Beverly Hills, Los Angeles County Real Estate: Realtors/Brokers/Agents

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Beverly Hills

America Home Hunters
Bakman Group
Barcode Properties
Beverly Hills International
Coldwell Banker Beverly Hills East
Coldwell Banker Beverly Hills North
Coldwell Banker Beverly Hills South
Hilton & Hyland
LeMarc Investments
Nelson Shelton Real Estate
Nourmand & Associates, also Brentwood
Pillar Properties
Powerhouse Real Estate
Realty World Beverly Hills
Regal Estates & Properties
Regal Properties
RE/MAX Estate Properties Beverly Hills
Rodeo Realty Beverly Hills
St. James + Canter
Sotheby's International Realty Beverly Hills Brokerage
The Agency
Westside Estate Agency Realtors (WEA)

Ace, Bob
Allemand, Corinne - bilingual French
Amos, Bella
Architecture for Sale

Babajian, Joe
Babbitt, Stacey
Barath, Endre
Barish, Rory - Lane 4 Real Estate, Keller Williams
Barrentine, John
Bellet, Ben
Best, Andrea
Bohbot, Andre and Madeleine
Boroda, Philip
Braiker, Marcy
Brill, Mary
Burton, Jory

Carroll, Wendy
Clark, Geraldine
Codd, Starr
Collins, Michael
Cook, Diana
Cox, Keith
Cycon, Judy

David, Trent
de la Houssaye, Drew
Dia, Ray & Chase
Donahoo, Lori
Dowell, Jill
Dunn, Jack

Elston, Terri & David
Essex & Harvey
Essex, Joyce

Farzan, Janet
Fedder, Susan
Fiedler, Barbara and Marc
Figueiredo, Paul
and Figueiredo, Paul
Findley, David
Finkelstein, Sarit
Fitzgerald, Valerie
Fletcher, Juhree
Forster-Jones, Sally
Frankel, Steve
Franklin, Stephanie and Dick
Frolove, Debbi

Geimer, Martin
Geller, Steve
Goldsmith, Lori
Goldsmith, Rita
Gould, John
and Gould, John
Grant, Adrian
Gray, Barry

Healey, Marie
Heiferman, Steve and Karen (The Luxury Condominium Specialists)
Helbling, Verna
Heller, Charles
Hindley, Linda (
Hochman, Bess
Holley, Fred
Holliman, Ron

Insite Properties

Jeramaz, Paul & Dominique
Johnson, Jr., W. Jay
Joseph, Timothy
June Scott Estates

Karlton Stone
Kaye, Diana
Kean & Associates, David
Kessler, Adrienne
Korasidis, Vangelis
Kramer, David
Kreitler, Katy
Kruger, Benjamin
Kurtzman, Kaaren

Leonard, Lynde
Lerner, Eric (
Linz, Warren
Lollio, Lou
Long, Kristina
Lower, Karen

Mallon, John
Mann, Delphine
Marchand, Nanette
Marquart, Elizabeth
Martinez, Jim
Martino, Gina M.
Martino, Mimi
Mattar, Florence
Maurice, Peter
May, Linda
Merliss, Marci
Merriam, Gary - Gary Merriam Company
Meshkaty, Yar
Miller, Dan
Miller, Diona
Mills, Jade
and Mills, Jade (Welcome to Beverly Hills)
Miretski, Katerina
Missig, Phil (Have You Seen My House)
Moesser, Greg J. (LA Classic Estates)
Mooney, Kris & Debra Ziven
Mott, Annette & Lannie

Nessel, Charmaine & Dan
Norman, Patrick

Olofsson & Associates
Oren, Steve

Patillo, Toni
Peters, Jane
and Peters, Jane
Pick, Kay
Polan, Lauren
Posin, Rory

Rawls, Maria
Rey, Joyce
Ross, Dawn
Ross, Tracey

Sarir, Tova
Schmid, Violet
Scott, Eric (RealEstateDreams)
Shafa, Afa
Shelburne, Coco
Siegal, Jane
Sigman, Kimberly
St. James, Cristie
Stagen, Linda
Steinbeck, Terre
Steiner, John
Steuer, Leah
Stevens, Christian (Beverly Hills Real Estate)
Strick, Sandy
Styne, Beth Ann

Tenenbaum, Barbara
Tsu, Irene

Villa, Kathy

Walker, Bruce
Wilder, Jo
Williams, Lynette
Winther, John
Witz, Diane & David Weidman
Wong, Peter & Cecelia (West Los Angeles Homes)

Young, Elaine

Zacarias, Juliet
Ziff, Lee

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