Van Nuys, California

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Los Angeles Valley College Astronomy Group (LAVCAG), Van Nuys
on page @la-astro.htm - Astronomy/Astronomical Sciences
Category - Organizations, Student / College / University / Campus

Biology/Life Science
Southwestern Herpetologists Society, Van Nuys - reptiles
on page @la-bio.htm - Biology/Life Sciences/Biological Studies
Category - Biology in General, Organizations

Sansu-Kai of Southern California, Van Nuys
on page @la-hort.htm - Plants/Horticulture
Category - Bonsai Trees / Japanese, Organizations / Clubs

Earth Sciences
Earth Systems Science, Van Nuys - an educational non-profit providing community-based geography and environmental education programs to urban families for sustainable communities.
on page @la-earth.htm - Earth Studies
Category - Geography, Organizations

Epsilon Pi Tau Alpha Field, Van Nuys
on page @la-engr.htm - Engineering/Technology
Category - General, Orgizations: Epsilon Pi Tau Honor Societies

Los Angeles Valley College Vocational Education: Nursing, Van Nuys
on page @la-nurse.htm - Health Sciences: Nursing
Category - Schools / Educational / Degree Programs, College / University Departments / Schools / Degrees

National Career College, Van Nuys - medical assistant
on page @la-hs.htm - Health Sciences
Category - Health Science in General, College / University Departments / Schools / Degrees

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