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Legal Services in General
Cathedral City
Cathedral City
Indian Wells
La Quinta
Los Angeles County
Multiple Locations
Orange County
Palm Desert
Palm Springs
Rancho Mirage
Riverside Area
Riverside County in General
San Bernardino County
Southwest Riverside County
Temecula Valley
Ventura County

Cathedral City
Multiple Locations
Chapman, Merele David, also Palm Springs - bankruptcy, real estate
DeFrank, Michael, also Banning - criminal
Firth, Robert L. - bankruptcy
Hostrop & Associates - family, civil litigation
Sever Legal Services - estate planning, wills, trusts, probate, bankruptcy, family

Indian Wells
Multiple Locations
Anderholt & Turner - administrative, tax, real estate, estate planning, intellectual property, business, construction, bankruptcy
Burch, Renell E.
Fitzgerald & Mule - labor, employment
Gibbs & Associates, Joseph A. - civil litigation, real estate, business, employment
Kramer Deboer Endedelicato & Keane (KDEK) - medical/legal malpractice, construction defect, appellate, employment, elder abuse
Lee, Kimberly T. (Desert Law Group) - estate planning
Martin, Douglas - estate planning
McDermott, Thomas J. - business
Milner & Markee - immigration
Neil Dymott, also Temecula - business, administrative, employment, estate planning, intellectual property, personal injury, insurance, construction, insurance
Regar, Barry - personal injury
Reitman Law - business, criminal, family
Roemer & Harnik - bankruptcy, estate planning, business litigation, labor/employment
Shifflet Kane & Konoske - construction, employment, appellate, environmental, workers' compensation, real estate
Weiner, Christine C. - estate planning

Multiple Locations
Adams & Associates, John Q. - personal injury
Anderson, Thomas T. - personal injury, construction defects
Cabrera, Peter R. - criminal, personal injury, family
Castillo & Kaufman, also Santa Ana - personal injury, workers' compensation
Cormell, Shaffer - criminal
Dolan Law Offices - criminal
Fesmire & Williams - landlord/tenant
Friedrichs, Angela J. - criminal
McGowan, Mark J. - personal injury, estate planning, business, real estate, family
Quezada, Xochitl Anita - family
Rodriguez, Mario - criminal

La Quinta
Multiple Locations
Barton Law Firm - estate planning, family
Bommarito, Salvatore
Burt, Julia E. - business
Capobianco Law Offices - banking, construction, business, intellectual property, real estate
Hart, Richard - litigation
Jenkins Mulligan & Gabriel - antitrust, bankruptcy, business, consumer, real estate
Rosenberg, Nathan L. - family

Palm Desert
Multiple Locations
Ash, Juliene Lee - family, estate planning
Benjamini & Benjamini - criminal
Bickley, Don, also San Bernardino - social security, disability
Binkley, Daryl L. - estate planning
Bojic, Paul D. (Desert Attorney) - real estate
and Bojic, Paul D. - real estate
Camp, Warren D.
Cannon, Jeffrey C. - business, intellectual property, litigation
Chapman, Basil - family, civil litigation
Cohn & Swartzon - personal injury
Cosgrove & Cosgrove - estate planning
Cross & Associates, Edward H. - real estate, construction defects, environmental, personal injury, business
Desert Defenders (John Jimenez) - criminal
Doling, Jenny L., also Yucca Valley - bankruptcy
Durkee, Bruce R. - estate planning
Eslamboly & Barlavi - workers' compensation, personal injury
Ferguson Law Firm - government relations, civil litigation
Fine & Woliung, also Palos Verdes Estates - business litigation, real estate, employment, personal injury
Goldstein, Michael B. - criminal, DUI
Green Bryant & French (GBF) - community associations, construction defect, elder abuse, employment, real estate, personal injury
Grey & Associates, David M. - securities, business, real estate, litigation
Gribow, Dale - personal injury, criminal, real estate, family, estate planning
Griffith, Donald B. - family
Guralnick & Gilliland - homeowners associations
Handel, Susan - personal injury
Harrington Law Office - bankruptcy, estate planning, family
Healey and Healey - estate planning
Houghton, Richard - family
Jentzen, Lisa D. - family
Keller & Kaimer - family
Leibowitz, Gary, also Los Alamitos - bankruptcy
Mack Law Offices, The - family
National Bankruptcy Petitions
Nethery & Ofseyer - estate planning. civil litigation
Noel, Nancy - estate planning
Parks Medical-Legal Consulting, Palm Desert
Penley, Cohn & Associates - family, criminal, personal injury
Peters & Freedman - community associations
and Peters & Freedman - community associations
Pierno, Anthony R. - business
Riedel, B. Palmer - real estate, construction, family, business, personal injury, employment
Rover Armstrong - business, construction
Sander, Nancy L. - estate planning, trusts, wills, probate
Stoddard, Paul M., also Ontario - business, banking, civil litigation, bankruptcy
Tegland & Plott - personal injury, estate planning
Ward, Matthew T. - business, civil litigation, landlord/tenant
Weinberg, Steven J. - personal injury
Wieder, Frederic S. - family
Yaryan, Geoffrey M. - criminal

Palm Springs
Multiple Locations
Arnold III, Thurman W. - family
Atlantis Law - estate planning, tax
Battersby, Wayne - personal injury, criminal
Berman, Martin M. - medical malpractice, product liability
Caronna Johnson & Hoddick - lemon
Cohn & Swartzon - personal injury
Cordes, James H. - employment
Coulter, Ray R. - business, real estate, intellectual property, entertainment
Gershenson, Mark D. - family, litigation
Gregory & Rhea - personal injury, aviation, employment, criminal
Haddad, Mitchell E., also Tustin - criminal
Heritage Legal - estate planning, family, bankruptcy
Holben, Donald R. - labor/employment, construction, business, administrative, family, personal injury
Hutchings, Lawrence - estate planning, real estate
Kennedy & Roe - criminal
Lynch, David Justin - full service
and Massi, Giulio - personal injury
Ravicz, Martina Kang - estate planning, family, civil litigation
Rohr, Kathleen Whitney - estate planning
Roman, Joseph A. - estate planning, real estate
Sanger & Manes - estate planning, real estate
and Sanger & Maines - estate planning, probate, wills, trusts
Schlecht, Shevlin & Shoenberger - real estate, estate planning, business, family
Sherwyn, Bernard A. - real estate, estate planning
Slovak Baron & Empey, also Costa Mesa - civil litigation
Stempler, Robert - debt collection harassment
Sullivan, Mark J. - criminal
Tauscher, Marla - bankruptcy
Winet Patrick & Weaver - civil litigation
Zimmerman, Louis - bankruptcy

Rancho Mirage
Multiple Locations
AFSAR Law Group - business, real estate, family
Bommarito, Salvatore - business, family
Browne, Kathie - business, real estate, estate planning
Cicalese, James V. - criminal, family
Fitzsimmons & Associates - homeowners associations
Garcia, Aaron F. - real estate, construction, business
Gartland Group, The - tax
Patterson, Jeffery S. R. - family

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