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Dental Services in General
Airport Area
Antelope Valley
Beach Cities
Central County
College Departments
Conejo Valley
Continuing Education
Crescenta Valley
Harbor Area
Inland Cities
Medical Groups
Multiple Locations
Orange County
Palos Verdes Peninsula
Practice Management Consultants
Riverside County
San Bernardino County
San Fernando Valley
San Gabriel Valley
Santa Clarita Valley
Southeast County
Ventura County

Beach Cities
Hermosa Beach
Manhattan Beach
Multiple Locations
Redondo Beach

Hermosa Beach
Arbab, Roya DDS - prosthodontics, cosmetic
Deutsch, Dr. Vera (555 Pier Ave.)

Manhattan Beach
Bakhtiyari, Dr. Maryam - orthodontics
Beach Cities Dentistry
Beach Teeth
Delio Orthodontics, also Rolling Hills Estates
Duffin, Adams & Gimlen, also El Segundo - orthodontics
Gould, Joel D. DDS
Greene, Ronald J. DDS
Manhattan Beach Dental Center
Manhattan Beach Dental Esthetics
Manhattan Dental Care - cosmetic
Ortiz, Ana R. DDS
Pacific Dental Aesthetics (Arthur J. Natvig)
Padilla, Dr. Ray
and Padilla, Dr. Ray - cosmetic
Panucci, Patricia J. DMD - orthodontics
Ramos, Carmen DMD - periodontics
Schneider, Dr. Michael J.

Redondo Beach
Dental Center of Redondo Beach - orthodontics
Fulbright, Michael - reconstructive, cosmetic
Henriques, Gilberto DDS
Johnsin, Barry DDS - oral, maxillofacial surgery, implants
Komatsu, Keith DDS - endodontics
Monette, Jon M. DDS
Nguyen, James A. DDS - cosmetic
Pacific Dental Aesthetics - cosmetic
Picone, Lucy C. DDS
Posek, Fogelson and Donlevy, Drs., also Culver City, Westchester - oral, maxillofacial surgery
Quinci, Piero DMD - orthodontics
Redondo Beach Dental Group
South Bay Dental Esthetics
Stalley, Fred DDS (Redondo Beach Dental Group) - cosmetic, implants
Tran, Debby and Paul DDS
Varwig, Christina M. DDS

Inland Cities
Harbor City
Multiple Locations

Baker, Cappie DDS - orthodontics

Azizi, Dr. Joseph
Brite Dental
Rhind, Jeffrey DDS (CityDDS)
South Bay Dentistry & Orthodontics

Harbor City

All Kids Dental Care - pediatric
Beautiful Smile
Choice Dental Group
Comfort Dental Center
Hawthorne Dental and Braces
Hawthorne Dental Care
LA Dental Care
Le, Dr. Nina DDS, also Redondo Beach - pediatric
New Dental Cosmetics
Sunrise Dental Group

Harwood, Randall K. DDS

Night Owl Dental
Remolina Dental - pediatric

All Care Dental (Jack Kavanaugh DDS)
Alpine Village Dental
Barlow, Fred DDS
Beber, David DDS
Berger, Jeffrey DMD - orthodontics
Denny, Robert W. DDS, also Montebello - orthodontics
Dental Associates of Torrance
Dental Excellence of South Bay
Downtown Family Dental
Eckhart Orthodontics, also Manhattan Beach
Endo, Dr. Peter - endodontics
Farahmand, Arta DDS - periodontics, implants
Farhangi, Faye DDS
Fruhling, Frederick P. II DDS
Gantes, Bernard DDS and Jason Yamada DMD, also Seal Beach - implants
Gillespie, Roger L. DDS
Habermeyer, Mark H. DDS
Island Dental
Johnson, Eric DDS
Jones, Allan C. DDS
Kaji, Eric K. DDS
Lomita-Torrance Dental
Maehara Dental, also Downtown LA
Mellert, Dr. James
and Mellert, James DDS - implants
Mikuriya, Toshiyuki Scott DMD
Miller, Bradley W. DDS
Neimar, Donka DDS
New Smiles Dentistry (Stephen P. Tassone DDS)
Noguchi Orthodontics - bilingual Japanese
and Parker, Frank DDS
PermaDent - implants
Pinedo, Janette DDS
Raton, Dr. Rebecca Almoneda (Crossroad Dental)
Reichel, Stanton DDS - cosmetic
Samet, Dana N. DDS
and Samet, Dana N. DDS
Schmid, Gary J. DDS
South Bay Endodontics
South Bay Peditaric Dentistry
South Bay Periodontics, also Santa Monica
Steiner, Richard J. DDS and Barry Kadowaki DDS
Tofukuji, Warren T. DDS and Steven K. Okamoto DDS
Torrance Dental Arts (TDA)
Torrance Dental Center
Village Family Dental Office, also Long Beach
Wayne Pediatric Dentisry, Dr.
Yanase, Roy T. DDS, also Newport Beach - prostodontics
Yang, Eugene Y. DDS
Yang Dental Group

Palos Verdes Peninsula
Multiple Locations
Palos Verdes Estates
Rancho Palos Verdes
Rolling Hills Estates

Palos Verdes Estates
Lunada Bay Dental (Robert A. Hume DDS)

Rancho Palos Verdes
Chang, Joseph W. DDS
Dias, Dr. Cecilia B. DDS
Mileham, Ronald E DDS

Rolling Hills Estates
Moran Dental Clinic
Peninsula Dental Arts
Stroh Orthodontics
Turchi, Lewis, Kimberly and Jeff DDS
Rolling Hills Dental Group
Yue, William M. DDS

Internet Services
Database Applications
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