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Legal Services in General
Coachella Valley
Los Angeles County
Multiple Locations
Orange County
Palm Springs Area
Riverside Area
San Bernardino County
Southwest County
Temecula Valley
Ventura County

Riverside Area
Moreno Valley
Multiple Locations
San Bernardino Area

Cormell, Shaffer, also Indio - criminal
McClellan & Wilson - estate planning, elder law, criminal
Saunders, Gary - bankruptcy
Taylor, James M. - criminal

Dixon, Leah L. - criminal, estate planning, family, business, bankruptcy

Albright & Associates - family
Buckey & Schurter, also Riverside - bankruptcy
Buckey, Jr. & Associates, John Joseph - family, estate planning
Buhler & Associates Patent Law - intellectual property
Clayson, Mann, Yaeger & Hansen - real estate
Corona, Amador L., also Santa Ana - personal injury, criminal, business litigation
Danieri Law and Mediation - estate planning, family, bankruptcy
Featherstone, Don, also Temecula - workers' compensation defense, employment, appellate, administrative
Fransen & Molinaro - real estate, bankruptcy
Hague, Brad - family
Husen, Brad
McAndrew Law Firm - bankruptcy, family, estate planning, personal injury, real estate
Myers, Larry David - real estate
Seidler, Kurt A. - estate planning
Southern California Dad's Law - family
Struck, Bert W. - personal injury
Teperson, Jonathan B. - workers' compensation
Tiedt & Hurd - personal injury, employment
Tous, Gonzales & Dorman - workers' compensation defense
US Law Center, also Orange - immigration
Workman, Brian G. - personal injury, criminal

Moreno Valley
Akintimoye, David - bankruptcy
Blaisdell, David F. - family
Kiani, Dariush - personal injury
Lloyd & Associates, Edward W. - personal injury
Palacios Law Office, Victor S. - criminal, bankruptcy, civil litigation
Rupp, Hank - criminal, DUI
Slawson Law Offices
Sogomonian, Aram M. - bankruptcy, estate planning, immigration

Global Estate Services - estate planning
Grider Law - estate planning, family, elder law

Adams Esq, also Culver City - special education
Affinito, Erica C. - family
Albelais, Stacy - family
Albertson & Davidson, also Corona, Temecula - estate planning, personal injury, employment, appellate, business
Ali, Zulu - criminal, family, immigration, bankruptcy
American Law Center (ALC), also Long Beach - immigration
Anderson, Kerri L. - personal injury, bankruptcy, family, estate planning
Angus, Gregory D. - insurance bad faith, construction defect, criminal, personal injury, family
Ask, Ronald W. - estate planning

Barba, Manuel J., also Cathedral City - criminal, DUI
and Barba, Manuel J. - DUI
Bassey Law Group, The - bankruptcy, family, personal injury
Beecher, Terry A. - estate planning
Bemis, Gary A. - debt collection
Blumenthal Law Offices - criminal
Borrie & Associates, J.L. - bankruptcy
and Borrie & Associates, J.L. - bankruptcy
Bratton & Bratton - family
Brownlee, Robert H. - family, criminal
Bynum, Lawrence R. - real estate, cosntruction, bankuptcy

Cantrell, Mark - family, criminal
Chang, Steven P., also Alhambra - bankruptcy
Claypool, Linda J. - family
Cleveland, Janice S. - employment, education
Coburn, H. Christopher - bankruptcy, personal injury, real estate
Collins, Sherry Lee - family, estate planning
Combs, Timothy, also Orange - family, bankruptcy
Comings, Gregory H., also San Bernardino - criminal
Criminal Defense Lawyers
Cullen, Heather M. - family
Cummings, McClorey, Davis & Acho (CMDA) - appellate, litigation, employment, family, intellectual property, personal injury, estate planning

Dahdah, Martha - immigration, personal injury
Daltrey, Barrington A.S. - bankruptcy
Daniels, Mary Ellen - estate planning
Darling Law Offices - estate planning, trusts, wills, probate
Deller, Robert - family, personal injury
Derryberry, Thomas M. - DUI, criminal
Dickerman, George F. - elder law, estate planning
DiPaolo & Kellogg - personal injury
Driscoll and Associates - contruction defect

Edgar, William, also Temecula - family
El Hazin & Associates - bankruptcy
and El Hazin & Associates - bankruptcy, family, immigration, business
Espinosa, Greg - workers' compensation
Exum, Darryl L. - criminal

Family Law Center of Riverside
Father's Rights Law Center (Peter J. Mueller) - family
Fernandez & Lauby, also Palm Desert, Irvine - personal injury, family, employment
Fernandez, Ella - criminal
Field, Skip Allen - personal injury, family, special education, construction, bankruptcy, criminal, business
Foltz, Gary A., also Irvine - estate planning, trusts, wills, probate, real estate, tax
Fox Family Law
and Fox Family Law
Fritz, Ann-Marie - family

Galasso III, Joseph W. - criminal
Garrett & Jensen - business, construction, transportation
Geller & Stewart - litigation, lemon, personal injury, consumer, construction, business
Goldberg, Gary G. - personal injury
Grande, David E., also Temecula - criminal
Grech Jr., Paul - criminal
Greenberg & Greenberg - criminal
Grossman Law Firm, also Temecula - estate planning, elder abuse
Gurney, W. David - personal injury, medical malpractice
Gutierrez & Associates, Gilbert M. (The Civil Attorneys) - estate planning, civil litigation, real estate, bankruptcy
Gwynn Law Firm, The

Hall & Bailey
Hamiliton, Thomas - family, bankruptcy, workers' compensation
Hanson, Jeremy K. - personal injury
Harmon & Harmon - DUI
Harris, Rich - personal injury, insurance, business, tax
Heggeness, Sweet, Simington & Patrico, also Santa Ana - workers' compensation defense
Heiting & Irwin - personal injury, medical malpractice
Hesse Law - real estate
Hicks, Randall B. - adoptions
Hill, Julie M. - family
Histen, Harry
Holmes, Monica M. - criminal, family
Holstein Taylor and Unitt - personal injury, workers' compensation, social security, family
Hrouda, Thomas - bankruptcy, tax, real estate, landlord/tenant, family
Hubbard Law Firm - real estate
Husen, Jim - family, criminal

Isaacs, John K. - criminal
Isles, Richard K. - family

Jacobson, Thomas N. - real estate, business
Johnston Law Office - employment, personal injury
Jorgensen Law, also Downtown LA - social security/disability
Juneau, Christine - criminal
Juvenile Defense Panel (JDP)

Kaufman, Wolf W. - immigration
Kennedy and Associates - workers compensation
Kistler, Harlan B. - personal injury
Kuntz, William M., also San Bernardino, Victorville, San Jacinto - social security disability

LaCour, Marcia M. - personal injury, lemon, consumer
ladesq - family
Law, Patrica A. - personal injury
Lemon Law Advocates
Lewis & Associates, J. - personal injury, bilingual Spanish
Lobb & Cliff - tax, estate planning, real estate, insurance, civil litigation
Lubrani & Brown - administrative, appellate, business litigation, estate planning, labor/employment, legal malpractice, real estate
Lund Law Firm - criminal
and Lund Law Firm - father's rights

Maline Law Offices, Rajan - criminal
McDonnell, Sheryl - family
Mellor Law Firm - real estate, construction, business litigation
Miller, Douglas G., also San Bernardino - bankruptcy, family
Moore Law Group - family
Morris Law Group, The - bankruptcy
Moynihan Lyons - estate planning, probate, trusts, wills, elder
Myers, Joseph P. - personal injury, criminal

Nevins, Richard
Nolan, Vincent P. - employment

O'Connor and Associates, Barry Lee - evictions
O'Connor Telezinski - workers' compensation defense, employment
O'Mara, Scott - workers' compensation
Orrock, Popka, Fortino, Tucker & Dolen - personal injury, construction, insurance, employment

Palacios Law Office, also Santa Ana - business
Parker, Kern, Nard & Wenzel - workers' compensation, employment
Parker, Larry H., also Long Beach - personal injury
Payne III, Winfield S. - bankruptcy
Peasley, Frank Stanton - criminal
Pimentel, Rene H. - personal injury, workers' compensation
Prospero Law Firm, also Irvine - personal injury, family, real estate, business, bankruptcy, immigration, estate planning, civil litigation

Redwine and Sherrill - public agency, municipal, real estate, business, tax, estate planning
Reed & Hellyer, also Temecula - business, tax, real estate, estate planning, litigation
Renteria, Diana - family
Rhyne Law Group, Teresa - estate planning
Rivas, Mario - criminal
Rizio & Nelson - criminal
Roth Carney - employment, business, real estate
Runyon, Judith A.
Ryneal & Ryneal - personal injury

Sabbah & MacKoul - personal injury, business, criminal, real estate
Sahagun, Rosa Elena - criminal, immigration, family, personal injury
Samson & Associates - business, immigration, real estate, estate planning, bankruptcy, international
Sandoval, Dennis M. - estate planning, elder
Sansour, Manal J.
and Scalisi, Peter W. - criminal
Schaeffer, Peter M. - workers' compensation, personal injury, employment
Schurter Law Firm - bankruptcy
Siegel, Moreno & Stettler, also Orange - insurance, workers' compensation, employment
Silva, Patrick J. - DUI
Smith, Debra A. - family
Smith Mitchellweiler, also Irvine
Southern California Domestic Violence Criminal Defense Lawyer
Spala, Gerald A. - personal injury, bankruptcy, administrative
Strelow, Edward R. - family, business, real estate, appellate, personal injury
Swanson, Richard V. - criminal, family

Tetley Law Offices, also Grand Terrace - family, legal malpractice
Thayer, Dennis A. - personal injury, estate planning
Thompson & Colegate - civil litigation
Travis Law Firm - bankruptcy, family, tenant/landlord
Tripathi, Daniel J. (Cal Defender), also Montrose - criminal
Trone, Darren P. - real estate, business, family
Turoci Firm, The, also Hesperia - bankruptcy

Van Wagenen Jr., Jeffrey A., also Murrieta - criminal
Vargas, Paul M. - business, estate planning, real estate
Varner & Brandt, also Upland - business, real estate, labor/employment, estate planning

Wagner & Pelayes - business, litigation, employment, real estate, family, insurance defense
Wear, Charles R. - bankruptcy, family
Wilaras & Associates - bankruptcy
Woolsey, Robin E. - workers' compensation

Zafari, Qais - immigration, bankruptcy, family, criminal

Southwest County
Multiple Locations
Sun City

Van Kolken, Vance F. - bankruptcy, family, DUI, personal injury, workers' compensation, estate planning, real estate, social security

Angeloff Angeloff & Levine - personal injury, criminal, family, business, civil litigation
Batara, Carlos - immigration
and Batara, Carlos - immigration, family, social security/disability
Bloom & Rudibaugh, also Murrieta - family, bankruptcy, estate planning
Brown, Kevin R. - estate planning
Bush & Associates, John C. - personal injury, workers' compensation
Clark & Lord - criminal, family, estate planning
and Clark & Lord - criminal, family, estate planning
Davis and Wojcik - civil litigation, corporate, criminal, personal injury, estate planning
Grabel, Morton J. - personal injury, real estate, family, criminal
Harshey, Alec - business, real estate, bankruptcy
Hunt, Eric R. - social security/disability
Marcus Family Law Center
Powers & Hanich, also Temecula - family
and Powers, Hanich & Patterson, also Temecula - family, criminal, personal injury, real estate
Reid, Bert M. - family
Swan, Carpenter, Wallis & McKenzie, also Sun City - business, estate planning, banking, real estate, elder law, aviation
Thompson and Associates, Trent - estate planning, real estate, family
Topolski, Edward G. - personal injury, estate planning, family
Van Order, William - personal injury

Carlson Law Office (California Tenant Law)

Schelling, Rob - elder abuse, real estate

Weinfurtner, Ellen - family, estate planning


Sun City/Menifee
Hranek, John - estate planning, bankruptcy, family, elder abuse
Karwin, Robert P. - personal injury, employment, family, criminal

Temecula Valley
Canyon Lake
Lake Elsinore
Multiple Locations

Canyon Lake
Campbell, Brian - personal injury, bankruptcy, estate planning, civil litigation
Canyon Legal Bankruptcy Center
Giardinelli Law Group, also Anaheim - business, medical malpractice, real estate, employment, insurance

Lake Elsinore
Evans, Phillip (rapid BK) - bankruptcy
Inland Probate - estate planning

Ackerman & Sands, Temecula - bankruptcy, business, civil litigation
Ackerman, Richard D. - bankruptcy, litigation, appellate
Alvarado Law Firm - civil litigation, business, family, immigration, bankruptcy, construction defect, personal injury
Anware, Parwana - criminal
Ashcraft Firm, The
Brakhage, Margie - criminal, family
Cocis, Nic - criminal
Cocis, Nicolaie (Nic) - criminal
Costales, Lloyd S. (Murrieta Divorce) - family
DR Law Group - bankruptcy
Edgar, Douglas L. - estate planning
Epsten Grinnell & Howell, also Palm Desert - homeowners associations
FitzSimons, John H. - family, estate planning
Gibbs & Fuerst - family, employment
Kodam & Associates - personal injury, bankruptcy, employment
Kuzelka, Timothy C. - personal injury
Landon Law - family, business, construction
Lawler, Colleen - criminal
Lockhart, Karen E. - criminal
Mansfield Law Group, The - immigration
Mies, Lorene (The Bankruptcy Minute)
Navarro, Jose F. - criminal, administrative
Palomar Patent - intellectual property
Pfaff, Stephen C. - estate planning, family, bankruptcy, tax
Phelps, Eliana, also Upland - immigration
Pickford Law Office - estate planning, bankruptcy, personal injury
PLC Law - criminal, business, estate planning, family, civil litigation, personal injury
Pozza, John - criminal
Reynen, John R. - family
Saunders, Gary - bankruptcy
Serenity Legal Services - bankruptcy
Singleton Smith, also Riverside - family, bankruptcy, estate planning
Southwick & Biondi - bankruptcy, business, family, real estate
Tran Law Offices - criminal, estate planning, immigration, workers' compensation, family
Tyler & Associates - nonprofits, real estate, business, litigation
Vincent, Catherine A. - family
Wagner, Mitchell S. - personal injury, real estate, insurance
Zimel, Jeff - criminal

Affordable Legal Solutions - bankruptcy, family
Anderson and Associates - intellectual property
and Anderson & Associates - intellectual property
and Anderson and Associates ( - intellectual property
and Anderson and Associates (Trademarks, Business Names & Domain Names) - intellectual property
Aranda, Gloria S. - family
Asset Protection Temecula - bankruptcy
Bender & Associates - bankruptcy
and Bender & Associates - family
and Bender & Associates - family
Berryessa, Samantha - personal injury, family
Chang & Diamond - bankruptcy
Combs, Kirby F. - criminal, family
and Combs, Kirby F. - criminal, family
Country Law Center - bankruptcy
Darrow Law Center - bankruptcy
Delgado, Charles X. - bankruptcy, personal injruy
Duxbury, Marc A. - bankruptcy
Ellis Law Office - family, fathers' rights
Fabozzi, Dennis F. - civil litigation
Famularo & Associates (Temecula Divorce) - family
Famularo & Associates - family
Galliano, Robert J. - estate planning
Graff & Associates - personal injury, estate planning, business, real estate, bankruptcy
Hanson, Gorian & Bradford - personal injury, family, criminal
Herreman Law Firm - family, father's rights
Kepler, Laila J. - estate planning
Kish, Charles M. - criminal, DUI
Lawler & Associates - securities, business
Liljegren Law Group - personal injury
Madrigal, Eugene R. - personal injury
Maynes, Rodger A.
McGill Jr., John G. - family
Medof, Robert Gary - personal injury
Mohill, Alan L. - personal injury, civil litigation, equine, consumer, real estate
Nett & Nett - business, intellectual property, estate planning, personal injury
Newcomb, Michael W. - business, intellectual property, real estate, estate planning
O'Connell, John P. - business, tax
Page, Julie S. - family
Parks and Oberhansley - bankruptcy, business, family, agricultural, employment, personal injury, real estate
Rosenstein & Hitzeman - business, estate planning, intellectual property, real estate, bankruptcy
Southwick, Dayton and Biondi - bankruptcy, family, real estate, estate planning, elder law
Strohmeyer, William H. - insurance, real estate, business litigation, appelate
Sweeney, Sweeney, and Sweeney, also Hemet - personal injury, workers compensation
Trahan, Ivan - bankruptcy
Trujillo & Trujillo - criminal, family, personal injury, business litigation, juvenile
Tvalley Collections - debt collection
Walters & Caietti - employment, personal injury, elder abuse
Walwick & Freed - estate planning
Winton & Larson - business, real estate

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