City of Industry, California

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City of Industry City Administration
on page @la-gov/admin.htm - Government: Administration/Administrative
Category - Administration in General, City / Municipal Administrative Services

City of Industry City Attorney
on page @la-gov/admin.htm - Government: Administration/Administrative
Category - Legal Counsel / Attorney, City Attorney

City of Industry City Clerk
on page @la-gov/admin.htm - Government: Administration/Administrative
Category - City Clerk: Meeting Minutes / Agendas / Notices / Elections / Municipal Code

California State
Calderon, Ian C. - 57th District, City of Industry
on page @la-gov/state.htm - California State Government
Category - State Assembly, Assemblymen / Members

City Councils / Mayors
City of Industry
on page @la-gov/city.htm - Government: City/Municipal
Category - City Government / City Halls, Los Angeles County

City Councils/Mayors
City of Industry City Hall
on page @la-gov/council.htm - Government: City Councils/Mayors/Councilmen
Category - Los Angeles County

City of Industry City Treasurer
on page @la-gov/finance.htm - Government: Finance
Category - Treasurer / Taxes / Tax Collector, City / Municipal

City of Industry Finance
on page @la-gov/finance.htm - Government: Finance
Category - Finance / Budgets, City / Municipal / Business Licenses / Utility Collections / Parking

Public Works
City of Industry Engineering
on page @la-gov/pw.htm - Government: Public Works
Category - Engineering Departments, City / Municipal

Social/Human Services
California State Disability Insurance (SDI), Downtown LA, Van Nuys, Long Beach, City of Industry, San Bernardino
on page @la-gov/social.htm - Government: Social/Human Services Agencies/Departments
Category - Employment / Workforce / Job Development, State

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