Los Angeles County Palos Verdes Peninsula Real Estate: Realtors/Brokers/Agents

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Palos Verdes Estates

Arico & Associates Realtors
Call Realty (George Fotion)
and Call Realty
and Call Realty (George Fotion)
and Call Realty
Coldwell Banker Palos Verdes-Beach Cities
Day & Associates (Steve Day)
RE/MAX Estate Properties Malaga Cove
Smith Realty
Watts & Associates (Steve and Ceci)

Adams, Carol
Adlam, Chris
Alessi, Joe
Allen, Debbie
Angel, Jane
Arturo, Patricia
Barrios, Edward
Bennett, Chuck
Buck, Jason
Butler, Virginia
Bryan, Susan (California Home Hunter)
Carlson, Elaine Murphy
and Carlson, Elaine Murphy
and Carlson, Elaine Murphy (Palos Verdes Source)
Cavette, Linda
Cerda, Tricia and Ron Murray
Chamber, Chuck
Chamberlain, Heather & Wayne
Chang, Diane
Chew, Cindy
Cleveland, Bart & Cathy
Cohen, Susana
and Cohen, Susana
Cohen, Susana
Cohn, Marilyn
Cotton, Liz
Creed, Susan
Crowe, Charlotte
Davis, Shel-lee "Your Dream Team"
and Davis, Shel-lee
DeBraal & Rau (Robin & Cheryl)
Earl, Janet
Engstrom, Susie
and Engstrom, Susie
and Engstrom, Susie
Ephraim, Allan
and Ephraim, Allan
Fischer, Cora
Fishman, Les
Fitzpatrick, Carolyn
Foster, Michael & Nadia
Fotion, George (Palos Verdes Homes Website)
and Fotion, George
and Fotion, George
and Fotion, George
and Fotion, George
and Fotion, George
and Fotion, George (Lunada Bay Homes For Sale)
and Fotion, George (Palos Verdes Luxury Homes)
Geber, Maya
Gemma, Marie
Ghannadi, Tuba
Ghorbani, Mahoo (Your Palos Verdes Home)
Greenway, Soraya
and Greenway, Soraya
and Greenway, Soraya (View Redondo Beach Homes)
Guenther, Nancy
Hall, Kim
Harkins & Creed
Harris, Shelby
Hayes, Junne L.
Henry, Judy
Humber, Brent (Luxury Coastal Real Estate)
Juhas, Cathy
Kawata, Cindy
Kelly & Laura
Kucharski, Janusz
Kuroda, Alice
Lam, Wende
LaMaison, Sherry
Larsson, Chris
LaTourette, Gary
and LaTourette, Gary
Lim, Joy
Long, Dave
Longley, Vicki
Lord, Rae
Maddox, Julie Schulte
Magee, Carol Boots
Megowan, Maureen
Moody, Donna
Murray Team, The
Nastaskin, Igor
and Nastaskin, Igor (Live in the Hollywood Riviera)
Owen, Bobbie
Perry, Anna M.
Peterson, Ouida
Randall, Anna
Rapaport, Tricia
Ray, Mitzi
Rezvani, Leyla (Palos Verdes Realtor)
Sanders Team
Schoonover, Dennis
Silver, Lisa Marie
Simonetti, Steve
Smith, Steve J.
South Bay Home Team
States, Donna (Palos Verdes and Beach Cities)
Stearns, Janet
Stone, Diane (Rancho Palos Verdes Real Estate)
Sullivan, Patty
Swanson, Pat
Testa, Lynn
Thever, Filiz
Tillson, Kathy
Trutanich, Kathy
Tyndall Team (Kathy & Rachel)
and Tyndall, Rachel M.
and Tyndall Team (Kathy & Rachel)
and Tyndall, Kathy & Rachel
Vaught, Robert
Wang-Dojiri, Jackie
Waryck, Jamie & Lou Weintraub
and Waryck, Jamie (Piece of Paradise Real Estate)
Werner, Cynthia K.
White, Amy
Windon, Gunilla

Rancho Palos Verdes

RE/MAX Estate Properties Miraleste Plaza
RE/MAX Estate Properties Palos Verdes/San Pedro

Andrade, Lupe
and Andrade, Lupe
Bakotich, Shari (Shari B)
Bennison, Catherine
Cross, Bill
D'Ambrosi & Callen
Darlene and Naomi
Davis, Bill
Ephraim, Allan
Howard, Kim
Inman Team, The
and Inman Team, The
Jerry and Laura
Lieb, Pamela
Martinez, Menah
McHale, Sheri
McLoughlin, Mike
Miley, Michelle
Mitchell, Jim (Black Horse Realty)
Muraro, Rose
Naik, Vidya
Nolan, Frank
and Nolan, Frank
Petrich, Lisa
Rubijevsky, Larissa
Russell, Christopher
Ruth & Raine (Bill & Charlie)
Sialana, Alicia
Schatzlein, Margit
Scott, Sean
and Scott, Sean
Sorrentino, Sal
Stefanelli, Pete
Steiner, Monica
and Steiner, Monica
Sunjara, Davor
Tina & Lynda
Todora Team, The
Toering, Norma
and Toering and Team
and Toering and Team (Palos Verdes Luxury Homes)
and Toering and Team, Norma
Vallery, Ron
Weitzman, Phyllis
Whitney, Robert and Danielle (Team Whitney)
Zappulla, Jim

Rolling Hills Estates

Apor Properties
Coldwell Banker Palos Verdes-South Bay
Keller & Associates Realty of Palos Verdes
Keller Williams Palos Verdes (KW PV)
Peninsula Properties
Peninsula Sotheby's International Realty
Prudential California Realty Palos Verdes Office
PV Brokers
and PV Brokers
RE/MAX Estate Properties Silver Spur

Agid-Mackenbach, Heidi
Allbee, Sandra
Amago, Phyllis and John Allesi
Amjadi, Faye
Atkinson, Valerie
Banos, Helen
Berglund, Scott (Palos Verdes Foreclosures)
Beshay, Violette
Bisignano, Gerard
Bonnickson, Leah
Bowling, Joanna
Boyd, Renee
Budde, Dick
Bullale, Lula
Byrnes, Sharona
Cartwright, Kathy
Chambliss, Rebecca
Chen, Cindy
and Chen, Cindy
Coates, Marilyn
Crowley, Jacqueline M.
D'Amico Team, Al
Davis, David & Tina Hermosillo-Davis
Davis, Patricia
Diamond, Michael
Dixon, Robert
Djukic, Milly
Dodson, Rob
Driscoll, Jan
Dyer, Suzanne
Edler DeRenzis
Egan, Brett
Fernandez, Lynn
Fountain, Frank
Ghannadi, Jim
Goorchenko, Vicki
and Goorchenko, Vicki
Graham, Dana
Griffin, Gi Gi
Harper, Mike
Haw, Stephen
and Haw, Stephen
Hawk, Lisa
Hedstrom, Patricia
Higuchi, Peggy
Hudson, Michele
Izumo, Cathy
and Izumo, Cathy I.
Hudson, Dave, San Pedro
Jacobs, Matthew & Barbara Wada-Jacobs
Johnson, Steve (Rolling Hills)
Jones, Melinda
Kaperl, Pearl
Kashanchi, Jeff
Larissa (PVVIEW4U.COM)
LE Montree, David
Liang, Lily
and Liang, Lily
Lord, Lynn
Mallon, Elaine
Marrone, Cynthia
Mendelson, Yoko
Merrill, Jolaine
Merritt, Jennifer
Michel, Maki
Moen, Kevin
Moyers, David G.
Muck, Katie
Neel, Megan
Newman, Jack
Ng, Wonna
O'Bryan, William & Walt Mihata (Realty Bits)
O'Neil, Charlene
Orio, Yuki
Pachmakov, Albena
Palma, Ray
Parenteau, Stephanie
Parkes, Kathleen
and Parkes, Kathleen
Patterson, Clint (Palos Verdes Real Estate Pro)
Penner-More, Jeannie
Poe-Anderson, Becky
Rachal, Keisha
Randall, Dianne & Eric
Reed, Phyllis
Rockwood, Rocky (Palos Verdes Home Tour)
Salzetti, Becky
and Salzetti, Becky
Scafati, Al
Schwartz, David (Welcome to Palos Verdes)
Short, Bruce
Siegel, Kathy & Michele Swift
and Siegel, Kathy & Michele Swift Chodos
Silva, Marlene
Staggs, Ailene
Stasio, Joanne
Steel, Edna
Stoll, Mark Brennen
Sun, Wendy
Tsai, Jenny
Uchida-Kawata, Cindy
Velasco, Michelle
Vernick, Michael
Waung, Betty
Young, Shirley
Yager, Yumi Rokugawa
Yoon, Lauren

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