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Marine Science
Marine Weather
Recreational Products in General
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Dive Shops/Centers
Sporting Goods Stores
Surf Shops

Beach Cities Scuba, Cypress, Dana Point, Huntington Beach, Laguna Beach, Newport Beach
Catalina Divers Supply, Avalon, Catalina Island
Catalina Scuba Luv, Avalon, Catalina Island
Channel Islands Scuba, Thousand Oaks
Deep Blue Scuba & Swim Center, Long Beach
Dive and Photo, Irvine
DiverWest, Huntington Beach
Dolphin Dive Center, Arcadia
Eco Dive Center, Culver City
Get Wet Scuba, Palm Springs
Great Vis Scuba, Hemet
Haven's Reef, Eagle Rock
Hollywoodivers, Hollywood Hills
Laguna Sea Sports, Laguna Beach
Ocean Adventures Dive Company, Venice
Ocean Gear, Huntington Beach
Openwater Habitat, Tustin
Pacific Scuba Center, Oxnard
Pacific Wilderness, San Pedro, Orange
Scuba Center, Temecula
Scuba Locker, Riverside
Scubahaus, Santa Monica
Sea d Sea, Redondo Beach
Sea Stallion Scuba Outfitters, Lake Forest
Sharkys Eco Diving, La Verne
Splash Dive Company, Venice
Trident, Chatsworth
Ventura Dive & Sport
Wiley's Scuba Locker, Riverside

Aqua Lung Search Results
Oceanic Dealer Locator
PADI Dive Centers and Resort Directory
Scuba Wizard Dive Shops in CA
Scuba Yellow Pages Dive Centers/Resorts/Charters

Dive Schools/Instructors/Classes/Lessons/Certification
Swimming Pools / Lessons
Aloha Dive, Woodland Hills
Aqua Adventures Unlimited, Burbank
Aquanautics Dive, Sylmar
Aquatic Freedom, San Bernardino
Beach Cities Scuba PADI Dive Courses, Cypress, Dana Point, Huntington Beach, Laguna Beach, Newport Beach
Catalina Scuba Luv, Learn to Scuba Dive With, Avalon, Catalina Island
Channel Islands Scuba Dive Classes, Thousand Oaks
Deep Blue Scuba & Swim Center, Long Beach
Dive and Photo Classes and Lessons
Dive N' Surf, Redondo Beach
Eco Dive Center, Culver City
Elmesie Scuba, Huntington Beach
Exhale Scuba, Laguna Beach
Get Wet Scuba Classes, Palm Springs
Great Vis Scuba Classes, Hemete
LA Dive and Ride
LA Scuba Diving, Van Nuys
Malibu Divers
National Polytechnic College of Engineering and Oceaneering, Wilmington - commercial diving
New England Divers, Long Beach
Ocean Adventures Dive Company, Venice
Ocean Gear Scuba Classes, Huntington Beach
Openwater Habitat Training, Tustin
and Open Water Habitat Marine Schools, Tustin
Pacific Star Classes, San Pedro
Pacific Wilderness Diver Education, San Pedro, Orange
Premier Scuba Diving, Avalon, Catalina Island
Private Scuba, Aliso Viejo
R.E.G. Divers, Laguna Beach
Scuba Center Classes, Temecula
Scuba Schools of America, Montclair
Scubahaus Learn to Dive, Santa Monica
Sea d Sea Class Schedule, Redondo Beach
Sea Stallion Learn to Scuba Dive, Lake Forest
Sharkys Eco Diving Courses, La Verne
Sun Sea Seeker Adventures, Dana Point
Ventura Dive & Sport Training Classes
Wiley's SCUBA Locker Classes, Riverside

LA County Scuba (LACS), South LA - instructor certification

LA County Scuba Find an Instructor
Scuba Schools International (SSI) Find SSI Dive Centers Worldwide

Boat Charters
Dive Boats
Dive Parks
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Dive Boats/Charters
Boat Charters in General
Boat Rentals
Fishing Charters

California Dive Boats - directory
California Diving California Dive Boats & Charters - directory
Diving Finder Dive Boats: California - directory
R.E.G. Divers Boat Operations We Recommend - directory
Scuba Doll California Dive Boats - directory

Aqua Adventures Unlimited Dive Trips, Burbank
Aquatica Charters, San Pedro
Beach Cities Scuba Boat Dives, Cypress, Dana Point, Huntington Beach, Laguna Beach, Newport Beach
Bottom Scratcher Dive Boat, Long Beach
Cal Boat Diving, Ventura
Catalina Dive Shop, Avalon, Catalina Island
Catalina Snorkel & Scuba, Avalon, Catalina Island
Cee Ray Dive Boat, Long Beach
Explorer Diving Adventures, Ventura
Giant Stride, The, Marina del Rey
Great Escape, The, San Pedro
Great White Dive Boat, Ventura
King Neptune Dive Boat, Avalon, Catalina Island
LA Dive and Ride Trips-Local
Magician Dive Boat, San Pedro
No Respect Diving Charters, Oxnard
Ocean Adventures California Local Diving Trips, Venice
Pacific Star Diving, San Pedro
Peace Scuba, Ventura
Psalty Adventures, San Pedro
Raptor Dive Charters, Ventura
and Raptor, Ventura
Riviera Yacht Charters Scuba Diving, Dana Point
Dive Boat Sand Dollar, Long Beach
and Diving Charters, Long Beach - Sand Dollar
Scuba Cat, Avalon, Catalina Island
Scuba Center Boat Dives, Temecula
Sea Bass Dive Boat, San Pedro
Second Stage Ocean Sports, San Pedro
Sun Sea Seeker Charters, Dana Point
Sundiver, Long Beach
Sunfish Scuba Dive Boat, Ventura

Adventure Travel
Travel Agents in General

Beach Cities Scuba Dive Destinations, Cypress, Dana Point, Huntington Beach, Laguna Beach, Newport Beach
CEN PAC Dive Travel Services, Irvine
Channel Islands Scuba Travel, Thousand Oaks
Dive Adventures, Gorman, Riverside
Eco Dive Center Dive Trips, Culver City
Elmesie Scuba Diving Trips, Huntington Beach
Great Vis Scuba Local/International Trips, Hemete
Hollywood Divers Dive Trips, Hollywood Hills
LA Dive and Ride Trips-Tropical
Malibu Divers Scuba Trips
Ocean Adventures California Scuba Diving Trips, Venice
Ocean Safari Scuba, San Gabriel
Optiquatics, Malibu - photography
Pacific Wilderness Activities Calendar
Poseidon Dive Adventures, Irvine
Reef Seekers Dive Company, Beverly Hills
Scuba Center Dive Travel, Temecula
Scuba Schools of America International Travel, Montclair
Sun Sea Seeker Charters, Dana Point
World of Diving and Adventure Vacations, El Segundo

Snorkeling Only
Catalina Scuba Luv Snorkeling, Avalon
Snorkeling Catalina, Avalon, Catalina Island

Underwater Dive Parks
Casino Point, Avalon, Catalina Island

Dive Shops

Action Plus, El Monte - wetsuits
Alexander Spearguns, Costa Mesa
Aqua Lab Industries, Garden Grove - testing of tanks
Custom Buoyancy, Carson
Laguna Fin, Laguna Beach - fins, manufacturer
SCUBAL, West Hollywood

Kayak Diving, Camarillo - guide book

Internet Services
Database Applications
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