Twentynine Palms, California

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Pets in General
Palms n Paws Animal Shelter, Twentynine Palms
on page @la-pets.htm - Pets/Animals
Category - Animal Welfare / Humane Organizations

Palms-N-Paws Animal Shelter, Twentynine Palms
on page @la-pets.htm - Pets/Animals
Category - Animal Welfare / Humane Organizations

Low Down Kennels, Twentynine Palms
on page pets/@la-dogs.htm - Pets/Animals: Dogs/Puppies Businesses
Category - Breeders / Purebreds / Dealers, Pit Bulls

Jack Auchterlonie Memorial Equine Sanctuary (JAMES), Twentynine Palms
on page @la-horse.htm - Pets/Animals: Horses/Horseback Riding/Equestrian
Category - Organizations, Rescue / Adoptions / Humane / Welfare

29 Palms Critter Sitters, Twentynine Palms
on page pets/@la-sit.htm - Pets/Animals: Sitting/Sitters/In-Home: Walks/Walking/Walkers/Taxi/Feeding
Category - San Bernardino Overnight / Daily: Dogs / Cats / Birds / Fish

VCA 29 Palms Animal Hospital, Twentynine Palms
on page pets/@la-vet.htm - Pets/Animals: Veterinarians/Vets/Veterinary Clinics/Hospitals/Care
Category - General Practice: Dogs / Canine, Cats / Feline, Birds / Aviary, Exotic / Small Animals, San Bernardino County

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