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Legal Services in General
High Desert
Los Angeles County
Mountain Resorts
Multiple Locations
Orange County
Riverside County
San Bernardino Area
Ventura County

San Bernardino Area
Chino Hills
Grand Terrace
Loma Linda
Multiple Locations
Rancho Cucamonga
Riverside Area
San Bernardino

Assuras, Dennis M.
Blaylock, Gary H. - DUI, family, criminal
and Brock Law Office - estate planning
Calienes, Tomasa C. - bankruptcy, personal injury
Gering & Associates - bankruptcy
Gering Sr., Ben - criminal, estate planning, bankruptcy
Gutierrez, Jimmy L.
Leach & McGreevy - insurance, personal injury, real estate, elder abuse, labor/employment, intellectual property, workers' compensation
Madrid Law Firm - criminal, personal injury, civil rights, landlord/tenant, estate planning
Obiamalu Law Firm - bankruptcy, family, employment, personal injury
Setlich, John - family

Chino Hills
Brown & Lipinsky
Edwards-Swift, Pamela - family
Hansen, Stephen J. - family, criminal, DUI, bankruptcy
Holmes, Michael J. - criminal, DUI
Kelly, Michael S. - civil litigation
La Cues Law Group - bankruptcy, estate planning, construction defect, personal injury, real estate, employment
Mayes Law Office - estate planning
Mitchell, Rossana - family, criminal, personal injury, estate planning
Radcliffe, Williams - bankruptcy

Darling Law Firm - real estate
Gross, Malcolm D. - bankruptcy, employment
Ray Associates, Robert L. - court appearances

Falkenthal, Robert J. - family
Operini, Edward G.- civil litigation, landlord, tenant
Salazar, Ruben - personal injury, workers' compensation, immigration, criminal
Sierra, Albert, also El Monte - disability, SSI

Grand Terrace

Boylston, Jennifer - family

Loma Linda
Harris, Marjory - workers' compensation

Mickell, Sidney

Aijala, Curtis R., also Fontana, Pomona - criminal, civil litigation, bankruptcy, family, immigration
Blomberg & Benson - personal injury, workers' compensation, family
Brock, Laurence J. - family
Castro, Sandra H. - employment, immigration
Covington & Crowe - business, litigation
Dinces Law - criminal
Elder-Blakely, Kathleen, also Chino - family
Gassner & Gassner - family
Gassner, Stephen - family
Hafif & Baron, also Downtown LA - personal injury, elder abuse, construction defects, business litigation
Haslam & Perri - family
and Haslam & Perri - family
Matranga & Associates - bankruptcy, family, real estate
McCoy & Associates, Robert G. - lemon law
andMcCoy and Associates, Robert G. - litigation, appellate
Miller, Douglas - family, bankruptcy, estate planning, criminal
Onunkwo, Cecilia I.
Paiva & Associates, Gregory A. - family, bankruptcy, personal injury
Rivas Firm, The - immigration, criminal
Schneider, Thomas - bankruptcy
Smith & Garfunkel - workers' compensation
Southern California Legal Group - personal injury
Spitz, Robert J. - business, employment, personal injury, family, criminal
Stanton, Rachel F. - employment, personal injury, criminal, family, immigration, workers' compensation
Vitt Law Firm, also Rancho Cucamonga, San Bernardino - bankruptcy, estate planning
Washington, Carrye - immigration

Rancho Cucamonga
Ablard, Gary P. - criminal
All American Law - family
Allen, Keith L. - family, criminal
Angelo, Anthony - business, estate planning, bankruptcy
Azizi and Associates, Soheila - medical malpractice, personal injury, bankruptcy
Bakhit, John H. - criminal, bankruptcy
Banks, Garcia & Janis - estate planning, business, real estate
BennerKim, also Rancho Cucamonga - criminal, personal injury
Bovee, Guy A. - family, business, real estate, estate planning
Briguglio, Sal - business litigation, family
Cho, M. Stephen - family
Cihigoyenetche, Grossberg & Clouse - full service
Cleveland & Metz - workers' compensation, personal injury, criminal
Cohen, Fred M. - bankruptcy, business, tax
Connally and Gardner - criminal, juvenile
Dench, Donald S. - family, criminal
Eckl, Robert C. - workers' compensation
Edelbrock, Mark D. - bankruptcy, estate planning, business, real estate
Ferrante, Christina - family
Garcia & Associates, Vincent B. - family, bankruptcy, criminal
Garcia, Vincent B. - family, bankruptcy
Gassner & Gassner - family
Hartog, Diane M. - family
Hilmoe, Tatum - business, estate planning
and Hilmoe, Tatum - estate planning, business, real estate
Hoffman, Steve
Inglis, Alan L. - business
Inland Empire Law Group - personal injury
Kenny, James J. - family
Koch, Norma A. - family
Kuhlman, Lawrence J. - personal injury
Law Office Rancho Cucamonga - personal injury
Liu & Naime - family, special education
Lueck, John D. - criminal, personal injury
Madden, James D. - family, personal injury, DUI
Mallery & Stern, also West LA - personal injury
Maricic, George - adoptions
McClure, Ryan P. - DUI, criminal
Medinah Law Group, also Mid-Wilshire (Wilshire Center)
Merritt Law - evictions, real estate
Miles & Hatcher - family, criminal
Moga & Hurley - workers' compensation, social security, personal injury
Naples, David L. - bankruptcy
Newmark Law Group - DUI, criminal
Pratt, Thomas V. - estate planning, family, personal injury, criminal
Quinn, Beverly W. - family, criminal
Ricks & Associates, David H. - construction, personal injury, medical malpractice
Rogers, Patrick J. - estate planning, family, personal injury
Schiffman, Harve Jay (Euclid Law Center) - criminal
Skibby, Brian E. - criminal, juvenile
Southern California Lawyers Group - real estate
Spellman, Rose - business, real estate
Sprouse, James E. - criminal, DUI
Stone Haven Law Group - bankruptcy
Tarman, Kirk - criminal, personal injury
Walker and Mann - administrative, elder abuse, intellectual property, family, real estate
Williams, Willie W. - civil litigation
Younger & Associates, also Victorville, Corona - personal injury

Albrektson Law Offices - estate planning, business
Auton-Beck, Betty - estate planning
Bawden, Richard E.
Bethel, Dale K., also Temecula - estate planning, tax, intellectual property
Brzuska, Sheryl - tax
Church & Associates, James B. - estate planning, elder
Collins, Brian W. - workers' compensation defense
DeAguilera, James - environmental, civil rights, constitutional, labor
Garcia, Raul B. - banking, real estate, business, municipal
Gaw Van Male - estate planning, business, litigation
Gillespie, Kevin F. - real estate, banking
Hong, Kari E. - immigration, criminal
Hopper & Associates, Geoffrey H., also Lake Arrowhead, Palm Springs - employment, labor, business
Horspool & Horspool - estate planning
Lawson, Carroll - family
McCune Wright - personal injury
Mirau, Edwards, Cannon, Lewin & Tooke (MECLT), also Riverside - tax, estate planning, probate, trusts, wills, employment
Nassar & Associates, William M. - business, estate planning
Noel, Sandra L. - disabilities, labor/employment
Rangoonwala, Omer - civil litigation, personal injury, immigration
Skoretz, Lenita - family
Smith, H. Charles - bankruptcy, criminal
Streifling, J. Byron - estate planning
Tucker, M. Wayne - criminal, personal injury, bankruptcy
Venegas, Angelina - civil litigation, insurance, landlord/tenant, personal injury, business
Welebir Tierney & Weck - personal injury
Wilson, Guay P. - estate planning, real estate
Young, Michael R. - estate planning, personal injury, civil litigation, business
and Young, Michael R.
and Young, Michael R. - family
and Young, Michael R. - family
and Young, Michael R. - family
and Young, Michael R. - family
Ziprick & Cramer - business, employment, labor, healthcare, real estate

Bracken, Richard - immigration
Wallin, Thomas V. - DUI

San Bernardino
Aaen Law Partners - estate planning, real estate, business, civil litigation
Akintimoye, A. Sam - immigration, bilingual Spanish
Arias & Lockwood - civil litigation, employment
Booth, Duane P., also La Verne - family, estate planning, probate, trusts, wills, immigration, bankruptcy
Brittain, Gregory W. - business
Castro, Rosalio - criminal, employment, bilingual Spanish
Colodny, Bruce, also Orange - firearms, guns
Driver, Judy - family, bankruptcy
Elder & Disability Law Firm, The (Esther C. Wang)
Evangelista, Arthur C. - immigration
Fast Eviction Service (John E. Bouzane)
Father's Rights - family
Fullerton, Lemann, Schaefer & Dominick, also Palm Desert - business, estate planning, real estate, appellate
Gold, Peter S. - family
Granowitz, White and Weber - family, real estate, business
Gresham Savage Nolan & Tilden, also Riverside - business
Heisler, David H. - family (father's rights)
Hirst III, Albert E. - workers' compensation, personal injury
Holcomb, Joyce Marie - family
Kampf, Schiavone & Associates - personal injury
Kassel & Kassel - criminal, immigration
Kassel, Sanford A. - personal injury
Lerner, Moore, Silva, Cunningham & Rubel - workers' compensation, personal injury
Lombera, Edgar - bankruptcy, immigration
Lopiano & Kennedy - workers' compensation, personal injury
Mann & Mann - workers' compensation, bankruptcy
and Mann & Mann - workers' compensation
McDonald, Mark Raymond - criminal
Middlebrook, Kaiser, Popka & Hengesbach, also Palm Springs - personal injury, employment, business, real estate, construction defect, estate planning
and Milligan, Beswick, Levine & Knox - personal injury, family, criminal, workers' compensation
Montgomery, Ed - family
Mullick, Emile M. - civil rights, personal injury, insurance bad faith, construction
Mundell, Odlum & Haws, also Westlake Village - business litigation, employment
Pancer, Stefan Robert - family, bankruptcy, personal injury
Parker & Irwin, also Santa Ana - employment
Peach & Weathers, also Riverside - personal injury
Prainito, Frank J. - family, estate planning
Ricks & Wear - personal injury
Rohn, Kimberly A. - business
Scafiddi Law - DUI, personal injury
Seaman, Louis D. - workers' compensation
Shapiro, William D. - personal injury
Simpson, Brian J. - estate planning, real estate, construction
Skidmore II, James A. - criminal, disability, family
Skipper, Ronald G. - personal injury
Smith, Gary Wenkle - criminal
Smith, Richard W. - workers' compensation
Stringer, David - family
Tomlinson, Prince, Cullen & Leahy - real estate, estate planning, business, estate planning, employment
Traffic Defenders
Valdez & Associates, Robert E.K. - family, tax
Wallace, Nancy J. - workers' compensation
Ward & Ward - business, real estate, estate planning
Welch Legal Group, also Orange - immigration, family, bankruptcy
Wheeland, Robert - personal injury

Althouse & McDonough - litigation, business, estate planning, probate, real estate
Annigian Law Offices - business, family, estate planning
Bartholomew, Layne A. - estate planning
Bernheim, Fernando J. - criminal, family
Borenstein, Howard S. - tax
Brandt, Brian - personal injury
Briggs Law - business
Browne, Stella Espinoza - family, criminal
Brownson, Ronald L. - bankruptcy
Burke, Kimberly R. - criminal
Burke, Lewis & Ham - bankruptcy, business, criminal, family, personal injury, real estate, estate planning
Courtney Family Law
Dexter, Scott J. - business
Fabrick, Olga - family
Gaudy Law - estate planning
Graves, Suzanne M. - estate planning
Grossman, Marc E. - bankruptcy, family, DUI, workers' compensation, criminal, personal injury, immigration, insurance bad faith
Hannemann, Brian G. - litigation, personal injury, employment, bankruptcy
Haytas, Joseph R. - employment
Howell, Torrence L. - family, business
Hudson, Aaron M. - family
King, Nolan F. - criminal, personal injury
Lackie, Dammeier & McGill - public safety, police, fire
Macrill & Macrill - personal injury, elder abuse
McDonald, Joseph A. - credit unions
Moga Law Firm - workers' compensation, personal injury, estate planning
Reeder & Associates - business
Rodriguez, Rob A.
Romeo, Heidi H. - family
Thielo, Christine D. - family, criminal
Vargas, Fernando D. - personal injury, criminal
Wasserson, Samuel R. - family

Watermark Law Group - bankruptcy

High Desert
Apple Valley
Joshua Tree
Multiple Locations
Yucca Valley

Apple Valley
Perdue, Michael G. - estate planning
Ransdell, Gabrielle R. - tax
Werkhoven, Edward - DUI, criminal

Pope & Gentile - real estate, construction, civil litigation

Joshua Tree
Weir, Bill J. - criminal, family

Bristoll, B. Gene - family, criminal
Brown, Daniel A. - bankruptcy
Brunner, Sharon J. - family, personal injury, criminal
Caldwell, Kennedy, & Porter - business, family, estate planning, real estate, personal injury
David and Turner - family, estate planning, bankruptcy
Ewaniszyk Law Firm - personal injury, criminal, family
Foroosh & Manouchehri, also Century City - real estate, construction, personal injury
Foroosh, Sunny S. - bankruptcy
Gericke, Robert J. - criminal
High Desert Bankruptcy Center (Stephen Brittain)
Hilke, Janis L.
Huffaker, Dale C. - estate planning, elder
Justice, Kerrie C. - family
and Justice, Kerrie C. - family
Koppel, Senn R. - personal injury, bankruptcy, civil litgation, family, real estate, workers' compensation
Leicht, David A. - criminal
Lewis, Anne E. - family
Lundberg & Baxter - estate planning, trusts, wills, probate
Medeiros & Associates, also Hesperia - full service
Minton, James Bruce - civil litigation, business, real estate, family
Moret, Gilbert A. - personal injury
Mullins, Wil R. - family
Ponce, Robert A. - criminal
Provinziano, Alphonse - criminal, family, personal injury
Ripley & Associates - personal injury, bankruptcy, workers' compensation
Ritter & LeClere - family, workers' compensation
Ross, Valerie - criminal, family, estate planning
Shields, Hanna & Hayton - estate planning, workers' compensation
St. John, Stephanie Roberts - family, bankruptcy
Terrell, James S. - criminal
Thompson Law Office - family
Walter Clark Legal Group, also Palm Desert, Yucca Valley - personal injury
Watson, Brian - criminal
Wood, Brandon A. - criminal
Wooldridge, Kyle - family
Zumbrunn Law - family, estate planning, business, real estate

Yucca Valley
Burdick, John W. - criminal, bankruptcy
Martin, George L. - criminal, personal injury

Mountain Areas
Big Bear Lake
Lake Arrowhead
Multiple Locations

Big Bear Lake
McIntire & McIntire - civil litigation, appellate
McIntire Law - estate planning

Negron, Dennis - business

Lake Arrowhead
McKuin, Michael, also Riverside - ERISA

Internet Services
Database Applications
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