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Dental Services in General
Beach Cities
College Departments
Continuing Education
Dental in General
Medical Groups
Multiple Locations
Orange County
Orange County, Central County
Orange County, North County
Orange County, South County
Practice Management Consultants
Riverside County
Saddleback Valley
San Bernardino County
Ventura County

Beach Cities
Costa Mesa
Huntington Beach
Long Beach
Multiple Locations
Newport Beach
Seal Beach
South County Beach Cities

Huntington Beach
Andor, Dr.
Angelici, Lisa DMD MDS
Anzis, Stanley DDS and Lorna Dones DMD
Baldwin, Richard H. (HB Dentist)
Beach Dental Group
and Beach Dental Group
Beach Family Cosmetic Dentistry
Bella Terra Dental Spa
Big Dental Group
Bizoumis, Dimitri DDS - pediatric
Bliss Dental Care
Center for Oral Health
Chen, Jennifer DDS
Chu, Dr. Beanca
Collins, Kathleen A. DDS
Complete Dental Centers, also Marina del Rey
Dental Advances
Dental Implant Center of Orange County
Dental Image Center - cosmetic, implants
Gonzales, Dr. Sebastian, also Corona
Harbour Landing Dental
Harner, Andrew T. - orthodontics
Huntington Beach Endodontics
Huntington Beach Periodontics
Huntington Beach Dentistry (Lina Musleh DDS)
Huntington Family Dentistry
Hutington Beach Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery (Michael W. Marshall DDS)
Impression Dental Care
Levin, Daniel E. - oral, maxillofacial surgery
Logart, Annika DDS
Moretta, Robert J. DDS, FAGD (Sea Cliff Dental) - restorative, cosmetic
Ocean Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, also Newport Beach
Okumura, Dr. Kimberly DDS
Reggiardo, Paul Pediatric Dental Center
Russo, Peter A. DDS - periodontics, implants
Samuel, Akram DDS (Smart Dental)
Shah, Dr. Shalini DDS (A Kids Dentist) - pediatric
Shimizu, Kerry J. DDS
Sunrise Dental Center
21st Century Dentistry
Yamamoto, Dr. Mark - TMJ syndrome

Newport Beach
Angell III, Richard DMD - endotontics
Armbruster, Stanley DDS, also Murrieta
Aspen Dental (Michael W. Wells DDS)
Balboa Island Dentistry (Steven Ballback DDS) - implants
Barkate Orthodontics
Bates, David Vaughn DDS and Mark F. Maxwell DDS - orthondontics
Bayshore Dental Group
Borgman, Alysa DDS
Cavalieri, Robert J. DDS, also Mission Viejo - endodontics
Chaves, Dr. John
Chrispens, John B. DDS - periodontics, implants
Coastal Image Dentistry
Correa, James DDS - cosmetic, TMJ disorders
Coye, R. Bruce DDS
Curry, Frank T. DDS
Davis, Nicholas C. DDS, MAGD - cosmetic, reconstructive
Delaney, Timothy J. DDS
Dental Office
Design Dental Group
Di Giovanni, John DDS and Debra E Cook DDS, also Laguna Beach - orthodontics
Eastbluff Dental Care
Eriksmoen, John DDS, FAGD - cosmetic, reconstructive, implants
and Eriksmoen, John P.
and Eriksmoen, John P. DDS, FAGD
and Eriksmoen, John P. DDS, FAGD (Newport Beach Cosmetic Dentistry)
Glass, Gregory DDS - cosmetic
Hauck, Douglas J. DDS - cosmetic, reconstructive, TMJ disorder
Helliwell, Arthur J.DDS
Henderson, Brian T. DDS
Hersch Pediatric Dentistry
Island Dental (Richard E. Sprague DDS)
Jensen, Robert DDS - cosmetic, restorative
Lydon, Sung DDS
Maddox, George DDS
McClaire, Bruce H. DDS
Newport Bayview Dental
Newport Beach Perio Implant Center - periodontics
Newport Center Dental Aesthetics & Othodontics
Newport Dental Spa
Newport Endodontic Group
Newport Pediatric Dentistry
Niknia, Dr. Kaveh - cosmetic
Nili, G. DMD
OC Lifesmiles
Perkins, Dr. Randall DDS
ROAR Associates, also Mission Viejo - snoring
Sahafi, Kate DDS
Shamardi, Michelle M. DDS
Shirazi, Ellie DDS
Smile Spa (Arnold Cho DDS)
Smrecek, Peter T. DDS, MAGD - cosmetic, restorative
South Coast Dental
Spath DDS
Starnes Orthodontics & Pedontics
Walkow, Dr. Todd - orthodontics
Watson, Edward A. DDS, MAGD and Scott W. Niven DDS
Weems, J. Foster DDS
Winter, Robert R. DDS (Oral-Facial Design Center)
Wittenauer, Laura E. DDS - cosmetic
Wohrle, Peter S. DMD - implants, prosthodontics
Worth, Dr. Sherri
Young, Marshall DDS

Seal Beach
Oaxaca, Jorge DDS and Howard E. Ong DDS, FAGD, also Tustin
Seal Beach Dentist (Blake, James H. DDS)
Soft Touch Endodontics (Farnoush Fadavi DMD), also Tustin

Central County
Buena Park
Fountain Valley
Garden Grove
Los Alamitos
Multiple Locations
Santa Ana
Villa Park

All Brite Dental
Cacho, Gilbert E. DMD (GCDentalUSA)
Canter, Diana M. DDS
Coastal Dental Care, Anaheim, La Habra, Garden Grove, Placentia
Darmstadt, Steven D. DDS - oral, maxillofacial surgery
Devani, Nick J. DDS
Done, Dr. Harris N.
Elite Dental Care (Lucia Yau DMD)
Estrella-Gemba, Alice DDS
Ignacio, Dr. Clementine C. DMD
Lee, Patrick C. DDS - orthodontics
Na Dental Clinic - implants, orthodontics
Scott, Richard B. DDS - restorative
7 Day Dental, also Laguna Woods
Siriwat, Dr. Penny DDS - orthodontics
Smiles for Orange County
Somani, Dr. Neeta DDS
State College Dental Group
Stephenson David L. DDS
Vasco, A.I. DDS

Buena Park
Baek, Seung H. DDS (Restoration Through Dentistry)
Beautiful Smile Dental Care
Buena Park Dental Center
First Choice Dental Group
Perfect Smile Dental - cosmetic, implants
Yap, Andrew W. DDS, FAGD - family, cosmetic

Au, Samuel DDS
Big Wave Orthodontics, also Long Beach
Boulton Orthodontics
Caldwell, Ty & Susan DDS
Coast Dental Group
Cypress Dental Group
Cypress Family Dental
Cypress Plaza Dental Group & Orthodontics
Hegde, Harish DDS

Fountain Valley
Abas, Peter N. DDS and Peter E. Hagen DDS
Bijan Family Dental Practice
Childs, Robert F. DDS
Dental Oasis of Orange County
Exclusively Orthodontics
Hagen, Peter E. DDS and Peter N. Abas DDS
Harris, Dr. Bruce S., also Aliso Viejo - orthodontics
Kvarnstrom, Bjarne DDS
Manrriquez Dental
Mile Square Dentistry - in Vietnamese
Mokbel, Robert G. DDS
Mortensen, Andrew G. DDS
and Mortensen, Andrew G. DDS
and Mortensen, Andrew G. DDS
and Mortensen, Dr. Andrew G. - implants
Schmidt, Eugene J. DDS MAGD FACD
Vu, Hung V. DDS - orthodontics

Garden Grove
Brookhurst Dental Group
Marantha Dental Practice
Morimoto, Rick H. DDS
Morley, Dr. Mark and Ray DDS
Nguyen, Dat DDS
Nguyen Tho Ngoic Soong, DDS - in Vietnamese
Ninh Tho Binh Minh, DDS - in Vietnamese
Perio Touch, also Garden Grove - implants
Yorita, Frank K. DDS - orthodontics

A Best Dental Care
Arbor Dental Group
Ariaee, Dean DDS
Baghai, Roxanna DDS
Barranca Dentistry
Bonyanpoor, Shana DDS - pediatric
Brown, Dr. and Dr. Kushner
Bui, Thanhha DDS
Cannon, Russell W. DDS
Chang, Frank DMD
Choi, Dr. Michael (Smile By Design) - implants
Class 1 Orthodontics
Crossroads Dental
DeGeus & Soeprono
Dental Arts of Irvine
Dental Masters
Dental 2000
Dentistry Bliss
Doctor2th Esthetic & Implant Center (S. Rahbar DDS)
Elsherif, Ismail DDS
Feld, Victor M. DDS
Ge, Vickie Y. DDS
Hahn, David S. DDS
Harder Dental
Hasse, Charles D. DDS - oral, maxillofacial surgery
Heavenly Dentistry
Hsiang, William DMD
Irvine Children's Dentistry - pediatric
Irvine Dental Group
Irvine Endodontics
Irvine Implant & Restorative Dentistry
Irvine Kid's Dentist - pediatric
Irvine Orthodontics
Irvine Periodontics & Dental Implant Center
Jamboree Dental (Robert Don DDS)
Jaques, William C. DDS
Jawor, Dr. Ronald W. - orthodontics
Jui, Vivian DMD - oral, maxillofacial surgery
Kramer, Mark DDS
Lake Dental Center
Levine, Ursula DDS
Little Smiles of Orange County - pediatric
Mahboub, Mahyar DDS
Mansour Dental Masters
and Mansour Dental Masters - implants
and Mansour Dental Masters - orthodontics
Michelson Dental Office (Po-Yun Wu DDS)
Miller & Bounds - periodontics
Newmark, Robert S. DDS - cosmetic
Northpark Dental
O.C. Dental Specialties - periodontics, implants
Orange Coast Endodontics
Otsu, Darrell G. DDS and Robert L. Otsu DDS
Pacific Dental Services
Park Place Dentistry
Parkview Dental Group
Rice, Scott L. DDS
and Rice, Scott L. DDS - cosmetic
and Rice Dentistry
Robertson, Jeff C. DDS - cosmetic
Sadjadi, Amir DMD - cosmetic, family
Sand Canyon Dental
Sandarg, Scott DDS
Sauter, Dr. John, also Upland - orthodontics
SC Dental Center (Dean Tan DDS)
Serene Dental Center
Son, Dr. David DDS
Spectrum Dental Group
Stone, Frank C. DDS, also Century City
Suh, David C. DDS - cosmetic
Suzman, Dr. Colin
and Suzman, Colin DDS
Tang, Keith S. DDS
Tassey, David L. DDS
Tjan, Dr. Albert (Irvine Implant Dentist)
True Smile Dentistry
Vitalae Dental Services
Von Karman Dental (Kevin Lim DDS)
Walnut Dental Group and Orthodontics
Woodbridge Dental Services (Jose Lomboy DDS)
Woodbridge Dentistry
Yu, Sean - orthodontics

Los Alamitos
Chang Orthodontics
Chamberlain, Thomas A. DDS
Kim, Stephen C. DDS and Raymond M. Sugiyama DDS - orthodontics
Laos, Arthur P. DDS
Lee, Dora DDS, APC
Lee, Young H. DDS, also Huntington Beach - implants, oral, maxillofacial surgery
Montage Dentistry - cosmetic, restorative
Poe, William C. DDS

Affordable Dentures & Implants
Artistic Smiles Dentistry
and Artistic Smiles Dentistry
Cambridge Dental Care
Center for Oral Reconstruction & Education (Jeffrey J. Pulver DDS)
Czochanski, John and H, Kim DDS - orthodontics
Fontanesi, Robert V. DDS - oral, maxillofacial surgery
George, Mark A. DDS (Pavilion Dental Group)
Hong Orthodontics, Dr.
Keiser, Steven J. DDS
Kelk, Dr. Pichak ( - periodontics, implants
Lincoln Dental Care
Main Dental Care
Orange Center for Cosmetic Dentistry (John J. Henry DDS)
Orange County Center for Cosmetic Dentistry
Orange Dental Arts
Orange Dental Care - cosmetic, implants
Providence Prosthodontics Dental Group
Ratner & Wilson DDS - oral, maxillofacial surgery
Siles, Joaquin A. DDS
Smart Smile
Smile Gallery Dental (David M. Datu DDS)
Smiles by Dan
Thiede, Craig DDS, also Tustin - oral, maxillofacial surgery
TMD and Sleep Apnea Center
Tooth Spa, The
Walls, Russell DDS

Santa Ana
Bay Dental
Bristol Dental & Orthodontics
Broadway Family Dentistry
Children's Dental Surgery Center - pediatric
Ching, Raymond G. DMD
Crystal Dental, also Huntington Beach
Dental Implant Institute of Orange County - oral, maxillofacial surgery
Franklin, Jane DDS - cosmetic
Goodfellow, Mark DDS
Kids Dental Planet - pediatric
Lucero Dental Group, also Garden Grove
Mata, James DDS - periodontics, implants
OC Dental Associates
OC Dental Center
Oh, Christine P. DDS
1-2-3 Smile! Dental Care, also Riverside
Parkins, Dr.
Peterson, Dr. Jerome - cosmetic, TMJ
Pinnacle Dental Group - cosmetic
Renzi Jr., Joseph DDS, Denise Habjan DDS and Karilyn House DDS, also Dana Point (Monarch Beach)
Santa Ana Dental Group
Seaside Dental Care
Seth, Geeta DDS - cosmetic
Thi, Dr. Bui Phuong-Ly DDS

Smile Factory Dental

AA Family Dental Group
Aufdemberg Family Dentist
Belden, Signe DDS
Boskovic, Milos M. DDS & Ivanka Srbinovska DDS - cosmetic, implants
Brookshire, Frieda V. DDS - prosthodontics
Canyon Dental Implant Center (Michael J. Chen DDS)
and Chen, Michael J. DDS
Chew, Stephen R. DDS and Paul R. Murray DDS
Choi, Raymond DDS
Dentistry Now
Hollis, Norman L. DDS
Huang, Rony DDS
Johnstone, Dale DDS - periodontics, implants
Kiss, Simona D. DDS
Larwin Square Dentistry
Lee, Jeffrey MD
Legacy Orthodontics (Dr. William Chen & Dr. Son Pham)
Market Place Dentistry
Miller, Mark P. DDS, MAGD
Mumolo & Fortes DDS
New Smile Dental (Dr. Andrew E. Chu)
Nishimura, Dr. Karl K. - orthodontics
Orange County Endodontics
Pashley, Michael R.DDS, also Irvine - orthodontics
Smile Solutions
Tustin Dental Office
Warner, John B. DDS - cosmetic

Villa Park
Fischer, Ken DDS
Villa Park Dental Center (William N. Langstaff)
Weisenberg, Mark J. DDS - othodontics

All Children's Dental, also Anaheim
Farahbod, Kaweh DDS
Gentle Dental Care
Joyer Jr., Boyd DDS
Markham Family Dental
Pham, David Chinh DDS - orthodontics
Stephen, Sun Shihpen DDS

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