Anderson - securities
Philips, Wayne - business, family, real estate, estate planning
Quintilone & Associates - employment, labor, workers compensation, personal injury, medical malpractice, insurance bad faith
Roberts, Blair ( - employment
Root, Walter H. - employment
Turner, Patrick E. - employment

Mission Viejo
Multiple Locations
Andrade & Associates - construction, labor, real estate, litigation
Borchard & Callahan - full service
Bowdry, Irene R. - workers compensation defense
Bree Celeste Winterbotham - family, estate planning
Brigham Law Firm - debt collection, aviation
Coffman, David R. - personal injury
Coyer, Bonnie - estate planning, debt collection
Crockett & Crockett - intellectual property
DePrisco, Nick - criminal
Farjami & Farjami - intellectual property, technology
Foley, Joseph P., also Newport Beach - estate planning
Gelman, Alexander - personal injury, litigation, family, real estate, estate planning
Hepner Law - intellectual property
Hopp, Danian M. - estate planning
Law Offices of South Orange County - estate planning
Morrell III, Rivers J. - personal injury, insurance
Mosher & Skorina - personal injury
Ostergar Hunter Law Group - business, family, employment
Posey & Associates - family
Radwan Law Group - real estate, business
Rancho Family Law Center, The
Rimer & Mathewson - intellectual property, business
Sessions Kimball and Turner (Job-Law) - employee rights
Sutton & Murphy - litigation, insurance defense, personal injury
Sweeney, James S. - criminal
Tenery and Associates - tax, family, bankruptcy, social security
Trachtman & Trachtman - business, construction
Travis, H. Brooks - estate planning
Warde, Deirdre - family
Winsten Law Group - business, litigation, real estate, healthcare
Your Credit Attorney - bankruptcy
Zwick, Steven - personal injury, medical malpractice, legal malpractice

Monarch Beach/Dana Point
Dana Point in General

Rancho Santa Margarita
CA Prenup - family
Casey, Thomas H. - bankruptcy
Chandler, John P. - estate planning
Cohen & Pratt - debt collection
Dickinson And Associates - business, litigation
Fitzpatrick Firm, The - business, estate planning, real estate
Franchise Law Team
Huggins, Robin C. - family
Marquart Law Group, The, also Orange - personal injury
Mathews Funk & Associates - family
Neuland, Nordberg, Andrews & Whitney - community associations
O'Connor & Martin - personal injury
Richard, Kenneth J. - administrative agency
Satalino, Frank - construction, business, labor, real estate, insurance
Stern, Adina T. - real estate, business, equine
Wilbert, Christian W. - civil litigation, personal injury, insurance bad faith

San Clemente
Multiple Locations
Anderson, John - personal injury, criminal, family
and Anderson, John H. - personal injury, criminal, DUI, family
Ballinger, William W. - estate planning
Beal, Bruce Leonard - business, construction, intellectual property, real estate
Bienert, Miller & Katzman - criminal, litigation, appellate
Blum, Richard - real estate, construction
Cadzow, Scott R. (San Clemente DUI Lawyer)
Cadzow, Scott R. - criminal
Castagno, Joseph D. - family
Clinebell Law Firm - business, employment
DiMarco, Darren J. - bankruptcy
England Family Law Center
Estes & Estes - estate planning
Gateway Legal Center - consumer
Gibbs Law Firm, The - civil litigation
Hartmann, Jeffrey R. - estate planning, probate, trusts, wills
Jain Law Group, also Irvine - business, estate planning, intellectual property, tax, bankruptcy, real estate, immigration
Jaret & Jaret - construction, consumer, labor, employment, personal injury, elder abuse
Koontz, Jeffrey T. - family
Lange & Minnott - estate planning, trusts, wills, probate
Lowe, Rex Alan - estate planning, probate, trusts, wills
Mauriello Law Firm - securities fraud
McDermott Law Firm - family, business litigation, employment, personal injury, appellate
Newport Legal (Benjamin Yu) - business, entertainment, intellectual property, estate planning, family, personal injury, DUI, real estate
Stegmaier, Michelle D. - estate planning
Steward, H. Dean - criminal
Wiechert, David W. - criminal

San Juan Capistrano
Acromite, William J. - business, real estate, estate planning, bankruptcy
Brenner Law Firm, also Newport Beach - criminal
and Brenner Law Firm, The - family
Calton Law Group - personal injury
Carbone, Rivera - employment/labor
Coviello, Robert - employment, labor
Johnson & Johnson - business, civil litigation, estate planning, real estate
Knottnerus & Associates - real estate, construction, business
Kuhn, Steven R. - personal injury
Logan Retoske - estate planning, tax
MacCabe Law Office - family
Mains, Julie B. - estate planning
Negrete, Carlos F. - bankruptcy, litigation, criminal, intellectual property, civil rights, administrative
Peters, Michael A. - business, construction, estate planning
Quinlan Law, Dale - civil litigation
Reising, Alisa Ledbetter
Rosenblit, Joseph C. - personal injury, elder law, construction, landlord/tenant, real estate, business
San Juan Law Associates - full service
Sandhaus, Stuart H. - ERISA, disability
Skinner & Skinner - personal injury
South County Law Group - estate planning, business
Tuttle & Associates, Timothy W. - business
Walsh, Cheryl L. - estate planning

Trabuco Canyon
Smith, Glenn R. - intellectual property

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