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aARts Architects, Marina del Rey
Abrahams+Eyster Architecture, Hollywood
Abramson Teiger Architects, Culver City
AC Martin Partners, Downtown LA
Accorsi Architecture, Los Feliz
Acres Group, The, Pasadena
ACSA, Northridge
Adams, Willliam, East LA (Lincoln Heights)
Adamson Associates, Pacific Palisades
ADAY Architects, Glendora
AECOM Architecture, Downtown LA, Citywide
Aedas, Venice
AGA Architects, Marina del Rey
AGA Design Group, Manhattan Beach
agps.architecture, Hollywood Hills
AHT Architects, Santa Monica
and AkarStudios, Santa Monica
Albert Group Architects, The, West LA
Aleks Istanbullu Architects, Santa Monica
Allan Buick & Bers, El Segundo
Allen, Laurence, Sherman Oaks
Allen, Rachel, Downtown LA
Alloi, Culver City
Altmann, Walter Alba, Hollywood Hills
Altoon Partners, Downtown LA
amphibianArc, Mid-Wilshire (Miracle Mile)
Anaya, Michelle, Manhattan Beach
Anthony Design, J., San Pedro
AP&T (Abrahamian Pagliassotti & Tanaka), Pasadena
Applebaum, David, Bel Air
Appleton & Associates, Santa Monica
Arbel-Henderson & Associates, Hollywood Hills
Arc/Artel Architecture, West LA (Mar Vista)
ARC PAC Alliance, Pasadena
Arcelab Architects, Westchester
Archi 10, West LA
Archint International, Long Beach
Architech Group, Alhambra
Architects MSP (McDonald Soutar & Paz), Long Beach
Architectural and Graphic Solution (AGS), West LA (South Robertson)
Architectural Resources Group, Pasadena
Architecture for Education (A4E), Pasadena
Architecture M, Long Beach
Architecture Refined (ARC), Diamond Bar
Architecture West, Santa Monica
Architecture350, Beverly Hills
Archwork (Quentin Dart Parker), Long Beach
AREA, Downtown LA
Armet Davis Newlove Architects (ADN), Santa Monica
ArquiTaller, Glendale
Arquitectonica, Downtown LA
Arroyo Group, The, Pasadena
Arshitect, Santa Monica
Artecho, Venice
Arthitect, Marina del Rey
Arxis Design Studio, Culver City
Ashai Design, Torrance
Assembledge, Mid-Wilshire (Mid-City West)
Atelier L.A. Design & Development, Westlake
Atelier U, Silver Lake
Atelier V: Architecture, Westwood
Atlaschi + Associates Architects, Marina del Rey
Avilarchitects, Santa Monica
AZ Architecture Studio, Santa Monica

B + U, Downtown LA
Bailly, Paul, West Hollywood - residential
Baker Creative, West Hollywood
Ball, Michael, Sherman Oaks
BAM Construction/Design, Santa Monica
Barber, Tim, Mid-Wilshire (Mid-City West)
L. Barlow & Company, South Pasadena
Barrio Planners, East LA
Barsocchini & Associates, Malibu
Barton Myers Associates (BMA), Westwood
Bartosik & Telford, Manhattan Beach
Base Architecture, Westchester
Bau 10, Los Feliz
Beall and Associates, Edward Carson, Torrance
Beckmeyer Carver Architects, East LA (El Sereno)
Begovich + Haug, Long Beach
Behnisch Architekten, Venice
Belzberg Architects, Santa Monica
Bena Design Partnership, Redondo Beach
Cynthia Bennett & Associates (CBA), South Pasadena
D.M. Bergerson, Woodland Hills, Lake Forest
Berkes, Thomas, Woodland Hills
Berliner and Associates, Culver City
Bernstein, Charles, Topanga
Bertram Architects, Hollywood
Best, Richard, West LA (South Robertson)
Bestor Architecture, Hollywood
Beyond Elements Architects, Pasadena
Biben + Bosley Architecture, Claremont
Bielski, Janek
Biglin Architectural Group, Calabasas
Bijan & Associates, Mid-Wilshire (Mid-City West)
Binder, R. L., Playa del Rey
Bittoni Design Studio, West LA (Rancho Park)
Blanchard Gruop, Century City
Bloomfield Architects, Santa Monica
Blue Point Architecture, Mid-Wilshire (Mid-City West)
Blue Sky Design, Pasadena - residential
BOA Architecture, San Pedro - government
Bondanelli Design Group, Mid-Wilshire (Mid-City West)
Jesse Bornstein Architecture, Santa Monica
Borsuk, Santa Monica
Boto Design, Santa Monica
Boyd Architects, Torrance
BPS Architecture Engineering, Torrance
Breen, Jonathan, Hollywood Hills
Bricolage Design, Santa Monica
Graham Briggs Design, Arcadia
Brooks + Scarpa, South LA
Jon Brouse + Associates, Studio City
Browning Designs, Torrance
Brumer and Associates Architects, Aaron, Encino
Buckner, Cory, Brentwood
Buff, Smith & Hensman, Pasadena
Building Development Consultant (BDC), Winnetka
J Bullock & Associates (JBA), Pasadena
Burch Architects, Westwood
Burch, Michael, La Canada Flintridge
Burdge & Associates, Malibu
Burkhalter, B.L., Manhattan Beach

c|a Architects, Long Beach - healthcare
C|ARC, Playa del Rey
Caciola, Angelo
Cal-AM Planning & Design Group, Calabasas, Costa Mesa
Caley, Michael, Pasadena
Callas Architects, Culver City
Callison, Santa Monica
Calvert Architectural Group (CAG), Long Beach
Cannon Design, Century City
Carde Ten Architects, Santa Monica
Carlson Architecture, Rosamond
Carson Architects, Venice
Carter, Wylie, Pacific Palisades - residential, soundstages
CASASCOstudio, Santa Monica
Cataldo Architects, South Pasadena
Causseaux | ARC, Downtown LA
CBA Partnership, Architects, Arcadia
CBB Architects, Redondo Beach
CDA (Creative Design Associates), City of Industry
CDG, Century City
Cervantes Design Associates, Venice
CH Design, Pasadena
Chan & Associates, Michael C. F., Hollywood
Chang, Huamin, Alhambra
Chang, K.K., La Mirada
K.L. Charles Architects, Santa Fe Springs
Chasen Architecture, Santa Monica
Chattel Architecture, Sherman Oaks
Chipman Design Architecture, Pasadena
Cho & Associates, Samuel, Mid-Wilshire (Wilshire Center)
Choy Associates, South Pasadena
Chroma AD, Silver Lake
Chu + Gooding Architects, East LA (Lincoln Heights)
Chun Studio, West LA (Palms)
CK Architecture (Christoph Kapeller), Downtown LA
Claremont Environmental Design Group (CEDG)
Clark & Karsh, Beverly Hills
Clavan, Benjamin, Mid-Wilshire (Mid-City West)
Clemenson Architects, Richard, Santa Monica
Clerkin and Clerkin Architecture, Pasadena
CM Peck, Pasadena - also civil engineering
CMG Design, Pasadena
CNI Design, Downtown LA
CO Architects, Mid-Wilshire (Miracle Mile)
CO-AR Design, Walnut
Coane & Associates, James V., Pasadena - residential
Coe Architecture International, Baldwin Hills
Coffman & Associates Architects, Barbara, Santa Monica
Coffman Design Collaborative, North Hollywood
Collaborative Group, Long Beach
Combs + Miguel Architecture, Castaic
Compos/it/e, Hollywood Hills
Compton, Christopher, Glendale
Gerald W. Compton Design Architects (GWC), Hermosa Beach
Concept Design Group
Conversano, Todd, West Hollywood
Cook Architecture, Venice
Coop Himmelb(l)au, Westlake
Jeff Cooper Architects, Calabasas
CORBeL Architects, Mid-Wilshire (Wilshire Center)
Coronado Design Group, San Marino
Corsini Architects, Northeast LA (Glassell Park)
Corsini Stark Architects, Northeast LA (Glassell Park)
Coscia Day Architecture and Design, West LA (Mar Vista)
John Cotton Architects, Culver City
Courtney + Le Architects, Monrovia
Cozen Architecture + Lighting, West LA
Creative Resource Associates (CRA), Woodland Hills
Crowley, James, Woodland Hills
CruxStudio, South Pasadena
CSA Architects, Santa Monica
CSC Architecture, Mid-Wilshire (Miracle Mile)
CSDA Architects, Marina del Rey
Cuningham Group, Marina del Rey
CWA AIA, Glendale
CWArchitects, Pasadena

Dahl Architects, Pasadena
Dake Wilson Architects, Hollywood Hills
Daly Genik Architects, Santa Monica
Damian Gerard Curran Associates (DGCA), Playa del Rey
Daniels Architects, Jeffrey, Beverly Hills
DAX Design and Development
Day, Carl, Santa Monica
Dazzan & Associates, Giorgio, Beverly Hills
dbaArchitects, Culver City
DCM (Dotterweich Carlson Mehner Design), Venice
DE Architects (DEA), Santa Monica
De Maria Design Associates, Downtown LA, Manhattan Beach
Donald DeMars International, West Hills
Denton, David, Marina del Rey
Deutsch Architecture Group,
Dietel, Allan F., Westlake Village
Del Terra Group, City of Industy
Design Consortium, Century City
Design Forward, Pasadena - residential
Design Group Carl Ross, El Segundo - hospitality
Design Review, Studio City
Design Source Studios, San Dimas
DesignARC, West LA (Rancho Park)
Devenney Group, Glendale - healthcare facilities
DFH Architects (David Forbes Hibbert), Santa Monica
Dimster Architecture, VEnice
Fernando DiZitti Architects, Woodland Hills
DL Architecture, Calabasas
DL Design Architects, West LA (Mar Vista)
DLR Group, Santa Monica, Pasadena, Riverside, Palm Springs
DnD Team, Long Beach
Domicile Design, Santa Monica
DRDS, Westlake
Drisko Studio Architects, Santa Monica
Dry Design, Mid-City LA
DS Asbuilt Services, Mid-Wilshire (Mid-City West)
dSantana Architecture
DSH Architecture, Mid-Wilshire (Wilshire Center)
d3 Architecture, Venice
DUB Studios, Santa Monica
Duffy, Gus, Sherman Oaks
Dunamis Architects, Glendale
Dutton Architects, Downtown LA
Duvivier Architects, Venice
Dvoretzky Bardovi Bunnell Architects (DBB), West LA (Palms)
DwellArc, Santa Monica
Dworsky Architecture, Westwood
DYA & Associates, West Hollywood

Earl & Associates, Robert L., West Hollywood
Eberting, Corwin, Redondo Beach
Eckelberry, Anthony, Los Feliz
ecotechdesign, Hollywood Hills
Edifice Architects, Claremont
E4 Architects, West LA (Cheviot Hills)
Ehrenclou Architects, Venice
Ehrenkrantz Eckstut & Kuhn Architects, Downtown LA
Ehrlich Architects, Culver City
EIS Studio, Venice
Enclosures Architects, Mid-Wilshire (Fairfax District), Ventura
Environ Architecture, Long Beach
Environetics, West LA (South Robertson)
EnviroTechno Architecture & Design, West LA (Mar Vista)
Equinox Architecture, Culver City
Erickson Architects, Santa Clarita (Valencia)
ERW Design, Malibu
Escher GuneWardena Architecture, Silver Lake
Essick, Paul, Marina del Rey
Ewing Architects, Pasadena
EwingCole, Irvine

F+A Architects, Pasadena
Fader Architects, Steven, Mid-Wilshire (Wilshire Center)
Fasola Architects, Manhattan Beach
Favaro, Johnson, Culver City
FBH Architects, Santa Monica
Felderman Keatinge + Associates (FKA), Century City
Fenlon, Martin, Downtown LA
Fentress Architects, Santa Monica
Fernald, Long Beach
Fievre Jones, Hollywood
FIN Architecture, Los Feliz
Firestone, Ronald G., North Hollywood
John Sergio Fisher & Associates (JSFA), Tarzana
Flannery Group, Van Nuys
5+ Design, Hollywood
Fleetwood/Fernandez, Santa Monica
Fleishman, Gregg, Culver City
Flewelling & Moody, Pasadena, Lancaster - educational facilities
Flood, David Jay Architect (DJFA), Santa Monica
Joyce Flood + Associates, Manhattan Beach
Flynn Architecture & Design, Long Beach
Folonis Architects, Michael W., Santa Monica
Gene Fong Associates (GFA), Westwood
Form Architectural, Encino
Form Environment Research Studio (fer), Inglewood
Franklin Studios, Hollywood
Frederick Fisher and Partners Architects, West LA
Fremer Architects, Santa Monica
Frew, Stephen, Santa Monica
John Friedman Alice Kimm Architects (JFAK), Downtown LA
Ronald Frink Architects (RFA), Silver Lake
Frishman Architecture, West Hollywood
FSY Architects, Northeast LA (Glassell Park)
FTA Architecture & Planning, Whittier
fullBRANCH, Culver City
Fung + Blatt Architects, Northeast LA (Mt. Washington)
FZ Consulting, East LA (Lincoln Heights)

GA Design, Torrance
Gabbay Architects, Beverly Hills
Gabor Studios, West Hollywood
Gangi Architects, Burbank
GDS Architects, Pasadena
Gelber, Martin B., Santa Monica
Genesis Architectural Engineering, Azusa
Gensler, Santa Monica, Newport Beach
Ralph Gentile Architects, Hollywood
Gary Gepner & Associates Architects, Calabasas
GFBA Architects, Woodland Hills
Gibbens, Dennis, Santa Monica
Gilliland, Bill, Mid-Wilshire (Wilshire Center)
Ginter, Gregory H., Santa Monica
GL Planning & Design, Sherman Oaks
Glenn, Enger, Rosamond
GMP Architects-LA, Downtown LA
GMPA Architects, Santa Monica
Goldman Firth Rossi Architects, Malibu
Gonzalez Goodale Architects, Pasadena
GPA Architects, Downtown LA
Grant, Cindy, Sherman Oaks
Grant+Grant, Westwood
Grant Price, West LA (South Robertson)
David Lawrence Gray Architects, Santa Monica
GRAYmatter Architecture, Santa Monica
Green Studio of Architecture + Design, Encino
Greenform, Hollywood
Griffin Enright Architects, West LA (Mar Vista)
Grist Associates, Pasadena
Grizzly Bear Architecture and Design, Santa Clarita (Canyon Country)
Groth, Arianne, Hollywood Hills
GroupArch Development, Mid-Wilshire (Wilshire Center)
Gruen Associates, Mid-Wilshire (Mid-City West)
GT Architecture & Engineering, Woodland Hills
Gulian Design, Long Beach
Gutman Associates, Beverly Hills
Guy Architect, Santa Monica
GWA Planning and Architecture, Mid-Wilshire (Hancock Park)

Hablinski, William, Beverly Hills
Hagen, Erik (E|H:a), Silver Lake
Kristina Hahn Atelier, West LA (Mar Vista)
HakSikSon, Santa Monica
Hamilton Architects, West LA (Mar Vista)
Harley Ellis Devereaux, Downtown LA, Riverside
Harrison Design Associates, Beverly Hills
Harvest Architecture, South Pasadena - residential
Hatch-Colasuonno Studio, Pacific Palisades
Russell Hatfield Architect (RHA), Marina del Rey
Hayne Architects, Malibu
Haynes + Oakley, Sierra Madre - healthcare
Hefner, Charles, Studio City
Hefner, William, Mid-Wilshire (Miracle Mile)
Heifetz Architects, Sherman Oaks
Heimler, James, Tarzana
Helman Architects, Arcadia
Hernandez Design Associates, Pasadena
David Hertz Architects Studio of Environmental Architecture (SEA), Santa Monica
HFS Concepts 4, Long Beach
HGA, Santa Monica
David Hidalgo Architects (DHA), Arcadia
HKS, Beverly Hills, Irvine
HLW, Santa Monica
HMC Architects, Downtown LA, Irvine, Ontario
Hodgetts + Fund (HplusF), Culver City
HOK, Culver City
Michael Hong Architects (mh|a), Culver City
Honles + Zepeda Architects, Pasadena
Hood, Lucian T., Westwood
House & Robertson Architects, Culver City
Hricak, Michael, Venice
HTH Architects, West LA (Palms)
Hughes Umbanhowar Architects, Venice
Hunt Design, Pasadena
Huntec Development, Arcadia
Hunter Leggitt Studio, Venice

Icon Planning & Design Studio, Lawndale
ideAttack, Pasadena
InterFORM, West Hollywood - residential
Interior Architects, Downtown LA, Irvine
International Parking Design (IPD), Sherman Oaks, Irvine
Interstices, Long Beach
IQ Magic, Santa Monica
Irani Architects, Glen, Venice
Ivanov, Pavel, West Hollywood

W.E. Jackson, Beverly Hills
JAG Architects (John Ash Group), Downtown LA
Jansenson, Daniel, Santa Monica
JDBA Architecture + Planning (James D. Black Associates), Mid-Wilshire (Wilshire Center)
Jeandron, Tracy (TJA), La Canada Flintridge
Jeannette Architects Long Beach - residential
Jerde Partnership, The, Venice
Jewell, Ward, Westchester
Jezek & Associates, Silver Lake
JKL Architects, Pasadena
Johnson Fain, Downtown LA
Johnston MarkeLee, West LA (Westwood)
Johnstone, Darin, Northeast LA (Glassell Park)
Jones & Martinez, Architects, Glendora
Jones, Partners: Architecture, El Segundo
Jones Architect, William Loyd (WLJA), Venice
Gulla Jonsdottir Design, West Hollywood
Scott Joyce Design, West Hollywood
JPS Design Group, Sherman Oaks
JSDA (Janice Stevenor Dale + Associates), Glendale
Jubas, Lee, Downtown LA
June Street Architecture, Mid-Wilshire (Hancock Park)
JY Design Planning, Glendora - bilingual Chinese

KAA Design, West LA (Mar Vista)
Kajer Architects, La Canada Flintridge
Kalban & Associates, Jeffrey M. (JMKA), West LA (Rancho Park)
Kaminoff, Victor, Beverly Hills
Kamus + Keller, Long Beach, Simi Valley
Kanner Architects, Santa Monica
Kaplan Chen Kaplan, Santa Monica
Kazovsky, Alla (Designed Real Estate), Hollywood Hills
KC Design, West LA (Rancho Park)
KCM Architects, Long Beach
KDL Architects (Kenneth David Lee), Sherman Oaks
Kellen & Associates, David, Santa Monica
Kemp, Michael, Westwood
Kennard Design Group (KDG), Mid-Wilshire (Wilshire Center)
Kerr, Robert, Santa Monica
Douglas Keys Architects, Mid-Wilshire (Miracle Mile)
KHA Architecture (Kevin Haub), Santa Clarita (Valencia)
Khorramian Group Architects, North Hollywood
Killefer Flammang Architects, Santa Monica
KIP, Downtown LA
Kivotos Montenegro Partners, Pasadena
Kiyohara & Moffitt, East LA (Lincoln Heights)
KKB Architecture, Long Beach
KLA Architects, Culver City
Kluger Architects, Signal Hill
Knopoff, Michael, West LA
Knox, Bobby, Atwater Village
Koffka | Phakos Design, Hollywood
kollin altomare architects, Long Beach
Koning Eizenberg Architecture, Santa Monica
Kramer Architecture, Peter, Sherman Oaks
Kritzinger+Rao (K+R), Downtown LA
KTGY Group, Santa Monica, Irvine
Ku & Associates, Walnut
Kuhn, Jim H., Glendora
Kurose, Ken, Pasadena

L&V Architects, Santa Monica
Howard Laks Architecture, Santa Monica
Landa-Stevens Architects, West Hollywood
Landau Partnership, The, Santa Monica
Landry Design Group, West LA - residential
Landworth DeBolske Associates, Mid-Wilshire (Miracle Mile)
Lanet/Shaw Architects, West LA
Langdon Wilson, Downtown LA, Irvine
Dean Larkin Design (DLD), West Hollywood
Lautner Associates Helena Arahuete Architect, Playa del Rey
Lawson, Warren, Calabasas
T.W. Layman Associates, Woodland Hills
LCDG, Pasadena
LeanArch, Downtown LA
Lee, Burkhart, Liu (LBL), Marina del Rey
Michael Lee Architects, Manhattan Beach
Lee + Mundwiler Architects, Westlake
Lee & Associates, Simon, San Gabriel
Lehrer Architects, Los Feliz
Leishman, Tom, Woodland Hills
Rick Leslie Architects (RLA), Santa Monica
Levin & Associates Architects, Downtown LA
Levin-Morris Architects, West Hollywood
Levitt + Moss Architects, Santa Monica
Lewis, John Anthony, Oak Park
Lewis / Schoeplein Architects, West LA (Mar Vista)
LEX Associates, West LA - in Japanese
Lim Chang Rohling & Associates, Pasadena
Linane/Drews Architects (LDA), Burbank
Lindblad Architects, North Hollywood
Line Architecture, Beverly Hills
Lloyd Wright, Eric, Malibu
Long, William S. (WSLA), Pasadena
Longeron Associates, West Covina
Lookinglass Architecture and Design, Northeast LA (Mt. Washington)
Lorcan O'Herlihy Architects (LOHA), West LA (South Robertson)
J Lou Architects (JLA), Pasadena
LR/Architecture, Burbank
Lubowicki Lanier Architects, El Segundo
Lucas Rios Giordano Architects+Associates, Santa Monica
Luckman Partnership, The, Burbank
Lumsden & Associates, Anthony (AJLA), Mid-Wilshire (Hancock Park)
LXW Design, South LA
Lyon Architecture, Jeff, Rolling Hills Estates

Mack Architects, Venice
Mackerel Sky Architecture, Playa Vista
Mackler Echt + Associates, Culver City
Mahterian, Robert, Agoura Hills
Pablo Maida Architect (PMA), Santa Monica
MAKE Architecture, Los Feliz
(M)Arch, Santa Monica
Maltzan, Michael, Los Feliz
Manion Architecture, Richard, West LA (Rancho Park)
Marbletecture, Northeast LA
Marshall Agriam Studio, Venice
Martinez Architects, Playa del Rey, Thousand Oaks
MASS, Atwater Village
Matthews, Lise Claiborne, Venice
Michael Marquez Architects (MMA), Brentwood
Matson Architects, Cerritos
Mayer Architects, Venice
McDonough & Associates, Playa del Rey
McDowell, Virgil W., Pacific Palisades - residential
MCG Architecture, Pasadena, Irvine
McGlothlin, James F., Malibu
McGraw, Oscar W., Malibu
McKently Malak Architects, Pasadena
McLaughlin, Richard, Pasadena
McMahon & Associates, Long Beach
MDM Architects, Glendale
Ralph Mechur Architects, Santa Monica
Mehrnoosh, Venice
Richard Meier and Partners Architects, Westwood
Menachekanian, Asik, Glendale
Meyer Architecture, West LA (Rancho Park)
Meyer, Douglas, Mid-Wilshire (Larchmont Village)
MGS Architecture, West LA (Mar Vista)
Miera Architects, Glendale
Norman Millar Architects, Echo Park
Minarc, Santa Monica
Minassian, Garo V., Brentwood
Miralles Associates (MAI Architects), Altadena
Mix StudioWorks, West LA (Mar Vista)
Miyoshi Morioka Architects, West LA (South Robertson)
MK Design, Santa Clarita (Saugus)
Modal Design, Mid-Wilshire (Mid-City LA)
Modative, Santa Monica
Moen Architecture, Long Beach
Montalba Architects, Santa Monica
Moore Ruble Yudell, Santa Monica
Morphosis Architects, Culver City
Morris Architects, West LA
Moss Architects, Eric Owen, Culver City
Moule & Polyzoides Architects and Urbanists, Pasadena
MPA Design Group, Alhambra
M2A Archictes (Milofsky Michali & Cox), Downtown LA
Mueller Design, Mid-Wilshire (Mid-City West)
Paul Murdoch Architects, Beverly Hills
Myer, Jamie B., West LA (Westwood)
MYNG, Santa Monica
Mythograph, West Hollywood

NAC|Architecture, East LA (City Terrace)
Nadel, West LA, Costa Mesa
Nardi Associates, Monvrovia
Narduli Studio, Westwood
Narita Architects, Torrance
NBBJ, Downtown LA
Neiman Group, The, West LA (Palms)
Nelson/Boivin, Topanga
Nest Architecture, Culver City
Neubert Architects, Aaron (ANX), Silver Lake
New Theme, Hollywood
Newman & Wolen Design Architects, Beverly Hills
Nicholas / Budd Architects, Mid-Wilshire (Mid-City West)
Nicholson Architects, Santa Monica
Niles, Edward R., Malibu
NMDA (Neil M. Denari Architects), West LA (Mar Vista)
Nonzero\Architecture, Santa Monica
Nota, Dean, Hermosa Beach
Noteware, Brian, Santa Monica
Nozari + Nozari Architects, Santa Monica
NTD Architecture, San Dimas
Null.lab, West Hollywood

Oakes Architects, Hermosa Beach
Obelisk Architects, Torrance
Offenhauser Associates, Studio City
and Offenhauser Associates, Burbank
Offenhauser/Mekeel Architects, West Hollywood
Ojeda, Rubern S., Pasadena
OJMR Architects, Mid-Wilshire (Fairfax District)
OKB Architects, West LA (Rancho Park)
Olson Architects, Santa Monica
Onuma, Pasadena
Onyx Architects, Pasadena
Ortiz, Alejandro, Westwood
Osborn Architects, Glendale
Osborne Architects, West LA (Westwood)
Ottolia & Barnes Architecture, Rolling Hills Estates
Ovalle Architects, Long Beach

Paastudio, Pacific Palisades
PAC Design, Long Beach
Page & Turnbull, Downtown LA
PAL International, Downtown LA - bilingual Japanese
Paragon Design Studio, Beverly Hills
Parallax Associates, Culver City
Paravant Architektur, Downtown LA
Kenneth Park Architects (KPA), Hollwood
Park Schneider McDonald, Northeast LA (Glassell Park)
Parlee, Eric Charles, Santa Monica - residential
Partyka Architects, West LA (Mar Vista)
PaysonDenney Architects, Santa Monica
PBWS Architects, Pasadena
Peha & Associates Architecture, Manhattan Beach
Perkins + Will, Downtown LA
Perkowitz + Ruth Architects, Long Beach - bilingual Chinese
Peruzzi Architects, West LA (South Robertson)
Peteris Architects, Westwood
Peters, Douglas, Mid-Wilshire (Wilshire Center)
Tim Petersen Associates (TPA), Mid-Wilshire (Mid-City LA)
Pfeiffer Partners Architects, Downtown LA
Barton Phelps & Associates, Mid-Wilshire (Miracle Mile)
Pica + Sullivan Architects, Mid-Wilshire (Fairfax District)
Pickett Design Associates, Culver City
Pickhardt, Mary, Mid-Wilshire (Hancock Park) - residential
Pizzulli Associates, Santa Monica
PK Architecture, Woodland Hills
Plasmatic, Silver Lake
Platform for Architecture + Research, Westlake
PleskowRael Architecture(s), Marina del Rey
Plus Architects, West LA
Polaris Studio, Pasadena
Pollack Architecture, Culver City
Poon Design, Beverly Hills
Porter, Roger Peter, Long Beach
Prentice, Scott, Santa Monica
Prescott Muir Architects, Beverly Hills
Pritzkat & Johnson Architects, Redondo Beach
Profeta | Royalty Architecture, Sherman Oaks
Project M Plus, Echo Park
Prosperity Consulting Group, Rowland Heights - bilingual Chinese
PSL Architects, Mid-Wilshire (Mid-City LA)
Psy Designlab, Glendale
Puchlik Design Associates, Pasadena
Pugh Urban Studio, Gwynne, Santa Monica
Push/Christophe Cornubert Associates, Santa Monica
Puskar, Heidi, San Pedro

Quatro Design Group, Downtown LA

R&B Studio, Woodland Hills
R&D Architects, West LA (Mar Vista)
Ra-Da, West Hollywood
Rabbani & Associates, Reseda
RACAIA, Downtown LA
Rachlin Architects, Culver City
Ramer Architecture, Santa Monica
Randall Baylon Architects, Downtown LA
Ratzsch Architects, Mid-Wilshire (Mid-City West)
Raum Projects, Silver Lake
RAW International, Downtown LA
RBB Architects, Westwood
RCV Design, Los Feliz
Reed Architectural Group, Venice
Regenerative Architecture, Culver City
REM Architects (Russell E. Myers Architects), Encino
Reuter & Reuter, Torrance
Reveal Studio, La Crescenta
RFA Architects (Franco & Associates), Studio City
RFM Architects, Sierra Madre - theatres, performance facilities
Rhoads Siegel Architects, Santa Monica
Ridgley, Robert M., Beverly Hills
Rios Clementi Hale Studios, Mid-Wilshire (Larchmont Village)
RipBang Studios, Venice
Rippon, E. Fay, Monrovia
RLB Architecture, Pacific Palisades
RMCA, Downtown LA
RNL, Downtown LA
Robertson Partners, Downtown LA
Rocha Nuez & Associates, Woodland Hills, Hollywood
Rochlin, Davida, Brentwood
Rock Architects, Santa Monica
Rockefeller Partners Arhictects, El Segundo
Rodin Associates, Rancho Palos Verdes
Rodrigues & Associates, Sonia Sombrio, Torrance
Rodriguez, Paul, West Hollywood
Robert Rooze Food Facilities Design, West LA (Palms)
Roschen Van Cleve Architects, Los Feliz
Rosen, Eric, West LA (Mar Vista)
Rossetti, El Segundo
Rottet Studio, Downtown LA
Roto Architecture, East LA (Lincoln Heights)
RPP Architects & Associates, Long Beach
RS Herman Architects (RSHA), Hollywood
RSA, Downtown LA
RTArchitecture (Robert Treman), Manhattan Beach
RTK Architects, West LA (South Robertson)
RTKL Associates, Downtown LA
Rudin Donner Design
Rudman, Bruce, West LA
Russell & Associates, Mid-Wilshire (Wilshire Center)
Russell, Jan C., Bel Air
RW&A, Venice
Ryan's Virtual Design, Burbank

SAGA Architecture, El Segundo
Sander Architects, Venice
Sant Architects, Venice
Sautter Architecture, Claremont
Savel Architecture, West LA (Rancho Park)
Schechter Architects, Peter, Santa Monica
Schmidt Architecture, West Hollywood
Schwentker Watts Design, Los Feliz
SCO Studio, Venice
Scrafano Architects, Mid-Wilshire (Mid-City LA)
Screed Architecture, Echo Park
SECSC, Santa Clarita (Canyon Country)
Sehorsch Architecture and Design, Hollywood
SenningerWalker Architects, Long Beach
Serruier Architects & Associates, West Hollywood
Roger Sherman Architecture + Urban Design, West LA (Mar Vista)
Shook Kelley, Hollywood
SF Jones Architects, Marina del Rey
Shadid, Lauren, Mid-Wilshire (Miracle Mile)
Shepphird Associates, Westchester
Sheriff, Garth, Manhattan Beach
Shimoda Design Group, Downtown LA
Shortridge Architects, Santa Monica
Shubin + Donaldson, Culver City
SIA Architectural Design, Woodland Hills
SimonGlover, Long Beach
Sinclair Associates Architects, Westwood
Sindik Olson Associates, Downtown LA
Sintesi, Santa Monica
Site 8 Architects, South LA
SKArchitects, Palos Verdes Estates
Skelton & Associates, Louis, Torrance
Sketch Design and Planning, Pasadena
SmithGroupJJR, Downtown LA
Sobin-Harte Architects, Woodland Hills
Soler Architecture, Mid-Wilshire (Mid-City West)
Sorensen Architects, Malibu
Space Architects, West LA (South Robertson)
Space International, Northeast LA (Glassell Park)
Spacio Design, Northeast LA (Glassell Park)
Sparano + Mooney Architecture, Playa del Rey
SPF:architects (Studio Pali Fekete Architects), Culver City
Spierer Architects, Joseph, Palos Verdes Estates
Spinks, Janet Elaine, West LA (Mar Vista)
Staff, J., West LA
Stahl, TC, Pasadena
Standard, Silver Lake
Stanton, Douglas, West Hollywood
Stark, Anthony, Northeast LA (Glassell Park)
Steinberg Architects, Downtown LA
Stenfors Associates Architects, Mid-Wilshire (Hancock Park)
Stephenson, Jay, Manhattan Beach
Robert Stewart Architects, Long Beach
Stewart, Romberger & Associates, Downtown LA
Stone, Tracy A., Silver Lake
Stout, Jonathan, Malibu
Randall Stout Architects, West LA (Mar Vista)
Structural Focus, Gardena
Studio 440 Architecture & Acoustics, Hollywood
Studio Functions, Pasadena
Studio H2O, Santa Monica
Studio MA, Calabasas
Studio Meraz
Studio 9 one 2, Manhattan Beach
Studio Nova A Architects, South LA
Studio of Architecture, Downtown LA
Studio One Eleven, Long Beach
Studio RCL (Richard Cutts Lundquist), Glendale
Studio R3 Architecture, Venice
Studio Shift, Santa Monica
Studio 67, Sherman Oaks
Studio Slab Architects, Echo Park
Studio TBD, Hollywood
Studio Works, Downtown LA
Studio 0.10 [zero.ten], Hollywood
Studios Architecture, Beverly Hills
Sturgill Associates Architects, Glendale
Suisman Urban Design, Santa Monica
Sulkin Studio Architecture, Santa Monica
Patrick Sullivan Associates, Claremont - juvenile detention facilities
Sutherlin McLeod, Kelly, Long Beach
SWA Architects, Pasadena
Swift Lee Office (SLO), Eagle Rock

Taalman Koch Architecture, Hollywood
TAG Design Works, Pasadena
Tag Front, West Hollywood
Tanaka, Ted Tokio, Westchester
Tate Snyder Kimsey, Marina del Rey
TCA (Thomas P. Cox: Architects), Downtown LA, Irvine
TDM Architects, Eagle Rock
Team Studio, West LA (Mar Vista)
tecDESIGN, Mid-Wilshire (Miracle Mile)
Tehilla Design Group (TDG), Burbank
Telemachus Studio, East LA (Lincoln Heights)
Templum Architects, Sherman Oaks
Testa/Weiser, Venice
TFO Architecture, Downtown LA
The Architecture Studio, Mid-Wilshire (Mid-City West)
The Design Fix, Venice
The Planning Center, Westchester, Costa Mesa, Rancho Mirage, Ontario
Thornton Tomasetti, Westchester, Irvine
Thuotte, Donald L., Canoga Park - residential
Tierra Sol y Mar, Venice
Tighe Architecture, Patrick, Santa Monica
Togawa Smith Martin (TSMR), Downtown LA
Tolkin Architecture, Peter
Tom Wiscombe Design, Westlake
Tomaro Design Group, Manhattan Beach
Tomato Design, Pasadena
Tomlan, Denise C., South Pasadena
Torres Architects, Torrance
Torti Gallas and Partners, Downtown LA
Touraine Richmand Architects, Venice
Tozier, Century City
Trammell, Vaughan, West LA (Rancho Park)
Trautmann, John, Santa Monica
Treasureworld, Malibu
Trotter Building Designs, Manhattan Beach
TSArchitects, West LA
Turner Design, Lawrence, Glendora
Twenty7 Design Workshop, Downtown LA
Twichell Studio Architects, Culver City
2 Ton Architects, Downtown LA
Tyler | Gonzalez Associates, Pasadena

Ultra-Unit, Long Beach
Unruh Boyer, Los Feliz
Urban Networks, Culver City
Urban Studio, Mid-Wilshire (Wilshire Center)
UrbanRock Design, East LA (Lincoln Heights)

Valerio Architects, Mid-Wilshire (Miracle Mile)
Van Cleve Architects, Roschen, Los Feliz
Van Tilburg, Banvard & Soderbergh, Santa Monica
Vander Borght Group, The, Burbank
Vanos Architects, West LA (South Robertson)
Varga, Alexander, San Marino
Vazquez, Fernando, Marina del Rey
VEA Architects, Encino
Venice Design Group (Kenneth M. Williams)
Verde Concepts, Century City
VIA Architects, Hollywood
Villarruel Architects, Van Nuys
Viniegra & Viniegra Architecture, Tarzana
Vinoly, Rafael, Culver City
Stephen Vitalich Architects (SVA), Venice
Void, Hollywood

Samuel Wacht Associates (SWA), Calabasas
Waingrow, Diane, Pacific Palisades
Waldrip, Deborah, Malibu
Waldron + Waldron Architects, Rancho Palos Verdes
Wang & Associates, Gary, Monterey Park
Ware Malcomb, West LA (Rancho Park), Irvine, Riverside
Warshaw Architect, Manhattan Beach
Watson, David, Manhattan Beach
Frank Webb Architects, West LA (South Robertson), Fullerton
Randy Weinstein Design, Venice
Beth Wells Architecture, Pacific Palisades
Jennifer Wen Architecture, Santa Monica
West Edge Architects, Marina del Rey
West Edge Studios, Marina del Rey
Wheeler & Wheeler Architects, Claremont
Whelan/O'Neill, Santa Monica
Whipple Russell Architects, Mid-Wilshire (Larchmont Village)
wHY Architecture, Culver City
Wiehle-Carr, Hollywood Hills
Clive Wilkinson Architects, West Hollywood
Williams, Glenn, Venice
Williams, Jann, Bel Air
Withee Malcolm Architects, Torrance
Wolcott Architecture Interiors, Culver City
Wolf Architecture, West Hollywood
Wong & Associates Architects, Monrovia
Dianna Wong Architecture & Interior Design, Downtown LA
Henry Woo Architects, Diamond Bar
Woodcraft, Lawrence, Winnetka
Stephen Woolley & Associates, Architects, El Segundo
Work Plays Studio, West Hollywood
WP2DC, West Covina
Wren Group, The, Pasadena
Wroad, Westlake
WTARCH (Warren Techentin Architecture), Silver Lake
W3 Architects, Venice
WYF Architecture, El Monte

Xten Architecture, Culver City

YA Architect and Planner, Beverly Hills
Yazdani Studio of Cannon Design, Century City
Yeh Studio, Hollywood
Yett, Steve, Malibu
YKA (Y.Kim Architects), Downtown LA
Youngson Company, West Hollywood

Zahabian, Philip (PZARC), Alhambra
Zakian Woo Architects, Culver City
Renzo Zecchetto Architects, Santa Monica
Zellnerplus, Culver City
Ziemba & Associates, Adolph, Burbank
Ziese Architecture, East LA (Lincoln Heights)
Zimmer Gunsel Frasca Architects (ZGF), Downtown LA

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