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Legal Services in General
Los Angeles County
Multiple Locations
Newbury Park
Orange County
Port Hueneme
Riverside County
San Bernardino County
Santa Paula
Simi Valley
Thousand Oaks
Westlake Village

Bailey, Terry R. - construction defect
Caron & Associates, Robert T.
Chabot & Associates - intellectual property
Cunningham & Associates - estate planning, elder
Cunningham & Lansden - personal injury
Darnall, Karen - healthcare
Dunlevy, William S. - estate planning, trusts, wills, probate, community associations
Edlund, Mary J. - personal injury
Edsall & Arrieta - estate planning, business, real estate
Gose, Lechman & Lund - estate planning, real estate, tax
Hinkle, L. Christopher - litigation, family, criminal, personal injury, estate planning, real estate
Hogan, Timothy J. - personal injury
Hohenwarter, Joseph E. - employment
Hunter Law Firm - homeowners associations
Jaffe, Adam Jay - small claims appeals
Kelley, Robert L. - personal injury, workers' compensation
Lingl & Joshi - community associations, real estate
Malley, Thomas E. - business, estate planning, real estate
McConville, Theresa L. - estate planning
McQueen, Mindy H. - DUI
and McQueen, Mindy H. - traffic, negligent operator, DUI
Milhaupt & Cohen - employment, business litigation, real estate, family
Morgan, John G. - business, estate planning
Nomi, Brian - bankruptcy, civil litigation, landlord/tenant
Norris, Gary W. - family
Pachowicz, Mark R. - criminal, family, business, personal injury, civil litigation
Peters, Laurie - family, real estate
Quin, Mary, also Van Nuys, Palmdale - bankruptcy, estate planning, trusts, wills, probate
Smiley, Lynn A. - estate planning
Staker Law - tax, estate planning, trusts, wills, probate
Stokholm, Christina S.
Tron, Lanny M. - personal injury, employment
West Corzine - business litigation
Wolfram Workplace Law - employment

McClure, Howard J., also Oxnard - immigration, personal injury, workers' compensation, real estate
Rowe, Jason

Newbury Park/Thousand Oaks
Thousand Oaks in General
Crosier, Susan - family
Hultgren, Gregory M. - estate planning

Filarsky & Watt - special education, labor, employment
Larson, Marc C.
Loebl, Jeffrey W. - business, sports
Neville, Dave L. - corporate, tax, real estate

Anticouni & Associates - employment
Arnold Bleuel LaRochelle Mathews & Zirbel - appellate, business, litigation, estate planning, real estate
Beach | Whitman | Cowdrey - healthcare
Benz, George F. - personal injury
Biberacher, Thomas J.
Boyce Schaeffer - healthcare
Cerveno Law Office - bankruptcy, business
Chaidez, Rick - bankruptcy, personal injury
Chyten, Kenneth E. - civil litigation, business, employment, real estate, landlord/tenant, construction, appellate
Collier, Joan L. - family
Cruz, Evangeline C. - immigration, family, personal injury, business
Fobi, Emmanuel - family, real estate, bankruptcy
Francis & Associates, Richard L. - bankruptcy
Gittelson, Patricia, also Van Nuys - immigration
Givner, Dale G. - personal injury
Graham, Joseph I. - workers' compensation
Groom, Peter J. - personal injury
Hiepler & Hiepler - personal injury
Jennings, Robert P. - personal injury
Johnson, Gregory L. - elder abuse, personal injury, business
Jones & Lester, also Downtown LA - eminent domain, employment, environmental
Karen, David M. - personal injury, construction defects, employment
Legacy Law Office - estate planning
Lowthorp, Richards, McMillan, Miller & Templeman - personal injury, civil litigation, business, real estate, estate planning
Lyon & Harr - intellectual property
May, Greg - criminal, civil litigation
Miller, Irwin R. "Rob" - personal injury, family, immigration
Nelson Comis Kahn & Sepulveda - bankruptcy, business, employment/labor, family, real estate, estate planning, litigation, appellate
Nordman Cormany Hair & Compton, also Encino - full service
Papy, Mark Alan - real estate
Peariso, Kristi - criminal
Percy, Michael D. - family
Pezzuto, Michael A. - immigration
Reynoso, Manuel - personal injury, workers' compensation, bilingual Spanish
Riley, Tim - personal injury
Schurmer & Drane - personal injury
Schwartz, David P. - family
Simpkins, Harveen - family, personal injury
Snow, Henry J. - criminal, family
Tentler, Richard W. - malpractice
Tyler, Paul - personal injury, criminal, DUI
Vacca, John Joseph - real estate, bankruptcy, estate planning, trusts, wills, probate
Vrataric, Nicholas C. - consumer, lemon law
Wisotsky, Procter and Shyer - insurance defense, administrative, appellate, construction defect

Port Hueneme
Lynch, Ken, also Century City - banking, creditor's rights, business litigation, real estate

Santa Paula
Romney Law Offices - business litigation, real estate, estate planning

Simi Valley
Barlow Law Offices - estate planning
Beach, Janie H. - adoption
Brooks, Michael Blaine - intellectual property
Camaur Crampton Family Law
Dallara, Ken - intellectual property
Green Law Group, The - construction, bankruptcy, real estate
Hart, David J. - estate planning
Huber & Takasugi - personal injury
Kay, Debra J. - family
Kwasigroch, Michael
Lindeen, Gordon R. - estate planning, elder
Mazza, Gregory M. - bankruptcy, personal injury, family
Miller, Adrienne K. - estate planning, business, real estate
Monroe, Jennifer, also Ventura - criminal
Ocean Law - intellectual property
Reed, Merlin L. - family
Rein, Steven - family, criminal, bankruptcy, estate planning, landlord/tenant, immigration
Sundeen, Randall J. - family
Waters, William J. - civil litigation, bankruptcy, family, estate planning
Webb, Larry - bankruptcy
White & Demaret - personal injury, criminal, juvenile, estate planning, business
White, Stephanie - estate planning, family, special education

Thousand Oaks
Newbury Park
Allen Law - real estate, bankruptcy, business, estate planning, personal injury
Castille, Lenelle C. - business
Donner & Donner - full service
Ellicott, Vernon L., also Santa Clarita (Valencia) - family, bankruptcy
Estate Strategies - estate planning
Goad Law Group
Goodman, Todd W. - personal injury, construction
Grace Law - family
Gray, Chris - estate planning
Hager & Dowling, also Torrance - insurance, construction, appellate
Harrison Eichenberg & Murphy, also Anaheim Hills - workers' compensation
Jessee, Mark T. - bankruptcy, personal injury, estate planning, business, civil litigation
Kohlbrand, R. John - estate planning, trusts
Kucera, Dennis - personal injury, criminal
Masci & Masci - family
Miller & Associates - employment, workers' compensation
Moore, Jody C. - elder abuse
Pederson Law Offices - estate planning, business
Rackohn & Rackohn - personal injury
Schneider, David R. - estate planning
Seiden, Scott J. - workers' compensation
Shaffer, Christina - family
Smith, Andrew D. - estate planning, real estate
Stuehrmann, Raymond L.
Tegroen, Tristan - family
Triplett, Robert M. - family
Trolard & Associates, Steven - estate planning
Van Sickle & Associates, also Ventura - family
Williams, Scott W. - business, estate planning, civil litigation, real estate, labor/employment, aviation
Witting, Susan H. - family
Zittell, Arthur


Adams Jr., Donald M. - civil litigation, personal injury, real estate, business
and Adams, Jr., Donald M. - business, real estate, civil litigation
Andell Law - business, personal injury, estate planning
Anderson Kill & Olick - bankruptcy, employment, business, insurance, estate planning, real estate, tax, intellectual property
Ball and Yorke - personal injury
Bamieh & Erickson - criminal defense, family
Baskin, Robert M. - personal injury, estate planning, family, civil litigation
Benton, Orr, Duval & Buckingham
Blaise, Michael R. - personal injury
Bohl, Nixon & Schoneman, also San Bernardino - insurance
Botti & Morison, also Santa Clarita (Valencia) - estate planning
Brawner, William H. - federal employment
and Brawner, William H. - OWCP, workers' compensation
Bredlau, Richard R. - personal injury
Bromund, Matt - business, immigration, criminal
California Employment Law (Futoran & Galici)
Chaffin, Kevin D. - employment, business litigation, personal injury, insurance bad faith, firearms
Cho & Brown - family
Christiano, Michael - family
Christie, Moriya - criminal
Coit, Robert Lamont - tax, estate planning, appellate, civil litigation
Crow, Jerry O.
Dependent Children's Advocates - family
Diaz, Bryan - real estate, construction, bankruptcy, criminal
Dunn & Sanderson, also Westlake Village - criminal
Eammons, Paula D.
Engle Carobini Covner & Coats
Erich, M. Michelle - adoption
Fairfield & Freeman - estate planning, probate, trusts, wills
Farley Cassy Schwartz Powell (FCSP) - criminal, DUI
and Farley & Cassy - DUI
Ferguson Case Orr Paterson (FCOP) - full service
Fox, Brian L. - tax, business, estate planning
Frank, Deirdre - personal injury
Freeman, Wilfred J. - estate planning, business, real estate
Genis, Darryl - DUI
Gill, Monty S. - criminal, family, personal injury, employment, disability, civil litigation
Golkin & Associates, Lawrence H. - criminal, insurance defense, personal injury
Grey Law - social security
Haffner, Haffner & Kirwin - construction defect, personal injury, business, real estate
Hathaway Law Firm - admiralty, bankruptcy, civil litigation, business, estate planning, family, labor/employment, tax, real estate
Heiberg Law - litigation, intellectual property, real estate
Henjum, Kenneth H.J. - bankruptcy, family
Higson, Daniel A. - bankrupcty, personal injury
Hill, Monique Shana - criminal
Ingram, David L. - family, estate planning, business, personal injury
Jurgensen, Deborah E. - family, special education
Keating, Kent W.
Koenig, Andrew T. - social security/disability
Krause & Hirschhorn - criminal, family, juvenile, personal injury, real estate
Kyle & Associates - intellectual property
LaMacchia, Sally - government employees
Lawson, Janet A. - bankruptcy
Lehr, David - criminal
and Lehr, David - DUI
Leiderman Devine - criminal
Lipkin, Sandy - intellectual property
Loskamp & Wohlgemuth - insurance defense, personal injury, business, estate planning
Maxwell II, Robert - family
McDuffie, David L. - criminal
Lascher & Lascher - appeals, writs, civil litigation, German
META Law - estate planning
Michie Law Firm - estate planning, real estate
Mills, Maury - employment, family
Mitnick, Stephen L. - family
Moore, David Lee - family
Morgan Law Firm, also Calabasas - family, criminal, estate planning
Myers, Widders, Gibson, Jones & Feingold, also Santa Clarita (Valencia) - construction defect, business, elder law, employment, estate planning, municipal,real estate
Negley, John J.
Nettesheim & Nettesheim - elder, personal injury
Norman Dowler - personal injury, estate planning, employment, business, real estate, family, civil litigation
Palay Law - employment
Pearlman, Adam L. - DUI, criminal
Pell, Steve - personal injury
Pricola, Debra R.
Procter, Slaughter & Reagan - insurance defense
Quinn, Neil B. - criminal
Quinn, Tim - criminal
Quirk Law Firm - personal injury, construction defects
Rabbin, Richard S. - family
Renshaw & Associates
Roach, Gary Byron - real estate, construction defect, community association, employment, personal injury
Rose Law Firm - labor/employment
Ryder Law - estate planning
Salas Jr., Victor - personal injury
Salehi, Susan J., also Woodland Hills - bankruptcy
Schwartz & Schwartz - elder
Shankin, Hilary - family, personal injury, estate planning
Silverman Law Firm - business litigation
Siple, Susan S. - estate planning
Sment, Michael R. - real estate, bankruptcy, business
Smith & Nowlin - family, immigration
Strauss Law Group - employment, business litigation
Sugden, John
Taylor, McCord, Praver & Cherry - appellate, civil litigation, family
Uritz & Associates - business, real estate, environmental
Ventura Law Group - civil litigation
Vierra, Debora S. - employment
Vigorita, Louis J. - workers' compensation
Vogel, Brian A. - criminal
Wallin & Klarich, also Simi Valley - criminal
Walton, Richard A. - tax
Walton, Richard Albert
Wennergren Law Offices - business, intellectual property, estate planning, real estate
White, Tim - family
Working Law Group - employment
Wright, Robert P. - estate planning, family
Zide, Jennifer - criminal, DUI

Westlake Village
Adams, Ferrone & Ferrone - labor, workers' compensation, personal injury, disability
Alvarez Firm, The - estate planning, business, real estate
Anderson, Krehbiel & Bryan - business, construction, employment, estate planning, real estate
Andrade Law Firm, The
Berneman, Nathan A. - bankruptcy
Blade, Jacqueline Y. - bankruptcy, family
Brewer, Kathleen A. - employment
Brinkman Portillo - business
Brown, Steven E. - employment, workers' compensation
Bruge Law Firm - personal injury
Burkhalter Kessler Clement & George (BKCG), also Irvine - business litigation, intellectual property, estate planning, bankruptcy, employment, appellate
Catanese & Wells - business, estate planning, equine, civil litigation
Chatfield, David Blake - civil litigation, tax, business
Collection At Law
Cones, John W. - securities, entertainment
Devore & Associates, Kenneth E. - estate planning, trusts, wills, probate
Dion Law Office - family
Dirksen, Thomas A.
Dougherty - business
Ercolani Law Group - personal injury, bankruptcy, insurance
Esquibias, David A. - estate planning
Flaig Law Firm - employment/labor, personal injury, civil litigation, insurance bad faith, real estate, estate planning
Fleishman, Bobette - family
Friedman, Heywood G. - insurance carriers
Gonzalez Zola Wegman - business, real estate, environmental
Goodman, Darren J. - Qualified Domestic Relations Orders (QDRO)
Graff, Jeffrey S., also Woodland Hills - family
Greathouse Law Firm - immigration
Greenwood, Steven M. - estate planning
Gumm & Green - family, bankruptcy
Habib, David J. - international, business, real estate, liltigation
Hanover, Pamela M. - family, estate planning, civil litigation
Harper, Tamara L. - business, intellectual property, bankruptcy, family
Hilliard, Terri E. - estate planning
Hinson & Gravelle
Hoefflin & Associates - civil litigation, business, real estate, employment, estate planning
Hoffer, Jeffrey L.
Hopkins, Esther - estate planning
Horwitz, Alan M.
Huntsman Law Offices - personal injury
Iannaccone, Frank J. - personal injury
Immigration Appealworks - appellate
Jackson DeMarco Tidus Peckenpaugh (JDTP) - immigration, intellectual property
Jacobs, Howard L. - athletes
Jiang, Lilian - immigration
Kahdeman Frost - business litigation, estate planning
Kennedy, J. Grant - civil litigation
Knopfler Pazos, also Beverly Hills - civil litigation, business, entertainment, real estate, personal injury
Koppel, Patrick, Heybl & Dawson - intellectual property
Korsen, James G., also West LA
Krupnick and Chapman - personal injury
Kulvinskas, Mary P. - estate planning
Kushner, Michael F. - personal injury
Lawbreeze - estate planning
Lemieux & O'Neill - water agencies
Liner, Scott K. - employment, labor
Malin, Garry S. - personal injury
Manfredi, Levine, Ecccles & Miller - real estate, insurance defense, civil litigation
Mann, Patricia A.
Marcus, Jeffrey L. - real estate, business, litigation
Masry and Vititoe - personal injury, business litigation, product liability
Michaelis, Montanari & Johnson - civil litigation
Millhouse Law Group - environmental, business, real estate, civil litigation
Nelson, Peter R.
Neustadt & Berriz - personal injury
Nevers, Palazzo, Maddux & Packard - business, real estate, employment, insurance
Nguyen, Laura Each - employment
Northrup Schlueter, also West LA - litigation, real estate, business, construction defect
Panitz & Kossoff - tax, estate planning
Paul Law Firm - personal injury
Quisenberry Ridley & Shiffman - business, entertainment, criminal, personal injury
Robertson & Vick - construction, real estate, environmental, securities
Robman, Louis B.
Rockey & Wahl - business, litigation
Ross & Parvex - family
Silver & Arsht - civil litigation, business, real estate, family, estate planning, tax
SoCal IP Law Group, also Irvine - intellectual property
Soltman, Levitt, Flaherty & Wattles - civil litigation
Sperling, Richard - family, business, real estate, estate planning
Stitch, Ronald K. - family, also mediator
Stowell, Zeilenga, Ruth, Vaughn & Treiger - business litigation, real estate, securities, estate planning
Strote Law Group - civil litigation
Sullivan Taketa - litigation, employment, telecommunications, real estate, intellectual property, aviation, maritime, personal injury
Tashnizi, Paul P. - employment
Ticket Busters - traffic
Van Etten Suzumoto & Sipprelle - business, litigation, construction, employment, intellectual property
Wachbrit, Diedre - estate planning
Waldman, Carl R. - tax, estate planning
Weissman & Weissman - construction
Westlake Law Group - employment, personal injury, criminal, insurance, tax, estate planning, real estate, family
Wilkof Law Offices - business, real estate, estate planning, family
Williams, John D. - litigation, personal injury, insurance, real estate, business estate planning
Wollman, John L. - business litigation, intellectual property, landlord/tenant
ZabnerLaw - estate planning

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