Covina, California
Film-Music-Video Production

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Film/Video Production
Post Production
Visual Effects
Dicronite, Covina - dry film lubrication
on page @la-film/index.htm - Movie/Film Production
Category - Film Labs, Preservation / Restoration

Post Production, Covina
on page @la-film/post.htm - Movie/Film Production: Post Production Services
Category - Libraries / Licensing, Sounds / Sound Effects

Up 'Til 4, Covina
on page @la-film/post.htm - Movie/Film Production: Post Production Services
Category - Audio / Sound Design / Mixing / Recording Studios / Facilities: ADR / Dubbing / Voiceover

Visual Effects
Film Illusions, Covina
on page @la-film/fx.htm - Movie/Film Production: Special Effects/FX/EFX
Category - Mechanical / Live Action

Media Production
V Corp, Covina
on page biz/@la-media.htm - Recording Media
Category - Duplication / Copying / Mastering / Manufacturing, CDs / CD-Rs / CD-ROMs / DVDs: Music / Video / Software

Music Production
Echo Central Rehearsal Studios, Covina
on page biz/@la-musprod.htm - Music Production
Category - Rehearsal Studios

Internet Services
Database Applications
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