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Dental in General
College Departments
Continuing Education
High Desert Area
Inland Empire
Medical Groups
Mountain Areas
Multiple Locations
Practice Management Consultants
Riverside County
San Bernardino County
Ventura County

High Desert Area
Apple Valley
Multiple Locations
Yucca Valley

Adelanto Dental Care

Apple Valley
Apple Dental Center
Apple Valley Dental
Hong, Kelly DDS
Smile Makers (Jospeh E. Eiswert DMD)

Desert Dentist
Desert Valley Dental Group
Hesperia Dental Center
Jermain, Paul D DDS
Wheeler, B. Thomas DDS

Desert Dental Group, also Hesperia
Desert Sky Dental Group
Desert Valley Dental Group
Victor Valley Community Dental Service Program (VVCDSP)
Liberty Village Dental Care
Victor Valley Dental Group, also Apple Valley
Victor Valley Endodontics

Yucca Valley
Dotson, Laurence W. DDS & Associates
Hough, Sheldon DDS
Jones, Bruce
Tiner, Lonnie W. DDS
Yucca Valley Dental Care
Yucca Valley Family Dentistry

Inland Empire
Alta Loma
Chino Hills
Grand Terrace
Loma Linda
Multiple Locations
Rancho Cucamonga
San Bernardino

Alta Loma/Rancho Cucamonga
Baseline Dental Practice
Cochran Dental Care, also Redlands
and Cochran Dental Care
Kon, Chuck S. DDS, FAGD and Wendy Sugiono DDS, MAGD, also Colton
Sugiono, Wendy DDS
Terra Vista Dentistry

Bright Smile Dental Care
Cherukuri, Vijaya DDS
Chino Dental Implant and Specialists
Chino Spectrum Dental
Chino Valley Pediatric Dentistry
Feather, Dr. Andrea - orthodontics
Gavrila, Margareta M. DDS
Kavorinos, Anthony D. DDS, also Rancho Cucamonga
Kids Dental Specialists
Setiady, Lucas
Shih, Richard J. DDS (Central Dental Care)
Smile Family Dentistry (Harley Deisem DDS)
SmileNOW Dental
Tong, H. Sam DDS, also Riverside - orthodontics
Vcare Dental Center

Chino Hills
Bottala, Dr. John - orthodontics
Chino Hills Dental Group
Chino Hills Smile Makers (Albert S. Chang DDS)
Crossroads Marketplace Dental Office
Fabozzi, Dr. James P. DDS
Mayes, Dr. Melba - pediatric
Moore, Larry J. DDS - oral, maxillofacial surgery
Santos Dental Associates, A AAT - cosmetic
Singhal Family Dental Group, also Hacienda Heights
St. Jude Dental Care
Tanna Orthodontics
Whelan, Ken DDS and Samuel B. Lim DDS

Ivy Family Dental Center
Palm Court Dental Group (Dr. Neal Vavra DDS)
Summit Orthodontics, also Upland
Triangle Dental Group
Vyas, Dr. Narendra G. DDS
Winning Smiles Custom Dentistry (Finazzo, Frank A. DDS)

Grand Terrace
Gilbert, Roger N. DDS


Loma Linda
Dental Faculty Associates
Iwata, Luke H. DDS
Sohn, Roger D. DDS - cosmetic
Zalsman Jr., Harvey DDS, MD

Cunning Dental Group
and Cunning Dental Group (Rapper Dentist Daddy)
Johnson, Drs. Ebenezer and Rachel
Montclair Plaza Dental Group (Simply Smiles)
Patel, Amiel R. DDS

Archibald Dental Office
Galvan, Alexander A. DMD
New Century Dental Care
Ontario Family Dentistry
Ontario Village Dental
Zonoozi, Amy DDS

Rancho Cucamonga
A Family Dentistry of Terra Vista Town Center
All Care Dental Group
Azzawi, Dr. Maher DDS
California Dental Care
Canyon Oaks Dentistry
Chang, I-Lan DMD - cosmetic
Children's Dentistry of Rancho Cucamonga
Dentistry at Empire Lake
Doshi, Sanjay P. DDS, also Chino Hills
Duran, Alexander DDS (Dental Heaven)
Foothill Orthodontics
Gina-Faigao, Barrameda DDS
Golden, Greg DDS
Haven Family Dentistry
Jenkins Orthodontics
Justin, Irene M. DDS
Mateja, Sharon B. DDS
Mercer & Mercer, Drs. (Advanced Dentistry)
New Smile Dentistry
North Rancho Cucamonga Dental Group
Ponderosa Dental Group
RC Dental Care
Smileneeds Dental
Stadium Dental & Orthodontics (Sekhar Chakka DDS)
Victoria Village Dentistry
Winery Estate Dental Group
Yanes, Peter C.

Bock Orthodontics, also Brea
Brookside Dental Associates
Hamrick-Stotts, Brenna DDS
Just for Kids Pediatric Dentistry
King House Dental Group
Lee, Nomi DDS
Lucero, Conrad DDS
Maynard, Tobias F. DDS (Pearly Whites Dentistry)
Orange Plaza Dentistry
Orange Tree Dental
Pragasam, Lloyd Alfred DDS
Pure Gold Professionals in Dentistry
Redlands Dental Group
Redlands Dental Surgery Center
Redlands Family Dental Center
Redlands Family Dentistry
Sunwest Dental Office
Tri-City Family Dental Office

Alvarez, Michael DDS
Ehrler Orthodontics, also Fontana, Redlands
Halpern, Evan S. DDS - endontics
Newsham, David A. DDS
and Newsham, David A. DDS
Rialto Dental Group
Treehouse Dental Group - cosmetic
Villarroel, Dr. Laura DDS and Dr. Fernando Villarroel-Kamiche DDS, also Rancho Cucamonga

San Bernardino
Dason, Sam MA DDS
Dental Care San Bernardino
Family Dentistry, also Murrieta
Highland Dental Practice
Hub Plaza Dental
Inland Dental Center
Slough Family Dentistry, David L.
Strutz, Judith M. DDS
Sunshine Dental
Vargas, Luis G. DDS
Wildwood Dental Group

Alta Dental Care
Bahri, Nagib DDS
Crossroads Dental Group
Duroseau, Daniel DDS
Foothill Plaza Family Dental
Fraker, Steven D. DDS
Gilbert, David H. DDS - oral, maxillofacial surgery
Gray, Dr. Joseph W. DDS
Inland Empire Dental Group
Kepic, Thomas J. DDS - periodontics
Law, Cathy A. DDS
Magnolia Town Dental
SmileStudio (Domb, William C. DMD)
Tracey Orthodontic Specialists
Upland Dental Implant & Orthodontics
Upland Dental Office (Dr. Victor H. Castellanos DDS)
Upland Smiles (Jai Kakanar DDS) - cosmetic
Upland Smiles Dentistry (Dat Nguyen DDS)
Van Doren, Edward DMD
Vasquez, Jerson M. DDS
Waterman Dentistry and Redhill Dental
Woodson, Dr. Alan B.

Beautiful Smile Dentistry
Coffman, William DDS
DeBanff, Maryellen DDS (Dentartistry)
Eby, Ben W. DDS, also Phelan
Fillman Orthodontics
Furber, Julie K. DDS
Imperial Dental Practice
Little Smiles Peditaric Dentistry
Markham, Steven DDS
Wolfram, Steve DDS (Mountainside Dental)

Mountain Areas
Big Bear Lake
Lake Arrowhead
Multiple Locations

Big Bear Lake
Davies, Robert C. DDS (Lakeview Dental Center)

Lake Arrowhead
Bialecki, Hugh A. DMD

Internet Services
Database Applications
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