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Keller Williams Realty Acton

Arrietta, Cynthia
Eastburn, Christine
Grady, Fran and Wendy Moore (Acton-Agua Dulce Real Estate)
Grady, Fran and Mike Janiszewski
Holdorf, Cari - Preferred Partners Real Estate Group
Kracke, Jill
Lanski, Peggy and Sheila Cook (Acton Homes)
Lubben, Gary H. (RER Realty)
Mellor-Guin, Jackie
Moore, Wendy
Randall, Rick

Agua Dulce


Bilinski, Shayne
Brill, Olina
Garner, Marilyn
Mattley, Steve
McGraham, Cherie
Rickards, Sandra
Stonerook, Janis and Raija Brown

Lake Hughes
P.J. deHaas Properties
and P J deHaas Properties

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Block Properties
Century 21 Doug Anderson and Associates
and Century 21 Doug Anderson and Associates
Century 21 Yarrow
and Century 21 Yarrow & Associates Realtors
and Century 21 Yarrow & Associates Realtors
Charles Hoey and Associates
CLM Homes
Coldwell Banker A Hartwig Company
and Coldwell Banker A Hartwig Company
and Coldwell Banker A Hartwig Company
Coldwell Banker Bozigian Realty
and Coldwell Banker Bozigian Realty
Doug Martin and Associates
Golden Valley Real Estate
HomeBased Realty
MGM Mortgage Coronado Realty
Miller-Perry Realty
Premier Valley Properties
Prudential Troth, REALTORS
RE/MAX All-Pro
Stephen B. Marvin Real Estate
United Country Target Real Estate
WDFLION Real Estate Group

Alcantar, Elias
Anderson, Jennifer
Arosemena, Tammy
Astourian, Frank and Jan Davis (The Agents That Care)

Ballenger, Sharon
Banks, Letitia
Bartlett, April
Bauer, Judy
Blum, Diana
Boucher, JC
Bozigian, Lou & Ralph
Broadenax, Cheryl
Burga, Marlon

Cartera, Rudy
Case, Maxi
Castaneda, Douglas (Palmdale Real Estate)
Chappell, Mark
Colovin, Joy
Condoll, Aaron
Cooper, Scott
and Cooper, Scott

Damle, Sue
Danielsen, Pat
DeBoe, Debbie
Dee, Brittanya (Britt)
Dent, Charles
and Dent, Charles
DeYoung, Michael
DiMarzo, Christina

Eliopulos, Gregory

Fernandez, Cathie
Fischer, Lori
Frye, Cynthia
Fults, Rebecca
Furtado, Jill

Gordon, Teri L.
Greco, Stan
Guerrero, will and Kim (Lancaster Real Estate)

Halcrow, Ron (Land Info Now)
Hamini, Eric Kenneth
Hauke, Clara
Haven, Christine
Haycock, Dana
Haskell & Associates Real Estate
Heath, Amy
and Heath, Amy
Herider, Jeremy (Lancaster Homes for Sale)
Hernandez, James
Herrera, Joe

Jauregui, Juan
Jimenez, Cesar
Johnson Jr., Andrew
Jones, Marti
and Jones, Marti

Kahl, Patti
Kennedy, Pete
and Kennedy, Pete
Kerrico, Debbie
Koett, Sue

Laffite, Carol
LeNorgant, De Ann
Levine, Danny & Karie
and Levine, Danny and Karie
Liberda, Kelly
Little, Jeff G.
Lugo, Ernesto & Olivia
Luman, Edward
Luongo, Jim (Antelope Valley Real Estate Online)

Magdaleno, Karen
Mahady, Cheryl
Maldonado, Ashley
Maness, Terry
Manry, John O.
Marlo, Michael
Marquez, Maribel
Marshall, Vicki
McConnachie, Shauna
McCoy, Horace "The Real McCoy"
McKinnon, Marvin
Miller, Kim
and Miller. Kim
Miller, Leo & Sharon Smith (AV Real Estate Team)
Miller, Lisa
Moshier, JD
Myers, Debbie

Olsen Team, The (Jim and Lorrie)

Palazzolo, Gleda
Patterson, Todd
and Patterson, Todd
Pence, Nancy
and Pence, Nancy
Perez, Julie (Lancaster Short Sale Agent)
Perez, Mick & Julie (Antelope Valley Home Search)
Petersen, BJ
Petersen, Kent
Petros, Robin
Prada, Anna

Quest, John

Reyes, Sherri
Rice, Steve
Robinson, Eva
Rouzan, Nicole
Ryan, Vickie

Sanchez, Tom
Schell, Sheryllynn
and Schell, Sheryllynn
Schob, Sara
Scott, Kelly G.
Seitz, Debi
Slocum, Donnie
Sorsabal, Shelley
Stickney, Robert
Stoebe, Tamara
and Stoebe, Tamara
Stogsdill, Linda
Strauss, Steven
Swirczynski, Kirk

Taylor, Mary L.
Teal Team, Ingrid
and Teal, Ingrid
and Teal, Ingrid
Terracciano, Fabian
Terracciano, Keny & Cheyanne (All-Pro Agents)
Torres, Hector

Valenzuela, Jennifer
Venkatappa, Kris

Ward & Associates, Maggie
Wheeler, Aaron
White, Cherie
White, Gloria
Williams, Beverly
Williams, Janice
Williams, Roscoe Ricardo

Zenno, Terrence
Team Zotti

Leona Valley
Storybook Properties

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Antelope Valley Capital Realty
Big Valley Real Estate
Castlestone Properties
Cobblestone Realty
James Baker Realty
Keller Williams Realty Antelope Valley
Mayfield Realty
MWR & Associates (Antelope Valley & Santa Clarita CA Homes For Sale)
Peoples Realty
PLI Realty
Realty Executives Platinum
and Realty Executives Platinum
Select Service Realty
Suburban Realty
United Country Essence Real Estate

Albarado Real Estate Group, The (Leovy & Robert)
and Albarado Real Estate Group, The
and Albardo Group, The
Albardo, Roberto
Allen, Marian
Alvord, Cherie
Bennewitz, Michael
Burga, Marlon
and Burga, Marlon
and Burga, Marlon
Burton Team, The (Steve and Alicia)
Chapman, Jason
Contreras, Jackie
Cross, Jocelyn M.
Dattilo, Pete
Dominguez, Ileana
Edwards, Nina M.
Erazo, Joe
Erhahon, Goddy
Esparza, Alana
Esqueda, Marco
Fessenden, George
Flores-Gordon, Rosemary
Galli, Greg
Gates, Stan
Genari, Richard
Glozer, Jeanette
Gockel, Don
Goddy Group, The
Gooden, William
Hansmann, Carol
Harvey, Deon
Herod, Guy
Hier, Ron
Hunt, Michele
and Hunt, Michele M.
Hunt, Patrick J.
Jacobs, Debbie Jo
Kenzer, Ed
Team Koster (Paul & Janine)
London, Linda Lee (Palmdale Homes for Sale)
Malanowski, James
Martinez, Jorge
Mandy and His Success Team, Don
Miller, Audrey T.
Morales, Beth
Murphy, Joy Marie
Musgrove, Randy
O'Brian, Janet
Paramesvaran, Anusha
and Paramesvaran, Anusha (Free Foreclosure Help)
Partamian, Koko
Pascascio, Brenda
Passot, Adam
Porter, Rod
Rafeh, Rima
and Rafeh, Rima
Ramirez, Wendy
Rodriguez, Nancy (
Rosen, Rachel
Sanchez, Stephen
Saridin, Eman
Simons, Chuck
Skillings, Rodney
Slover, Dave
Stripling, Roy (Meridan Capital Real Estate Sales and Acquisitions)
Sumbry, Anthony
Summerfield, Jim
Takayama, Gordon
Talbot & Watson
and Talbot & Watson (Rob & Mike)
Toso, Cathy
and Toso, Cathy
Unini, Marie
Van Meter, Kalie
Velez, Diana
Walton, Francine
Watters, Brian
Weaver, Griffin L.
Witten, William
Worden, Ken

Roberson Realty

Quartz Hill

James H Fields Realty
Simplicity Real Estate

Dash, Anita
Hailstone, Bruce B.
Larson, Carrie (Larson Realty)
Matranga, Jeff
Patton, Jim


Century 21 Avico-Hometown
CloudChaser Real Estate Services

Landsgaard, Daniel
Landsiedel, Terry V. - TV Land Real Estate
Vincelette, Bob

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