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Dental Services in General
Airport Area
Antelope Valley
Beach Cities
Central County
College Departments
Conejo Valley
Continuing Education
Crescenta Valley
Harbor Area
Inland Cities
Medical Groups
Multiple Locations
Orange County
Practice Management Consultants
Riverside County
San Bernardino County
San Fernando Valley
San Gabriel Valley
Santa Clarita Valley
South Bay
Southeast County
Ventura County

Beach Cities
Marina del Rey
Multiple Locations
Pacific Palisades
Playa del Rey
Santa Monica

Marina del Rey
Dockside Dental
Homyak, Natalia DDS, also Tarzana
Partovy, Dr. Ray, also Tarzana
Sheily, Aaron H. DDS
Tan, Rosita DMD

Pacific Palisades
DaVirro Orthodontics
Dental Spa

Playa del Rey
Del Dental Group (S. Julia Fattahi DDS)
Del Rey Dental
Nolan, Robert N. DDS
and Nolan, Robert N. DDS

Playa Vista
McClintok Dental Group - cosmetic, reconstructive

Santa Monica
American Family Dental
Austin, Paul DMD, MPH
Best Natural Smile
Brightleaf, Dr. Ana DMD (Cosmetic and Holistic Dentistry)
Face Lift Dentistry (Sam Muslin DDS)
Fang, Joyce DDS
Field, Eugene & Victoria DDS
Goff, Yvonne DDS
Haber, Richard DDS - cosmetic
and Haber, Richard DDS - cosmetic
Hale & Hale
Joshi, Bijal B. DDS
Khoubnazar, Sanaz DMD
Koeff, Lilly T. DDS
Koshki, Dr. Moeiz
Muslin, Sam DDS, MAGD
and Muslin, Sam DDS, MAGD
and Muslin, Sam DDS, MAGD
and Muslin, Sam DDS - cosmetic, implants
Negrete, Victor DDS
Newhart Orthodontics
Ocean Dental Office
Panahpour, Dr. Alireza
Paradise Dental (Thomas R. Feder DDS)
Rapid Smile Dental Group
Sakurai, Kari Lyn DDS - cosmetic
Samuel, Dr. Alan & Dr. Eric Videgain
Santa Monica Bay Dental
Santa Monica Dental Group
Santa Monica Esthetic Dentistry
Santa Monica Periodontics & Implant Surgery
Taft, Dr. David DDS
Tistaert, Glen A. DDS
Wong, Dr. Michael D. DDS
Yamada, Wayne T. DDS & Patricia Lem DDS

Wilson-Jennings-Bloomfield UCLA Venice Dental Center

Inland Cities
Beverly Hills
Century City
Culver City
Multiple Locations
West Hollywood
West LA

Beverly Hills
Aesthetic & Implant Dentistry of Beverly Hills
Ahn, Alexander DDS
Baradaran, Sharyar E. DDS - periodontics, implants
Bedford Dental Group (BDG) - cosmetic, TMJ
Beverly Hills & Los Angeles Cosmetic Dentistry and Porcelain Veneers Center
Beverly Hills Aesthetic Dental Clinic (Mark Schlosser DDS)
Beverly Hills Aesthetic Dentistry - cosmetic
Beverly Hills Braces, also Encino - orthodontics
Beverly Hills Center for Perio and Implantology (Sam Gilani DMD) - periodontics
Beverly Hills Center for Reconstructive and Cosmetic Dentistry (Parsa T. Zadeh DDS, FAGD)
Beverly Hills Cosmetic Dental (A.J. Boyajian DMD)
Beverly Hills Dental Care
Beverly Hills Dental Center
Beverly Hills Dental Studio
Beverly Hills Dentistry
Beverly Hills Family Dental Group
Beverly Hills Periodontics & Dental Implants
Beverly Hills Prosthodontics
Canon Cosmetic Dental Group
Center for Facial and Oral Surgery
Cohen, A. Patric DDS FAGD - cosmetic
and Cohen, A. Patric DDS (The Dental Sedation Center)
Concealed Braces of Beverly Hills and Marina del Rey, also Marina del Rey - orthodontics
Cosmetic Dental Care Beverly Hills
Cosmetic Wholistic Dentistry
and Dental Arts Of Beverly Hills (Amran Dayan DDS) - cosmetic, implants
Dental Care of Beverly Hills
Dental Group of Beverly Hills - cosmetic, reconstructive
Donaty, Eric DMD ( - cosmetic, laser
Esagoff, Jacob F. DDS - cosmetic, restorative, implants
Farnoosh, Dr. Alex A. DMD MSD - implants, periodontics
Frey, Dr. David - cosmetic
and Frey, Dr. David - cosmetic
Glosman, Arthur DDS
Goldy, Dr. Steven DDS - cosmetic
and Goodman, Joseph DDS DMD
Greco, Steven M. DDS
Henderson, Toni L. DDS
Hirt, Darrin J. DDS and Mark H. Goldenberg DDS - pediatric
Jamison, Mark B. DDS
JPP Dental Practice
LA Dental Day Spa - cosmetic
LeSage, Brian P. DDS - cosmetic, reconstructive
Lewis, Andrew M. DDS
Loveday, C. David DMD - reconstructive
M.D. Periodontics
Maddahi, Dr. Kourosh
Markzar, Sam S. DDS (Beverly Hills Periodontal Arts & Implants)
Matsunaga, Laura DDS
Miller, Jeffery T. DDS
Nazarian, Armine DMD - cosmetic
ORA Dentistry Spa
Parham, Sahgi DDS
Raschkovsky, Ricardo DDS ( - periodontics
Rashti, Mahnaz DDS - periodontics, implants
Ravon, Nicolas A. DDS
Salamati, Afshin DDS - periodontics, implants
Sands, Dr. Kevin - cosmetic
and Sands, Dr. Kevin - cosmetic
and Sands, Dr. Kevin DDS - cosmetic
and Sands, Dr. Kevin DDS - cosmetic
and Sands, Kevin B. - cosmetic
and Sands, Kevin B. DDS
and Sands, Kevin B. DDS
and Sands, Kevin B. DDS - cosmetic
and Sands, Kevin B. DDS - cosmetic
and Sands, Kevin DDS - cosmetic
and Rosenblatt, Ronald DDS - cosmetic
and Rosenblatt, Ronald DDS - cosmetic
and Sands, Dr. Kevin DDS - cosmetic
and Sands, Dr. Kevin B. DDS - cosmetic
Smile Angels of Beverly Hills
Smile Beverly Hills
Sparks, Dr. Ron
Stelmach, Thomas J. DDS
Sun, Dr. Grace DDS
Waldman, Alexander B. DMD - orthodontics
Woss, Beverly A. DDS
Zweig, Alan E. DMD

Ariz, Farshid DMD - periodontics
Barrett, Kevin DDS
Brentwood Dental Care (Stephen Weisberg DDS)
Brentwood Dental Group
Dybnis, Dr. Sacha
Grossman, Dr. Jay
Harrison, William D. - cosmetic
Miyawaki, Stanley M. DDS - orthodontics

Century City
Century City Aesthetic Dentistry - cosmetic
Claypool, Dr. Ronelle, also Westwood
Dorfman, Dr. Bill - cosmetic
Gonzalez, Dr. John DDS - cosmetic
Levine, Meredith DDS
Silvera, Richard S. DDS
Yury, Bershadsky DDS

Culver City
Bruce, Rita & Ilya DDS, Culver City, Mid-Wilshire (Mid-City LA)
Corporate Pointe Dental (Sandro Tomita DDS)
Fell, Vacharee B. DDS
Hook, Stephen H. DDS
Maiden, Brent DDS & Heather Trewhitt DDS
Mostofi, Dr. M.
Seldon, Steven M. DDS
Smile Dental
United Dental Care, also Upland
West LA Dental Health Center

West LA
Agaki, Dr. Meir DDS, Mar Vista, also West Hollywood
Carlston, Dean L. DDS, Rancho Park
Charlin, Cary DDS
Chueng, Cynthia, Rancho Park
Culver Westside Dental Group, Mar Vista
Elegant Smile Dental
Feldbaum, Dr. Morton M. DDS
Firouz, Maurice DDS - orthodontics
Hekmat, Kamyar DDS, Westwood, also Downtown LA
Holistic Dental Center
Jaws R Us (Ivan L. Lapidus DDS), Rancho Park
Kigawa, Dr. Steven, Mar Vista
Kouyoumdjian, Jacques DDS - cosmetic
LA Digital Dentistry, South Robertson
Macdonald, Bo DDS (Perfect Smile Institute) - cosmetic
Marina Dental Care, Mar Vista
Masliah, Maurice K. DDS
My Dental Options, Mar Vista
Naim, Neda DDS
Nikaeen, Atoosa DDS - orthodontics
Payman, Dr. Hastee DDS, Rancho Park
Torbati, Arman DDS, FAGP, South Robertson - cosmetic, reconstructive, implants
West LA Dental
West Los Angeles Dentistry
Westside Dental Associates, Palms - cosmetic
WLA Dental Center

Westwood/West LA
Afar, Bijan DDS - implants, periodontics
Azar-Mehr, Dr. Parviz - cosmetic
BabyTeeth Children's Dentistry - pediatric
Friedman, Dr. Lauren R. DDS - cosmetic
Schneider, Michael DMD
Shabtaie, Dr.
Shammaie, Dr. Moe DDS and Mahmoodian, Dr. Sheba DMD (Woodside Dental)
Solomon, Sid DDS - cosmetic, implants
UCLA School of Dentistry Patient Care
Vu, Helen DDS
Westwood Dental Group
Westwood Family Dental
Wilshire Dental/Village Dental, also Santa Monica
Woodside Family Dental Center
and Woodside Dental
and Woodside Dental

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