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Capistrano Beach/Dana Point

Coldwell Banker Dana Point/San Clemente/San Juan Capistrano

Atkinson, Morlene & Maxine Putnam
and Atkinson, Morlene & Maxine Putnam
Boyd, Michael
Connors, Kimberly
Endo, Joyce
Evanoff, Elvira
Hall and Associates
Henderson, Terri
Jordan, Pauline
McLaughlin, Debbie
Names, Peggy
Pfaff, Donald
Raphael, Dan
Skellett, Mary
Thomas, Jerry

Dana Point
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Lantern Bay Realty
Link Realty Center
Salt Creek Realty
Seascape Realty Services

Anderson, Tommy
Carruthers, Greg
Cohen, Greta
Foster, Olga - LuXer Realty
Galasso, Jeanette & Coutts, Trudy
Galasso, Mike
Gilmore, Laurie
Hallden, Lisa
Harris, Connie
Hawkins, Barbara
Johnson, Tim
Kazden, Dinah
Langefeld, Heidi
Lo, Lillian
Lovullo, Joseph
Lovullo, Michael
Masters, Karan
McDonald, Garry
Morrison, Tony
and Morrison, Tony
Pagano, George
Russell, Rhonda
Thomas, David A.
Woodruff, Claire

Laguna Beach

Coldwell Banker Laguna Beach North
Coldwell Banker Laguna Beach South
Emerald Bay Realty (Gordon Haney)
First Team Real Estate Laguna Beach Office
Laguna Seaside Realty
Opus Real Estate
Prudential California Realty Laguna Beach Downtown
Prudential California Realty Laguna Beach Treasure Island
Prudential California Realty Laguna Beach Village
Realatrends Real Estate Services
Surterre Properties

Abraham, Steven M.
Alison, Andy (Vintage Homes)
Balzer, Rick
Barney, Melane
Bartek, Bill
Bisson, Paola Porrini
Bithell, Harry
Boisen, Gary
Bond, Matt
Boyd, Bob
Boyer, Clyde
Brasseur, Tim
Brickell, Charles
Bunn, Inge
and Bunn, Inge
Burroughs, Candice
Byrne, Jan
Carr, Anita
Casebier, Kevin
Coastal Property Experts (Hillary and Charles Associates)
Colwell, Galen
Conley, Tara and Ralph Brown
Covington, Shauna
Croul-Bunce, Marilie
DeVre', Steve
Doria, Jim
Dornin, Bob
Duhs, Gilda
Field, Judy
Fitterer, Morna
Fox & Associates, Giulietta
Gamble, Patsy
Gold, Rick
Gosselin, Michael and Frank Hufnagel
Gourdal, Claude
Greene, Bruce & Pat (Greene & Company)
Guziak, Chris
Halla, Rick
Haneline & Gherardini Team
Hansen, Traudi
Hart, Bonnie
Hartman, Cherie
Herkelrath, Jan & Jeanette Krembas
Hobbie Derr Group
Horton, Amanda
Jackson, Lily
Jenison, Les
Johnson, Mike
Karkoska, Bob
Klein, Deborah and Terry
Lampert, Christine
Lehrich, Paul & Jaleh
Lukes, Rudy
Makowsky, Nancy
Manzari, Tom
Mason, David
Mastromonico, Angela Gauthier
McAfoose and Associates, Ray
and McAfoose and Associates
McKeon, Cheryll
McNamara, Dawn
Menconi, Carol
Moore, Simone
Nesley, Diane
Nix, Mark
O'Leary Team, The
Parvizi, Farzan
Petersen, Nicola
Prosser, Audrey - Prosser Real Estate
Putnam, Scott
Rathbun, Barbara
Robinson, Suzanne
Romig, Cheri
Smiley, Asemo
St. John, Jan
Smith, Sam (Laguna Beach Real Estate)
Stanaland Group, The
Stanton, Sue
and Stanton, Sue
Tatch, Theresa
Taylor-Leis Group
Thompson, Michael
Tobin, Barry
Torrance, Shirley & Swift
Trinidad, Terri
Truman, Patty
Veytia Group
Wallace, Valerie
Warm, David "Mac"
Wedmore, Bill

Monarch Beach/Dana Point
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Csira Group
Prudential California Realty Monarch Beach
Teles Properties
The OC Coastal Group

Albuquerque, Fred
Alexander, Joanne
Banks, Maria Elena
Barbanell, Jerry
Blazejewski, Bessie
Boyer, Geri (Laguna Beach Real Estate)
Breen, Bob and Freda
Brossa, Jesse (OC Exclusives)
and Brossa, Jesse
Brown, Jeannette and Sam Tyndall - Beach Cities Coastal Properties
Callaghan, Patti
Canaday, Lee Ann - The Canady Group
Dailey, Suzi
Dembrowski, Ken and Caroll
and Dembrowski, Ken and Caroll
Di Pilla Real Estate Group
Ferguson, Shannon
Foster, Nate
Fulton, Christine M.
Galasso, Jeanette & Trudy Coutts
Gonili, Heidi (Newport Coast Real Estate)
Graeber, Cam
Hakola, Karen & Steve
Hammer, Dot
Hollister, Jeff
Hughes, Lynn
Immel Team, The
Jeffries, Mary
Jenkins, Nedra
Jessi Group, The
Mahoney, Karen (The Mahoney Group)
McGarvin, Dianna and Brian (Pier Bowl)
McGuire Team
McKibban, Connie
Nunnikhoven, Pat & Joe
O'Hara, Stephen (California Homes)
O'Henley, Calley
OC Riviera Group
Prophet, Robert
Real Estate Guru
Rennie, John
Roberts, Shan & Raschel (
Schrantz, Jeannine
Seymour, Robyn
Slagle, Kindy (Extreme Estates)
Standifer, M. Stan
Sturdevant, John
Tallman, Nancy & John Wagner
Tenger, Shirley and Peter
Thayer, Denise and Paula Fick
Wallace, Phyllis & Andrew
Whitelock, Judy
Williams, John L. and Dot Hammer

San Clemente
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Beach Cities Real Estate
Buyer's Only Coastal Realty Office
Casa Verde Homes
Century 21 O.M.A.
and Century 21 O.M.A.
First Team Real Estate San Clemente
Prudential California Realty San Clemente
Tarbell, Realtors San Clemente
White Water Realty
and White Water Realty

Beck, Kurt - Realty Benefit
Beveridge, Ed
Branson, Suzanne
Brewington, Debbie
Ceasar, Gary R.
Conrad, Mary Jo - Conrad and Associates
Cox, Jerry
Dallman, Jenny
DiBello, Rick
and DiBello, Rick (House and Home South Orange County Real Estate Page) - Riviera Coast Properties - Search and learn about south Orange County beach community real estate, visit area links, subscribe to a free beach community newsletter, find homeowner resources.
Dyer, Ian
Echelberger Group
Flock, Candice and Frank Aglio
Fort, Betty
Fort, Clancy
Gracia, Cindy
Hartanov Team, The
Hempy, Marilyn
Hight, Karen
Hunts, The
Kenworthy, Richard (Real Estate 4U)
Lindsey, Mary Lou
McCabe, Susan
McLane, Mike
Nespor, Sue and Dennis
Payne, Patricia
Purcell, Sue
Roberts, Shan
Schiedow, Todd
Simmerok, Beryl & Colette Simmerok-Foster
Smith, Sam (San Clemente Real Estate)
Stearman, Jeff
Thole, Helen & Dallas
Woods, Camille
Yeilding, Dan

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