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Legal Services in General
Aliso Viejo
Anaheim Hills
Buena Park
Capistrano Beach
Corona Del Mar
Costa Mesa
Coto de Caza
Dana Point
Foothill Ranch
Fountain Valley
Garden Grove
Huntington Beach
La Habra
La Palma
Ladera Ranch
Laguna Beach
Laguna Hills
Laguna Niguel
Laguna Woods
Lake Forest
Los Alamitos
Los Angeles County
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Monarch Beach
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Newport Beach
North Orange County
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Riverside County
San Bernardino County
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San Juan Capistrano
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Trabuco Canyon
Ventura County
Villa Park
Yorba Linda

Multiple Locations

Barnes, Curtis O. - debt collection
Bowley-Fuentes, Claudia - bilingual Spanish
Branstetter, Marvin - business litigation
Brisco & Associates, Todd A.
Campbell Law, Mark - bankruptcy
Chase, David - bankruptcy, family, personal injury, criminal
Cummings Myer - real estate, personal injury
Dragna, Steve - family
Farano & Kieviet - employment, real estate, business, criminal, estate planning
Fleming, Richard A. - family
Fiola, Dale M. - employment/labor
Flores-Burt, Yolanda, also Hesperia - business, employment, real estate, family, immigration
Guilford Steiner Sarvas & Carbonara - workers' compensation
Hermann, Kirk (Contingency Patent Lawyer) - intellectual property
Immigration Land & Sherif Travel
Keegan & Baker - employment
Kim & Kessler, also Mid-Wilshire (Wilshire Center) - business, personal injury, criminal, bankruptcy
Koren, Gali - immigration
Lal Law Firm, The - full service
Magarian Law - business, litigation
Marlin & Saltzman, also Woodland Hills - civil litigation, personal injury, insurance bad faith
Mashney Law Offices - workers compensation, personal injury, criminal, bankruptcy, immigration, family
Meleka, Georges M. - criminal, personal injury, family, immigration, business - bilingual Spanish
Miranda Family Law
Moran, Michael F. - elder law
Reyes, Bella - tax, immigration
Ryan Firm, The - banking, real estate, business
Seals & Tenenbaum - business litigation
Shah, Paresh A. - immigration
Smith, David L.
Sioson, Josephine Narciso - bankruptcy
Stone, David C. - family
Taller, Martin ( - workers' compensation, social security/disability
Trucker's Attorney
Walton, Lorrie A. (Legal Eagles Online) - criminal, DUI, juvenile
Weeks, Douglas Lee - bankruptcy, real estate, civil litigation, personal injury, estate planning
Yanez & Montes, also Tustin - family, personal injury

Buena Park
Cohen, Robert L., also Cerritos - estate planning
Envision Legal - real estate
Kim and Associates, Sam - real estate, business
Kim, Jeannie H. - estate planning, elder, family, personal injury
Lee, SunMin - immigration, family, business, employment, bilingual Korean
Medina, Charles - immigration, bilingual Spanish

Aguayo, Cecilia R.
Kossler & Associates, also Riverside - transportation, business, personal injury, civil litigation, estate planning
Matsen, Miller, Cossa & Gray - estate planning
McKenzie, Thomas L. - estate planning
Sawyer & Sawyer - real estate, business, estate planning, litigation
Vanderpool Law - business litigation, real estate

Fountain Valley
Multiple Locations
Bridgman, Bruce C. - business, litigation, real estate, construction
and Bridgman, Bruce C. - criminal
Brooks, Zev S. - estate planning
Buffington Law Firm - business litigation, real estate, securities, estate planning, civil litigation
Cheng, Clement - intellectual property
Eagle, Sam M. - personal injury
Fahlen, Edwin
Faler, Matt E. - bankruptcy
Fritch, Roger A. - estate planning
Hallsted, L. Eugene - civil litigation, workers' compensation
Holder, Kenneth T.
Kerr & Sheldon - personal injury
Manulkin, Glaser & Bennett - immigration
Marcus, Trent C. - estate planning, business, estate planning
Marsh, Kermit D. - business litigation, real estate, labor/employment, healthcare, environmental, insurance bad faith, administrative, antitrust
Morrison, Norah M. - estate planning, elder law
Nguyen, Chris T. - consumer, bankruptcy, estate planning, real estate, tax
Nguyen, Dan X. - business, estate planning, real estate
Paladin Legal Defenders - criminal
Prendiville, Andrew J. - bankruptcy, business
Rogers, MacLeith & Stolp - family, estate planning, tax, business, construction, real estate, bankruptcy
Safaie & Associates - business litigation, real estate, personal injury, family, environmental, employment
Sjaarda, Donald S. - personal injury
Thieu Virtual Law Group - business, civil litigation, immigration, intellectual property, real estate, estate planning, family, bankruptcy
Tu Law Group, also Garden Grove, Rosemead - immigration, personal injury, criminal, bankruptcy, real estate, family
Whitworth, Jim O. - lemon

Garden Grove
Multiple Locations
A&R Law Group - family, estate planning, criminal, business
Allen, Lila - family
Baron & Behrndt - family
Dinh, Tran Dinh - personal injury, in Vietnamese
Emilio Law Group - business, litigation, employment
Fischer, Robert D. - family
Flanagan, Peter J. - family
Flick, Ralph W. - business, non-profit organizations, real estate, estate planning
Fullman Firm, The - consumer, personal injury, business, insurance
Girgis & Associates - workers' compensation
Guisti, Michael L. - criminal
Hanke & Williams - family, litigation, personal injury, estate planning, business
Homen, Norman J., also Downtown LA - workers' compensation, social security, personal injury, employment, criminal
Kim & Associates, J.J. - business, criminal, consumer, elder, employment, family, immigration, person injury, estate planning, tax, real
Lam Thompson & Park - personal injury, family, criminal, business litigation, immigration, estate planning
Lee & Ladasz - criminal
Park & Associates, Jay H. - personal injury, criminal
Qualls, Kevin L. - family
Schreurs, Kate - family
Snyder, Jerome S. - estate planning
Zarkesh Law - immigration

Huntington Beach
Multiple Locations
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Adams & Associates - special education, disability, appellate
Affordable Attorneys' Group - bankruptcy
Alari, Stanley (Stan the Radarman) - traffic
Armstrong, Alan Leigh - estate planning, wills, trusts, real estate, environmental, maritime
Baylis, R. Allen ( - traffic
Beach City Law - business, estate planning, family, bankruptcy, litigation
Bertz, Randall C. - criminal
Brady, Michael J. - family
Bridgman, Bruce C. - criminal, family, real estate, immigration, bankruptcy, personal injury
and Bridgman, Bruce C. - sex crimes
Burney Jr., Booker - family
Causey, Desiree - family, bankruptcy
Channels, Walter D. - family, estate planning
Connelly, Dennis
Cotton, Debra A. - family
Cully, Michael - personal injury
Declues Burkett & Thompson - litigation, labor/employment, appellate
Doeringer, Jeffrey W. - family
El Dabe, Edmond - personal injury
Garcia & Phan - business, debt collection, elder abuse, employment, personal injury, real estate
Gurwell, Karin Easter - business litigation, landlord/tenant, community associations, collection
Hendrickson & Associates, Patricia A. - family
Hennes, Christopher J. - criminal, DUI, personal injury
Hill, Christa M. - family
Holmes, Richard E. - real estate
Hutchinson, Stanley A. - estate planning
Jones, James R. - family
Kane, Jeffrey - lemon
Katzen, Susan A. - estate planning
Kopacz, Elva P. - family, estate planning
Lanuti, W. Vito - estate planning
Le, Jennifer - criminal
Loreto Law Firm
Lund, Janet, also Orange - estate planning
Macy, Cary S. - personal injury
McDonald, Brian - estate planning, business
McIntosh, James Elliot - criminal
McIntyre Law Group, also Redlands - estate planning
McKenzie, Stuart A. - family, elder, estate planning, bankruptcy
Meyers, Mark J. - personal injury
Pieratt, Anita - estate planning, real estate, business, litigation, consumer
Plager Schack - intellectual property
Rudin, Kara M. - estate planning
Ryan & Associates, Timothy J. - personal injury
and Ryan & Associates, Tim, also Palm Desert - personal injury
Schreiber, Gary E. - criminal
Shepard, Stephen - real estate, estate planning, bankruptcy, business
Skanadore Reisdorph, Deborah S. - family, employment, business, personal injury
Skerik, Chris P. - estate planning
Stivers, Jerry N. - cirminal defense, family
Strachan, William M. - family
Sundstedt, Michael J. - civil litigation, criminal
Vozenilek, John - real estate, estate planning
Wilkins, Michael D. - family
Zacher, Dieter - family, business, real estate, personal injury, civil litigation
Zieve, Les - bankruptcy

La Palma
Seo, Raymond J. - bankruptcy

Los Alamitos
Barcelo & Harrison - intellectual property
Budget Legal Center PC - bankruptcy, family
Foden, James E. - estate planning, real estate
Free Legal Evaluation Network - family, criminal, DUI
Hicks Jr., Charles - aviation, estate planning, family
Leibowitz, Gary - bankruptcy
Nemirow, Lawrence H.
Nouri Law Group - immigration, criminal, family
Plumtree & Tran - construction, real estate, international, business
Sager & Associates
Stribling, Lisa Marie - family

Multiple Locations
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Adler, David L. - real estate
Ambrosi, E. Michael - business, estate planning, real estate
American Centers for Legal Assistance (Robert E. Hales) - estate planning
Ashby Flanagan, Aimee - family
Barnett & Barnett - criminal
Barth Calderon - estate planning
Beckman, Karen H. - family
Bennett, William P. (
Bergen, Robert C. - family
Besser, Barry I. - family, personal injury, criminal, civil litigation
Bojic & Livesay - construction defect, community associations
Bosse, Gregory L. - real estate, personal injury, bankruptcy, estate planning, business
Brady, Vorwerck, Ryder & Caspino (BVRC) - business litigation, employment/labor, insurance, real estate, workers' compensation
Cancilla and Associates, Jeffrey A. - bankruptcy, bilingual Spanish
Carlson & Johnson, also Temecula - personal injury
Cassidy, Warner & Associates - personal injury, insurance defense, environmental, construction, consumer
Center for Children & Family Law, A
Chopra, Palak - business, civil litigation, landlord/tenant
Cionca Law Group (Patent Attorney) - intellectual property
Ciulla, Salvatore P.
Clark, Conrad R. - family, estate planning
Collins Collins Muir + Stewart, also South Pasadena - appellate, public entity, construction, administrative, business litigation, employment, personal injury
Crawford, James M., also San Bernardino - criminal
and Crawford, James M. - criminal, appeals
Dadslaw - family
Dane, Joe - criminal
Des Jardins & Haapala - family
Dowdall Law Offices - mobile home parks
Downs, Joseph P., also Irvine - family
Duvel & Duvel - estate planning, personal injury, labor/employment, business litigation
Eriksen, Greg L. - business, estate planning, personal injury, construction, real estate
Famiglietti & Volpe - workers' compensation
Farzad & Mazarei - family
Fink, Bruce R., also Cerritos, Riverside - bankruptcy, family
Fountain, Wendy L.C. - family
Fragoso, Damian R. - criminal, business, employment, family, estate planning
Gaitan, Raymond - estate planning, bankruptcy
Gale & Vallance - business, criminal, estate planning, personal injury
Godfrey, Godfrey & Lamb - workers' compensation defense
Goldman, Jeremy N. - criminal
Granato, Frank D. - litigation, real estate, construction, tax, estate planning, landlord/tenant
Grant, Richard John - bankruptcy, landlord/tenant
Greifendorff Law Office - bankruptcy
Hamilton & McInnis, also Riverside - appellate, legal malpractice, business, litigation, criminal, estate planning, personal injury
Harper & Burns - administrative, municipal
Hickman, Gary E. - business
Hickman Carrillo - family, estate planning, appellate
Hilborne Hawkin & Co - intellectual property
Honest Lawyer, The
Hummel IV, Philip L. - business, civil litigation, real estate, employment, construction, estate planning, debt collection
Hunsberger, Donald A.
Hunt, Steven D. - business litigation, estate planning, insurance defense
Jeffery & Grosfeld - insurance defense
Jewell, Michael E. - business, employment, special education
Josselson, Barry H. - dental offices/dentists/dentistry
Kamanski, David D. - personal injury, workers' compensation
Kamran, Ron A. - immigration
Kelley, Susan Cameron - personal injury
Kutinsky, Laurence - family
Lloyd, Andrew - criminal
Loreto, Ellaine - immigration
Lowerison, William D. - family, estate planning, bankruptcy, administrative
Mayer, Marvin D. - landlord/tenant, construction defect, bankruptcy, legal malpractice
McCall, Patrick A. - family
McElhaney, Rosemarie, also Irvine - family
Meyer & Associates, Paula E. - business, employment, real estate
Migliore, Alfonso J. (Social Security Disability Attorney)
Mitzner, Marc E. - family
Naqvi, Elia A. - criminal
Nemeth, Michael - personal injury, criminal defenese
Newman, Leslee J. - family
Niven & Niven - family
and Niven, Louis M. - family, personal injury, business, estate planning
O'Connell, Dennis - criminal
Olear, Stephen P. - real estate, family, estate planning
Parker Law Center - criminal, DUI
Perry, James D. - estate planning, elder law
Pfeifer & DeLaMora - litigation, bankruptcy, real estate, goverment regulations
Polston, Gary M. - criminal
Presley & Associates - family
Pryor, Andrew
Ralph, Paul W. - personal injury
Razai & Nefulda - family
Roberts, James F. - estate planning, trusts, wills, probate
Rogers, Dorie A. - family
Rothman & Associates, Larry - business litigation, landlord/tenant
and Rothman & Associates, Larry - community associations, business litigation
Sanders, Collins & Rehaste - business, litigation, elder abuse
Saylin, Brian G. - family, appellate
Shirer, Rae - business, tax, estate planning, employment/labor
Stabile & Cowhig - family
Stevens & Carlberg - employment
Terry, Kathryn Elizabeth - immigration
Thomson, Ann A. - family
Thompson, Daryl B. - DUI
Weinberg, William, also Irvine - criminal
Werner, Lee G. - business, real estate, insurance
Wheatley & Osaki - construction
Wheatley, Scott & Company - construction
Wildish & Nialis - real estate, business litigation, construction defect, environmental, personal injury, transportation, insurance

Seal Beach
Long Beach
Accetta, Therese Ann - family, personal injury
Campuzano & Blankenstein - family
Greenhill, Lorna C. - estate planning
Herron, Curtis W. - construction
Kajtoch & Associates, James F. - estate planning, bankruptcy
Kinsey, Eugene E. - full service
Miller & Miller-Bazemore - estate planning, family
Ochoa, Rey (Warrant Dr.) - criminal
Rabenn, Glen L. ( - family
Maritime Law Center
Schuur, Pamela Bourette - estate planning, tax
Stone, Michael B.
Trommald, John E. (TotalTrustPlan) - estate planning, trusts, wills, probate


Global Law Centers - immigration
No, Lee S. - DUI, personal injury, landlord/tenant, family, business litigation

Multiple Locations
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Alexander II, Daniel J. - business
Augustine, Gregory J. - estate planning, personal injury
Balmages & Davidson - employment, real estate, business, intellectual property
Baltes, James E. - estate planning, business
Bishay Law Offices - business, estate planning, immigration
Booth & Moses - personal injury, criminal
Brewer, Jack D. - personal injury
Clark Law Firm - appellate, insurance defense
Debt Relief Law Group - bankruptcy
Dieringer, Jon A. - consumer
Donahoo & Associates - employment, personal injury, construction, business litigation
Edelman, Jerome - bankruptcy, tax, real estate, family
Falk & Hamblin
Farahmand, Ali M. - immigration, personal injury, business
FarrajLaw - real estate, business, estate planning, labor, employment, construction
Flores, Edward R. - criminal
Fouste, James E. - family
Frenzel Law - intellectual property, entertainment, employment, construction, estate planning
Gaughan Law Offices - criminal
Gould & Associates - employment
Gourde, Thomas L. - business, real estate, estate planning
Gross, Martin D., also Santa Monica - personal injury, business, bankruptcy
Harlin, Michael R. - family
Harter, David J. - litigation, employment, business, personal injury, landlord/tenant
Holzer, Peter - real estate
Hosford & Hosford - family
and Hosford & Hosford - family
Hughes & Hughes - family
Jacobson & Associates
Jones, David Dunlap - estate planning, business, tax, real estate
Karlin Law Firm, also Newport Beach - real estate, business litigation
Kienitz, Ladonna T. - tax
Kiken Group - estate planning
Konsulati - trust administration, conservatorships
Kurilich, Matt - immigration
Lardenoit, Kris A. - family
Litman, Todd M. - estate planning
Loewenstein, Rudolph E. - criminal
Madory, Zell, Pleiss & McGrath - personal injury, insurance
Magro, Stephen M. - estate planning
Marangell, Adam L. - personal injury, employment
March, Daniel S. - real estate, landlord/tenant, bankruptcy, civil litigation, family
Martin, Charles - bankruptcy
May-Brewster, Tracee - criminal
Meline, Steven A. - workers' compensation
Mentis Law Group
Mersel, Andrea L. - family
Morse, Gregory N. - real estate, bankruptcy, estate planning, business, personal injury, entertainment, intellectual property
Moscarello Law Group - bankruptcy
Moulana, Leila - immigration
Mouzis Law Firm, The
Nava, Edward L. - family, personal injury, real estate, estate planning
Newman Law Group - estate planning
Nguyen, Kim T. - employment
Nordstrom, Steele, Nicolette & Blythe, also Palm Desert - personal injury
Norris, Veronica N. - education
Nunez, Henry J. - immigration, civil litigation, medical malpractice
Orange County Family Law Attorneys
Orange County Personal Injury Attorneys
Pallotta Law - estate planning
Parker & Covert - school districts
Porter, Susan D. - family
Prescott & Prescott - family
Prussak, Welch & Avila - workers' compensation, criminal, bankruptcy, personal injury, civil litigation
Quest Law Firm - employment
Ray, Fredrick M., also La Mirada - criminal
Red Hill Law Group - estate planning
Reeves, Rex T. - business litigation, intellectual property
Ricks Jr., Cecil E. - employment
Rowland, Joseph E. - criminal
Sarrus, William J.
and Sarrus, William J.
Shaikh, Ahmed - estate planning
Sheldon, Michael J.
Shields & Kowalski - construction, real estate
Silverstein, Steven D. - tenant/landlord
Smith, S. Henslee
Southern California Family Law Attorneys
Spray, Gould & Bowers - employment, personal injury, construction defect, real estate
and Spray Gould & Bowers - employment
Stapleton Jr., Marlin G. - criminal
Suh & Suh - family, immigration, criminal
Talbot, Tina M. - family
Ure, Stephen, also Laguna Beach - immigration
Van Riper Law - civil litigation
Waterson & Huth - special education, estate planning
Wheatley, Robert - workers' compensation
Yanez & Montes - family
and Yanez & Montes - family, personal injury, estate planning, immigration, criminal, labor
Zoolalian, Britt - family

Villa Park
Stanton, John J. - family, estate planning, bankruptcy


Clark, Buddy - family, criminal
Lam, Andre
Nantha & Associates - personal injury, workers' compensation, bankruptcy, criminal, family
Nguyen & Associates, Lan Quoc - immigration, insurance
Phong, John P. Le, also El Monte
Reliant Law Group - family, immigration, bankruptcy, business, personal injury, estate planning
Soto, Alan M. - estate planning, trusts
Sterkenburg, Eric - criminal
Trieu, John D. - employment, business, civil litigation, personal injury, insurance, estate planning
Wu, Victor

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