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About This Quote
There is no setup charge for advertising, but the minimum banner ad purchase is $100 and prepayment in full for the period desired is required.

Our rates are adjusted 1 to 4 times a month in response to changes in traffic levels for particular pages or for competitive reasons. Because of this, we cannot guarantee this quote for more than 24 hours. If you purchase banner advertising for a period of 3 months or longer, we protect you against any price decreases by crediting you with additional months proportional to the price difference (You must notify us during the run of your banner ad to take advantage of this offer). On the other hand, if the price rises, your prepayment locks you into the lower rate for an increasing number of impressions.

There is an additional charge for creating a banner graphic image (Contact us for more information). There is no additional charge if you supply us with an image file.

Additional volume discounts are available when you combine pages or packages. Contact us for a custom quotation.

We sell advertising only on a cost per impression basis. Since the primary factors affecting the effectiveness of your ad are the interest in your product/service, the quality of the campaign and banner, we do not sell advertising on a cost per clickthrough basis.

Contact us for information about CPM rates, hit ratios and tracking.

Banner Guidelines
Our standard ad sizes are 468x60 pixels (full-sized) and 120x60 pixels (mini), but we may be able to accept other sizes (see
IAB for Ad Unit Guidelines), if we can determine a way to incorporate it into our site design.

Banners ads can be animated. Standard banners are GIF, JPEG or PNG files that are no larger than 20KB and mini banners less than 10KB in size. Java, HTML, Flash or streaming media are acceptible if the user initiates it by clicking on or moving his cursor over the banner and there is a means for handling users who do not have the appropriate software installed. We do not accept pop-ups.

Ads must be submitted at least two business days prior to run date.

Clickthroughs on ads will open a separate browser window, unless a separate fee is paid.

We reserve the right to reject any banner advertisement deemed offensive or inappropriate to our site or a particular page.

Media Buyers/Ad Agencies
The rates quoted are commissionable for authorized media buyers and advertising agencies.

Contact us for quotes on custom packages and to negotiate special wholesale rates or placements.

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